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  1. What are the upsides and DOWNSIDES of a noble background?
  2. How much for your soul?
  3. Loxodon stone sorcerer
  4. Character that wields a huge chain as main weapon
  5. Eldritch Blast Damage
  6. Has anyone played a vedalken wizard yet?
  7. Feat bloat, help me pick
  8. Drafting mass combat rules; open to suggestions
  9. DM Help Advise on RoT
  10. DM Help Got some good intoxication rules?
  11. Optimization When to 1 level dip my Vengeance Paladin
  12. What is the most powerful wizard sub class
  13. Hexblade warlock/phoenix sorcerer
  14. Non-Damage Dealing Bard
  15. DM Help How do I describe the smell of blood dried for 1 day or more?
  16. Oni-Possessed Samurai (Build Help)
  17. Roleplaying Help with a Nickelback bard
  18. Homebrew Trident: Thoughts?
  19. Antipaladin Class Homebrew
  20. Dual wield EK -- Using lots of feats
  21. Warlock Patron for Shadow / Twilight Magic -- ??
  22. Player Help New to D&D and is currently making a new character.
  23. If YOU could know and cast any one 1st level spell in the real world....
  24. Arcana Cleric build advice
  25. Giving druids two sub classes
  26. Speculation Telekinesis without concentration. What spell level should it be?
  27. Rules Q&A Cantrip, "Light." Why are we limited to only one at a time?
  28. Hexblade worth the dip on lore bard?
  29. Arcane Eldritch Bladesinger?
  30. Multi-class spell casting, do I understand upcasting correctly
  31. DM Help A Planeswalking, Episodic Game in need of Scenarios
  32. Does this demon sword make sense?
  33. Barbarian backstory help
  34. A good module for a first time DM
  35. Copper Dragonborn Paladin 2/Sword Bard 3 Backstory ideas
  36. Ways to give disadvantage to saving throws?
  37. Spell Clarification
  38. Which critters are Immune to fire?
  39. GWM Cleave Thoughts (for tweaking)
  40. Life Clerics and mass heals question.
  41. Centaur player race ruling.
  42. When is spellcasting complete?
  43. What martial archetypes would you like to see supported?
  44. Paladin/Bard multiclass question
  45. DM Help Homebrew halfling subrace -- check me for any oversights?
  46. Optimization Help Building Kenku warlock
  47. Optimization Druid / Barbarian multi-classing
  48. Player Help How to retire my character
  49. Monk Druid multiclass question
  50. Advice for 1v1 to intro new player
  51. DM Help Monks catching and/or deflecting shatter-on-impact alchemical projectiles
  52. DM Help Unified Ship System?
  53. Incapacitated condition incomplete
  54. Assassinate duration
  55. Proactive or Reactive? Overall, which is superior?
  56. "Subtractive" illusions: can Silent Image make an illusary pit?
  57. Player Help Advice Needed: Nerfing Kalashtar Mystic
  58. Sorcerer Spell Replacement Suggestions?
  59. One-die attack rolls
  60. Nifty NPC Site, CR seem vaguely correct?
  61. Funny story-Nothing like a rope around the neck to save a PC
  62. Fighter 20 or multiclass barb?
  63. DM Help Help! I need a one shot for tomorrow!
  64. Optimization Oath of Conquest/Dragon Sorcerer
  65. What happens when you have both resistance and vulnerability to a damage type?
  66. Nanatsu no taizai weapon quests!
  67. Battle magic on a hexblade
  68. Multiple creatures cover
  69. Rules Q&A Wall of ice oddities
  70. Good spells with Find Greater Steed
  71. Multiple "1 HP instead of 0 HP effects" on PC - any rules how it works?
  72. 7 Players on my First 5th ed session - Difficulty tips?
