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The Order of the Stick: Blood Runs in the Family

The Order of the Stick, Volume 5: Blood Runs in the Family

At long last, the fifth volume of the award-adjacent webcomic The Order of the Stick is here! Reunited and back doing that whole "saving the world" thing, Roy leads the team to the distant Western Continent, a desert land filled with scheming warlords, creepy death priests, dim-witted bounty hunters, and more—including some heavy-handed coincidences shocking surprises for Haley and Elan! Can Vaarsuvius deal with What Went Down in the last book? Can Belkar pretend to be a contributing member of society? And what about Durkon? He's in this, too, right? All this and more in the mega-ultra-really-shoulda-planned-better-sized continuation of the OOTS story, Blood Runs in the Family! Here's what the book contains:

  • All of the comics from #673 to #946—our biggest book ever!
  • 11 all-new bonus comics scattered throughout the story.
  • Quoth the Familiar, an all-new five-page illustrated poem showing the first meeting between Vaarsuvius and Blackwing.
  • Durkon Turned Undead, the "lost" OOTS strip produced in 2003 as the third OOTS ever but hidden until now.
  • A three-page recap of events to-date by Haley Starshine (with help from a little black bird).
  • Ten pages of author commentary for you to flip past.
  • Updated lettering on every strip with the swanky new dialogue font.
  • A foreward by John Rogers, big-time Hollywood producer and writer of the official Dungeons & Dragons comic by IDW.

After five years, the biggest OOTS story ever is finally ready to be put to print. Order yours today! (There are dinosaurs in it.)

Title: The Order of the Stick: Blood Runs in the Family
Volume: 5
Author and Illustrator: Rich Burlew
ISBN13: 978-0-9766580-8-5
Format: 368 pages, full color
Dimensions: 8" x 10"
First printing: December 2014
Current printing: 1st (December 2014)
Code: GIPOTS05
Price: $35.95
Retail Availability: Currently available
Wholesale: Available through all major distributors to the hobby game market. For additional wholesale information, contact Impressions Game Distribution Services.

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