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  1. [WIP] The Inner Ring
  2. Campaign setting help wanted
  3. A few questions
  4. The First Age: Bloodlines (Setting Building Game)
  5. A world through time (making a world through history)
  6. A World of Dark Fantasy (nWod: Mirrors)
  7. Humans as the "Default" Race
  8. Libertarian Paladin - Creating a Good faction in a neutral setting
  9. What does an Island need?
  10. Cave Man Story
  11. Rebooting Spelljammer
  12. Name of a God
  13. Four Crystal Spheres (Spelljammer)
  14. Novo Multiversalis: The Thousand Worlds After the Night of Stars
  15. Worlds of Imagination
  16. 4e Campaign Setting, Input welcome PEACH-Cliffrunner (/WorkingTitle)
  17. Ye Gods, what is this?
  18. Homebrew Universe (WIP) [PEACH]
  19. [Hourglass of Zihaja] Chapter 11: Bonus Material
  20. Let's make a world! The World of Ashe
  21. Ashdar
  22. Temeraire 1914/1939
  23. [World Construction] M÷bius World
  24. The Fortress City: Ideas needed
  25. Concepting a No Spells (Not exactly "no magic") Setting
  26. The Animals! They Rise! The 'Folk Wars Begin. [Comunity Project]
  27. Need help with world: Hard Sci-Fi
  28. [4e] Speraggium
  29. Idea Check
  30. Campaign Setting Creation First Attempt, Advice and Assistance Would be Lovely
  31. Origin: Spirits of the Past Building the World in D&D
  32. Horslavin: City of the Duergar (for D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder - Levels 7-9)
  33. Duplicate thread
  34. Building a death world.
  35. Kitty's world-building efforts
  36. Pantheon Building
  37. A Bad Place
  38. D&D 3.S: Welcome to Falcora
  39. North By North [NxN]
  40. Need help for new world!!!
  41. Opposing Factions ( Community World Building project )
  42. GURPS homebrew campagin
  43. Dicefreaks Presents: Oriund, World of Broken Dreams.
  44. Everything's Five by Five: The Continent of Bzel
  45. D&D 3.5 World "Trinity Mundus"
  46. Zaxotor, World for Pathfinder
  47. Making Undead Phenomenal
  48. [Hourglass of Zihaja] One Last Vote!
  49. Blog for Brainstorming?
  50. Fusion Setting (3.5, but might need some additional homebrew to work)
  51. Vote Up A Campaign Setting 2: Discussion Thread
  52. Kingdom of Markov (setting idea and so forth)
  53. The Blood of Venomous Darkness (3.5 Campaign Setting)
  54. Need help building a shopping mall
  55. Help With My Campaign Setting [D&D]
  56. The Shield Of Lum: a medieval setting P.E.A.C.H., input welcome
  57. Gritty Low Magic World Development
  58. Vidalis - Where Honor is as strong as steel. [Campaign Setting]
  59. Savage World - looking for feedback
  60. New World, troubling naming
  61. Another one of those Vote Up a World topics
  62. The Empire of Fall and Winter (3.5)
  63. Fantasy Cosmology Compendium v2
  64. [Pathfinder/D&D 3.5] Skullripper Outpost
  65. Help Needed with Climate and Environment [REQUEST WITHDRAWN]
  66. Making a World Map
  67. Seeking a critique of my Game world.
  68. Roll 1d20
  69. Just a Step to the Right... [3.5 Setting, help wanted]
  70. We've been here before... but that hallway was new!
  71. Transformers RPG
  72. [3.5 Campaign Setting] Project Westermark
  73. Lemonus' Campaign World
  74. [3.5] Scarcity and Scavenging, Crowding and Conflict: The Scroungers Campaign Setting
  75. Clark's Third law does not apply to this setting (PEACH)
  76. How can I have my physics cake and eat it too?
  77. Need help with a scottish pathfinder campaign
  78. Heartbreaker
  79. allocating domains to the dieties
  80. Nurindal - a redefiinition of D&D 3.5
  81. what needs answering?
