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  1. Treantmonk evaluates 7th level spells
  2. Grappling/shoving in danger zone
  3. Off Book Usage #2 - Bedroll
  4. What's your thoughts on this change to magic system
  5. Kobolds with lvls, is this too much for 3 players?
  6. what level to fight a nightwalker at?
  7. Hunter/Beast master expanded spell list
  8. Lloth is a lesser power?
  9. Another "What would you do with these stats?" thread
  10. Player Character "Quirks"
  11. Cyrstal Mages--channeling magic with crystals
  12. Optimization Is PAM/GWM good on Sorcadin (Paladin 6/14 Sorcerer)?
  13. Paladin nova damage
  14. Frostbite vs Toll the Dead
  15. Tempest cleric
  16. DM Help Plot ideas needed: dealing with a crime lord, starting a cult
  17. Player Help Political Character Help!!
  18. Best spells for a Necromancer
  19. Player Help half efle female paladin
  20. Alignments of The Office
  21. Slashing and Piercing Damage
  22. Best 1v1 character
  23. DM Help Reasonable check for character with flying broom
  24. Cleric of Kelemvor
  25. Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica is out! AMA
  26. I need your help for my bad guy's lieutenants
  27. Min/Max to the extreme
  28. Player Help First time making a Druid
  29. Rangers. PHB or Revised (Or other)
  30. How much is spell breadth worth?
  31. Rules Q&A Wizards, Spell Books and Levels - Oh My!
  32. Rules Q&A X challenge rating or lower on conjure spells
  33. Optimization Any suggestions for improvement on this Arcane Trickster/Bladesinger build?
  34. Player Help Avatar H-O Barbarian, how to develop in 5e?
  35. Rules Q&A What happens to character positions when a character is constricted?
  36. Character progression question
  37. Ability to match backstory - magic item
  38. Boros guild Pyromancer?!
  39. Player Help Deep Gnome figure to buy or convert
  40. DM Help How do you handle new abilities/spells upon level up?
  41. Early level nerfs - Druid and Familiars. Suggestions, please
  42. DM Help Classless and handicaps for origin stories
  43. Ulimate Charlatan
  44. Famous fictional mundane items as dnd magic items.
  45. Personality table by ability scores
  46. Good Waterdeep urban/social game ideas...
  47. RPing a man with two souls?
  48. How often does elven accuracy come into play in practice?
  49. Optimization Demiurge as a Sorcerer-Divine Soul or a Wizard?
  50. Replacement for Hound of Ill Omen, good or bad idea?
  51. Player Help Necromancer Warlock/Wizard
  52. DM Help Need idea for Paladin magic item
  53. Taking out the Random
  54. Demiplane question
  55. DM Help Magic item for my Ranger
  56. Conjurors Come one, Come all
  57. Optimization Multiclass suggestions
  58. RAW Opportunity Attacks can be ANY melee attack, even spells?
  59. Mike Mearls on: Paladin class, Arcane Paladin, and design mentalities of 4e and 5e
  60. Player Help Unsure which Ranger Subclass and Fighting style to pick
  61. Rules Q&A Twinned Spell + Booming Blade + Breaking Movement
  62. What should martial characters get?
  63. Optimization Paladin Spells: Do They Suck?
  64. DM Help LF Advice - An appropriate Challenge for my party? (DM new to 5e)
  65. Optimization Simic Wizard multi-class theory?
  66. Player Help Help needed IC: to multiclass or not to multiclass
  67. DM Help Need help facilitating fun for a zealot character
  68. Player Help Duh moment with my Earth Genasi
  69. Adventurers: their place in the world?
  70. Ek?/at?
  71. Player Help Bigbys spell clarification
  72. DM Help Mixing Hardcover Adventures (SKT & POTA) in Adventurers League?
  73. Player Help Grappler build help
  74. Two alternatives for Deep Gnome Build.
  75. What I would appreciate to see in the ranger class
  76. Optimization How Would you Build a (Non-coffee) Sorlock?
  77. Racial proficencies change
  78. Player Help Character Concept Help
  79. Player Help Rogue Vs Spellcaster (Answered)
  80. Player Help Pyromaniac sorcerer build
  81. The Sumo: is it possible to make an adventurer too heavy to be wrestled?
  82. Command question
  83. Gloves of Gnomish kind
  84. DM Help What magic items would a Lich use?
  85. Homebrew Monster (Myconid Sporeheart)
  86. Roleplaying Grave Cleric for a Curse of Strahd game
  87. Is the ravinica stuff legal for AL
  88. Optimization Six stats at 18
  89. New Unearthed Arcana 11-12-18
  90. Player Help I have 3 Intelligence, and come from a culture where children name themselves...
  91. Speculation Galeb Duhr As A Playable Race.
  92. Speculation Grapple-Hook Fighter!
  93. Ghost build
  94. Optimization Which subclasses of Wizard for Heavy Armor Wizards?
  95. I'm Chucky want to Play?
  96. Seeking input on fun little idea for GOO Warlock
  97. immovable rod... any suggestions?
