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  1. D&D 5e/Next Several New Races need help with balancing/feedback.
  2. D&D 5e/Next NPC "Classes" - Everyday People with Interesting Stories
  3. D&D 3.x Other Darting Viper (Martial Discipline)
  4. Pathfinder [Aegis (Aberrant) Archetype] Stygian
  5. Index March Martial Madness (Finished)
  6. Index AVB - Welcome to Aldhaven. Don't mind the knife in your back. [3.5 Rules]
  7. D&D 5e/Next New Spells, need balance critique
  8. D&D 3.x Other Has anyone tried implementing a dice-pool style change to how skill checks work?
  9. Contest Base Class Contest XXVII - Pretty in Pink
  10. [D&D 5e] New Fighter Archetype: the Brass Squire, aka Muscle Wizard.
  11. D&D 5e/Next Alternate Hit Rules: I SO got you!
  12. D&D 3.x Other [3.5] messing with actions and attacks
  13. warpriest help!
  14. D&D 5e/Next Best Campaign you were apart of?
  15. New Dragon
  16. D&D 3.x Class Improvisational Adept - fun with immediate actions! PEACH
  17. D&D 5e/Next Blighted Creature Template: The 4 Step Program To Becoming UNSTOPPABLE
  18. D&D 3.x Class 3.5 Undead buffing mini class.
  19. D&D 3.x Other Dual Discipline Maneuvers (3.5, Martial Maneuvers)
  20. D&D 5e/Next Campaign Specific Warlock Patron and Pact
  21. D&D 5e/Next Animal Races for Homebrew Setting
  22. A New System of Magic (Ars Magica base with Dnd ideas)
  23. D&D 3.x Other Crone's Hex (3.5, Supernatural heavy Martial Discipline)
  24. D&D 3.x Class The Warp Mage (Fun with WHF magic; PEACH)
  25. Black Prism d20 System of Magic Interest
  26. D&D 3.x Class Master of undeath aka 10lvs to demi-lich
  27. D&D 5e/Next Chronomancy School (Updated with new 2nd level ability) PEACH
  28. D&D 3.x Class Achieve the power to make your dreams real! the Arcanist (a wannabe Wizard replacer)
  29. D&D 3.x Other Does this psionic power make sense?
  30. D&D 3.x Other Warforged, E6 and Armor as Damage Reduction?!
  31. D&D 5e/Next The Esper Class
  32. D&D 5e/Next Battlemage [looking for help]
  33. D&D 5e/Next PEACH: Every Playable Humanoid from the Monster Manual
  34. D&D 3.x Other Vestige's Maneuver (3.5, Feat)
  35. Original System 6X6 Lite System
  36. D&D 3.x Class Breaking the Fighter
  37. D&D 3.x Other Master of his Weapon (3.5 Feat fix; PEACH)
  38. Rethinking the mage (Pathfinder)
  39. D&D 5e/Next New Magic Weapon: Bolt of Zeus, is it balanced or OP?
  40. Contest 3.X Ancillary Contest I Voting Thread
  41. Disciple of the Gaps, a Clerical Prestige Class
  42. D&D 3.x Class Monk of the Winds
  43. D&D 5e/Next Arcanist [sorcerous origin]
  44. D&D 3.x Other Fallen Angels [PEACH]
  45. D&D 5e/Next Abyssal genasi
  46. [3.5] "Hail to the Gods of Creation, Hail to the King of the World."
  47. Contest 3.X Ancillary Contest II - Follow the Arrow
  48. Carmilla - Research for an 1870s Historical Lesbian Vampire Game (demo available)
  49. Pathfinder [Archetype Option] Fiendish Vessel: Additional Options
  50. Base-Building in Fate Core (Dungeon Keeper)
  51. D&D 5e/Next Dragon Knight
  52. D&D 5e/Next Razen Blade
  53. [3.5 Mythos] "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!"
  54. D&D 5e/Next Alt Rules for Sorcerer Class
  55. D&D 5e/Next Updated Dragon Knight
  56. [DM advice] Stacking enchantments, Shards of the Planes, and other shenanigans.
