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  1. Know Any good non combat deaths?
  2. I miss the Fey Bloodline
  3. Player Help Which Sorcerous Origin/Spells are Best for Me?
  4. Just played a monk for the first time in years
  5. DM Help Some fun concepts to add to a modern campaign
  6. Dragon heist - Impressions
  7. Half-Goblinoids
  8. I miss the dragon shaman where would it fit in 5E
  9. How would you make Ganondorf?
  10. DM Help Tyranny of Dragons DMPC
  11. Giant/Oversized weapon worth taking on a GWM/PM werebear pc?
  12. Interacting with Drow PC in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
  13. DM Help How will excluding all material from SCAG impact my game?
  14. nondetection size limit
  15. Knockouts vs Death from Massive Damage
  16. Calling Build Enthusiasts! Plot is Going to Overhaul my lv 14+ Bard. Help?
  17. Metal work and martiel ideas
  18. Dragonheist resolution
  19. Rules Q&A Is there a spell that has an effect on written text like copying it?
  20. Ways to heal the undead?
  21. Optimization I Heard You Liek Gish Tricks...
  22. Twin Spell Question
  23. Proper uses of Mage Hand?
  24. DM Help Stating Custom Warlock Familiar (Feystag)
  25. Evocation wizard Potent cantrip with multiclass
  26. Optimization Longbow Archer Bard
  27. Imaginative Locations
  28. Player Help How Would You -- Build This Character in 5e
  29. Piercing or slashing?
  30. Can low Strength affect high Dexterity?
  31. Player Help My DM says I'm "dealing too much damage"
  32. Optimization Favorite one level dip for a wizard?
  33. Roleplaying help for my Role play for my god, DOLDORN god of warrior force
  34. Max Damage in a single turn of combat
  35. Is there a better system for me than 5e?
  36. Player Help 5e bloodhunter order of lycan/ cleric of selun knowledge domain
  37. Knights of the Eternal Order - Do they still exist?
  38. [5e] Solitary Play • 4 characters • No DM
  39. How many short rests per long rest is the game designed for?
  40. Optimization Tasha's Hideous Laughter vs. Hold Person
  41. True Strike, for when an apple needs shot off a head or negotiations are going wrong?
  42. DM Help What can't Cure Wounds fix?
  43. DM Help Any tips for running premade modules?
  44. DM Help Character has become intelligent undead spawn. Help?
  45. My players know more about Waterdeep than I do!
  46. Help! My players went full evil!
  47. Player Help I need an awesome backstory for a Feral Tiefling Wizard
  48. Telekinesis Tricks
  49. GitP Regulars Permissions
  50. Roleplaying Forgotten Realms - is there an 'anti-gods' group anywhere?
  51. GitP Regulars As Subclasses: The II!
  52. Fun with Wall of Light
  53. Roleplaying Which EK?
  54. Monster races: Are they trash?
  55. Monster races: Are they trash? A repost.
  56. How good is ravnica?
  57. Your favourite Magical item (owned, or not)
  58. Rule of Spiritual Weapom
  59. Hilarity
  60. When do you use the Battlemaster's superiority dice?
  61. End of 2018 Alignment Thread!
  62. Optimization How would you maximize PCs with bad main stats?
  63. favorite class to pair with 2 levels of Warlock
  64. Which of these are too hard for a Level 2 party of 5?
  65. Player Help Player wants a gangster
  66. Halaster the Mad Mage in Ravenloft?
  67. Innate spellcasting v. anti-magic effects
  68. Rules Q&A Sad about Suggestion
  69. Wizard needs Heavy Armor for CoS, cleric dip, and/or Theurgy
  70. Awkward stats
  71. Player Help Spells or smites?
  72. Spell-blade build: Hexblade or Eldriitch Knight (or something else?)
  73. DM Help Selling a Keep?
  74. Can this multiclass survive until level 20?
  75. The Limits of Tinkering and Alchemy: your opinion?
  76. DM Help Dreams and Night Hags
  77. Player Help An Artificer's dilemma: What to make with dragon bits.
  78. Muscle Wizard
  79. Is Kensei the only way to have a two-handed finesse weapon?
  80. Animate Objects - How Awesome is it and what are its weaknesses?
