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  1. Optimization Support Theif
  2. Optimization Eberron Mark of Making - What Character would you build?
  3. Size and carrying capacity
  4. Pantheon à la carte
  5. Help me build an awesome magical guitar
  6. Optimization Looking for Build Feedback Arcane Trickster and Gloom Stalker
  7. Player Help How to convert a dragon knight from the Dragonlance setting from 3.5 to 5th edition
  8. DM Help Looking for a Published Adventure to Fit My Group
  9. Can you sneak attack with thrown flasks of alchemist's fire, holy water, acid, etc.?
  10. Don't use magic that defies physics to exploit physics
  11. Rules Q&A If two opponents have sanctuary can you get stuck in a retargeting loop?
  12. Pure Paladin Build help
  13. Campain Idea
  14. Dilemma: Maxing a Primary Ability Score or Choosing a Feat (or Feats)
  15. Roleplaying Variation on goblin encounter
  16. Polymorph a polymorphed creature
  17. Slaad as BBEG in jungle campaign
  18. Making a Battle Hunter
  19. How big are bees?
  20. Player Help How can I improve this character?
  21. Reasonable stats for a Cheval de Frise ( and maybe other battlefield works)
  22. Changeling / Doppelganger, Kalashtar & Warforged
  23. Need help with my Level 10 Flavor Archer
  24. Attacking yourself
  25. DM Help Why join group you don't have time...
  26. Blood Hunter Ghost Buster
  27. Player Help Single class favorite choose one and tell me why
  28. NPC "Level" Scaling?
  29. DM Help Frustrated DM looking for some advice
  30. ranger/rogue build asi advice
  31. (5E) Goristro demon: Attacks are not magical?
  32. Advice - Possible Religion House Rule
  33. Optimization New PC - Life Cleric 1/Shepard Druid 2 - Wild Shape Questions+
  34. [Pathfinder 2.0] Let's create D&D 5.PF2!
  35. Unearthed Arcana 9/10 - Dragonmarks
  36. Is a Summoner Druid Still Good?
  37. Fighting style ?
  38. Finding Spell Components
  39. Is this 3 class Paladin build good idea
  40. Optimization So, I wanna play a Tempest Cleric. Who can help me?
  41. Wonky Fey Warlock for Dragon Heist in AL
  42. Ideas for encounters, puzzles, etc for young players
  43. Player Help Making a Bard/Fighter "skald" type character, could use advice
  44. Ability Scores and Feat Suggestions for a VHuman Fighter
  45. Weird Beasts for Druid
  46. Multiclassing casting Foci
  47. Changes compendium
  48. Ivor and Brazenburn's Storm King Fiasco
  49. What do we need?
  50. Most powerful archer build?
  51. The Best Roleplay/Noncombat Build?
  52. Player Help Making a Fighter who can do everything
  53. Optimization Shadow Sorcerer Spell Selections; vHuman ... advice requested
  54. Sorcerer Multiclass Question
  55. The best Paladin Oath
  56. 2d6+6: Viable for rolling stats?
