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  1. The Theme of King Lear
  2. Batman comics post New 52? take 2
  3. Deconstructing Cosmic Horror
  4. Pokemon: Where to Start?
  5. Famous Websites As Magical Artifacts
  6. Good news on the Turtle front?
  7. Snow Crash movie?
  8. Anybody else dislike Scott Pilgrim?
  9. Netflix In The Playground
  10. Suggestions for distributing cleaner e-books?
  11. Brave
  12. My online treasure hunt/puzzle game starts tonight.
  13. Super Friends: Or the best superhero parody EVER
  14. TV Show with Effeminate Twin Hitman?
  15. The Naruto Ninja World vs. the Avatar the Last Airbender World
  16. Stories/books you can't remember the name of
  17. YA Fiction...Do you read it?
  18. My Little Pony 2F: Ponibooru, We Hardly Knew Ye...
  19. Game of Thrones: A Dance with Dragons question[SPOILERS]
  20. Young Justice/Avengers/Spiderman Question
  21. Twin Peaks: Does it Get Better?
  22. Tron Vs Windu
  23. Criminalizing Character who destroy to "Save".
  24. Epic Magic Battles
  25. The Movie Discussion Thread
  26. The Long Earth- A Terry Pratchett/Stephen Baxter Collaboration
  27. Futurama Season 7
  28. Puzzle #2 of my free online game...
  29. What breaks your suspension of disbelief?
  30. Ur-Quan Hirearchy (Star Control) vs. Starfleet (Next Generation)
  31. Dragonball Z vs..............
  32. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter
  33. Bumi (Avatar: the Last Airbender) vs Sheogorath (Elderscrolls)
  34. Shao Kahn As A Dungeons And Dragons Big Bad!!!
  35. Does anyone know the speech im looking for?
  36. Why do you find Superman stories interesting
  37. Puzzle #3 (my fav) online tonight 5 pm cst
  38. What adaptions would you love to see?
  39. Please Delete
  40. Insecurities
  41. Complicated instrumentals
  42. Wreck-It Ralph Costume Party
  43. Gravity Falls: An Irregular Show
  44. Suggest a 14+ episode anime
  45. To Boldly Flee
  46. How Long Will Classic Geek Franchises be Relevant?
  47. Ganon v.s Shao Kahn
  48. inheritence cycle
  49. New puzzle will be up tonight at 5 pm cst...(puzzle #4)
  50. Conflict Of Heroes (And Villains, Maybe)
  51. "Sword and Sorcery" anime recommendations
  52. Star Trek the next generation meets Doctor who the comic version!
  53. Transhumanism in fiction. Please recommend me things
  54. Gurren Lagann ending
  55. Favorite Shows/Books/Series/Movies?
  56. Good at being bad
  57. Gun X Sword: Thoughts?
  58. Chernobyl diaries... a pile of crap
  59. The Wrecker - where to start?
  60. [Versus Thread] AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE! *updated*
  61. The Bombastic, Spectacular and just plain Amazing Spider-Man!
  62. Jrr Tolkien's Language's: Tengwar Annatar
  63. Puzzle #5 today...ENJOY!
  64. Characters They Tell you About too Much
  65. My Little Pony XLVIII: I say Ol' Chap, how about those Equestrians?
  66. What breaks your suspension of disbelief? [Take 2]
  67. wuxia on youtube
  68. Puzzle #6 (of 8) up tonight at 5pm cst
  69. Starting Forgotten Realms and have a few Questions
  70. Hypernaturals the comic series
  71. 3% Of the Human Population of 21 and Under Becomes Diclonii (Elfen Lied)
