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  1. Dragon Ball avatars?
  2. Art Request?
  3. Which "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" U.S. Version is Better?
  4. Realizations that make you feel really stupid
  5. I made a (chicken-)grave error: how do I remove this stench?
  6. Famous last words
  7. LGBTAI+ LGBTAI+ #59: Will You Take This Woman To Be Your Galpal?
  8. This Chinese writ means something stupid, I bet...
  9. Ethical question: Can a member of an evil and corrupt organziation be good?
  10. Have you heard of the time cube?
  11. Discuss: Magic, or science?
  12. How does "sir" work?
  13. Future inventions
  14. Question about UK vernacular and expletives
  15. While I suck at coding and why this makes me feel better
  16. Stuff I just don't understand, post here yours.
  17. Hello, make friend
  18. Unexpected Freebies
  19. I Have A Future Date And Am Nervous As Hell [Edit: I May Have Just Screwed Up]
  20. Anyone know of a good free PDF editor?
  21. Speculation about Things 'n' Stuff
  22. What are some good Google search phrases?
  23. Yay, I'm going to ComiCon (NY), but...
  24. Richmond Tigers/Grand Final
  25. "Is this game discriminatory towards Finnish people?"
  26. Best wood to use for armor?
  27. Asset protection and methods thereof...
  28. Weirdest Dreams You've Ever Had?
  29. Is Agar-thickened stuff supposed to be grainy and crumbly?
  30. Little things that make you realize something about yourself
  31. Favorite interesting historical armor? (and weapon and shield)
  32. Do you think there's anything in existence which cannot be "sensed"?
  33. What exactly is the difference between absolute monarchy and feudalism?
  34. Get Fit: I want a folding vegetable.
  35. Pumpkin scented persimmons?
  36. Bad poetry
  37. Weirdly specific chess question.
  38. Ikea
  39. Kind Words for Those in Need of Them
  40. Happy Children's Day!
  41. People who can grow beards: any luck with electric shaver?
  42. Life advice
  43. A 9-Color Magic the Gathering Wheel?
  44. Do you guys belive in fate or free will?
  45. Meditations on the merits of the foolish
  46. Funny lines to use in a zombie apocalypse
  47. Help making apple pie
  48. I made a free inventory management app for Android & iOS - Encumbrance for D&D!
  49. Recommend a Brazilian RPG Podcast?
  50. Looking for a word
  51. OOTS Magnets
  52. Free software to make a form-fill PDF savable?
  53. Lucid dreaming tips?
  54. More stories
  55. How do I tell someone I like them?
  56. Yea and Good morrow, my fellow tabletop gamers!
  57. Friendly Advice Appearance and Grooming Advice: Be Your Hottest You!
  58. "How'd that fix it?"
  59. Jokes: They're Supposed To Make You Laugh
  60. When did the term "app" come into mainstream popularity?
  61. Happy Veteran's Day
  62. Antique cookbooks for someone with an interest in old recipes?
  63. Acting help pls
  64. Are Cervitaurs A Modern Invention?
  65. Resources with which to do my job
  66. How do I make friends as an adult?
  67. What is a hero?
  68. Frivolous Astrology Gift
  69. Hello
  70. What do I do with Gulaman/Agar Agar bars?
  71. The Newbie Joins The Fray: Enter, Lorekeeper
  72. Friendly Advice What are the best qualities of a fantasy language?
  73. How to keep hard candies from sticking together while on display?
  74. Personal Details
  75. Strange slimy seeded pomegranates: still safe to eat?
  76. Index Skeletor or Dr Doom
  77. Fiction Writing/Lit crit
  78. Advice on Nintendo Switch and maybe Playstation games
  79. Characters I never got to use, what to do with them>?
  80. Rejected kids toys!!!
  81. Druid Builds 3.5
  82. College life
  83. Plane Crash near my house!
  84. Durians: Are they meant to smell of pineapple and jackfruit?
  85. Support Execute Order 66! (My 34th Birthday)
  86. Extended Sig thread: where is it?
  87. Just Spreading the Word...
  88. Cigar smokers of the Playground, which ones are your favorites?
  89. Support I hate writing.
  90. [Gardening] How hard is growing cranberries?
