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  1. Creative uses of Telekinesis In/Out of combat
  2. Tournament Games: Rules for Amusing Distractions
  3. Criminal Tiefling Sor-Lock Advice Please
  4. Passive Perception vs. Perception Check
  5. Optimization Do I coffeelock right?
  6. Being Daredevil: an idea and some rules questions
  7. Yet another build idea for extra damage... Rogue Paladin...
  8. Gunsmith Artificer question...
  9. Optimization Questions on making a Dark Elf Sword Bard/ Hexblade for Adventure League
  10. Ftr2//WizardBmageXor Ftr2/wzdBldsngX
  11. Paladin multiclass tips.
  12. DM Help Balancing monster syngergies
  13. Rogue with Familiar in combat
  14. Oath of Conquest / Hexblade LN Enforcer
  15. DM Help Animate Dead/Create Undead on PC/NPC
  16. Optimization Warforged Optimization
  17. Optimization Need help getting the most out of my Bladelock
  18. Optimization DM has turned me into Dire Yogi Bear with character levels. Help make him regret it.
  19. Best 5e build for a Polearm expert type character.
  20. A custom spell from an evolution wizard.
  21. DM Help How to indicate to players that enemies aren't a real threat?
  22. Adding some crazy flavor to Mt. Dwarf Monk
  23. Another magic initiate feat query.
  24. ASI: +2 CON vs. Resilient on a tank
  25. Magic Initiate on an EK: Bless or Shield of Faith
  26. Variant rule idea: Warrior, a simpler Fighter
  27. Fighter wizard action surge
  28. DM Help multiclassing spellcasting modifier?
  29. Metamagic and Scrolls
  30. ALEberron
  31. Need a daiklave in Curse of Strahd
  32. Optimization Unusual builds: The Polearm Master STRanger
  33. The Adventurer with No Name (Battlemaster Crossbow Expert)
  34. Is Booming Blade + Warcaster redundant with Sentinel?
  35. Optimization best "baleful" Polymorph options?
  36. Building the Nightcrawler
  37. Planeshift out of a Portable Hole
  38. Optimization Padlock Cantrip Advice
  39. Optimization Advice for a half-orc charisma fighter
  40. Optimization Planning on pushing people into magic in combat. What druid spells would work?
  41. Green flame blade change
  42. Goblin Giant Soul?
  43. DM Help Advice for a boss build?
  44. DM Help How to Introduce New Players to D&D (Suggestions Welcome)
  45. DM Help Mechanical thoughts about the Shifter (either UA Eberron or WGTE)?
  46. Revised Ranger Archer for Curse of Strahd
  47. Dragon Talk: Dragon Heist
  48. Casting Silence
  49. DM Help Scaling up a hydra for tonight's session (help!)
  50. Removing a cantrip to improve multiclassiing diversity. What do you think?
  51. Oh gads! I came up with an even more horrible one...
  52. Rules Q&A Is there any actual way to stop Rogues?
  53. Rogue/Ranger level progression? Which subclass?
  54. Player Help Looking for Magic
  55. Optimization Hexblade/Swashbuckler build help
  56. Mike Mearls's Wrestler/Pugilist subclass
  57. Resourceless party that can fight all day
  58. Player Help Roleplaying Madness
  59. Player Help Character all about shields
  60. Player Help New to 5e - Please Advise
  61. Character advice for Tales from the Yawning Portal
  62. Help me plan a single shot for tonight!
  63. Optimization Studded Leather VS Half Plate VS Full Plate Every Little Detail
  64. Cross classing
  65. Question: Nystul's Magic Aura-Mask?
  66. Optimization Fighter/Ranger up to 18 attacks in a single round
  67. Player Help Rogue/Barbarian Multiclass Build Help
  68. Naruto Character Build
  69. DM Help How do I make combats more tactical?
  70. Dwarven axe-thrower illusionist
  71. Batman Mage Xanathar's + Point Buy
  72. Paladin Feats
  73. Optimization Best spells to cast before a long rest, or sell in a town
  74. DM Help Buffing the Black Spider (LMoP and SKT spoilers)
  75. Question of juggling hexblade somatics with two handed weapons
  76. Optimization ideas on warlock/wizard tank
  77. (5E) Magic item that casts/gives the Tongues effect?