  81. Optimization Paladin/Blade Bard - Magic Secrets and Level Breaks Help
  82. You are a first Level Noble. What game breaking magic will
  83. Fighter/Monk Viability?
  84. Roleplaying The Stigmata - How Evil is Evil?
  85. Magic item use
  86. I've been thinking about cursed items lately
  87. List of buffing spells?
  88. Dragon turtle crafting
  89. Glaive and Halberd - what's the difference? (read OP before you reply)
  90. Dragon+
  91. Proposed fix for Improved Critical
  92. Seeking advice for a hexblade/trickery multiclass
  93. Going to my first Adventurers League game tomorrow.
  94. Rules Q&A Would max HP reduction effects stack?
  95. Sending Spell....how often do you use it?
  96. Dimension Door 500 feet of an accident waiting to happen?
  97. Optimization Goblin Monk/Ranger with high rolled stats. What level progression?
  98. Spell Exclusivity: Disallowing Duplication of Spells between PCs?
  99. Lycans of any alignment.
  100. Sleeping in armour.
  101. Speculation Unkillable and Unmakeable character?
  102. Rules Citation Requested: Fluff vs Crunch
  103. Rules Q&A Regarding Tomb of Levistus and Armor of Agathys
  104. Quick Inspiration houserule
  105. Player Help Ranger with horde breaker and Crossbow
  106. Need a God of Polygamy?
  107. Statting NSP and TWRP
  108. DM Help 2 Doors riddle in a campaign
  109. Holiday Gifts for your Friendly Local Gamer Friend
  110. Optimization Sorcerer Spell Synergy (and Catapult is Lethal)
  111. Pending background for PC
  112. Building Navarre from Ladyhawke
  113. A theoretical exercise in classifying spells
  114. What's the best character generator on the net?
  115. Vault of the Head-Magister
  116. Choice of 13 in all stats to start? (Or making the dumbest MC char ever)
  117. Optimization SAD character advice
  118. Draconic Sorcerer Melee
  119. Booming Blade on prone opponent: can they get up without going boom?
  120. Poisioned Condition From Magic?
  121. Oath of the Dragon Shaman
  122. How does not allowing multiclassing and/or feats impact the game?
  123. Can Battlerager Barbarian dump Dex?
  124. DM Help What are the best DM resources?
  125. DM input sought for a warlock's pact. Is this too easy?
  126. Find steed question.
  127. DM Help CoS Death House adventure alternative art?
  128. Best quality miniatures for D&D?
  129. Should I multiclass? Advice for lvl 9 paladin
  130. Contagion Without Slimy Doom—Balanced?
  131. Custom hand crossbow
  132. Player Help Choosing new spells for level5 haxblade blade warlock PHB+XGtE
  133. Optimization help for homebrow super rare sword
  134. DM Help Need Help Designing Unique Multi-Phase Boss Monster Encounter
  135. Tomb of Levistus and Grappling
  136. Is magic arcane or divine anymore?
  137. Looking for help/input on some homebrew artifacts.
  138. Optimization Sorlock Patron Help
  139. Can we talk about the Wild Magic Sorcerer?
  140. Just want to give a shoutout to kobold press.
  141. DM Help Adjudicating Conflicting Spells
  142. Roleplaying Thoughts on Oath of Redemption
  143. DM Help Which offical content do you allow/not allow and why?
  144. Uses for Transmute Rock
  145. Roleplaying Playing against Class
  146. Pact boons
  147. Variant: Grim-and-Gritty 5e (updated with new feats)
  148. UA is up: Sidekicks
  149. Going in Blind, Build Help
  150. D&D Beyond???
  151. DM Help Need some Help with an Undead Dungeon Delve Creation - LONG
  152. For your consideration: An Archfey Villain / Patron
  153. Let's Fix: The Purple Dragon Knight
  154. Optimization Lets make a Warlock
  155. Ideas for making a quirky city/settlement?
  156. Optimization Unique Circumstances: a viable Strength Monk
  157. Blood Hunter - Doubt about Archery
  158. [Spoilers for ToA] Looking for Idea for a magic item
  159. Optimization Death domain cleric build help
  160. title of the most broken spell caster goes to.... divination specialist wizard?