  57. D&D 3.x Class Fixing the Monk?
  58. D&D 3.x Class The Housekeeper [Low Tier 5-ish class, suggestions welcome]
  59. Pathfinder [PrC] Berserker
  60. D&D 3.x Class Faustian Bargainer
  61. Undead Graft Idea.
  62. Monocle Dragon (d20)
  63. Building a setting using a game, not the other way around.
  64. D&D 5e/Next Bard: College of Espionage
  65. D&D 3.x Other LA +0 Half-Succubus?
  66. D&D 3.x Class Snake Slayer (PrC)
  67. D&D 3.x Class Knight of Tir fo Thuinn (3.5, Martial Initiating PrC, Fey)
  68. D&D 3.x Other Fingers of Death (minor expansion to Shadow Hand)
  69. D&D 5e/Next Homebrew Monster Vault (Engine of Life Campaign Setting) (WIP)
  70. D&D 3.x Other Eldritch Rain (3.5, Supernatural Martial Discipline, Ray based)
  71. Priscilla the Dark Souls Half-Dragon Character Sheet???
  72. D&D 5e/Next Would you step into my magical realm? Help writing a campaign in a homebrew setting
  73. D&D 5e/Next New Fighting Style: Striking [Microbrew][PEACH]
  74. D&D 3.x Other The Hewn Tree (3.5, Profession [Lumberjack] discipline)
  75. D&D 3.x Class The Rogue Revitalized
  76. D&D 5e/Next The Fighter (With 110% More Identity) (WIP)
  77. D&D 3.x Class Class: Chronomancer. DnD 3.5 (PEACH)
  78. D&D 3.x Other Hybrid Template
  79. D&D 3.x Other Adamant Eagle (3.5, Martial Discipline, Way of the Bodyguard)
  80. Pathfinder Alternate Barbarian Class: The Mystic
  81. Pathfinder Pathfinder disease help?
  82. D&D 3.x Other Some Sublime Feats (3.5, PEACH)
  83. Need Help With Race Ability Score Increases - FF8 system
  84. D&D 5e/Next 5e - New Charms for your game in a PDF
  85. [DnD 5e ] Spirit Pact Warlock
  86. D&D 5e/Next animal shapechanger race. (would like suggestions)
  87. Pathfinder How would I pull off musical wizardry?
  88. D&D 5e/Next Magitech character alteration (peach)
  89. D&D 5e/Next Updated Dragon Knight (Created with another DM)
  90. D&D 3.x Other Epic Fail [Maneuvers are cool, but what happens when you miss?]
  91. Choose Your Own Adventure: Multiple Characters
  92. D&D 5e/Next Races of Geula: Homebrewing Help For a 5e Campaign Setting
  93. D&D 3.x Other 3.5 DBZ Saiyan [Race]
  94. Pathfinder Ivory Weeper class final draft, Thoughts?
  95. Old School What are some of your home brew organizations?
  96. GiTP Prestige Class Voting Thread XLIX: It's Another Race Thing
  97. GiTP Prestige Class Contest L: Size Matters
  98. D&D 3.x Class a Monk alternative not posted on a monkday [PEACH]
  99. Pathfinder FREE Pathfinder PrC Splat Book -- Plus Playtesters Sought
  100. nWoD fansplat: Dragon: the Inheritance
  101. D&D 3.x Other Making Legacy Items Worth It - Homebrew Legacy Item Creation System
  102. Pathfinder Sentry [Fighter Archetype]
  103. The Book of Izz: Half-Baked Homebrew from 2002
  104. D&D 3.x Other Spike's Splendid Story Structuring Feats [Feats that mold around what you want]
  105. D&D 5e/Next Nezumi - Oriental Adventures/Kara-Tur
  106. D&D 5e/Next Gish Homebrew- Sorcerer Origin: Battle
  107. D&D 5e/Next Some tweaks for the sorcerer (Feedback appreciated)
  108. Bring out your gish! Janissary/Swordmage discussion.
  109. Pathfinder Hive World
  110. D&D 3.x Class "Your soul is mine!" [3.5 Mythos]
  111. D&D 5e/Next Gem dragon conversion
  112. D&D 5e/Next The Khaasta - Updated for 5th
  113. D&D 5e/Next Shield Bash Feat
  114. Pathfinder Feat: Chain Attack (PEACH)
  115. Pathfinder Cleric Archtype: Acolyte of Balance
  116. D&D 5e/Next The Shad - Updated for 5th
  117. Pathfinder [Pathfinder] Master of Rings (PEACHing still appreciated!)
  118. D&D 3.x Class Fate/Zero 3.5: The Holy Grail War Homebrew System
  119. Pathfinder [League of Pathfinders] Master Yi (PEACH)
  120. Vistani as a background, need help.
  121. D&D 5e/Next New Chase Complication Tables in a Free PDF
  122. Pathfinder Converting PrC's to Spheres of Power
  123. D&D 5e/Next The Nathri - updated for 5th
  124. D&D 3.x Other The Steamonic Man (what's his LA?)
  125. D&D 5e/Next Phantom Blade - a rogue archetype
  126. D&D 3.x Class shield maiden of lugh
  127. D&D 5e/Next Mystic Archivist: The Wizard Subclass With The Urge To Theurge
  128. pathfinder technomancer base class
  129. D&D 3.x Other Following! henchfolk in games
  130. 5e any luck with a dbz style monk yet?