  98. Duplicate a Space Wolves Rune Priest?
  99. Zero-G fight
  100. Rules Q&A Multiclassing fighter/brb
  101. Speculation Altering whole environment of an existing adventure from land to sea
  102. Your favorite monster
  103. Roleplaying Hardest Alignment to Play
  104. Unique Uses #3 - Bell
  105. Help make a Ravenloft Playlist
  106. A Bard, a Barbarian, and a Rogue walk into a Tavern
  107. Warlock of Tome, Lore Bard?
  108. Why aren't there more low level spells that target saves other than Dex or Wis?
  109. DM Help Ideas for each school of magic
  110. Lightfoot Halfling Rogue rules clarification
  111. How long does this ability last? It doesn't say.
  112. Rogue and Longsword
  113. Kenku Word Library
  114. DM Help Curse of Strahd - Looking for advice
  115. Town Criers
  116. Roleplaying D&D Human Ethnicities
  117. Optimization Halfing Rogue, multiclass into fighter or not?
  118. Astral & Ethereal: it's kinda janky isn't it?
  119. Telepathic Mimicry
  120. How to rule (keen) senses of smell
  121. Who can see what?
  122. How prepared is this character for Curse of Strahd?
  123. Dice and Magic Damage: is there a pattern?
  124. Optimization EK+Warlock MC for a PotA game
  125. Goblin Card Dealer
  126. (Devotion) Paladin Roleplay without becoming lawful/stupid
  127. Survival for basic track identification
  128. Player Help Evocator: Burning Hands vs Thunderwave
  129. Dungeon of the Mad Mage: anyone got it yet?
  130. Grappler Suplex idea
  131. Player Help Help with 6th level spell selection
  132. Advice on my first Hombrew Monsters
  133. What build would you choose if you could start at level 11
  134. Optimization We need a healer!
  135. Paladin divine smite with thrown weapons.
  136. Question about Order Domain's "Voice of Authority"
  137. Is D&D even really a medieval fantasy?
  138. Player Help How difficult would it be to convert Chain Mail into a Chain Shirt
  139. PC problems
  140. How Good is Font of Magic by Itself? (ignoring metamagic)
  141. DM Help Agnostic wanting to play Cleric
  142. Rules Q&A Can contagion be dispelled?
  143. Barbarian vs. Paladin. Tier1 Low level PVP.
  144. Optimization Optimization of a Grave Cleric
  145. I'm having trouble with alignment. Help?
  146. Roleplaying Characterisation over Optimisation
  147. DM Help Encounter difficulty?
  148. Invocations are disappointing
  149. Roleplaying Group Idea: Diablo's Strike Team
  150. Optimization Are Warlocks better Arcane Tricksters than Arcane Tricksters?
  151. Creating a battlemage style character
  152. DM Help Rolling-until-sucess?
  153. Roleplaying Ideas for a Chaotic Evil Bard and how to make it work with a not evil party
  154. Is it ever better to take gold instead of starting equipment
  155. Multiclass question Devotion Pal + Warlock w/ Darkness and Devil's sight...
  156. Stone Sorcerer/Fighter
  157. Monoclass Parties
  158. Optimization Roguelock Elven Accuracy Versus Dex ASI Help
  159. Patron name
  160. What measure is a Scimitar?
  161. A few quick questions and a build idea.
  162. Is Adventure League discussed here?
  163. DND Beyond workaround
  164. Rules Q&A Would darkness dispel faerie fire?
  165. What's your favorite, tactically challenging build?
  166. Rules Q&A Would an enemy ever be able to throw your delayed blast fireball?
  167. Treantmonk evaluates 8th level spells
  168. Optimization Eldritch Knight/Shepherd Druid Grappling/Summoner Build
  169. Advice on a Fun (non minmaxed) rogue
  170. Post BM Errata magic item question
  171. Brenor the Champion of taverns
  172. How to Work Around Being Fey
  173. Monks style and substance
