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  1. What defines a magical girl story?
  2. Wireless Earbuds
  3. Remake of the Baldur's Gate series
  4. Druss the Legend!
  5. Naruto IV: Tobi or not Tobi, that is the question
  6. So you developed faster than light travel - Now what?
  7. What have I gotten myself into? Herpestidae Watches Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls!
  8. --Double Thread Post. Ignore--
  9. Which Book?
  10. Corner Gas, the Best Comedy Show Since Seinfield
  11. Plots that Go Askew
  12. Death that struck you the most (Spoilers)
  13. Green Lantern: The Animated Series II (Lantern Boogaloo?)
  14. doctor who?
  15. Theoretical question to ponder for LOTR
  16. Awesome Kickstarter venture in St. Louis.
  17. My Little Pony XL: The Plot Thickens!
  18. Herpestidae's Redwall Readthrough Revival!
  19. What remakes do you expect?
  20. I'm not sure what illness Michael Bay has got, but apparently it's catching...
  21. Ogre Mage!
  22. Anime Fans - Listen Up!
  23. Science Fiction Comics
  24. Ysgrammor vs Soon Kim
  25. PES: Peace Eco Smile
  26. The essence of wrong.
  27. Why Didn't anyone tell me Thundercats was back on?!
  28. Deeper issues in fictional stories
  29. Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn
  30. Asking about recommendations for animes
  31. The Hunger Games film thread
  32. The history of English in ten minutes
  33. Your favorite reviews and reviewers and why?
  34. Who is your true love?
  35. The Pirates! In an adventure with scientists!
  36. Delete (wrong forum)
  37. What cartoon am I thinking of?
  38. Sequels You Refuse to Acknowledge
  39. Crossovers that should not be.
  40. LOTR Favorite Moment/Quote
  41. Space Marines vs Predators (but not directly)
  42. How bad can the Lorax be?
  43. Jedi Master(s) *Various* In Mortal Kombat verse
  44. Masterchief Petty Officer John 117 vs. Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi
  45. Getter Emperor vs. Warhammer 40,000
  46. toonami!
  47. Lovecraft and diminishing horrors
  48. Luna is Best Pony. Discord is Best. 'Nuff Said.
  49. Female Primary Protaginest? Fantasy/SCIFI Book Search
  50. Vader's hand block
  51. Vote Shao Kahn/Shang Tsung 2012!
  52. Battlefield Royale: Faction Nominations
  53. Why did the one ring grant invisibility?
  54. Science Podcasts!
  55. Quick Someone True Rez T.o.m.
  56. Latest Death Battle Peach Vs Zelda
  57. Repairman Jack
  58. Table Top
  59. Why are fantasy world accents British?
  60. Dun dun dun!
  61. Uk National Champs!
  62. Lightsabers and the Force (fanfic help)
  63. My Little Pony XLI: Riots, Riots Everywhere!
  64. Human Attributes That Are Overlooked By Sci-Fi
  65. Eight-Headed Serpent's Counterattack
  66. Jedi recruiters: state-sanctioned kidnappers?
  67. Transformers General Discussion
  68. New Avengers clip
  69. Crossovers that are totally wicked
  70. Fantasy Standards created by Tolkien
  71. Battleship - The Movie
  72. Angry Birds are a Franchise now?
  73. Character Research: Charismatic Idealistic Monologues
  74. The Incredible Hulk vs Superman
  75. yet another unnecessary US remake of something pretty new and already in english