  73. DM Help Can you actually design a AL 5e world?
  74. Funhouse dungeon
  75. Silly reasons to be in jail?
  76. Dragon Heist: all this nonsense with Nihiloor (spoilers for ch1)
  77. Fighters and high fantasy
  78. warlock Familiar
  79. Ravnica Mixed Party Advice
  80. Need some help solo playing out some D&D modules
  81. Roleplaying Help with my mess of a concept; Goolock with an elder brain as patron.
  82. Hit dice used in ways other than to bolster hit points
  83. Class ideas for Centaurs?
  84. Why witch bolt is useful
  85. Speculation Why no love for Chill Touch
  86. Speculation "Laeral Silverhand's magic isn't as great as it once was"
  87. With Ravnica's backgrounds allowing bonus spells, what classes can be replicated?
  88. DM Help Speed Factor Initiative
  89. Let's talk about the schools of magic.
  90. How I became an edge-lord in game.
  91. Bards as the only priests
  92. Optimization Best Rogue Archetype for Unarmed Monk
  93. Optimization Level 11 build for a "Meat Grinder"
  94. Druid dip: 1-2 levels of Monk or Barbarian?
  95. Pros and Cons of multiclass warlock/wizard
  96. Rules question about Grave Domain's Channel Divinity
  97. Ranger subclass
  98. Looking for a way to make/print maps
  99. Investiture of Stone and Forceful Ejection
  100. Question about a character concept
  101. What 2 level dip for my warlock?
  102. DM Help My Villian Needs a Deeper Motivation
  103. DM Help [5E] Alternative skill system
  104. Lv 7 Character build help for a one shot only 3 hours left
  105. Celestial Chainlock 3/ Oath of Crown Paladin 11
  106. Rules Q&A Languages for characters
  107. DM Help Connecting the Dots (Help with an Urban Manhunt)
  108. DM Help Roleplaying the Sword of Kas
  109. Populating the world without the usual suspects
  110. creating Batman's utility belt
  111. All Lizardfolk party.
  112. Wisdom based party vs Charisma based party
  113. Player Help Help with Healing Spirit
  114. Short example of how too much munchkin can piss party
  115. Pros and cons of playing a slut
  116. Rules Q&A Tavern Brawler Feat
  117. Some thoughts on Perception vs. Investigation Skills in D&D 5E
  118. Share the inside joke (or a funny story)
  119. Temporary HP and Warding Bond
  120. Ravnica Paladin Advice
  121. Rules Q&A [Solved] Concentration and the Hex Spell
  122. DM Help Dealing with a party of (almost all) murder hobos
  123. Tier 3/Level 11 planning for level 12
  124. DM Help Constructing Stats for the Big Bad Evil Minions/Guy
  125. Should the Smite spells actually require Concentration?
  126. Hilt and flat-of-the-blade attacks
  127. BOTW in DND
  128. DM Help Help Needed to Finalize the Final Adventuring Day of a Campaign
  129. Optimization Wild Magic Sorcerer: How Much Multiclass?
  130. Pact of the [Eldritch Blast]
  131. Rules Q&A hey peeps were can i find a link to find the rules for d&d that i can print out
  132. Rules Q&A Scatter into a Forcecage?
  133. About "Improved Pact Weapon"
  134. I can't see the point of rituals
  135. Using nets effectively
  136. Picking my Poison: What Patron Should I Pick?
  137. Metal immune to rust monsters?
  138. CR at Higher Levels or Big Groups, What's Missing?
  139. Great one liners in your games as DM or Player?
  140. Preparing to run my first campaign in 5th Edition
  141. Feats versus Improvised Actions
  142. DM Help Creating a "Druid" for a players wife.
  143. Player Help Building Karna(Lancer) from Fate Apocrypha
  144. Optimization Waterdeep Dragon Heist Party Composition
  145. Darkness Trick - The Darkness Inside You
  146. Rogue 2/Druid X Breakpoints?
  147. Converting Dragon Heist to Eberron advice?
  148. Daggermaster feat
  149. Favorite dragon kill you've ever seen/done?
  150. Twinned Enlarge/Reduce
  151. Applying D&D (Alignment, Spells, Classes) to Harry Potter
  152. Multiclass Spells.
  153. Player Help Utility/fun spells for Additional Magic Secrets
  154. DM Help Starting Ch. 1 of Dragon Heist this Weekend...
  155. What would you like to see in D&D in 2019?
  156. Optimization Making a barbarian/rogue utilizing GWM in tandem with sneak attack
  157. Annoying Fey Creatures?
  158. Buffing Snilloc's Snowball Swarm
  159. DM Help Level 2 spell to teleport target creature
  160. Would you allow the following changes to two specific racial abilities:
  161. Twinned spell that use an action in later rounds