  91. What's with the american fetish for kosher salt?
  92. Looking for an old thread
  93. Why do people clap and cheer during a performance at a concert?
  94. Hello and Welcome New Members, part 12 plus 1
  95. D&D 5e Subscription Service?!?
  96. Some strange dream I had about Nintendo Power Glove
  97. If you were a fantasy land NPC what kind of npc would you like to be?
  98. I wonder if others use this term?
  99. Looking for a new cross
  100. When Did Elves Get Pointy Ears?
  101. What is the difference between Nerds and Geeks?
  102. Odd Regional Phases and Expressions
  103. New FATE Core Podcast!
  104. Volunteering-Where Does One Find Good Opportunities?
  105. Friendly Advice Help me pick a profile picture
  106. Why do some people make it so difficult to get in touch with them?
  107. Consent means?
  108. Looking for Artist
  109. Net Neutrality: I Didn't Know If Someone Had Already Posted This So I Did.
  110. Feeling Down? This is the Cheer Up Thread!
  111. Favorite branch of math?
  112. I need birthday song ideas!
  113. Is this a good metaphor?
  114. HELP... What do I charge for video editing
  115. Can you re-melt agar-agar?
  116. Friendly Advice ignore this
  117. Peculiar Ponderings: Why the heck are grapefruit more common than pomelos?
  118. We should be using gamification in education!
  119. Friendly Advice Places to visit between New York and Boston
  120. Vocabularians!!!! Do... words... for me.
  121. Would be willing to be forever young?
  122. Friendly Advice Writers block? Take a swig of ale!
  123. absolute power corrupts absolutely
  124. New DM Here, Hello!
  125. Does GITP have a Discord?
  126. What proportion of people are happy?
  127. What's the antithesis of Valentine's Day?
  128. What makes a good PbP game?
  129. Survey re: Representation in Tabletop RPGs
  130. New DM Here, Hello! roseheart version
  131. Newbie Curious About PbP
  132. Wizards WABAC Help
  133. If you don't love someone why die for them?
  134. Assembling kitchen cabinets (I need to vent)
  135. Is hope a good thing? Virtue of vice?
  136. Is There A Larger, Real-World Edoras?
  137. Fantasy Cooking
  138. (Deleted because nobody cares)
  139. The culture container, one time capsule to rule them all.
  140. Do you get spam calls?
  141. How to tell when someone likes you?
  142. Cliches: How many Sergeants ever chomped on a cigar whilst in battle?
  143. Random question (sword length)
  144. Why are people afraid of death?
  145. How did ethiopian royalty dress in the 10th centaury?
  146. How connected are we really?
  147. OOTS Discord
  148. Song lyrical frame-by-frames
  149. Change avitar?
  150. D&D Scores Translated into Real Life Numbers
  151. San Francisco
  152. Name that D&D module
  153. Stephen Hawking passes away at 76
  154. LGBTAI+ Are gender terms missing the point
  155. Any tattoo fans? Im going for my first tomorrow
  156. Support How does one move a cat?
  157. Friendly Advice How much should I charge for a logo?
  158. Going to study game design in college.
  159. Got Stood Up For The First Time
  160. Support Customer Service: Rants, Raves, Back Pats, and Appreciation
  161. Ideas for acution items in a fantasy setting?
  162. (Gardening)How long can lemongrass survive in water?
  163. Meetup Hows The Party?!
  164. has anyone here been able to successfully change their voice?
  165. What to look for in a dog breeder
  166. Where in the world has Giegue been? (an explanation and apology)
  167. I Got Aaron Judge Autograph
  168. I feel trapped by my academic decisions.
  169. Friendly Advice Looking for a mentor DM/GM
  170. Friendly Advice I have a question about advertising
  171. Friendly Advice 5e D&D Lizzardfolk underdark Druid
  172. tell me your best joke
  173. Used up luck
  174. Friendly Advice where to post a campaign setting or at least the ideas for it
  175. Doctors work with/are vampires, conspiracy theory.
  176. Is nature trully chaotic?
  177. Who has a website?!
  178. Is there interest in custom steel deck boxes?
  179. Has Anyone Built A Catio?
  180. Nostalga for questionable music
  181. Any history nerds want to help me with some fabric?
  182. Architecture
  183. Gradifi
  184. im board tell me what to draw
  185. Creativity (need rating)
  186. The importance to reach out to other introverted people
  187. Hi! I need friends please.
  188. 2D8HP's extended mea culpa and Random Banter #218
  189. Archery Tag
  190. My profitable observations were not (yet) rewarded
  191. "check your privilege"
  192. Get Fed, Cooking Thread
  193. Someone who is pure good is not as good as someone who is impure
  194. Healthy My experience of losing weight
  195. Bartmanhomer Guide To Become Famous In A Internet Forum
  196. Telekinesis is the best super power, someone prove me wrong.
  197. Confessions 3: Spilling The Beans Remix
  198. RIP TotalBiscuit
  199. Awkwardness of long distance love
  200. Meetup Trogland XII: At The Last Minute
  201. Vote with your wallet is a terrible system - Rant
  202. How to eat corn on the cob, and similar points of disagreement
  203. Is Amazon Prohibitive for Small Sellers Now?
  204. The Test Dream
  205. Friendly Advice Selling OOTS Ornaments, maybe?
  206. Transparent mangosteen segments; good or bad?
  207. Tongue Splitting
  208. Has Anyone Published A Hardcopy Book?
  209. Looking for a word
  210. Friendly Advice Should I upgrade to the New XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro display drawing tablet ?
  211. Where Can I Find A Giant Tree Model?
  212. Friendly Advice Things to do in Scotland
  213. new to d&d
  214. What Are Your Other Favorite Forums?
  215. World Cup
  216. I have a job interview today
  217. Looking for life advice
  218. Road trip music
  219. Support Deleting Replies
  220. Friendly Advice I need help writing and don't know where to go
  221. How to say no to a butcher?
  222. Realing Needing A Game To Play Right Now....
  223. Happy Birthday USA!
  224. Happy Independence Day!
  225. Sort of a Philosophical Question
  226. Making friends online
  227. Moments where you think something bad is about to happen...
  228. Tried to post gamer in distress thread and link
  229. What am I with regards to life philosophy?
  230. Looking for a bit of German help
  231. Feel Good IRL Story -FLGS Edition
  232. Japan needs ninjas!
  233. Costume ideas!
  234. Friendly Advice Any advice for getting an official AS diagnosis?
  235. What time is it where you're at?
  236. Need help IDing this hair piece
  237. Meetup Looking For Group: Vancouver
  238. Is water wet?
  239. Things you never get tired of
  240. Help With Movement Conversions from 2nd to 5th Edition
  241. Cosplay and 3D printers: I need advices
  242. Monologues Needed
  243. Spirits (and Other Related Discussions)
  244. 15 years of the Playground!
  245. Ancient Refugees in a Roman Stadium
  246. coffee advice
  247. Funding 100k pounds for surgery
  248. Sports Sports Fans in the Playground!
  249. LGBTAI+ I'm sorry LGBTAI+ people of this forum.
  250. Can someone explain how the place works?