  57. Colossal Slayer vs Horde Breaker wildshaped Druid/Ranger
  58. Ice Knife spell and Sneak Attack
  59. Optimization Bladelock advise
  60. Character for Curse of Strahd
  61. Optimization Builds Need help choosing.
  62. Here's my idea to make odd attributes valuable, what's yours?
  63. Can pacifism be MORE evil than mass slaughter?
  64. Build ideas for 13s and 12s in attributes
  65. Best build for Sunbeam?
  66. Haven't played since 3.5. Thoughts on this character idea?
  67. Speculation Ebberon: Elemental Airship
  68. Tenser’s Transformation Build
  69. Condition: Battered
  70. Hexblade 2 rogue swashbuckler +
  71. Logic and physics puzzles
  72. Optimization Oath of Redemption Paladin + (Greater) Dragonmark of Sentinel
  73. Is this homebrew cantrip OP?
  74. DM Help What CR is this monster?
  75. Player Help Enhance Ability vs Alter Self
  76. Undead as the LawBringers?!
  77. DM Help Level 20 Oneshot Magic Items
  78. Rules Q&A Does water provide cover?
  79. Waterdeep Dragon Heist - buy or not
  80. Started my Waterdeep Character in a game
  81. DM Help Need ideas/help with my BBEG and storyline.
  82. DM Help Deceitful BBEG duo
  83. Backstory help
  84. Made a Character and want opinions on it.
  85. Player Help Cleric build help
  86. Archery Mechanics Questions
  87. Optimization Pull Me Closer: The Best Feeling EK
  88. Whispers Bard Villain
  89. Rules Q&A Can compulsion prevent other movement abilities?
  90. Treantmonk's 5E guides
  91. Advice for Storm King's Thunder: Wizard School
  92. Spells that use checks and not saves. Bug or fea
  93. Optimization Mighty Mahou Shoujo-Chan (hexbard, Sorcblade, Padlock)
  94. Is your D&D character rare? II: Off-brand edition
  95. DM Help Fixed vs Rolled Damage: How Big of a Difference?
  96. Help a DM with devils!
  97. Rogue Ability Scores
  98. Roleplaying Help me understand power levels, coming from 3.5
  99. DM Help Limbo Encounters
  100. CO baseline for new character
  101. Wagon, mule, and overland movement
  102. Changing Up My Turns
  103. Would you allow “menacing” on a conquest paladin?
  104. Spells that are too weak for spell slot.
  105. Looking for adventures for a shared campain
  106. Wild Shape on Other Classes?
  107. What Third Party or Unofficial Sources do you use or ban?
  108. Female Steeders, the Leap Ability, and the Jump Spell
  109. Optimization Riposte + Defensive Duelist+ Sneak Attack build
  110. Rules Q&A Does polymorph change a creatures underlying type
  111. Rules Q&A Swallowed and the Moon Druid
  112. Still looking for an answer on Shadow Blade and dmg. calculation..
  113. Optimization Looking for feats for my Bard
  114. Charger feat
  115. DM Help Emergency low level planar travel... Help!
  116. Rules Q&A How would gaze of two minds work in combat?
  117. I am playing a blind and one armed character
  118. Rules Q&A Alter Self plus Martial Arts
  119. Aganazzar's Scorcher: did you ever see anyone use it?
  120. Optimization Guide for Arcane Trickster / Skill Monkey builds
  121. DM Help Need ideas to kidnap my PCs without them being able to do something about it
  122. Shorter short rests
  123. Hexblade going into fighter levels needs opinions
  124. Optimization How important are high level spells
  125. Magic item idea: "the bow of seasons"
  126. Optimization The hard hitting Fighter Paladin Swashbuckler in Plate armor.
  127. Wayfinder's Guide Update - what's changed?
  128. DM Help Would you Allow Nonlethal Damage on Ranged/Spell Attacks?
  129. Warlock as skill-monkey?
  130. Just for fun: The Pinball Wizard! How would you do it?
  131. Do undead count as dead for the purposes of resurrection magic?
  132. (RAW) Initiative is an Ability Check, one can Help with Ability Checks...
  133. How would you simulate a Shadowcraft Mage in 5e
  134. Optimal Skill Proficiencies/Expertise for an Arcane Trickster Rogue
  135. Hexblade shield and longsword build
  136. Attunement items for Champions or Battlemaster?
  137. Fighter champion / warlock build
  138. Player Help How powerfull is this feat/how to fix it? (tremorsense for a player)
  139. Rules Q&A What Determines a Hit
  140. tempest cleric build advice
  141. Melee ranger with a dash of fighter?
  142. Diablo 3 Equipment Sets
  143. Rules Q&A Ritual Caster Feat
  144. Optimization Most OP level 3 character (that is not a Moon Druid)?
  145. Rules Q&A When affected by slow, and casting a spell gets delayed, can you use a bonus action?
  146. (time to roll those eyes...) Need help deciding on how to build my smite-based pc...