  72. Yoda v.s Dumbledore
  73. Can anyone ID this TV series?
  74. Magneto Vs. Voldemort
  75. Starscream
  76. A key puzzle for my site is up tonight...#7.
  77. Reality warping mutants.
  78. An Avatar vs A Terminator (T-800)
  79. The Foundation
  80. Why are they bombarding me with Serj Tankian?
  81. Gilgamesh and Odysseus vs. Beowulf and Cu Chulainn
  82. Justice League vs. The Plutonian (Irredeemable)
  83. Nobody has given me the right answer...
  84. So... Rage For The Rage God: Hulk vs Red Lanterns
  85. Sandman TV series
  86. Post Apocalyptic Medieval Fiction
  87. Roman Empire v.s Japan!!! (Alternate Reality)
  88. JourneyQuest
  89. Force Vs. Magic.
  90. Western Fantasy... from Asia.
  91. Whats Harry Potters appeal?
  92. Like the artist but hate his work?
  93. Non-Generic Monsters you love
  94. D.C. Thomson Comics
  95. Green Lantern: The Animated Series
  96. I Just Watched Half the Season of Firefly
  97. Zombie Theme Park!?
  98. My Little Pony XLIX: I Have Done Nothing Productive All Day!
  99. Batman Story
  100. Dovahkiin (The Dragonborn) v.s Raiden (Mortal Kombat)
  101. Conan Vs. CONAN
  102. Wanted: Brilliant but lazy characters in fiction
  103. Searching for a cartoon.
  104. Treasure Hunt...everybody lost.
  105. Uruk-hai post-war of the ring
  106. Netflix-streamable Movie Reviews
  107. Waffle Bot vs Fruit Juicer 2000
  108. If you could build your own Justice League from both Dc & Marvel who would you pick?
  109. Ask Lovecraft
  110. The Gamers: Hands of Fate
  111. Master Chief + Cortana vs. SHODAN (System Shock)
  112. Arrow, new CW show
  113. Alta´r(or Ezio) vs. The Prince of Persia.
  114. Baron Munchhausen vs Batman
  115. NWN+OotS: A Match Made in the Upper Planes?
  116. Roy Mustang vs Avatar (Aang and Korra)
  117. A Cinematic History of the World
  118. Men's Big and Tall
  119. A new trend in Movies
  120. Wakfu: I seem to be late to the party.
  121. What Movie Remakes do YOU Want to See?
  122. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions -- iPhone
  123. Sequels That Should Not Be
  124. Eureka/Warehouse 13
  125. Breaking Bad
  126. Read sequence
  127. Death of Anime Industry? Reanimation!
  128. Song of Ice and Fire Alignment Nerdiness! MAJOR SPOILERS
  129. Does anyone here like Classical Music?
  130. List of Jarlaxle books?
  131. Aliens and other movies.
  132. Spartans Vs Romans
  133. Burn Notice
  134. TV shows you'd want to see
  135. Hawke (Dragon Age 2) v.s Kratos (God of War)
  136. My Little Pony L: The L is for Love!
  137. Please help me identify an old TV series
  138. Which of the McFarlai is cleanest?
  139. Cartoons & Anime: Whats the difference?
  140. Voice acting Attempts!
  141. The Justice League (TV Series)
  142. Japanese company sells functional mecha
  143. Suggest a Fantasy Novel/Series
  144. A Cast from the Past
  145. The Hobbit Film... trilogy.
  146. Favorite Morally Ambiguous Rebels
  147. The Legend of Korra IV: This Thread Has the Admiral Zhao Seal of Approval
  148. Major Character Death in Fiction
  149. silliest names for superheros/supervillains and their secret identities
  150. Align Tarrlock!
  151. Star Wars: Mercy Kill
  152. So... im reading fanfiction. And,
  153. Cerebus the Aardvark.
  154. HPVerse question: What if Dumbledore didn't say No?
  155. Harry Potter and the Calling of Saints and Legends
  156. Knights of Reinsborough Podcast
  157. Harry Potter, American Edition
  158. Flashman esque Heroes
  159. Pixar's Incredibles: Syndrome is the true hero?
  160. What sea or space battleships from cinema or videogames,do you want to see destroyed?
  161. Dresden Files: Winter is coming (Cold Days Spoilers)
  162. How would you cast a remake of the Incredibles?
