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  1. Conquest Paladin build help
  2. 5e Mystic soul knife question
  3. GAAAHHH!!! Still can't decide the race of my lv. 8 moon druid... Help!
  4. Bladesinger. and action surge
  5. Need some advice on taking on a gnoll warband... at 3rd level
  6. SCAG Half Elf Questions
  7. CoS Help [Spoilers]
  8. Need ideas for homebrew setting
  9. DM Help Replacing Inspiration
  10. WgtE Arcane Focus ideas?
  11. Gear focus feat
  12. Mike Mearl's Happy Fun Hour a Book of Nine Swords/4E Daily power Fighter Subclass
  13. DM Help Noncombatant Villains
  14. Leveled spells in the style of GFB/BB
  15. Rules Q&A Flurry of blows questions
  16. Question about a Druid / Wizard necromancer that worships the Raven Queen.
  17. What is the most fun trigger spell code you can think of?
  18. Best Fighting style for my character?
  19. How imbalanced would it be if...
  20. Rules Q&A Deflect Missiles vs. magical items
  21. [SPOILER] Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Episode I recap
  22. Mystic Healing Build Suggestions
  23. Order domain cleric + diviner wizard = Mystic Theurge?
  24. Underdark City Scape Idea
  25. DM Help quests for parts of rod
  26. Best general purpose Mountain Dwarf
  27. Ideas/ suggestions for a lost little Paladorc
  28. Seeking advice on Druids and concentration...
  29. help/aid + shove
  30. What's a good Fairy Themed boss fight encounter?
  31. Circle of Spores will be going into Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica
  32. Trying to Reintroduce Old School Multiclassing- Try to Break It for Me!
  33. Player Help Favorite 4th Level Wizard Spells
  34. Making a New Character, Why is Paladin SO GOOD? (Paladin build for all levels)
  35. Rules Q&A Elemental Wild Shape and wielding weapons
  36. Can you help me interpret this spell? [Remote Access]
  37. PCs and authority figures
  38. Limit to divine intervention?
  39. Player Help PLEASE HELP!!! Lv 9 life Cleric VS Storm Giant 1v1
  40. Playing a Bard, when Im bad at roleplaying
  41. Why would somebody build a town in the jungle?
  42. The benefits of being unconventional?
  43. Githzeai racial spells
  44. Roleplaying Good (aligned) Bad Guys
  45. dwarf fighter which subclass
  46. Light. Seeing while fighting.
  47. Eberron Race Survey is up
  48. Monk vs net
  49. Optimization Lvl 20 Cavalier Questions
  50. Player Help Monk: Open Hand vs Drunken Master
  51. Speculation How would you make Humans that aren't all around
  52. Roleplaying Character Development in Critical Moments
  53. DM Help Rival Classes
  54. Can you upcast a spell that is cast as a ritual?
  55. How do I make Patrick Jane from the mentalist?
  56. Law & Order: Waterdeep
  57. Spell to recover from exhaustion?
  58. Rules Q&A When pushing another character, what determines the end location?
  59. Barbarian best path
  60. Reckless attack + gwm spreadsheet
  61. Ancients Vengeance paladin: STR vs DEX
  62. PHB ranger or UA revised ranger
  63. Human varient vs demihuman
  64. Opinions from the playground, Monk Choices.
  65. Barbarian rogue grapple
  66. How bad/still good would variant humans be if...
  67. Thought experiment: All Feats for everyone!
  68. a lawful/ good who was unjustly arrested can escape from prison?