  174. Optimization Forge Sorcerer?
  175. Optimization Guild Spells and what can we do with them?
  176. Identifying items (rule inside)
  177. Tip on how to easilly customize your character sheet
  178. Dragon Breath - How much liter/ capicity in body
  179. Need help with Paladin Oath choice for Dungeon of the Mad Mage
  180. Optimization -Withdrawn- (Can be deleted)
  181. Trickery Domain: As bad as it seems?
  182. Rogue vs fighter types
  183. How would you do a "New Game+"?
  184. Player Help Chain-lock or Beast Master?
  185. Rules Q&A Savage Attacker
  186. Worth the deal?
  187. Rules Q&A Copying spells into spellbook
  188. Building a multiclass or custom archetype for a “spellbreaker”
  189. DM Help Boss Macragge
  190. Need help creating Link
  191. Click clack sneak attack!
  192. New Errata for PHB, MM and DMG out.
  193. Anyone played a class with Only Ability Score Incereses?
  194. What if spells could belong to multiple schools of magic?
  195. DM Help Name help
  196. Ideas for Twist on the Classic Party (Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Wizard)?
  197. Player Help Dipping Warlock with a Lore Bard?
  198. Rules Q&A 5e Core Rule Change Opinions
  199. Newt Scamander and his Niffler
  200. Optimization Hexblade + Rogue?
  201. Which Warlock Invocations to Take?
  202. Help with Half-Orc Forge Cleric build/feats
  203. Help with Tiefling Bard Support Build
  204. Help me houserule NADs
  205. Druid 4/Monk 1 Tank
  206. Ostrich Aaracokra
  207. A DM who rolls almost nothing but 20s
  208. Player Help Necromancer Sorcerer
  209. Campaign Stories
  210. Isn't War Magic Almost Pointless?
  211. Heads Up: New DMG errata significantly improved Instruments of the Bards
  212. Rules Q&A Summoning into a tile occupied by an invisible creature
  213. If you were to go away from 5e, what would you go to?
  214. Spells that encourage the DM to metagame.
  215. How big of a story can be told in 20 levels?
  216. Parallel Game
  217. RP - What would your character give up?
  218. Thoughts on how to properly utilize my SpellSlinger in a fight.
  219. Class Features as Feats?
  220. Speculation Ways to Make a Solo-Longsword/Warhammer/Battleaxe Viable?
  221. Underdark Build Ideas
  222. Metagaming isn't a bad word. Change my mind
  223. So Ive just mastered my wereboar curse. What now?
  224. Int is for Initiative
  225. Building a Plague Doctor
  226. The judgement of the lawful god
  227. DM Help centaur player are they considered mounted or not?
  228. Hypnotic pattern and phantasmal force are ineligible for malleable illusions?
  229. The Devils Due
  230. Rules Q&A Favored Enemy Question
  231. Rogue/Fighter Multiclass Assistance
  232. My AL character is overshadowing the party: What to do?
  233. Random Subclass Idea: Non-wizard based Partial Casters
  234. Possessed Item Effects
  235. Rogue Con Jobs
  236. Basic question concerning two weapon fighting damage.
  237. What to do about the centaur?
  238. Zariel Tiefling - A more dynamic champion?
  239. Wand / Sword of counterspell ideas?
  240. Snake-themed Drow PC?
  241. Optimization 5e PHB+Volo's Guide to Monsters Yuan-Ti Paladin of The Night Serpent.
  242. Running 5e with only one player, suggestions?
  243. Rebalancing save or nothing cantrips
  244. Player Help Finally have to make a choice.
  245. Optimization Multiclass Help - Lv. 5 Swash Rouge
  246. How prepared is THIS party for Curse of Strahd? (Round 2)
  247. Pact for Fallen Aasimar Fiendlock
  248. I need to make a support character
  249. DM Help Need help creating magic item
  250. Shadow Sorcerer Combat Strategies