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  1. Rules Q&A Melee Control with Feats and Spells?
  2. Give me your, tired, your poor, your Warlocks, yearning to be free....
  3. Death House (Curse of Stahd pre-adventure) Help
  4. High Elf AT. 2 levels of War Wizard or Blade Singer?
  5. 3.5 modules to 5e conversion: any useful tools?
  6. Sneak Attack Question . . .
  7. Lake encounter for level 6 party
  8. Thematic terrible builds
  9. DnD Beyond
  10. Rules Q&A Can you target another creature with a darkness spell?
  11. Warlocks and Loss Aversion
  12. Beholder Under a City: Questions
  13. Ways to fix the coffee-lock by fixing the Sorcerer's Sorcery point issue?
  14. Optimization Best Artificer
  15. Can I cast a cantrip if I'm holding a weapon?
  16. Every ASI comes with a bonus Feat
  17. Trance sleep long rest
  18. Arguments to Stacking Alter Self with Tavern Brawler
  19. Roleplaying Raven Queen Paladin.
  20. Player Help Fist Wizard
  21. To build an elementalist.
  22. Damage type fluffing
  23. Help: Determining schools of magic and detect magic
  24. Is Warlock a dip only class in general?
  25. New to 5e. H:Questions, W:answers
  26. Web clarification
  27. Blade Singer sharpshooters
  28. Swear an Oath, ??? a Pact... Calling all word nerds
  29. Stupid stupid question
  30. Reflavoring Hexblades
  31. Beast Master ranger in to fighter
  32. Why do fighters subclasses remain so outrageously sabotaged?
  33. Wish resistances replace or stack?
  34. Optimization AL Tabxi Paladin/Rogue multi class.
  35. Optimization Empowered Evocation + Magic Missile
  36. Darkvision and Perception
  37. Planning spells & Charting Spells
  38. Warlock feats
  39. Help me Save my Demon Lord Fiancee
  40. What are some unusual race class combos that still synergize?
  41. How to RP low Int, high Wis?
  42. Running Primeval Thule Campaign Setting, and I have some questions.
  43. The Rest Project (Mapping out when each class needs a break)
  44. Boar as Animal Companion
  45. Wait...that's not my fist...
  46. Player Help Roleplaying advice
  47. Warfoged Adventuring Party
  48. Optimization Blood Hunter fighting with wooden stake
  49. Optimization Best Solo Class/Build
  50. Good Classes for Kalashtar
  51. Haste vs. mounted combat - general vs. specific
  52. Optimization Sword bard ranged build
  53. Player Help Should i do a warlock LVL1 dip?
  54. Tl;Dr Warlock 5/sorcerer 15. Why not?
  55. SCAGtrips and range vs reach
  56. Solid feats for a fighter?
  57. Have Power Gamers ruined online discussions?
  58. Bugbear, Reach, Ranger, Druid, Oh MY!!!
  59. Roleplaying All I want for Christmas is...
  60. Optimization Fighter/Cleric build help
  61. Player Help Spells Or A Special Situation That Gives A Yuan-Ti Emotions
  62. Assorted Warlock Design ideas
  63. Steel Wind Strike
  64. Player Help Character creation
  65. Optimization What do you think on my Warlock/Paladin build for AL
  66. First time playing a Sorcerer
  67. Uses for Polymorph I haven't thought of?
  68. Chaotic Good & Bad?
  69. Skeleton Berserker and healing
  70. new language
  71. Centaur Tank build
  72. Crossbow build help
  73. DM Help Need assistance looking at the balance of Homebrew TWF!