  76. Legend Of Korra: Will It Bend!
  77. Images you can't shake
  78. Recommending Books for Highschoolers
  79. Do necron gauss weapons work on necrons?
  80. What should slytherin house be like?
  81. Punisher Hardcover Omnibus by Garth Ennis
  82. Supernatural/Mortal Kombat Crossover
  83. Battlefield Royale: Factions at War
  84. Once Upon A Time - Again
  85. Breaking Bad I: pure glass
  86. Interaction question (Wh40k and Fallout)
  87. The Greatest Weapon Never Used in Star Trek
  88. Kwai Chang Caine And Xena v.s The Deadly Alliance
  89. Star Trek: Extent of Qs powers
  90. Thinking about watching Xena and Hercules
  91. Cabin in the Woods
  92. Coachella Live-Stream
  93. Highly influential movies
  94. Lockout (SPACE-JAIL! movie)
  95. I think I found a new trope
  96. Alex mercer vs 3.5 wizard
  97. Grimm again
  98. The First Law by Abercrombie. And more!
  99. Mary Poppins, a conspiracy theory
  100. Old Spice Guy vs. The Most Interesting Man In The World
  101. need a book
  102. Necrons vs The Flood
  103. Am I the only one that is tired of zombies?
  104. My Little Pony 42: Life, the Universe and Ponies
  105. Paranoid Wizards in Media
  106. Edward Scissorhands
  107. Marvel draft picks: Craig Hollis IS Mr. Irrelevant
  108. Screen Your Guts Out & Watch The Moth Diaries
  109. Beowulf V. Odysseus.
  110. The most interesting genres you've encountered
  111. How would you mentor Shinji Ikari?
  112. WH40k vs. The Playground's Collective (D&D 3.5) Optimization Skill
  113. Words Fail Me: Is there such a thing as good Poetry?
  114. Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)
  115. Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Remake
  116. British radio stations
  117. Saw a random clip in the library...
  118. Nord (Skyrim) vs Ironborn (Game of Thrones)
  119. Robodda: Synth Rock Stylin' Sounds for today and TOMORROW
  120. Baton + Knife = Awesome: The Raid
  121. TV Tropes jumps the shark
  122. Avengers!
  123. Other Fans of Warehouse 13?
  124. Resident Evil 5: Retribution
  125. Warfare in Fantasy Setting [NO D&D allowed]
  126. My Little Pony XLIIV: Season II Ruined My Fanon!
  127. Good audiobooks
  128. The Hero's Journey, Three act structure, and so on
  129. Something odd I just noticed on tvtropes
  130. Fantastic Setting : Science-Fiction elements
  131. Popular Science 140th Anniversary "Mystery"?
  132. Question on Battle of Helm's Deep (movie)
  133. Rise of the Guardians
  134. Fellow Star Wars fans please help
  135. Art by Glen Angus?
  136. The Dark Knight Rises!
  137. What is your favorite book/books?
  138. The Champion of Cyrodiil vs the dragonborn
  139. Van Canto in the Playground
  140. Horror Music
  141. Who Played the wife of donor 141 in tonights Law & order: SVu episode?
  142. A rather unusual versus thread (Conan vs. Tomb of Horrors)
  143. Avengers Regional Teams
  144. Your personal Scariest apocalypse?
  145. City of Dragons - Robin Hobb (possible spoilers)
  146. You Gain The Superpower To Become Your Zodiac Sign
  147. Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars) v.s Aang The Avatar (Avatar, the Last Airbender)
  148. the infinite holding-bag of fun on youtube: debating bruce lee in a ping pong ad
  149. Horror Films
  150. RP podcast
  151. Avengers Characters as D&D Characters
  152. Battle Royale: Conflict
  153. Legend of Korra II: Brought to you by Flameo Instant Noodles!
  154. Worst thing you've ever read
  155. Johnny Bravo and the heyday of Cartoon Network
  156. The Kingdom of Baron In Middle Age Europe
  157. River vs. River: Psycho Assassin Deathmatch!
  158. Claymore and Kilt Themed Anime/Manga
  159. the big bang theory..
  160. Justice League Assemble....
  161. So, V...
  162. Odd request: Russian Sci-fi/fantasy novels
  163. Was South Park Ever funny?
  164. i wrote a review of a playgrounder's album!
  165. My Little Pony XXXXIIII: This Thread is Going to be Perfect!
  166. Americana Noir (or some other pretentious sounding name)
  167. The End of Evangelion
  168. Storytime
  169. So what story was the "Flaz Gaz Heat Ray" from anyway?
  170. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?
