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  1. What monsters would fit in well in Louisiana?
  2. Magic and clockwork (PF, WIP)
  3. The 4 planes
  4. Land Of Three Princes Central Thread
  5. Help request for an incarnum themed setting [WIP, P.E.A.C.H.]
  6. A cosmic war
  7. Magic and How to Use It
  8. Sinarius, a gigantic world(WIP)
  9. The World Of Aeourn *WIP*
  10. Take a look at my races?
  11. [WIP, PEACH] Thyressa: An American Campaign Setting
  12. It's only D&D because I didn't want to deal with SAN checks.
  13. making maps
  14. (Victorian Empire) Whatever happens, we have got / the Maxim gun and they have not
  15. Process of building a setting
  16. The Land of Avathear (4th Ed, WIP, PEACH)
  17. Yuugou, The Chimeric World(Help please)
  18. A Feywild Sandbox Setting
  19. Refluffing the DnD Cosmos (PEACH)
  20. Dracabeor­or: A Norse(ish) campaign setting with Dragons, Dragons, and more Dragons
  21. Dracabeor­or: A Norse(ish) campaign setting with Dragons, Dragons, and more Dragons
  22. Avernum: A Free Underworld.
  23. demographics by level
  24. Planes and Races of the Deeping Falls
  25. Leveling Character Heirlooms
  26. Transitional Fantasy
  27. Mistspire: the City of Enterprise
  28. Kadzait, the Firebird City - A Slavic-inspired setting
  29. 4e homebrew setting:almeria
  30. My World Exile: World as Dungeon [3.5]
  31. what questions do you ask yourself when creating a nation?
  32. A MASSively EFFECTive world [PEACH]
  33. A MASSively EFFECTive world [PEACH]
  34. The City of Pendleton
  35. The Order of the Ebon Rose
  36. The Minds of Almantha
  37. Polygamous nomenclature
  38. Earith
  39. Sealand, sans Shamu (PF Campaign Setting, WIP, PEACH)
  40. Sky Wars: My Star Wars Saga Edition homebrew setting.
  41. A communal PbP Campaign Setting
  42. World 1 Setting
  43. [PF] Sanktyth - (My first homebrew setting)
  44. I know what I want...but help! - Collective World-Building
  45. A Primitive World PEACH
  46. The Final Retreat - My First Public World Building Attempt
  47. What are the problems with a small campaign world?
  48. Heart of Darkness [PF, WIP] (PEACH)
  49. Animalistic dragons! Plane-planets! Divine cosmic force! Cavemen with guns IN SPACE!!
  50. Sea of Stars(A Vaguely Western Zodiac themed setting.)
  51. Ye Gods! (Solicitation for feedback, PEACH, ideas, etc.)
  52. The dungeon of durokan!
  53. *Wall of Text* Evil Mastermind * A Work In Progress *PEACH*
  54. HOW TO START MY CAMPAIGN... (homebrew setting, noob players new DM, 3.5)n
  55. HOW TO START MY CAMPAIGN... (homebrew setting, noob players new DM, 3.5)n
  56. Daemon's Seal (please PEACH)
  57. Every game starts as a kernel of an idea...
  58. Cars or no cars?
  59. Help for asking for help. Yup, you read that right.
  60. Help me develop this dystopian/utopian mini-setting
  61. Dion: An alternative sci-fi d20 setting
  62. Fun Setting Combinations
  63. The World of Orastain [3.5 and PF, PEACH]
  64. Alensia (Urban setting working on progress)
  65. Cosmology
  66. Primordial Campaign Setting (Comments Welcome)
  67. Tellus (Pathfinder)
  68. Caedura Campaign Setting (WIP, PEACH)
  69. Cakeworld
  70. [PEACH] Some campaign setting details.
