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The Order of the Stick: Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales

The Order of the Stick: Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales

After years of waiting, the Order of the Stick comics that first appeared in Dragon® magazine have been collected in one volume! Follow the print adventures of Roy, Elan, Haley, Vaarsvuius, Durkon, and Belkar as they traverse a dangerous subterranean dungeon filled with swarms of puffins, breakfast cereal mascots, and one heavily templated snail. The then-monthly strip was filled with endless roleplaying hijinks (at least until it ended). But now you can enjoy every published strip, along with a whole book's worth of all-new goodies. Check it out:

  • All 22 original The Order of the Stick strips that ran in the print version of Dragon® magazine from issue #338 (December 2005) to the last issue, #359 (September 2007).
  • Author commentary on the experience of creating strips for the legendary gaming publication.
  • 8 additional never-before-seen strips that were planned for future issues, before the magazine was canceled.
  • Edition Wars: Invaders from the 4th Edition Dimension: After the events of the magazine comics, our heroes are attacked by their mirror duplicates from a brand new dimension! Can the Order defend their old way of life from these strangely balanced invaders?
  • Stick Tales: As the Order sails toward the Western Continent, they tell stories to pass the time, including Elan and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hoodlum, and The Tragedy of Greenhilt, Prince of Denmark. Classic literature, ruined in the way that only The Order of the Stick can!
  • The latest issue of the best-selling The Adventures of Julio Scoundrél comic book, “Julio Scoundrél and the Curse of the Mummy Queen!”
  • Extra mini-stories and other stuff that we haven’t even mentioned yet!
Yes, it’s crammed full of every odd idea I’ve had that was too long to serve as bonus material elsewhere, but was too good to just not do! All packed into one half-color, half-black-and-white book. But here’s the important thing to remember: This book is an Ookoodook Exclusive! It won’t be coming to local comic stores or other gaming websites, it can only be purchased through our direct retail partner, Ookoodook.com. What’s more, this book is a limited print run, meaning that once we sell out, it will never be reprinted again. So if you want this book, ORDER TODAY!

ISBN13: 978-0-9766580-7-8
Format: 112 pages, mixed color and B&W
Price: $21.95
Availability: Currently available.
Wholesale: Not for this title.

Pre-Order today!

Frequently Asked Question about this book:

Q: Why is this book being printed in limited quantities?
A: What it comes down to is that we’re having trouble gauging how many people are going to be interested in this book. It’s different than our other products. On one hand, a lot of people didn’t get to see those comics when they ran in the original magazine. On the other hand, a lot of people did, and they still have their original printed issues. On the third hand, even those that did see them might be interested in the new material. So the bottom line is, we’re trying to reduce the risk of printing too many (or too few) copies, and the best way to do that is to try to get as many people to pre-order it as possible. That way, we’ll be sure to have enough copies to go around, and probably a few more, but we won’t be stuck with a warehouse full of the things.

Q: Why is this book being sold only through Ookoodook?
A: Pretty much for the same reasons as noted above. We have to print a lot more copies to sell through retail stores, because we need to guess what sort of sales we’ll be getting.

Q: Will future compilation books be sold only through Ookoodook?
A: No. This is an experiment with this book, and it does not represent a shift to a direct sales model. The next The Order of the Stick book will definitely be available through comic stores, as usual.

Q: Why won’t the book be reprinted once its sold out?
A: Two reasons. First, by establishing beforehand that this is the customers’ only chance to get this book, we hope to ensure that the people who really want it know that they need to order it now. That will give us a more accurate idea how many to print. And second, we’re terrible at reprinting sold-out books anyway, so we might as well decide in advance that we’re not going to do it at all for this one. That way, no one is surprised later when it stays out of print.

Q: Do you have anything else new for sale?
A: Weird that you should ask. APE Games, our longtime production partner, has just put the new Deluxe Edition of The Order of the Stick Adventure Game on pre-sale. It includes all of the components from the original set and the new 140-card expansion, The Shortening (which you can also buy separately, if you already have the base game). And APE has agreed to kick in another $2 to the Red Cross for every copy of the Deluxe Edition pre-ordered in March.

Q: Is there any legal disclaimer that you want to tell us about?
A:Yes. “Dragon® is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Usage does not constitute endorsement by Hasbro, Inc., or a challenge to that trademark.”