  171. Big Bad Villain Showdown
  172. Good Performance of A Midsummer's Night's Dream
  173. Bones Season Finale Cliffhanger
  174. Toonami Returns
  175. Metal Thread VII: The Mosh Pit Don't Start 'Til We Walk In
  176. Best Finale Ever
  177. Luna arrives in Mesoamerica in 1468 AD
  178. Iron Sky
  179. [Fanfic] New World of Darkness/My Little Pony: Crossover-NEED HELP!
  180. Help me find an anime for a trip
  181. :O ....... What Did I Just See?
  182. StarTrek: The Next Next Generation
  183. DC superhero "coming out"
  184. Blue Thunder vs Airwolf
  185. Battle of the Dictators
  186. Mateus Palamecia In Azeroth !!! (A Semi-Verse) Final Fantasy II and Warcraft
  187. Good Books, Bad Movies
  188. Where were the tyranids during the old warhammer days?
  189. Mass Effect: the (fan edited) movie
  190. A-Team vs Storm Troopers
  191. Eurovision 2012 (possible spoilers)
  192. My God What Wave I Done? Herpestidae Liveblogs Shuffle!
  193. Kaijudo- Rise of the Duel Masters..Are you excited or disapointed?(May have Spoilers)
  194. The Hypernaturals
  195. Tron: Uprising
  196. Watching Star Trek. ALL of it.
  197. My Little Pony XLV: Thanqol's Reign Of Terror Party Hour
  198. Star Wars 35th anniversary
  199. Adaptations you like more than the original work
  200. Doctor Who Thread III: Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow
  201. So I applied Physics to Superpowers and I Think I Broke it.
  202. Looking for specific book suggestions?
  203. Shao Kahn v.s Diablo
  204. Let's invade an alien planet!
  205. A Book a Day, to Keep Autumn Away...
  206. Have You Ever Seen The Nightmare Cafe?
  207. Ever Find A Diamond of A Game in Unlikely Places?
  208. A Magical World War, or What if Voldemort had won?
  209. We're not gonna take it
  210. Les Misérables (2012)
  211. Vampire Lesbian unicorns
  212. Is Cartoon Network even trying any more?
  213. Jazzy music recomendations!
  214. Snow White & the Huntsman
  215. Prometheus
  216. Goth music recommendations
  217. Men in Black III
  218. Minecraft, Giantitp, Penny Arcade and Steam Store
  219. Deconstructing Star Trek Humans
  220. The Embarassing Earworms Thread
  221. Legend of Korra III: In honour of the victims of A. Firebender
  222. Since they are so rare..name favorite comic book minority characters.
  223. Trololo In Peace
  224. Cortana VS Durandal
  225. Durandal vs. GLaDOS
  226. What exactly qualifies as fanfiction?
  227. My Little Pony 101110: *ROBOT TAKEOVER*
  228. X-men comics.
  229. Soo....Does anyone else enjoy "The Winx Club"?
  230. Ray Bradbury Memorial Thread
  231. J K Rowling's new book
  232. Wreck-It Ralph, or on Concentrated Awesome
  233. Avatar Korra vs. Bayonetta
  234. Deconstruct a Hero
  235. No longer will we need play-by-posts!
  236. Story References
  237. The Feminist Frequency Kickstarter: The reason it's so important
  238. Teen Titans GO! new series 2013
  239. Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Thief
  240. Recommend me eBooks!
  241. Putting on the Black Suit: Your Choice.
  242. Car Talk Is Ending
  243. Making Changes to Comic Books/long existing universes
  244. Putting on the MiB Black Suit. Your Choice.
  245. Your Musics! Recommend Them To Me!
  246. Baldur's Gate: The BhaalSpawn v.s Aang The Avatar
  247. Unicron Vs. The Death Star
  248. Smallville Comic Series Query
  249. Superheo Comics and their Fans
  250. The Theme of King Lear