  71. Pantheon of Three
  72. A world beyond the mirror (stand alone plane)
  73. [D&D 3.5e] Land of Never-ending Dungeons
  74. World Building (Probably going to be a Campaing Setting) Idea(s)
  75. The World Of Tollah (Comments welcome)
  76. Thoughts on "Bard Magic"
  77. Saol-Na-Fola - A complicated homebrew (PEACH!)
  78. World Map Drawing Software
  79. World Map Drawing Software
  80. World Map Drawing Software
  81. Help w/ Circus of the planes
  82. PEACH- High tech campaign setting
  83. Building a tower on a MASSIVE scale
  84. Bucket-o-NPC's
  85. The Kingdom of Yenid Dnal
  86. A World on the Brink (D&D 3.5 Homebrew Setting, WIP, PEACH)
  87. Brains of the Dark World
  88. Unfinished world
  89. My First Campaign World (you really should look at it) (WIP, PEACH)
  90. Fey mageocracy, feral shadow-dwellers, and islands of brain: 3.5 setting, help wanted
  91. World without magic items
  92. World For my system: Generic Fantasy world
  93. Nanahau
  94. Ponderthought Builds a Setting
  95. Where Should I Start/Layout Issues.
  96. Near & Far [WIP] [PEACH]
  97. Big Honking Crossover [PEACH]
  98. City setting (magitech/Orwell/horror) - brainstorming
  99. Collaborative World Building Software
  100. The Forgotten World
  101. Voids Edge Campaign Setting (3.P, PEACH, WIP)
  102. Building a campaign setting
  103. Khayzuran, the Land of Stories
  104. The Mana Addicts.
  105. Pax Respublica
  106. The End of All Things
  107. Advice on building a Lost World/Hidden Valley setting
  108. Check out the country I made.
  109. A new campaign world; just the surface
  110. Shiverun (help please!?)
  111. An Earthlike World with history inspired nations
  112. Praxium
  113. building a setting from start to finish
  114. Planar Revision Project: Check out Hades!
  115. A Crumbling Kingdom[WIP][D&D 3.5 E6][PEACH]
  116. Unsealed Evils
  117. Races
  118. Stolnwrold (Celtic-ish Diskworld-ish Lovecraftian-ish) [work in progress]
  119. [3.5] A new setting
  120. Erdeu [3.5/d20]
  121. NewbWorld Lore thread
  122. [M&M] Pokemon, Before the (Red/blue/Green) War.