  74. Help with understanding 5e
  75. Necromancer Command Undead tricks
  76. Campaign Ideas cause I don't know how :V
  77. Would you let a Revised Ranger in Curse of Strahd take Favored Enemy: Undead?
  78. How do I maximize my AC?
  79. Centaur Charge Fighter?
  80. Player Help Character balance for a Druid (Spore)
  81. Comprehensive Combat Tweaks: Feedback Wanted
  82. Optimization Optimizing Speed
  83. Evil Campaign Help
  84. Are Elemental Monks Really Bad?
  85. Bottling Plagues and Such
  86. Give me your, tired, your poor, your Warlocks, yearning to be free....
  87. DM Help Guidance/thoughts on creating leveling items?
  88. Learning new skills and languages is practically impossible
  89. Best three player team
  90. Player Help Evil Paladin help
  91. Combat Encounter Planned may be too difficult
  92. Hobbit EK in A.L.
  93. twf solution (no really this time it'll work..... i think)
  94. Warforged Integrated Tool - vEhIcLeS aRe ToOlS
  95. Player Help Dueling fighting style.
  96. Optimization HexBlade Paladin needs some TLC
  97. Pregen for new players - yay or nay, what was your experience?
  98. DM Help First Homebrew Campaign Help Cause I don't know how
  99. I want to modify an airship.
  100. Speculation is mystic hate justified?
  101. Wizards and Sorcerers.
  102. How broken would it be to allow the Beastmaster to have Large companions?
  103. Optimization Help With Build Idea- Coffeelock Paladin
  104. My crippling flaw: "Fire terrifies me." KINDA STRAHD SPOILERS
  105. When does alignment matter RAW?
  106. YARACT (yet another repeated ability checks thread)
  107. DM Help A DM who rolls almost nothing (players roll everything variant)
  108. Anyone’s experience with the UA Fighter: Scout ?
  109. Great weapon fighting style.
  110. 5e Companion Stats
  111. Rules Q&A Changing a level in a class already acquired to another level or removing it.
  112. What’s the Druid equivalent of a Lich?
  113. Feeding limits of a bag of devouring?
  114. A Winter Horror Scenario and Monster: The Wendigo!
  115. Barbarian/ Monk Multiclass: subclass synergies?
  116. Can shield fighting style be paired with mounted combatant target changing?
  117. Trap skills
  118. Anybody else have characters based on real world characters?
  119. Rules Q&A Looking for Elf's Trance for shorter long rest source.
  120. Roleplaying Song Ideas for a Friendly Barbarian
  121. Funnest Class in DnD.
  122. Sorcerer Ability Essentials
  123. Zealots can deliver Divine Fury through ranged weapon attacks too
  124. [Homebrew] Dread Knight Spell for Necromancers
  125. DM Help Want to make a mechanic for a Campaign.
  126. Optimization My goliath fighter-barbarian
  127. Whats your favorite character you had played that is now gone?
  128. Find Familiar and Multiple Rings of Spell Storing
  129. What Class would Karn be?
  130. Creating Boons that scale with Rank.
  131. Mystic as a Sorcerer Subclass
  132. Poison damage immunity mean condition immunity?
  133. Optimization How do I complement spirit guardians?
  134. Would you allow access to other spells as a reward?
  135. What's the most powerful combo available for Use Magic Device?
  136. 5e rules on vaulting?
