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The Order of the Stick: War and XPs

The Order of the Stick, Volume 3: War and XPs

The epic battle between good and evil becomes more epic-y than ever in the long-awaited third volume in The Order of the Stick story, War and XPs. Follow the continuing adventures of Roy, Haley, Elan, Durkon, Vaarsuvius, and Belkar as they persevere prophecies, revenge, true love, heroic battles, villainous treacheries, tragic falls, and one swingin' party. Read in white-knuckled edge-of-your-seat anticipation as the Order leads the charge in a massive siege that makes the Battle of Thermopylae look like a sorority car wash. Continuing directly from the story in the award-winning No Cure for the Paladin Blues, this book is a must-have for those who have been collecting the entire The Order of the Stick story in print format. Only slightly briefer than its namesake, War and XPs is a mammoth 288-page comic book that weighs in at over 2 pounds of comedy and covers all of the OOTS comics between #302 and #484óbut we didn't stop until we crammed more than 30 pages of never-before-seen bonus material into this book, too! Check it out:

  • More than 15 bonus comics that expand the story as it unfolds!
  • Extensive author commentary, providing insight that he will likely regret revealing almost immediately!
  • A two-page tourist's guide to Azure City!
  • Foreward by Pat Rothfuss, New York Times-bestselling author of The Name of the Wind!
  • Preface by Elan the Bard!
  • A brief recap of the first two books by Vaarsuvius!
  • Translations for Haley's cryptograms!
  • Valuable money-saving coupons!

Finally, we at Giant in the Playground are proud to announce that for the first time, The Order of the Stick will be printed on 50% recycled paper, approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (which, contrary to dwarven beliefs, is not a secret cabal of deciduous overlords plotting the leafy doom of us all).

The Order of the Stick, Volume 3: War and XPs is far more than just the treasured continuation of your favorite stick figure comedic-action-fantasy story, it's...no, wait, that's pretty much exactly what it is. Do you want one? We're selling them, you know.

Title: The Order of the Stick: War and XPs
Volume: 3
Author and Illustrator: Rich Burlew
ISBN13: 978-0-9766580-5-4
First printing: August 2008
Current printing: 1st (August 2008)
Format: 288 pages, full color
Code: GIPOTS03
Price: $32.95
Availability: Currently available

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Wholesale: Available through all major distributors to the hobby game market. (For additional wholesale information, contact Impressions Advertising at aldo@impressionsadv.net.)