  131. Pathfinder Damage scaling for a martial discipline that doesn't use weapons
  132. D&D 3.x Class "Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head." [3.5 ToB PrC; PEACH]
  133. D&D 3.x Other The Grown Blade (3.5, Profession Farmer Discipline)
  134. D&D 5e/Next Chariot Combat
  135. Pathfinder New Path of War Initiator Class: The Marian
  136. Pathfinder Statting Gumiho/Kumiho as undead kitsune?
  137. Original System d20 Fantasy RPG, skill based, no/little scaling HP
  138. D&D 5e/Next The Hadozee for 5e!
  139. D&D 5e/Next Wavecrest Gnome
  140. Pathfinder Keledrath's Minor PF Homebrew! (Updated 5/16/15)
  141. Pathfinder Veilbound Blade (PoW/Akashic Mysteries Theurge, PEACH)
  142. D&D 5e/Next Bhuka - Sandstorm update
  143. D&D 5e/Next Hengchia - Hadozee God
  144. D&D 5e/Next Dragonlance Races - The Kagonesti
  145. D&D 5e/Next Artificer - 5ed Style
  146. D&D 5e/Next The Eneko (Eberron) update for 5th.
  147. Pathfinder the Bladelord, a PoW take on the Mo9
  148. D&D 5e/Next Stretch Bounded Accuracy With Sensible Items!
  149. D&D 5e/Next Dragonlance Races - The Kender
  150. FTL Roleplay Hoembrew
  151. D&D 5e/Next Roguish archetype: The Scout
  152. D&D 5e/Next Arcane Tradition: Universalist
  153. D&D 5e/Next Arcane Tradition: Elementalist
  154. D&D 3.x Other More Martial Disciplines for Ranged Combat (Some borrowed material, some new) [PEACH]
  155. Golden Alchemist PrC, now with 90% less broken!
  156. D&D 5e/Next Strategist - The Intelligent Rogue
  157. D&D 3.x Other How would you stat an itty-bitty Ooze that disguises itself as a beverage?
  158. D&D 5e/Next The medium. A magical non spell casting class for 5e.
  159. D&D 5e/Next Kobold race and subraces (campaign specific): PEACH
  160. D&D 3.x Other 3E race Trelock
  161. D&D 5e/Next Paladin Archetype: Oath of Supremacy
  162. D&D 5e/Next Shadow Operative (Rogue Mage/Assasin)
  163. Phantasmal Life [PF Spell]
  164. D&D 3.x Other Edge's Excessive Race Revisions Compendium
  165. D&D 3.x Other Half-Daelkyr Familiar Question
  166. Pathfinder Alchemy: Increasing DCs
  167. Wizard Subclass: The, er, Golem Guy! (Need help with the name!)
  168. D&D 3.x Class The Ineffable Disciple (PEACH)
  169. Original System Wakfu P&P RPG System
  170. Pathfinder Technology Feat(s)
  171. Pathfinder Akashic Race: Deo [PEACH]
  172. Crafting minigame
  173. D&D 3.x Class A not so Radiant Servant of Corellon Larethian?
  174. New Path of War Archetypes
  175. D&D 3.x Class "Then I was but young and tender. Now I am old and strong!" [3.5 ToB PrC]
  176. Classless System 2.0
  177. D&D 3.x Other The Perfected Style of the Grand Court (Knowledge Nob and Roy Discipline)
  178. D&D 5e/Next Homebrew Legendary Creature: the bebilith
  179. Pathfinder Perfect Awesomeness, a Martial Discipline for Path of War (WIP)
  180. D&D 5e/Next Warlock Pact and Invocations: Magical Girl Edition (PEACH)
  181. Fight Club Class/Rules Help?
  182. D&D 5e/Next Fey as a Player Race
  183. An idea I want to put in my campaign setting...
  184. D&D 3.x Class Sublime Monk (quick variant/fix)
  185. D&D 3.x Class Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Fighter (Prestige Class)
  186. D&D 3.x Other Yamabito (New human subrace, natural initiators, PEACH)
  187. The gallant. A bard college
  188. D&D 5e/Next Beast Master Ranger Pet Leveling