  161. Kenku and Verbal Components
  162. Optimization Highest level spell combos
  163. Speculation Awakened Beast PCs
  164. Two-Handed Weapon wielding Ranger.
  165. Use of Forge Cleric's Artisan's Blessing
  166. 5e Weapon Redux
  167. Brutes and Crits
  168. Songs and musics that makes you think of classes, backgrounds, monsters, etc.
  169. finesse fighter
  170. New UA Today (Mod Please Remove)
  171. DM Help How do you run Stealth/Hiding
  172. Rules Q&A Would subtle spell prevent counterspell if there is a material component?
  173. DM Help Thoughts on Reoccurring "Meeting of the DMs or whatever" Threads?
  174. Ideal feats for an EK?
  175. Zephyr Strike
  176. Out of Combat Abilities for Non-Casters
  177. Blessed of Corellon
  178. Letting people choose their spell list
  179. DM Help What Happens when You End Your Turn Inside of an Object?
  180. New DM trying to help a new player who wants to Rogue lvl 5 - gunslinger/warhammer
  181. looking for
  182. Player Help Feats and Spells for Monster Hunter Ranger
  183. The never, ever run out of spells character?
  184. Gritty Realism Resting
  185. Help on a thematic choice
  186. Druid wildshaping seems a little underwhelming
  187. Best printable char sheet?
  188. Player Help Bard Spells - Debuff College of Whispers
  189. Tunnel Fighter+PAM+Relentless Avenger makes one of most fun control mobile tanks
  190. Player Help Character Advice
  191. Can a mountain dwarf wear medium armor while bladesinging?
  192. Rules Q&A Saves -- How to Expand or Improve
  193. Roleplaying Any animal anecdotes I can steal?
  194. Helping new players make good level-up decisions
  195. Disguise Self to look like a Mindflayer?
  196. Adventures in Beginning
  197. Thoughts on Arcane Archer
  198. Generic classes in 5e
  199. Sorlock help
  200. Optimization Barbarian Optimization Question
  201. DM Help What's in the nearby ethereal plane?
  202. Two-handed Eldritch Knight Rules Clarification
  203. Questions I Never Expected.
  204. Comically dumb ideas a braggart of a mayor could have?
  205. Synaptic Static, as cool an AOE as it seems?
  206. Fear vs Hypnotic Pattern? Does it come down to like?
  207. Let's Make Santa Claus
  208. Show stopper or Interesting effect
  209. War caster and Command
  210. Optimization Quick Move: combat idea
  211. Tonight, we finish Death House. Or it finishes us. (Spoilers)
  212. Does Synaptic Static have room on this spell list?
  213. Subclass levelling charts
  214. I miss powerful wizards...
  215. What level for overland flight spell?
  216. Optimization Spell Selection for Sorlock
  217. Are Warlock Familiars REALLY what they appear to be?
  218. Grant other tool proficiencies for multiclass just like backgrounds?
  219. What would you do for Animal Training in Downtime?
  220. Roleplaying Conquest Paladin RP Tips
  221. New player, new party, need support role
  222. Epic Levels
  223. Poaching Pathfinder Playtest 3 Action economy
  224. DM Help rework of some weapon rules, feats, and fighting style. could use a proof read.
  225. Old Fighter Build
  226. Rules Q&A Cover and AOE spells
  227. Wizard + ritual caster feat from the Wizard list of rituals...
  228. Can Mending repair a Simulacrum?
  229. Does a Simulacrum bleed as normal?
  230. Animate Objects vs Bigby's Hand....differences?
  231. Movement and actions in and around other creature's spaces
  232. 1 level dip or magic initiate
  233. Low Class Ability Score Point
  234. What is Sherlock Holmes' Alignment?
  235. What can cause disadvantage on a future saving throw?
  236. Rules Q&A How do you treat the multiple rolls of prismatic spray?
  237. Roleplaying Plea to DMs: Give backgrounds more functional weight
  238. Would you allow this loophole to augment an unarmed paladin?
  239. How do you know how much your characters would know about enemies?
  240. Bringing Complex Skill Checks to 5e
  241. Multiclass phoenix sourcer
  242. Why does protection from evil and good consume the spell components?
  243. Optimization Melee sorc build w/ Booming Blade
  244. Optimization Uses of Contingency
  245. Roleplaying Entertainer ... that sucks at it
  246. fun Lizardfolk build
  247. Looking for magic item advice...Ranger hw
  248. Balancing Fey'ri Homebrew for 5e
  249. Optimization Inquisitor Shifter Monk Mage Slayer
  250. Player Help Relentless avenger and PAM