  162. DM Help Wanting to run Stormking's Thunder with alternate start, any advice?
  163. A few questions about the Mad Mage Module, no spoilers please.
  164. Looking for a dragon patron for warlocks
  165. Rules Q&A What AoO can a lich make?
  166. Rules Q&A Avenging Angel mechanic explanation [Not native speaker]
  167. The 5th level DM NPC build I'm terrified of (happily unseen)
  168. DM Help DnD Political Intrigue Suggestions
  169. Player Help Extra attack clarification.
  170. Player Help Warriors Spirit
  171. Player Help whats the best class to play for dungeon of the mad mage
  172. To DMs- Do you also change magic weapons types to suit your players playstyle/feats?
  173. "I toss the kitty" and other crazy things you have done during combat
  174. Player Help What are some of the best, non-harmful spells for a 5e Wizard?
  175. Raincarnate funnies?
  176. Optimization Looking for Armor Class Analysis
  177. D&D maps
  178. DM Help Starting Guildmaster Guide to Ravnica game, Non-Ravnica Races
  179. God tier Magic artifacts help
  180. Rules Q&A 5e Fear Spell Duration
  181. Things which were near impossible that shouldn't have been?
  182. PC Species make-up of the D&D settings?
  183. Rate/Improve my build: Dwarven Forge Cleric
  184. Strongholds and Followers
  185. Looking for help: Dark Horror Ideas and resources
  186. Options for a Mimeography Mage?
  187. Beyond Ravnica
  188. Looking for a short Cthulhu themed dungeon
  189. How do I protect my spellbook from mundane damage?
  190. Building my own table
  191. Divine wizard, cloistered cleric, or something of that kind?
  192. Lifedrain Warlock build help
  193. Do You take notes?
  194. Help me flesh out some story for my campaign
  195. Minor illusion
  196. Merchants & shopping: how much do you roleplay it?
  197. Homebrew Druid archetype: Circle of Flames
  198. Player Help Solo play question from someone very new
  199. Player Help Monk dipping Ranger
  200. Barb, Bard, Clr, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Pala, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard vs a SORCERER!
  201. Eclipse - devil's sight, darkness, and flight
  202. Party composition question.
  203. Build Review Swash Bard Champ 4/5/11 Help
  204. Rules Q&A Does this seem like a reasonable cover rule?
  205. Best spells for interrogation?
  206. Optimization Sarrukh Playable race
  207. Optimization Spell selection for a shadow sorcerer
  208. Optimization (Mystic) Support Avatar help
  209. New products coming to 5e this year
  210. Player Help I have found my character! I think...
  211. Curse of Strahd help (spoilers): Incorporating Giants
  212. Speculation Best Polymorph Forms For Each Level?
  213. Better Curse of Strahd build? (Involves particular magic items)
  214. Mud + Prone
  215. Third Party Recommendations
  216. Magic Items
  217. To my fellow D&D ist.
  218. Optimization Optimising Volley
  219. Red Hand of Doom: Conversion/Journal in one!
  220. DnD related Riddles and Jokes
  221. Scholar
  222. New campaign-help with party composition
  223. DM Help Looking for Input: Is my deathtrap stupid?
  224. DMs: Is there a good online Dungeon Designer?
  225. Melee Warlock
  226. Party Dynamic When One PC Rolled Much Higher Stats
  227. Rouge arcane trickster?
  228. forge docs to get stuff
  229. Vengeance Paladin... Dip Blood Hunter or Fighter
  230. The Bassinger
  231. Building CW's Lucifer in 5e
  232. Rules Q&A Slashing Flourish & Sweeping Attack; Any Riders Apply?
  233. How would you run causing unconsciousness on a surprised foe?
  234. "Whats your background, bub?"
  235. I did some pixel art to commemorate our final session
  236. Life Domain Theurgy Wizard: Underpowered or a Viable Healer Alternative?
  237. Have I just set myself up for misery? (Curse of Strahd)
  238. DM Help New Errata question
  239. Optimization AL-legal Yuan-Ti paladin/warlock
  240. Player Help Could I request some spell help? Level 9 cleric and I'm feeling overwhelmed.
  241. Has the Tall Mouther made it to 5e?
  242. Straw poll: What level would you use a Boneclaw?
  243. How broken is this magic +1 Karambit idea?
  244. So you made a Simulacrum of the king?
  245. Rules Q&A Warforged and the Water.
  246. Creature based Artifact help
  247. Spell component needed for converting an undead back to life
  248. DM Help Book that has familiars for all classes?
  249. Is there UA today?
  250. Roleplaying Giving Choices to Players