  69. Baby Dragon Games
  70. Kenku Bard that can speak "normally"--would this work within RAW?
  71. Help wording on a pepper box gun
  72. Would Non blastery wizard be useless in Curse Of Strahd?
  73. How to make a Bard that's the main caster
  74. DM Help Eberron: A warforged party and adventures in the Mournlands
  75. Curse of Strahd Masquerade Ball Idea
  76. Roleplaying Runt
  77. Divine Soul - Bad-status removal build
  78. Can you use Unseen Servant to drop Alchemist's Fire on people
  79. Player Help Help me with a Viashino Dragon Sorcerer?
  80. What character will fit best in this group?
  81. Can you spend multiple hit dice at once to boost the spell level of an Aberrant Mark?
  82. Optimization Abusing Invocations that don't take slots?
  83. Low magic settings and divine magic help
  84. MrConsideration's Monster Reviews
  85. DM Help What pre-made module/campaign can I drop my 5th/6th level players into?
  86. Not sure what class to play in a desert hexcrawl.
  87. DM Help Alternatives to +x weapons
  88. Eberron Storm Spire
  89. Feats. More important at early lvl or later
  90. Passive ability checks
  91. Rules Q&A See Shapechanger?
  92. Vengeance Paladin and Hunters Mark
  93. Bane and concentration.
  94. Play by post adventure league
  95. Optimization How to Stalk the Sands: A guide to the Viashino
  96. No Published Archfey?
  97. New class crearion, feedback need please
  98. New class crearion, feedback need please
  99. War Campaign Advice
  100. Rules Q&A xp rewards
  101. Dual Wielding Made Easy - List & Flowchart
  102. obito challange, can you help make a "way of horizon walker" monastric tradition?
