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  1. Cleric Help -- For a beginner
  2. Dragonborn Fighter/Warden Defender/Controller, help
  3. Crystal Maiden/Ice Mage Build
  4. Barbarian/Fighter Brawler Style hybrid. Grappling Strike + Blood Bear Rage
  5. RPGA Membership & LFR
  6. A Reward of Feats and Skills
  7. WOTC asks, what fails in 4E?
  8. battlefist price
  9. Help Reflavor Whip
  10. Dungeon Delve Book
  11. GMing my first game of 4E (help)
  12. Essentials getting to choose encounter powers and new hybrid multiclassing options
  13. Playable undead
  14. Advice for tackling a doppelganger?
  15. Keep on the Shadowfell Maps
  16. Sorta New to 4e, need help with a character
  17. mounted combat
  18. [4E] Epic polearm fighter feats
  19. Spiked Chain user
  20. Save vs Death?
  21. 2 player party
  22. Help retrain a barely effective lvl 8 party
  23. [4e] Quick question...
  24. Hybrid naming
  25. Item Creation rules (?)
  26. Leader creation help needed
  27. Leader creation help needed
  28. Building a Healbot
  29. Interesting Homebrews for Skill Challenges?
  30. New to fourth edition; most important things to know?
  31. Plant Growth
  32. Campaign Idea - Achievments
  33. Optimizing Hexblade as much as possible?
  34. An alternate take on character tiers
  35. [4e] MacGuffin help :)
  36. Breaking from a rut
  37. Character Sheets
  38. Ranged defender
  39. Good low level adventures?
  40. Dispelling the myth of 4E
  41. Dose anybody still play 4.0?
  42. Obsidian Skill Challenge System
  43. Dragonborn Fighter C&C
  44. April update
  45. Clarification on a question about damage types
  46. Building an Eladrin Warlord..
  47. Dragonborn Druid ofSpring C&C
  48. 90 Pre-Made Encounters (For Lazy DMs)
  49. Help building an Avenger
  50. Heavy Thrown Weapons
  51. Printable character sheets
  52. How to Build a Wizard
  53. Compendium/Character builder?
  54. Paragon Tier with no leader
  55. My Warden build is in need of critique
  56. Mounted combat or Vehicle combat anywhere?
  57. Skill Challenge Concerns
  58. Bring it down
  59. "It's OK, go ahead and kill them"
  60. Can i get some help with my Dragonborn fighter?
  61. 4e Planescape - What Do I Need?
  62. House rules for faster encounters
  63. deceptive classes
  64. Need a puzzle or something..
  65. Characters Owning and Running Businesses
  66. Someone help me convince my Shaman player her spirit dog isn't Dr. Manhattan
  67. Mission: Infiltration
  68. class list
  69. Monster "Dailies"
  70. Adventure on the High Seas?
  71. Deity Question
  72. Brainstorming Silly/Crazy Encounters..
  73. Gamma World 4e Character Sheets
  74. 3.5 Bard in 4e? Red Mage?
  75. Sentinel Druid critter choice (levels 3-5)
  76. Name of a magic item?
  77. Monk or Avenger - who is the better Jedi?
  78. Archery Healer
  79. favorite book
  80. Help Enlighten Me About 4e!
  81. L15 Nostalgia Cleric
  82. Wizard/Mage balance?
  83. Best Fluff Books
  84. Hybrid Class Ranger/Rogue
  85. Making this concept work.. Dragonborn Cleric(warpriest) using the death domain?
  86. Vampire and sneak attack
  87. Skill DCs by level?
  88. Necromancy School Mage: Are these good power picks?
  89. Feat and Paragon Question?
  90. DM gave me some homebrew... How can I break this now
  91. Hybrid madness: Paladin/Avenger - Avenger in Plate
  92. Party Leader vs. Leader roll...Do you go by what WOC says?
  93. "It's like day of the dead, except it lasts forever!"
  94. Question about "bloodied".
  95. "new" character builder
  96. we're broke, but that's ok! Running D&D without monetary values.
  97. Help me design my campaign world (players stay out)
  98. How powerful is Dominate?
  99. 14 in your secondary...Is it not such a sin?
  100. All one powersource parties...Have you ever played in one?
  101. Undead Ally
  102. Items that Trigger on Getting Crit
  103. The Cleric (Templar)
  104. Homebrew and 3rd Party...Why all the hate?
  105. Making your weapon your Impliment..for a Cleric
  106. 101 Ideas of What Is Epic! (If there are that many!)
  107. Hextor Reborn!
  108. 4.e.e Ranger
  109. Talking to Spirits?
  110. Teaching a 12 year old...Best beginer class?
  111. Rebuilding my Paladin
  112. Non-Defender Tanking
  113. Help on Defender Shaman
  114. Swapping 3.5 for 4
  115. Trying 4ed for the first time.
  116. Monster Vault
  117. Concerning the "4e is like a computer game" argument...
  118. Dark Sun
  119. Taskmaster Warlord....dose anybody know where to find Whip rules?
  120. How much is reach worth?
  121. 4e Wizard Wishlist
  122. Starting in a new 4E game, help me pick my character!
  123. Any opinions on Fourthcore?
  124. 4e and 3.5: the way we die
  125. Building a 4e paladin for a friend new to d20. Help please
  126. cleric differences?