  137. Throwing coins at werewolves
  138. Tomb of Annihilation-team wipe Imminent
  139. Encounter Inspiration: How do you build encounters?
  140. Optimization Simic hybrid grapple build
  141. Animating Magic Weapons
  142. Rules Q&A Do spells that provide concealment provide it past the targeted area?
  143. Tortle pirate
  144. What Would a Wizarding School be Like?
  145. What if you removed short rests?
  146. DM Help Angelic Long Bow Idea Help
  147. Am I about to commit suicide?
  148. Optimal party tank - yuan-ti paladin?
  149. Optimization New take on max DPR ranged build: can it be improved?
  150. Werewolf Adventure: Level 2
  151. Sentinel vs Incorporeal Creatures
  152. Primal Magic (Dungeon of the Mad Mage infos under Spoiler)
  153. DM Help Help understanding a rule?
  154. Darkest Dungeon and Dnd
  155. What things would you like to see fixed in 5e?
  156. DM Help Mordenkainen's vs Volo's: Which to buy?
  157. Official Book sale (no link or referral codes in here)
  158. Low Str high Dex Shield Master worthwhile?
  159. A human at home in the underdark
  160. Spelljammer Officially Confirmed
  161. DM Help What is the soonest an entire party could bypass a highly damaging wall of fire?
  162. Player Help Help with creating a background story
  163. D&D Without Character Classes (not my system)
  164. How do you punish somebody for breaking class requirements?
  165. Let's build a continent!
  166. Need help with making some Precons for a Asian inspired D&D game
  167. Bag of Devouring and the Phoenix's Cylinder, what happens?
  168. Rules Q&A OK, Newbie here. I've had the Players Handbook for one whole day...
  169. Optimization Optimizing my 6 Player Party
  170. DM Help So...how poor is Barovia for real?
  171. Spitballing a (yet another) fix for TWF
  172. Barbarian Sage (looking for build advice)
  173. Optimization Sorcerers dipping into Order?
  174. Best Witch Bolt Homebrew fix
  175. High level Clerics
  176. Favorite Campaign Opening.
  177. You were all correct about Curse of Strahd. I was very, very wrong.
  178. Warlock flavour
  179. Is drow sign language still a thing?
  180. Need ideas on how to roleplay a Kirin transformed into an Aasimar!
  181. Player Help Samurai Build Advice?
  182. Former EK now pacifist bulld
  183. Leomund's Secret Chest Component Cost
  184. Rules Q&A Would a web on a character be damage by AoE spells?
  185. Rules Q&A Globe of invulnerability questions
  186. Another TWF idea - making TWF flexible
  187. Rules Q&A Among the Dead Question
  188. Late game Revised Ranger BC
  189. How to make Light Yagami in 5e?
  190. Fun Monk multiclass options?
  191. What do aarakocra eat?
  192. R157 and 157a from RAW thread. Movement cost while grappling.
  193. Monks with Str or Con to AC instead of Dex?
  194. Not fully understanding the Disengage action
  195. Storm Kings Thunder: Help making changes
  196. Fire magic under water
  197. DM Help Firearm Variant Suggestions
  198. Player Help Three stats below 10, what to build?
  199. Float Like Lo Pan, Sting like a Mage
  200. Sell me on Fast Hands/the Thief subclass
  201. Find Steed... does it have to be ride-able?
  202. Rules Q&A Are "Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments" as powerful as i think???
  203. Oots stats?
  204. Would Ravnica backgrounds "fix" Sorcerer...
  205. DM Help A beach episode! (in DnD)
  206. Rules Q&A Interaction with Subtle Metamagic and Spells that Only Have a Verbal Component
  207. How do you roleplay half orc?
  208. Rules Q&A What is the source of Hex damage?
  209. So, okay, I am looking at...
  210. Roleplaying Creative exercise: fluffing to break cliches
  211. Matt Mercer's Tal'Dorei Archetypes: How do they compare?
  212. Luck Domain (test)
  213. What would you want in a CR estimator tool?
  214. How Harsh is too Harsh
  215. DM Help How Much Wild Surge is Too Much?
  216. DM Help 3.5 DM going to run a 5E group: what books etc do I get?
  217. Dm'ing help
  218. When is MADness okay?
  219. DM Help Airhip upgrades & Combat
  220. DM Help Into the fray
  221. Optimal Bard Build
  222. Optimization Spell selection for damage optimization
  223. Guildies' Guide to Ravnican Druids - WIP
  224. Ye sailors beware: Enlarge/Reduce and boatfaring
  225. DM Help Trying to make 5e more oldish and want some people's opinions
  226. Optimization Rolled great for scores, Can't decide on a race or how to apply ability scores.
  227. Optimization Best Sorcerer MC Build
  228. Cleric help
  229. Sorcerer bloodlines, what is needed?
  230. Warlock vs Helmed Horror
  231. Speculation Wildhunt shifters and the beast within. What about elephant?
  232. No Unearthed Arcana Today
  233. Awakened as an option for PCs?
  234. DM Help Ideas for character backlash? I'd love some creativity
  235. Low level celestials?
  236. Optimization Help Building Sun Wukong
  237. DM Help Rage change
  238. Player Help Hexblade Glaivelock AFTER level 12?
  239. Fiend Warlock Aasimar Background Help
  240. Player Help Cursed armor vs. ceremorphosis
  241. Questions RE:Mad Mage and DMing a premade module
  242. Character Penalties for RP Purposes
  243. Optimization Druid/Warlock/Barbarian
  244. Ranger questions: what skills are affected by Natural Explorer
  245. Thematically appropriate spells for Wild Magic Sorcerer?
  246. I'm surrounded by idiots!
  247. Optimization Advanced mounted combat and other animal use thread: Never use your own legs again!
  248. How would you make a "Protection from Arrows" spell in 5e?
  249. Optimization So... just looked at the War Wizard.
  250. Any tips for running White Plume Mountain?