  103. Could I get feedback on this boss monster?
  104. Ranger/Blood Hunter Multiclass in CoS?
  105. Minor cursed items ideas
  106. M.Dwarf Champion or BM
  107. Player Help Writing / Background Help
  108. Planning ahead, MC0ing my druid into a cleric after a few more levels... can't decide
  109. Help with building a Necromancer.
  110. Gish action economy w/ arcane focus
  111. Favour rewards
  112. Boss Battle: Challenging or Too Deadly?
  113. Player Help Halfling Slinger
  114. First time playing 5e
  115. Elven accuracy
  116. Summoning and Binding Creatures in AL
  117. Rules Q&A Scamming the Scammer
  118. Player Help Goliath extension
  119. How much of a jerk would I be to give a new player a pregen, with the wrong race?
  120. Arcane Trickster or Scout Rogue
  121. DM Help Curse of Strahd Artwork
  122. DM Help Curse of Strahd Death House Replacement?
  123. Coming Soon: Ivor and Brazenburn Season 2!
  124. Rogue Assassin viability?
  125. Help with a Sorcerer/Bard/Warlock build
  126. Speculation Sticks and Shadows
  127. What should this magical ship do. It for a pirate campaign.
  128. What celestials can you summon?
  129. DM Help Help tweaking the Way of the Cobalt Soul subclass from the Taldorei Campaign setting
  130. Player Help Sell me your pc idea
  131. Player Help Need pc ideas
  132. What's the best Necro Gish?
  133. Help making devilishly fun games
  134. Player Help My brother thinks Rouge 17 Monk 3 is one of the best multi class options.
  135. Evoker Wizard is probably the best low-level and high level blaster.
  136. Wade Wilson in D&D?
  137. What is Best pyromancer
  138. Roleplaying Easy to RP characters
  139. Blizzard the Ice Wizard (Cold Focused Evocation Wizard): Advice Needed
  140. Roleplaying Spicing up my Ranger
  141. PC Friendly Goblin Subraces
  142. Beast Master advice
  143. Makeing a kobold ranger, would love help!
  144. Player Help How do I make a good Paladin
  145. Worldbuilding Impact of Cantrips
  146. New DM considering special rules (Advice?)
  147. 3.5e vs 5e
  148. So banishment on a shadar Kai...
  149. Warforged Druid and Wild Shape
  150. Compelled Duel Oversight?
  151. Charm Ideas
  152. Player Help Help me kill my friend in 5e fight club!
  153. DM Help Balancing around 1 Big Fight
  154. Divine Soul Necromancer: spell suggestions for buffing my pet army?
  155. Advice on My Padlock (DM getting a chance to play!)
  156. Rules Q&A What's the point of this ability? [program spell] (UA modern Magic)
  157. Offhand attack as a free action
  158. Rules Q&A Exactly how often is the paladin ability to cure poison useful?
  159. 2 questions for adventure League options
  160. Rules Q&A House Lyrandar MArk of the storm
  161. Making Noctis from ffxv in dnd
  162. Need some Monk/Ranger Backstory/Background ideas
  163. Rules Q&A Feather Fall Plunging Attack
  164. Player Help Replacement for Blackrazor?
  165. Playing a true polymorphed object
  166. Rules Q&A Friends Cantrip
  167. Warforged question
  168. Dwarven spellshield build
  169. Pocket dragon?
  170. Divination Fortune Teller
  171. Speculation For the Paladin, what would happen if I traded Divine Smite for spontaneous casting?
  172. Volo goblin fury of small replacement.
  173. Help Balancing a Homebrew final boss
  174. New settings are comming, but a quick question...
  175. Playing an 8 in INT,WIS,CHA
  176. Cliche beginnings to Campaigns
  177. Paladin with 19 INT?
  178. (Campaing written as a story) The conspiracy and its exploits
  179. Tossing the Halfling
  180. Advice for experience to magic items.
  181. need help with rules.
  182. $13k gp + 1 Rare Item to start, Best Magic Items for a Barbarian?
  183. Two weapon dex melee
  184. Optimization Samurai/Paladin Multiclass Help
  185. Assemble Your Backstory!
  186. Variant rule: bringing back biodiversity (simulationism)
  187. Optimization What's the most exciting support/healer?
  188. Optimization What's the most complex tank/bruiser?
  189. [theorycrafting] Dragon preparing for a party
  190. Which build overall gets the most reliable melee dmg. per turn?
  191. DM Help Getting my players into Out of the Abyss from another campaign
  192. Custom Magic Item Rarity
  193. Command and telepathy
  194. Player Help Killing a killer
  195. How do people deal with distances in combat?
  196. Roleplaying Unusual Life Cleric Character Concepts!
  197. Primitive Weapons and Armor
  198. Maximizing a Sorlock's DPR with the Release of XGTE
  199. Is D&D a roleplaying game?
  200. Which class is less stat dependent?
  201. A player really ticked me off last night
  202. Roleplaying Your Stats
  203. Optimization MC Bladesinger, Am I building this right?
  204. Does Symbol spell affect you through forcefield?
  205. Roleplaying How to roleplay a good-aligned celestial warlock
  206. Unholy Matrimony, AKA: how to kill spouses and profit from it
  207. Alternate Drow Pantheon
  208. Index Naruto's Bijuu (Tailed Beast)
  209. Good non-LMoP campaigns for new DMs
  210. Red Hand of Doom Victory Points
  211. Bloodhunter HV, sharpshooter vs. crossbow expert
  212. DM Help First time running a 5e campaign, help me develop this and give me general pointers
  213. Good Choices for an Encounter
  214. The Occultist: Pathfinder to 5e Conversion
  215. Magic Weapon idea, for the sake of fun!
  216. Player Help Need a build to protect the careless party rogue.
  217. Homebrew archetype help
  218. DM Help Need help finding balanced PC vampire
  219. Optimization Mechanically best sub-races for Diviner (Wizard)?
  220. Warlock sans Eldritch Blast
  221. alternative to extra attack feature in my build
  222. 101 Vicious Mockeries
  223. Player Help With the new season
  224. The Rich Brat or The Naked Veteran
  225. Bonus Action Attacks
  226. Optimization monk build - overpowered?
  227. Squat Nimbleness Long Death Monk
  228. Roleplaying I have no idea how to answer this
  229. Booming Blade, why not taking it?
  230. Player Help: 4 man shooting band
  231. Need help refining my Eladrin
  232. Help me build a back story.
  233. Player Help Help for the right moment to multiclass a sorcerer
  234. My Lore Bard just made level 8
  235. The Superior Sword: +2 or Flametongue
  236. Honorable Duelist build?
  237. Deciding Barbarian Ability Scores w/ 27 Point-Buy
  238. Hexblade Multiclassing
  239. Roleplaying a tabaxi hexblade patron?
  240. Arcane eye vs perception
  241. How to fight against wall of force
  242. Kensei with Glaive
  243. Optimization Feats for a Fighter EK Tank
  244. DM Help Help with Magic Item ideas (OOTA Spoilers)
  245. Highest HP possible character at level 20
  246. Gnome Wizard, dip or not, which subclass?
  247. Rules Q&A Seeing Through Your Own Illusions?
  248. What are your suggestions for spells for a Rogue with Ritual Caster?
  249. Your opinion on the Fire Sorclock
  250. Optimization Help build Horizon walker/hexblade