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  1. Hellsing...
  2. Agents vs. Terminator
  3. Meme Tracker 9001
  4. Guardians of the flame
  5. The Colour Of Magic...
  6. Can you help me name a movie?
  7. Best sci-fi weapon
  8. Dexter Showtime / CBS
  9. The Dread Pirate Robert
  10. Persuade an anime disbeliever - a theoretical scenario
  11. Filk
  12. Sitcoms Vs Soaps
  13. Crimson King v.s The Snarl(Order of the Stick)
  14. Getting people interested in other anime
  15. Vampire Princess Miyu
  16. Casshern VS I Robot
  17. Mechanized Infantry Corp: The Rift Worlds
  18. Jack of Blades vs. Nightmare (Warning, Spoilers to Fable)
  19. Voldemort vs. Azula
  20. Dormammu In DC Comics
  21. Knowing is half the battle....
  22. Lincoln Osis (BattleTech) vs Master Chief (HALO)
  23. Azula V Jacen
  24. New Slayers TV series
  25. Help! I can't remember the name of this comic
  26. Songs that never cease to amaze you.
  27. BBC 4 - Worlds of Fantasy
  28. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) vs. Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)
  29. Darth Vader vs. Azula
  30. Edward Vs. Azula
  31. Darth Sidious vs. Scar vs. Azula: A Battle of Manipulation
  32. Help ID a young adult book from the plot summary
  33. Toph vs... Who the Heck is a Good Match for Toph?
  34. Please help identify a series of books.
  35. Need informations
  36. Shoggoth On The Roof
  37. Shoggoth On The Roof
  38. Sarda vs. Sauron
  39. Who is this???
  40. Harry Dresden vs Lord Voldemort
  41. Darth Vader vs. Roland Deschain
  42. Azula vs. Solid Snake: The Fire of Hate and a Shadow of Mercy
  43. Kefka absorbing the powers of the Vishanti
  44. V vs BB
  45. Mumm-ra Versus Skeletor
  46. Josie and the Captain G.I.Cavejaw, with Danger Planet Ghost, and Scooby Gummicats
  47. Masters of the oceans: Cthulhu vs Ulmo vs Aquaman
  48. Shao Khan v.s Sauron
  49. Hey a non Sauron vs. thread. Lurtz vs. Gregor Clegane
  50. Fantasy elements that annoy you the most
  51. Saito vs. Furher Bradley, an anime vs. thread
  52. The Goth Music Appreciation thread
  53. outing on stardust.
  54. Screamers (Enter at your own risk!)
  55. Marvel Universe RPG
  56. Favorite Discworld book?
  57. I Am Ir-on Ma-n!
  58. Solid Snake vs. Toph: Masters of Stealth and Stone
  59. Lelouch vs. Light
  60. Aslan vs Sauron - Who Wins?
  61. Who can take down Big Brother?
  62. Superman Not so super?
  63. Hari Michaelson versus Batman
  64. Saruman vs Konda
  65. Music games
  66. Gary Gygax is dead
  67. The New Cliche?
  68. Justice League: The New Frontier
  69. Anti-D&D Propaganda
  70. Best martial artists in the Marvel U
  71. Spider-Man Vs. Iron Man
  72. Wolverine and the X-Men
  73. The Crimson King In Marvel Comics
  74. Fast bullets?
  75. What crossover movie would you love to see?
  76. For LOLs - Jack Bauer vs Sauron!
  77. How about this villain team, the Order of Perfection. Take: II
  78. Idea for a non-Evil alliance. The Protectors of the Cosmos. Take II
  79. How Peter Jackson should have done it.
  80. Why are there issues in the marvel universe?
  81. "Look! The Dungeons and Dragons Ride!"
  82. Favorite Weaponmasters in fiction
  83. Stargate - The Ark of Truth
  84. Code Monkeys
  85. Bad Girl from No More Heroes vs Azula: Battle of The Female Serial Killers
  86. Float (Flogging Molly)
  87. Fantasy Elements that You Like the Most
  88. Scrubs dog - Rowdy
  89. Another Versus thread...
  90. Terminator Season Finale= Awesome
  91. Anyone seen Mazes and Monsters?
  92. Paul Attreides vs Luke Skywalker
  93. "This changes Everything"
  94. Sgt Rock and the Haunted tank
  95. Lone Wolf vs. Rurouni Kenshin
  96. Tuning a Ukulele
  97. Aang vs. Naruto
  98. Voltron vs Go-Bots
  99. Sabine (OotS) VS Len (Tskuhime)
  100. Another Youtube Video, Ryann??? (Speed Racer Movie Parody)
  101. Slowed Down Music?
  102. I miss the DCAU
  103. Characters that you really want to kill
  104. Corporate Warfare: Stark vs Wayne vs Lexcorp
  105. Aang vs Kirby: The Kid Who Masters Elements, And The Puffball Who Eats Them
  106. Backing up Itune files
  107. the first failed plot armor prophecy??
  108. Good Music for a Swordfight?
  109. Anyone know where I can find a script for Sweeney Todd?
  110. How many people have died in SunnyDale?
  111. avatar rant
  112. The Celebrity
  113. 10,000 BC (Spoilers)
  114. why do you like what you like?