  82. A mistake
  83. "What can we say to patricide?" PAYOI
  84. A brand new world [help for 3.5 campaign world]
  85. Planar Landscapes of Neverthrow
  86. ElphŠlia (PEACH)
  87. The Campaign Setting Creation Primer
  88. Deities; what's the sweet spot?
  89. (3.P) Analia [PEACH]
  90. Lands of the Barbarian Kings
  91. Shadowrun-based Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Campaign
  92. Experiences with "Inside Out" setting building
  93. A note on world-building
  94. Well, here goes.
  95. Age of Entropy
  96. Building: World of Elemental Warriors
  97. Meta: A Fantasy Setting built from a Sci-Fi World (WIP)
  98. World Building Legal advice
  99. Feyheart (4e, Redo)
  100. [4e] Class World-Building and Refluffery
  101. A World Of Intrigue
  102. Name My Villages!
  103. [D&D 3.5] Building a world without Deities?
  104. Need help making a world
  105. Anyone know any good seals?
  106. [PF] The Gods of Auguros
  107. World Meshing: What is too much?
  108. The Fantastical Flora - Magical Plants, Fungi, and More
  109. A quick way to get an alien alphabet.
  110. Kingdom Building: Tenure of Kings [PF, E6]
  111. Need help with a name!
  112. Near, The Savage Lands
  113. [PF] Picoria, The Heart of Darkness
  114. Under Construction Homebrew: The Wastes Junction A Campaign Setting (Pathfinderish)
  115. the cult of rust monster druids
  116. (Please) Help me make a [3.5e] Japanese Setting!
  117. A world with no magic, only psionics (fluff version)
  118. Communist Country?
  119. Underwater World
  120. Culture and the Fantastical: a Discourse on Magic and Society
  121. Valcia, the Misty Lands
  122. Please delete, I double posted. D:
  123. The Shattered Isles; critiques, comments, questions, concerns.
  124. Microscope - Anyone used it to help build their world's history?
  125. [Vion] Races of the Realms
  126. Map Builder Programs?
  127. Stereotypia [Community World-Building Project]
  128. My world needs gods.(3.5)
  129. [d20 Modern] Night
  130. The Devoured Planes (PEACH)
  131. How would you expand on this: Apocalyptic Eberron
  132. A World of Magister Lords, Sorcerer Kings, & Emperor Magus
  133. Patchwork World (3.5, need lots of help)
  134. The Drocca's Empire
  135. [Campaign Setting] Signa Terra: The Continent of Arc
  136. [Hourglass of Zihaja] The Final Chapter: Organizations
  137. No Brains' World Building
  138. [E3.5] The World of Lionshead (WIP)
  139. The Infinite Sea - Work in Progress - 4e - Critique/suggestions welcome!
  140. [4.0] Sundoran
  141. A newblet's first 3.5 world
  142. TRON - style RPG
  143. Community build project pending
  144. What is a good map drawer?
  145. The Grand Agora. List of Shops.
  146. Modern alternative world setting
  147. Campaign Concept: Behind the Veil
  148. Legendary Monsters in E8
  149. Exposition in RPGs
  150. (Planetfall) Sci-Fi: strange peoples on a stranger world
  151. 4e Avatar (The Last Airbender) Campaign Concept
  152. PEACH *Six Realms*
  153. What do "good" nations/cities do for fun?
  154. Fallout community worldbuilding
  155. Ossa: of Evil Dwarves and Dead Elves
  156. Power source cosmology [3.x]
  157. [PEACH] Chess World (Working Title, all placeholders up, feel free to comment now)
  158. [3.5] A New Take On Undead [PEACH]