  189. D&D 5e/Next [Magic Items] Well, they're better than nothing...
  190. D&D 3.x Class Tactician from fire emblem D&D 3.5
  191. D&D 5e/Next New Twists on Old Monsters
  192. Flind [3.5 Prestige Class]
  193. D&D 5e/Next 5e Psychic Class - The Esper
  194. Pathfinder [A Class] Metagaming with nonsense and class, but mostly nonsense.
  195. Pathfinder [(Joke) Prestige Class] Poultrimancer
  196. D&D 5e/Next A couple homebrew magic items
  197. D&D 5e/Next Orcish subraces and barbarian sub-class (PEACH)
  198. D&D 5e/Next You Are A Pirate! - Swashbuckler subclass for Fighters
  199. D&D 5e/Next Generalist Wizard Arcane Tradition
  200. D&D 5e/Next Rebel Leader - a rogue archetype built for teamwork
  201. D&D 5e/Next Paladin Archetype: Oath of the Anemoi
  202. D&D 5e/Next Divine Domain: Magic Domain
  203. D&D 5e/Next 7 New Creature Summoning Spells in a PDF
  204. D&D 5e/Next Werelings, Small Shapeshifters, 5e Homebrew Race V2
  205. Help make a Fire Emblem compendium? [3.5/PF]
  206. (5e PEACH) The Goliath, Mountain Nomads
  207. how to design a homebrew recipe
  208. D&D 5e/Next The Alchemist! Bomber, potion maker, and researcher of knowledge!
  209. D&D 3.x Other Curses! Cursed again! (3.5/PF spells, PEACH)
  210. D&D 3.x Class The Ley Siphon (Battlefield control synthesis)
  211. D&D 5e/Next Daedric Artifacts
  212. D&D 5e/Next Monk Subclass: Way of the Vision Master
  213. Pathfinder [PoW] Warder Archetype: The Clanhold Warden
  214. D&D 5e/Next My take on changelings.
  215. Original System Pseudo-d6 Ideas (PEACH, WIP)
  216. D&D 5e/Next Dragonfire Adept 5e Handbook (homebrew revised)
  217. D&D 5e/Next Non-magical variant ranger in need of perspective
  218. D&D 5e/Next New Warlock Pact: Primus
  219. D&D 5e/Next Small racial benifits for Dragonborn
  220. Avatar System [PEACH/Work in progress]
  221. D&D 5e/Next Bard: College of Legends
  222. election rules
  223. D&D 3.x Other Ironborn Bloodline
  224. Pathfinder The Shield Thane, a Warlord Archetype for PoW.
  225. Pathfinder [League of Pathfinder] Wukong (PEACH)
  226. D&D 5e/Next New Warlock Spells
  227. Custom Spell's Level?
  228. Redesigning the Phoenix: From Sizes Small to Gargantuan
  229. Pathfinder Path of War: some Exotic Weapons actually worth using
  230. D&D 5e/Next The Beacon (New Warlock Patron)
  231. D&D 3.x Other Thieves' World mechanics + Psionics+ Incarnum how?
  232. D&D 5e/Next Elemental Warlock
  233. Your magic has no power here! [3.P class, PEACH]
  234. D&D 5e/Next Helm of Narration (Cursed item/beneficial item)
  235. D&D 3.x Other Half-Baked: Making Grappling Not Terrible--Constitition damage, not HP damage?
  236. D&D 5e/Next Single use magic items? [5e]
  237. D&D 5e/Next Homebrew Subrace : Winter Elves. Feedback welcome~
  238. D&D 5e/Next Demigod Player Race *FEEDBACK WELCOME*
  239. D&D 5e/Next Saurian Races, Because Dinosaurs (PEACH)
  240. Clinically insane template
  241. D&D 5e/Next Grek's 5e Archtypes: Taking Requests!
  242. D&D 5e/Next 5e Rules for Addiction and a Fantasy Narcotic
  243. table
  244. D&D 3.x Class The Reinforcer!
  245. D&D 3.x Class Spider Riding Paladin?
  246. D&D 3.x Class A Gentleman Adventurer
  247. Pathfinder the Vessel, a martial summoning class (PoW, WIP, PEACH)
  248. D&D 5e/Next New Warlock Pact: Slaad
  249. D&D 5e/Next Druid Circle: Circle of the Sky (PEACH)
  250. D&D 3.x Other Feats of Healing (PEACH)