  123. Orcus Alternate
  124. Shadowrun d100 conversion
  125. An Empire in Collapse
  126. A Slow Start
  127. Help Creating a Campaign
  128. Lifeflood Campaign Setting (W.I.P)
  129. Disgaea Pathfinder D20 (WIP)
  130. Eargon based World
  131. Agalashia
  132. The GMs Guide to Zarmina [PEACH]
  133. Looking for help for making my own world...
  134. No Humans Allowed
  135. The Bloodlines Universe(E6 Semi-Gestalt) PEACH
  136. The Sixth Advent (3.5)
  137. [PF] The World of Ivalice Campaign Seeting
  138. The Planes Of Anti-Logic (A newbie's first try at world building)
  139. Overlords VS Arcanum (WIP/Peach. I welcome all help)
  140. Seeking help fleshing out a society with an oppressive religion/church
  141. Shadiqr N÷bion: brainstorming a setting that is ON ACID and ON ICE and IN SPACE
  142. Nerimasa, Halfling Nation the Gallant
  143. Help with a post-disaster/apocalyptic setting
  144. The Three Worlds (Basic Info)
  145. Making a calendar
  146. Dear Giant
  147. Why does a fantasy civilization want to colonize space?
  148. Designing alien planet food crops
  149. Dark Elves/Drow
  150. Eberron: The Souls (trying to plug some holes)
  151. Crowdsourcing Fluff for SF project.
  152. Balancing the Foodchain
  153. Magic VS Technology: when does the balance tip?
  154. From the top...
  155. Bestiary of the Three Worlds
  156. What happens when a god remembers?
  157. Ashes and Bloodstains
  158. The Age of Dragons [Questions and Advice]
  159. Believable cultures creation
  160. Comparing [Our] Settings
  161. Anyone use Microscope? Is it worth it?
  162. Religion; fact or belief?
  163. Map Creation
  164. Near & Far
  165. Guides for Making Good Maps?
  166. Project Epsilon: A Campaign Setting 7 Years In The Making
  167. Dwarves Making Diamonds
  168. Widow's World
  169. Messing with Time (Design Discussion)
  170. Alternatives to Darkvision
  171. Interesting Space Travel Systems
  172. Alterian: A World of Darkness (WIP, PEACH)
  173. Possible factions and cultures/races (looking for suggestions)
  174. A Teenage Wasteland (Curtsey of The Who)
  175. The wake of wizardry
  176. Your Version of X
  177. Building unique architectures
  178. Help creating Houses, guilds and relationships between them.
  179. first real try at worldbuilding[WIP]
  180. The History of Magical Study (Solo Fluff Piece)
  181. Jobs with Magic
  182. Godmind's Debris [High Psionics/Post-Apocalypse]
  183. [LFNE] Making an Gravity Falls-esque Summer Camp
  184. Not another European setting - Lyria 3.5 (PEACH?)
  185. Eramus, Age of Antiquity (PEACH!)
  186. The Land of Patria
  187. Stone Wars, and other conflicts.
  188. Terrak
  189. The Dominion of the New World - A Mythic American Steampunk for Legend (WIP, PEACH)
  190. Nexus
  191. The Whirling Worlds PEACH
  192. Help me build a Bending world!
  193. Roma Renatus (WIP/PEACH)
  194. Heroica [WIP]
  195. Building a World
  196. 1609: An Alternate Past
  197. Looking for ideas for stranger magic items
  198. double post
  199. Fall of antiquity (alpha V0.2)
  200. The Trade of Souls
  201. Soul Eater WIP
  202. Land between the Rivers [PF][PEACH]
  203. D20 modern weapons in a Pathfinder game
  204. Empyrion, a new world (WIP)
  205. Environmental magic and magic systems
  206. The Gods of Rald (Peach)
  207. City size by population.
  208. Class-Choice Resource: Best use of 720 Combinations of 6 attributes (30 sets of 24)?:
  209. Thoughts on world building
  210. Isles of the Small Folk P.E.A.C.H
  211. Omotavi: Darkness, Desolation, Dragons (WIP)
  212. What do dwarves eat?
  213. Modern Earth minus electricity
  214. Has your gritty modern supernatural horror campaign/setting endured?
  215. GitP multiverse (WIP)
  216. A New Era: A Low-Magic World
  217. The Twin Skies (First Draft, PEACH)
  218. Golden Axe/Sieken Densetsu Campaign
  219. Help me name organisations etc.? :)
  220. Desigining an underwater city, a la Rapture
  221. Maps
  222. The Ailirian Legend: TLoZ Campaign
  223. A chemistry based magic system
  224. Feedback Needed for Magic Changes
  225. Help me craft a mythos!
  226. FFd6: Beneath, the Void
  227. World-Building Turn-Offs
  228. [3.5] The World of Dreyar
  229. Connections & Contentions: Aldhaven Lore
  230. Futuristic/Sci Fi Universe [Technology]
  231. Anybody willing to help make a Wii U game?
  232. Dungeonworkd: My Stupid Gonzo Setting Concept
  233. Mythical Cycles
  234. Designing culture-wide clothing styles
  235. Twin Faces of the Sky
  236. A New Pokemon World
  237. World Building and levels. E6 worlds?
  238. Building a World, and a History
  239. Oh My, How You've Grown
  240. 3.5 Steampunk Alternate Reality Setting
  241. Balancing Magic and Technology in a Setting
  242. [PEACH][WIP]Project Paradox- A World of Magic and Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff
  243. Claws of Tiamat
  244. Psionics instead of magic?
  245. Fantasy Mass Effect d20
  246. Treskri, an original world [WIP, PEACH] - help needed
  247. Do you do research for your worlds?
  248. My World Ancient Lands - Sword & Sorcery Campaign Setting, Take 3
  249. what are the important points to remmember in area creation?
  250. Please ask questions about my setting (Updated 10/7)