  78. How would you make a mystic theurge?
  79. Wall of Water vs Wall of Fire
  80. Player Help 4th lvl Celestial Tome Warlock in CoS, Advice on spells/cantrips
  81. making an undead hunting cleric of the raven queen
  82. Twinned Enlarge/Reduce
  83. Class and race, help/advice.
  84. Utilitarian tricks
  85. Optimization Order Cleric/Glamour Bard
  86. Melee Rogue
  87. DM Help Red Hand of Doom on a grander scale? (spoilers)
  88. Sovereign Glue as Armor?
  89. Optimization Who should I play with my group? Tiefling bard or sorcerer?
  90. Character help/advice
  91. Roleplaying chaotic vrs evil, which is -really- worse AL Eberron rules
  92. What class pick to be an aweasome skill monkey?
  93. Rules Q&A Hobgoblin Warlord Attack Bonus
  94. Magic Apple of multiclassing! Need help.
  95. Tunnel Fighter - Would you allow it? What would you change?
  96. Martial adept on a Sorc?
  97. Disguise Self for non-bipeds
  98. The Disadvantage of Disadvantage
  99. being incapacitated by life transference
  100. Player Help Which armor?
  101. DM Help Any tips on running a beholder?
  102. What to do if the PC makes 8th level.
  103. Ideas to make this campaign works ?
  104. Conversion of Haunting of Harrowstone from Pathfinder to D&D 5 (complete)
  105. Funny biology question during last night's session on cyclops...
  106. ASI for a Paladin/Bard
  107. Tempest cleric help.
  108. Epic Battles
  109. Build idea: the Knockback
  110. Is it possible to create an illusion of nothing?
  111. Sounding like an idiot but...
  112. How to get advantage on concentration checks (without war caster)
  113. Rules Q&A playing an eldritch knight, I have a question about bonded weapons
  114. Are there magical objects that increase the number of prepared spell for a wizard?
  115. Roleplaying [HELP] Need some Ideas for a 'Good' Paladin with a Nefarious Secret Agenda
  116. City Slicker
  117. HeMan without HeMan
  118. Roleplaying Help with coming up with a suitable personality for my monk.
  119. Need help with designing the Epic Level Villain of my campaign into a stat block.
  120. What book should I get next?
  121. Combat Wild Shape and self-healing
  122. Orc holidays
  123. Character concept. Need help with execution! (Charafter build hlp
  124. Arcane Trickster Melee Weapon Choices
  125. Tempest/storm deities
  126. Alchemist fire duration
  127. Player Help Relatively new player joining existing lvl5 party. Would like advice.
  128. Need rules verification/clarification... Halbert + GWM + PM...
  129. Need rules verification/clarrification... Halbert + GWM + PM...
  130. DM Help I need help with creating spider/insect-themed monster lists
  131. Homebrew: How much treasure?
  132. Need input about my warlock.
  133. Optimization Half Sherlock Half Paladin/Hexblade/Swashbuckler
  134. Balancing PAM
  135. Diety for Soldier Cleric (tempest)
  136. Brazenburn's Guide to Blasting
  137. Multi-classing monk for power or fun?
  138. Optimization Stealing the advantage
  139. Moon Druid Octopus Restraining my BBEG, can the BBEG attack tentacles?
  140. Druids low damage and high level enemies... Need advice
  141. Two players, three characters
  142. What are some (good ways to find) good D&D 5e solo gamebooks?
  143. Need help for picking a class for a DoDo
  144. Interesting Effective Builds?
  145. Hobgoblin Worg Riders
  146. Permanently Killing a Revenant
  147. 20K GP for magic items, what should I buy?