  163. What comics say about us
  164. Movie Magic! (Magic Items from Cinema)
  165. The Booth at the End
  166. delete this thread, please
  167. Prometheus for those late to the party (i.e. germans and the like)
  168. Lets Make a Conan Fanedit True to the Stories!
  169. My Little Pony LI: FE
  170. Free Antivirus / Firewalls?
  171. Help finding old, old children's book
  172. The Smallest Ville since Tinyville: SmallVille
  173. Can someone help me identify the theme in this arrangement.
  174. The Pitfalls and Pleasures of Writing Fantasy: Fantasy Writers Discuss
  175. Why do Sith Lords encourage apprentices to kill them?
  176. Battleships [spoilers]
  177. Return of the Jedi: The Rebel's Code
  178. Memetic quotes you actually use in everyday life
  179. *Ooonts Ooonts Ooonts* (Electronica in the Playground)
  180. Obscureish Greek Creature?
  181. Ten Favorite Superhero Movies?
  182. Forumite Medal Density
  183. Jailbroken iPod touch problem
  184. The Kingdom Of Baron In Medieval Europe - Redux!
  185. Sub-Zero v.s Batman
  186. Can anybody help me remember this comic book?
  187. Paranorman
  188. Shadehawk Vs Batman
  189. Taming Aliens
  190. Alex Mercer (Prototype) Vs. the Lord Ruler (Mistborn)
  191. Ruining Lord of the Rings with Waterparks (A Case Study)
  192. What programs are needed in order to play videos on a computer?
  193. Who in the fellowship would be the next to be corrupted?
  194. Help Finding SciFi Short Story
  195. Help Maxios Discover the names of four things!
  196. Expect SPOILERS. Paranormal Activity 3. What was that?
  197. Reversing formulas that worked
  198. looking for title of a comic book
  199. Old style Action Sci-fi.
  200. The Lorax: Why not just plant more trees?
  201. Nintendo Power - Cancelled
  202. Please help me list all the superhero films!
  203. Fantasy Web-series
  204. Gurren Lagann VS Shining/Burning Gundam
  205. New Entries In Mortal Kombat
  206. Yogscast (Alternate Universe)
  207. Tom Hank's Electric City
  208. My Little Pony LII: 525.600 Ponies!
  209. [VS] God Mode Villain Sues! Naruto vs Bleach! [Spoilers?]
  210. How Do I Download My Picture To Steam?
  211. Ocean's 11
  212. Alex Mercer vs. Batman
  213. Jedward
  214. Batman vs. The World
  215. Naraku v.s Alucard
  216. Hey Guys, check out this trailer...excited!
  217. What Was That Name of the Wind Again?
  218. S.H.I.E.L.D tv show
  219. Want Manga
  220. Good (or at least, not evil) Drows
  221. Superhero Crossovers that makes sense
  222. General Kickstarter Thread, Mark I
  223. Fairy Tail II: Second Generation Thread Slayers
  224. Mech Show on Fox Kids
  225. book recomendations
  226. Star Wars Uncut: Empire Strikes Back
  227. City of Heroes being shut down
  228. Inception
  229. BatMan as Native to MK EarthRealm
  230. Black Lagoon
  231. DS9: Looking for Par'Mach in all the wrong places [spoilery]
  232. Dredd 3D
  233. Something that bugs me about Hunger Games
  234. Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys!
  235. Any good fighting mangas around?
  236. Red Dwarf X
  237. V.I.N.CENT vs. R2-D2
  238. Hansel and Gretel - Witch Hunters
  239. Scifi Book CLub Questions
  240. Rise of the Guardians (Upcoming Dreamworks movie)
  241. Has anyone actually watched this?
  242. Grand Army of the Republic (Star Wars) vs. Terran Dominion Army (Starcraft)
  243. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
  244. Cats don't Dance
  245. Asura (Asura's Wrath) vs. Superman
  246. Portal connecting Equestria and the Aztec Empire. (1519/S2)
  247. In a field outside London, on the 29th of June, 1838, a portal opens up.
  248. Literature of Redemption
  249. Rowling vs. Duane
  250. Your Mission should you choose....