  115. Doomsday (Spoilers galore)
  116. Why people consider evil cool
  117. Batman is cool. Tim Burton is not.
  118. I am Legend, reduex
  119. Books people must read.
  120. The Muppet Show! Oh Danny Boy clip in honor of St. Patties Day
  121. Vs threads
  122. Hypothetical situation: Super Smash Bros-like scenario
  123. How old they should be and when they should have died.
  124. Unlimited Blade Works is in English!
  125. Semi-scientific discussion
  126. Arthur C. Clarke is dead
  127. Come out Ye Black and Tans
  128. Five-Second Movies
  129. South Park
  130. Watchmen Movie (Spoilers if You Haven't Read It)
  131. This song fits ________
  132. Hammergirls
  133. In the name of art, they starve a dog.
  134. Skittlegate '08
  135. Best of YouTube #2
  136. One for the Road: Agent 47 vs. Solid Snake
  137. Futurama
  138. Help Finding An Article About LOTR
  139. Jericho
  140. Persepolis
  141. Speak to me of Modest Mouse
  142. Books You Really Hate
  143. The Melancholy of Haruki Suzumiya (sic)
  144. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  145. No Country for Old Men
  146. Irredeemably bad anime
  147. Why do they keep bringing back old lame heroes?
  148. Worst superpower ever
  149. Good horror novels?
  150. lolcats on my jones soda?
  151. Buying Tickets
  152. Panic at the Disco
  153. Anime Recommendations for BESM game
  154. Mst3k2
  155. Army of Darkness - Best Movie Evar?
  156. Any Ludo Fans in the Playground?
  157. Jedi vs Sith
  158. Metal Gear REX vs. The Protagonists of Avatar: The Destroyer and The Saviors
  159. EXO-Squad in Alien v.s Predator Universe
  160. Visual Novels
  161. The Most Retarded Thing ever put to film
  162. Uncommon awesome quote
  163. Shinji and Warhammer 40k
  164. Wrestlemania 24, anyone?
  165. What if Jon Irenicus had become a deity? [possible BGII spoilers]
  166. Unknown Kickbutt Artists
  167. BioShock: The Movie
  168. April Fools on Wizards might include an idea from Rich?
  169. Yet another April Fool's article on WotC website
  170. Check out the featured videos on YouTube
  171. Firefly Season 2
  172. OMG! A Legend of Zelda Movie!
  173. Impossible! Simply Impossible!
  174. Characters who should never had been killed off
  175. swtv I know you all want to look
  176. Weird theory about TTGL
  177. Small Favor (spoilers IN SPOILER TAGS)
  178. Dr. Who - UK Series Four
  179. Good songs
  180. Anime Comedy
  181. The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein
  182. Buffy, to buy or not to buy...
  183. I Am Legend question (SPOILER ALERT)
  184. Naruto
  185. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya...wtf?
  186. Stupidest Subject Ever.
  187. Should I start watching Lucky Star?
  188. Rising Stars In Music: Help out my magazine
  189. Battlestar Galactica
  190. BSG: Season 4 premier+Theory.
  191. There's a reason it was called "Blood Gulch Chronicles" ya know...
  192. Bhaal Spawn Invasion
  193. Image for goddess character in D&D game
  194. Is posting other forms of media allowed on these forums?
  195. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (formerly Code Geass R2)
  196. Comics
  197. The Gaang vs. Kawrou Nagsia: Superpowered Kids With Vastly Different Motives
  198. Hyperion: The Movie?
  199. Stop the Madness (Do you hate Uwe Boll?)
  200. A Compendium of Awesome
  201. Stop Uwe Boll!
  202. Help Force Uwe Boll Into Retirement!
  203. Arctic Monkeys (we revere them, no hatez0rz)
  204. Jackal of Nar
  205. Lots and lots of Pixar Movies
  206. Fullmetal Alchemist
  207. Getting back into the game
  208. Anime with giant robots
  209. Akira (2009 Live Action Film)
  210. Iron Man movie
  211. Psych
  212. Does anyone like the prequal star wars movies!?
  213. The Tower of DRUAGA - the Aegis of URUK
  214. Who are the elves?: An unorthodox view on Tolkien's works
  215. Importance of Description
  216. Getting into comics
  217. "Clover" vs. Godzilla (early Heisei)
  218. Upcoming Movies
  219. Firefly gunshots
  220. Podcast of actual gaming sessions
  221. Doctor Who- Seasons 1-26 and the TVM
  222. anyone listen to sports radio
  223. Anime people need glasses
  224. Three animes, three wanted options (Spoilers)
  225. In one picture...
  226. The King Priest of Ishtar as the GEOM
  227. The penultimate contribution by StarWars
  228. animes i wish existed/would love to see made
  229. what MAKES a great comic book villain?
  230. Original Jack Vance's Vancian Spellcaster
  231. Spidey - Web of Shadows
  232. Reccomend good bands please?
  233. The Imperium wants YOU!
  234. Xykon vs. Witch King
  235. Your Dream Band
  236. Discworld characters vs. LotR characters
  237. Elfen Lied
  238. Curse you J.J. Abrams...
  239. Airplane
  240. Torchwood Finale
  241. Marvel/DC After Hours Season Two
  242. Juno
  243. One Piece
  244. your favorite star trek episodes
  245. Trailer of the last episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender
  246. Heihachi Mishima in Narutoworld
  247. The Field is Lost
  248. Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender) vs. Chiro (SRMTHFG!)
  249. Save the Trolls!
  250. Help with Batman Project