  159. Rough draft: The Four Elementals and Human Paragons.
  160. New Game I just Made
  161. Is this a good campaign idea?
  162. World of Runescape (Under Constuctions)
  163. World of Runescape (Discussion Section)
  164. The Dark, New World (Needs naming Help among other things)
  165. The Sons of the Fallen (WIP)
  166. Into the world of Aeos [GURPS]
  167. Race building? [3.PF]
  168. Building a World, attempt #1
  169. Torata - A world of Fantasy for the 2d6 Roleplaying System PEACH!
  170. After Bowser: The RPG
  171. General world building advice?
  172. Mapping Spells to elements for world-building
  173. New Continent/Campaign
  174. Building Aegasd˘r: A Campaign Setting [WIP]
  175. Geshiquan, the World Beyond
  176. Seven Spheres - a setting draft
  177. Need tips and hints
  178. Building a Setting, input appreciated!
  179. Building the world of Aeos Help wanted!
  180. What's in a name? Choosing a continent name that doesn't break immersion.
  181. Eternal tower setting (please help)
  182. How do you
  183. Playgrounders Guide to Worldbuilding (Planning)
  184. Need Help with Random Ideas
  185. (PF) Legacy of the Giants
  186. Homebrew Campaign World - Erra in need of D&D conversion
  187. City Government (Please Help)
  188. What would the FR gods do
  189. the world of ivalice
  190. The Way I Do Elves
  191. [3.5e] WeÝztros: Kingdom of Wazkroz. (W.I.P)
  192. Let's make a setting!
  193. A Dozen Vampires and One Vampire
  194. WIP of my homebrew campaign setting
  195. Secret Societies R' Us
  196. Thaelos, yet another campaign setting
  197. Tower Campaign/World Idea - feedback/thoughts?
  198. My secret ambition: How to build a world so it doesn't look like dnd
  199. Randomized World: Using d% and Homebrew!: With viewer participation
  200. The Longlost Project of Vknight (Cerulean Empire & Beyond, 4e)
  201. What Is A Gnome? Your Complete Guide to Gnomekind (W.I.P)
  202. Playgrounders Guide to Worldbuilding
  203. My second dive into building a world!
  204. Venser's tips: Behind the scenes
  205. Thoughts, opinions, and suggestions greatly appreciated
  206. [Pathfinder] Thyressa Campaign Setting
  207. 3.5/Pathfinder Homebrew Dieites
  208. Unifying Magic
  209. Yet another take on Orcs
  210. The Chronicles of Arcadia
  211. Castle Carceros- A Microsetting
  212. Setting for a New Player
  213. Adventuring On A Dead God
  214. Edinaumus, Campaign setting (WIP)
  215. Basics of my world
  216. Economics of a campaign setting, Ideas?
  217. 1880 World Building
  218. IDEA! Health issues? allergies?
  219. In need of Native American stand-in race
  220. American Mythology Setting (Help is welcome!)
  221. New way of doing divine magic?
  222. The Game of Perfection - A World Design Game
  223. The Minds of Almantha (WIP-ish)
  224. Dark Gear - A PDQ setting (In Progess)
  225. Grim Fantasy, melee focused Setting/System, new at world-building
  226. The world of Alumnos
  227. The Forsaken Lands [WIP]
  228. The Untamed Tundra (PF, WIP, Help please)
  229. Ever make a language?
  230. Isles of the Dragonkin - PF Setting (could be used for 3.5), input and ideas welcome
  231. The New World
  232. Help me flesh out my world!
  233. How big or little is this country?
  234. New Setting & Gaming System Idea - World As Will
  235. Can someone critique this mini adventure I made?
  236. The Patchbreeds
  237. The Dragons Peninsula (with only a little of dragon)
  238. My First World - Sanctum
  239. Dwarves in Aura
  240. What unique cities would you build?
  241. Shards of Kin-strife (PPPEACH)
  242. Vote me up a Kingdom!
  243. Mir, Land of Night and Day (PEACH)
  244. A world based around summoners. (WIP)
  245. Fantasy Fallout (Bring Your Ideas to Town)
  246. What are the likely implications of this? (Arcane and Divine magic issue)
  247. My World The Blackwood Campaign Setting | Folklore. Action. Dice. | PEACH
  248. [Hourglass of Zihaja] PDF v1.0 is Finally Here!
  249. What about this??... (3.5) campaign... A little bit long but its worth the reading
  250. New DM, New campaign (3.5)... What about this??. Its worth the reading...