  147. Optimization Need help deciding on barbarian vs. fighter with rolled stats
  148. Rules Q&A Charming a charmed target?
  149. Optimization Eldritch Knight Multiclassing
  150. Order of the immortal mystic but not mystic
  151. Optimization Mobile + Ancestral Guardian Barbarian
  152. Using the Ring of Regeneration's effect as a racial feature
  153. Best TWF using core books only
  154. Quadrupeds and long jumping
  155. Optimization Advice on ability scores for my strength dual wielding ranger?
  156. Elven Naming Conventions and Ideas for a Backstory
  157. Animate Dead + Help Action = Permanant Advantage?
  158. Mike Mearls on the underlying philosophy of 5e
  159. Optimization Favorite wizard build, spells, and tactics?
  160. Any tips for improving my archer ranger? (especially spells)
  161. Spell list help
  162. Nicol bolas spell list help
  163. Phantasmal force or Suggestion?
  164. 15th level Sorcerer / Paladin In Need of Advice
  165. Mounted-dash-extra attack?
  166. New DM, Creating a 3-4th Level One Shot. Want a Necromancer Boss. How do I Stat them?
  167. Heat Metal
  168. Summon Demon + Magic Circle + PLanar Binding
  169. Souls and being good or evil
  170. Stranger Things: Bad News for the Youth of D&D?
  171. Multiclass. Revamp to stop optimization?
  172. What would a worshiper of Loki's spell list look like?
  173. A Roc and a hard place advice
  174. Infernal calling comparison
  175. How many times?
  176. Divine Intervention, your best uses?
  177. Wizard dipping Sorc
  178. Making a backup intelligence-based melee character, likely Bladesinger. Any tips?
  179. DM Help I have the plot, need the baddie
  180. DM Help I'm planning an Eberron One-shot, but YOU decide what happens!
  181. Rules Q&A Finishing a spell on the next turn due to slow
  182. Swift Quiver and Improvised Weapons
  183. Fighter sorcerer
  184. Delaying Magical Secrets
  185. Question About Concentration
  186. Warlock fiend help
  187. Roleplaying playing a charisma char that isn't charismatic?
  188. Regiment: An Army Oneshot, in need of help
  189. DM Help Tips needed: Hosting a Solo/Duo One-Shot
  190. Sling thunderstone question
  191. Highlander fighting style
  192. UA Shifter Race Temporary Hitpoints Question
  193. Zephy Strike and the net weapon
  194. It's been a while... let's brainstorm pros and cons: Ancients Paladin 5+ w/ MC
  195. Character Idea help
  196. Optimization Fighter class
  197. Rules Q&A Eldritch knight with Ritual caster feat..where's the limit?
  198. Optimization Hexbard archer, Dark shot edition
  199. How does the Xanathar Guild make its money?
  200. Using Help for Skill Checks
  201. Improving the Feel of Two Weapon Fighting
  202. Player Help Need help creating a Fighter [D&D 5e]
  203. How many PCs currently?
  204. Player Help Hunter Help
  205. Hexblade/Divine Soul how to level up
  206. Could one conceivebly use Major Illusion to...
  207. David build
  208. Optimal Intelligence/Wisdom Scores for an Arcane Trickster Rogue
  209. Book of Horrors
  210. How do you justify feudalism?
  211. The Warping Caster
  212. Generalist 3.5e style druid circle?
  213. Action surge extra attack
  214. Rules Q&A Conjure Elemental - how do you raise the CR with a higher level spell slot?
  215. My players don't like the official character sheets, do you know better ones?
  216. Proof that the Dual Wielder feat is always worse than ASI
  217. Help me build a character based around nets
  218. Bladesinger questions
  219. Need some advice for my beginner Paladin/Hexblade
  220. Two weapon fighting rules and info
  221. DM Help I need to stat Rudolph Van Richten as a level 11 PG (CoS)
  222. Simple twf fix
  223. Ring of Spell Storing + Animate Dead + Bag of Holding = Bag of Buffing?
  224. Barbarian/Druid build
  225. Rules Q&A Rule Check - Evasion & Medium Armor
  226. Practised Spellcaster and 5th Edition
  227. How to make a BEOWULF!-type character
  228. Adventuring Guilds on the Sword Cosst
  229. Taking a feat at high level
  230. Rules Q&A need clarification on magic item creation rules
  231. Rules Q&A Forge a weapon
  232. Hexblade + swords bard any good?
  233. Martial Arts and Spears
  234. Athletics vs Insight - 10 Moon Druid/ 1 Ranger
  235. Paired magic weapons
  236. Disguise Self (Spell) vrs. Disguise Kit, Thought Experiment
  237. 4th and 5th kensei weapons?
  238. Tell me about your Game: Your favorite combat encounter?
  239. Mt. Dwf. Bard with Fighter dip
  240. Lore Wizard or Tempest Theurgy?
  241. So, I need help with a duergar PC
  242. Rules Q&A Kobold-Mounted Goliath/Centaur Barbarian?
  243. How Many Skeletons can fit in a Bag of Holding? I'm making a skeleton bomb.
  244. radiant damage eldritch blast substitution
  245. Twinned Enlarge/Reduce for a Grappler?
  246. MtG Crossover: Colors of Magic?
  247. Delete this post
  248. Laws that would govern a non-Evil system of government run by a lich?
  249. testing new dice
  250. DM Help Skills for Fiends?