  127. [4e] Creating NPC's with class levels
  128. What Doesn't work about Tactical Combat in 4e?
  129. Help with an overpowered pally
  130. So I almost TPKed my party with minions.
  131. The Most Fun My Players Ever Had
  132. Gameinstein
  133. What monsters can destroy items?
  134. Monster Roles?
  135. 4e Newbie Warlock Conceptualization...
  136. Monk power question
  137. dual-wielding striker
  138. Help with 4e Invoker
  139. Elven Archer [MM1] OP?
  140. Building a Deva Avenger
  141. How do you get combat advantage with ranged weapons?
  142. Hybrid Rogue/Sorcerer questions
  143. Noob help
  144. Has anyone run a successful 1-30 campaign?
  145. Fortune Cards?
  146. Know any good places to find free, high-quality homebrew?
  147. 4e Decipher Script?
  148. Best Monster Kill
  149. Player's handbook classes
  150. Need a character, but I don't have my books...
  151. 4e Rules Updates; The Warlock
  152. Need a powerfull controller build.
  153. holy water
  154. Mounts: A Question
  155. Your 4e campaign setting
  156. paragon paths
  157. Quick Item Question
  158. What class features do hexblades get?
  159. Advice for two
  160. Where Can I Find the New Monster Crunch?
  161. Need a good build for soloing while unarmed?
  162. Help with MM solo
  163. [4e] Cold and Hot Environments
  164. Advice for a newbie Swordmage
  165. Eberron Entry Classes
  166. Houserule Check: Hybrid Talent
  167. [character idea-need advice] Rogue MC warlock, pact blade feat
  168. 10th level Warden item
  169. changelings
  170. teleportation
  171. Drow
  172. Mace Rogue build help please
  173. Question on throwing creatures
  174. Keeping it old school
  175. Tiefling Honesty
  176. Swarms and combat advantage
  177. This Sorcerer is just begging for a multi-class(help?)
  178. Oath of enmity.
  179. Homebrew Power Balance
  180. Skill Challenge -- Hazard based (musings)
  181. Defender getting pounded- what to do?
  182. Tips for a New DM with New Players
  183. A new use for Hybrid Talent [Homebrew/houserule concept]
  184. githyanki
  185. New to 4.0... Need general tips/suggestions!
  186. 4th edition : Throwing and Returning
  187. Encounter options for low-level PCs with high-level NPC ally
  188. Hybrid Rogue / Warden help
  189. Double Replacing
  190. Ravenkin Feat Equivalency
  191. Swallowing (and defenders)
  192. A few questions about Implements
  193. Quick questions
  194. Skill: History
  195. "Finding the Fun" vs. Spoon-feeding the Fun
  196. Curious about 4e (Novice question)
  197. Eberron meets Ravenloft II: the other way around
  198. Looking for a somewhat quick early paragon module.
  199. Stat Damage?
  200. Charisma!Rogue?
  201. Avengers (Martyrs) and taking damage
  202. Templar, Try 2.0
  203. Designing a rebellion
  204. Question from a fledgeling DM
  205. thinking about getting 4e
  206. overmarking
  207. multiple paladin marking
  208. UKitP "volunteers" Keep Out. Everyone else... HELP!
  209. Tribal Feats
  210. Swordmage questions
  211. Hold person [4ed]
  212. Lurkers . . . what's their deal?
  213. Sci-Fi Conversion
  214. Um, now what?
  215. First time 4e character (Help D=)
  216. Help with a Drow PC
  217. NPCs As Antagonists
  218. The Death and Afterlife of Fourthcore
  219. 4e build question
  220. Wings of Angels (Favored Soul Utility Power)
  221. Utility Caster (Possible in 4th?)
  222. Dilettante
  223. 4e A Campaign Problem
  224. Essentials and 4e compatibility.
  225. Help me build a Warforged Druid!
  226. "Speed Minions?"
  227. All roles covered, decided on Warlord. Help build please.
  228. Please help build a dwarven druid
  229. Suicidal Familiar
  230. A Dare: No Combat
  231. Necromancer Mage...How to make it not suck?
  232. Would it be safe to say that Dwarves are one of, if not the best race in 4e?
  233. Need assistance on a Tactical Warlord build
  234. New to 4th Ed... is it like uber Warhammer Quest?
  235. (Almost) no more new setting books?
  236. Light Armor Cleric help
  237. Bloodied.. relevant synonym?
  238. I'm Buying a Ship so I can Buy and Sell Stuff
  239. Questions about combat construction
  240. Runepriest Rune Feats, Worth It?
  241. Essentials Hybrids
  242. Making a "Necromancer"...
  243. Dying...again...in Dark Sun.
  244. The Rants & Stories oF Vknight
  245. No expirience with 4e
  246. Attack Stat at 17..Is it worth it?
  247. Least Essential Party Roll?
  248. PC Class Question
  249. An exciting healer?
  250. Slave Master Warlord...are there stats for the Whip?