  148. Warforged Docent cost
  149. One armed ranger
  150. Bardbarian feedback.
  151. Lightfoot or stout halfling for arcane trickster?
  152. Cool and interesting spell wordings
  153. Down with D&D Podcast
  154. Slime Fight!
  155. Build advice (Arcane trickster)
  156. Rules Q&A Does stroke of luck have any limitations?
  157. Optimization 5e What do you think on my House of The Shadow Elf Spy Lore Bard?
  158. Which is better, Barbarian or Fighter?
  159. Optimization Best feat for a Tempest Cleric
  160. Tabaxi Trickster for TOA
  161. DM Help Curse of Srahd: Markovia Abbey replacement? Warning: CoS Spoilers!
  162. Roleplaying I made a Mammoth Friend - Now What
  163. Questions on Beastmaster
  164. Optimization Using Charisma to fight WITHOUT Hexblade via Shillelagh, help me!
  165. Optimizing my Jack of All Trades Warlock
  166. Rules Q&A How does wall movement work in combat for Monks?
  167. Roleplaying Adventuring Group Name Suggestions
  168. Bag of Holding shenanigans
  169. Your experience with "The Alchemist" player.
  170. Stats for Doresain, King of the Ghouls?
  171. Player Help Occult Lore Bard
  172. Needed: Oodles of Oozes!
  173. The Mountain Climb
  174. Warforged Nature Cleric
  175. Items for a lvl 10 wizard ( maybe sorc)
  176. Barbarian Feats
  177. Not having fun with character
  178. Making Belgarion from the mallorean series by David Eddings?
  179. Rogue 1/Wiz 19 vs. Wiz 20
  180. Fear vs Enemies Abound vs Hypnotic Pattern
  181. Monk/Lock question
  182. Roleplaying Writing a Hexblade background
  183. Monk ranger how to lvl
  184. Help selecting spells for 9th level wizard
  185. Character ideas for Waterdeep; Dragon Heist
  186. Optimization Eldritch knight... I got lucky with rolling the stats, so..should I go with feats??
  187. How would you support this team?
  188. Druid monk multiclass
  189. Two small house rules for a low magic setting without completely rewriting D&D 5e
  190. Moon druid sorcerer multiclass
  191. Fighter Build Advice
  192. DM Help Injuries? Do you use them and how?
  193. DM Help Looking for Ideas on Encounters that have more than just things to kill (low levels)
  194. Design Question: Why not bind accuracy more, and lose monster stat caps?
  195. DM Help Looking for strangers to review my homebrew campaign
  196. Moon elf maturation rate
  197. Can I bonus action in the middle of an attack chain?
  198. Arcane Trickster Rogue Point-Buy
  199. Player Help Feat: Lucky Vs. Magic Initiate
  200. DM Help How to Properly Run Sigil, City of Doors
  201. Optimization Shadow Blade
  202. Your favorite spell at each spell level?
  203. Rules Q&A When is Passive Investigation used?
  204. War Cleric + Extra Attack?
  205. Rules Q&A Channel divinity: Destructive wrath clarification
  206. dwarven fighter/warlock/bard
  207. Optimization Arcane Trickster/Sorcerer AL
  208. Hexblade's Curse on non-hexblade attacks?
  209. PAM, GWM, SS, and Improving Martials Through Feat Improvements
  210. Give me your ideas for illusion-based traps!
  211. giant wasp Totem idea
  212. Rules Q&A rule question about combat feats: if you have one, is it always "on"?
  213. 5e magic item book?
  214. MC question... Summonings + Hexblade Curse...
  215. Bard/warlock character, advice welcome
  216. Ritual casting feat vs one lv wizard dip
  217. DM Help Trying to make Bloodborne Style trick weapons
  218. A (Different) Magic Stone Question
  219. What spell is our fighter under?
  220. D&D Hell plot and background ideas
  221. Accepted ways to defeat the Tiny Hut
  222. Ways to convert an undead npc back to life
  223. Advantages and disadvantages to give an undead PC or NPC
  224. Dragon Heist: Today is the Day
  225. Ranger's Feral Senses
  226. Rules Q&A Can wild shape benefit from the Tough Feat?
  227. Difficulties in creating a literal cat race.
  228. DM Help Multi-racial borderline murder-hobos party
  229. Long Death + The Fiend
  230. What do sea elves look like?
  231. Rules Q&A How do you handle relative motion and speed with spells?
  232. Encounters are pure combat because NPCs are 2D
  233. Highest damage in one turn
  234. Question on Paladin/Warlock/? multiclass.
  235. I need help multiclassing a ranger
  236. The Ultimate Leader
  237. DM Help Creating a Wurm monster with a non standard miniature
  238. Just found a cure for your Necromancer problem: Sleep!
  239. Fire Giant creating medium weapons
  240. Making DoomSlayer in 5e
  241. Player Help Illusionist - Sorcerer/Wizard/Trickery Cleric?
  242. Rules Q&A Amulet of Health + Manual of Gainful Exercise
  243. Rules Q&A Does the charmed condition factor in awareness of the character who charmed them?
  244. Trickster character : Trickster Rogue, Cleric Trickery or Bard
  245. Rule question regarding passive perception
  246. I could use some help optimizing a Ranger.
  247. The spell Sniper Feat - I'd like to optimize a character who uses it
  248. Theory-crafting a max damage melee character...
  249. DM Help Warforged Statblocks - Balance advice and CR?
  250. Can a Simulacrum be turned undead?