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  1. Adventurers League Question: Higher levels better?
  2. why I gave up making backup characters
  3. Dungeon of The Mad Mage Help
  4. Valentine's One Shot ideas?
  5. Player Help Advice for having one ability score at a 3
  6. New D&D 5e Campaign. Tips?
  7. Giving Martial Adept equivalent to Fighters
  8. What's your funniest/most ridiculous use of a spell and which spell?
  9. DM Help Dwarven Half Plate?
  10. Converting my paladin/warlock to Undead?
  11. Shield Master and Mounted combat?
  12. Optimization Best Races if attribute bonuses are ignored?
  13. I would like some help with a character build
  14. Optimization Playing PAM Hexadin 6/1. Should I go for Sorcerer now?
  15. Is there room for an Arcane Half-Caster?
  16. Useless imaginative fun with spells
  17. Elven Accuracy Build
  18. DM Help Grasscutter. How overpowered is it?
  19. DM Help How many items to start with
  20. School of spell emulated by Wish?
  21. Optimization Tomb of Annihilation: Most Common Skills for Ability Checks
  22. 10, 10, 12, 12, 12, 12 - What would you do?
  23. Question about changing EK schools of magic.
  24. Animate Objects Spell Questions
  25. DM Help Player with neat idea
  26. Hold Person, what are the limits of Humanoid?
  27. Ranger beast master (revised) has never been this good!
  28. Ranger Beast master in Chult - better or not
  29. Comparing 3rd level monk archetype features for Controller between Open hand and WoTF
  30. What spells, across the various levels, should a Wizard research to build his lair?
  31. DM Help Crazy strong fighter (archer) on lvl 12 - Homebrew rules!
  32. An interesting sidebar in the 5e House Style Guide (DMsGuild)
  33. Struggling between wanting a thematic character and a useful character.
  34. First time DM questions comments and concerns.
  35. Player Help Building an Arcane Cleric for ToA
  36. When one archetype gives a heal and another gives damage/cc how do u compare
  37. Best race for bruiser Wizard
  38. Roleplaying Sorcerer with speech impairment working?
  39. Optimization Death domain cleric, the one domain that didn't choose what it wanted to be?
  40. Voodoo Witch doctor
  41. Help with feat selection
  42. dragonish mount instead of familiar and steed?
  43. Rules Q&A How hard is Hard (DC 20)
  44. Is the dwarven beard fetish kind of creepy?
  45. Player Help Choosing race for my Old Veteran Champion Fighter - for AL game
  46. Sourcing official 'exotic' weapons
  47. A bard that's not liked so much. Help build.
  48. Small Sahuagin boost, sound fair?
  49. Silly build for the charger feat since DM allows jump distance to add damage on attac
  50. Foolish Mistakes
  51. How early can a party face a young dragon?
  52. Does Great Weapon Fighting work with Crossbows?
  53. Mythica vs Wrath of dragon god
  54. Feat for a level 17 Paladin
  55. Entire party of tanky characters
  56. Ways to Keep Eldritch Blast Interesting
  57. Really simple multi-classing question.
  58. Roleplaying Why is Necromancy evil but Conjuration is not?
  59. Party of rogue like/ stealth characters
  60. fighter optimization I challenge you to optimize purple dragon knight without mclassi
  61. Polearm Master - Monk
  62. Help balancing Xanathar fight
  63. Optimization Bamf'ing healer.
  64. Halp with Barbarian choices.
  65. Player Help Multiclassing Hit Dice 5e
  66. Caster with no direct damage
  67. Are kensai monks bad?
  68. New fighter archetype idea
  69. Optimization High DPR archer build
  70. Fighting style for versatile weapons
  71. Player Help How would you build lightning/storm spellcaster?
  72. Sorcerer Spell Advice
  73. A party of all fighter?
  74. Player Help Changing build before 5th level in AL
  75. Optimization Full caster main tank - Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard
  76. What New Character Should I Play
  77. Optimization How can I improve my weird healer/ranged/tank Paladin build?
  78. Building a Barbarian/Fighter Tank
  79. DM Help Drow Temple Fight
  80. [OC] I wrote a song about a wizard-for-hire who didn't read the fine print on one of
  81. Treasure in a Fey Lord's lair?
  82. DM Help Making a multi class boss?
  83. Speak With Animals....what do these creatures notice?!?!
  84. What are advantages of Padlock vs Pure Paladin/little dip?
  85. Player Help What are some good Bard spells for hiding bodies
  86. Questions and answers for how different fighter maneuvers works
  87. DM Help Deck of many things - What rulings do you use?
  88. Gold Weapons
  89. Player Help Requesting help with a Dragonborn character?
  90. Making a loveable hobo character
  91. Rules Q&A ancestral guardian help
  92. Is this Vengeance Paladin Build too Cancerous?
  93. If you were making The Hulk as a dnd 5e pc how would u do it
  94. Waterdeep: War on Water?
  95. Speculation Barbarian rage simple question
  96. Converting spells to rituals
  97. If you could start a character with a 22 in one stat....
  98. Player Help Taking a Poor Stat Array with Grace
  99. Converting 3.5 dhampir to 5e
  100. Any advantage to having two Ritual Caster: Wizards?
  101. Roleplaying What, then, is true power?
  102. Looking for advice on starting a War Cleric.
  103. Speculation Has anyone looked over the Reflectionist?
  104. A few noobie questions
  105. Roleplaying Roleplaying a Neutral Good Character
  106. Sentient Magic Item - Doomguide
  107. Shadow blade build
  108. Cutting Words question
  109. Optimizing archer without sharpshooter
  110. DM Help Dinosaur Races
  111. reach opportunity attack quick check
  112. Alignment Situation
  113. any way to get lowlight/darkvision on a human?
  114. PC as a Mount 5e
  115. Player Help What does "all keying off of Wisdom" mean?
  116. Rules Q&A Monk Questions & Spell Interactions?
  117. Optimization Do I have too many Concentration spells?
  118. Fiery Eyes cantrip...where is it from?
  119. Mixed feelings projected ward Abjurer. Thoughts?
  120. Blood Hunter / Monk combo OP?
  121. Open Hand Lizardfolk Monk
  122. Sunbeam - As good as it seems?
  123. 5th level Walock Blade pact options.
  124. Optimization Hexsorcadin build for maximing Smites usage per day.
  125. Player Help I have the this Reaper miniature... I want to use in AL...
  126. Biggest Glory Stories
  127. Making Savage Attacker a viable Feature
  128. Optimization Shield Bashing
  129. Roleplaying New to playing Rogue need help with RP and Backstory
  130. What makes a better heavy crossbowman?
  131. Teleporting Steed?
  132. Optimization Thorn Whip and Darkness for a Monk?
  133. Player Help Halp! Multi-classing Ranger Archer
  134. How balanced is Mearls’s Cleric Domain?
  135. Rules Q&A Paladin "Turn the Tide" Divinity.
  136. Player Help What to do with the goblin ranger?
  137. Question regarding scenario including Illusion and light.
  138. What should my life cleric do at level 4?
  139. Why isn't spellcasting evil?
  140. Familiar with Eldritch blast
  141. Optimization Oath of Conquest PAM build- to dip or not to dip?
  142. Paladin + Warlock- How many levels of each?
  143. DM Help My New Campaign
  144. Do you allow the Stone Sorcerer?
  145. DM Help Waterdeep: Are Goblins, Kenkus, Drows, etc. considered citizens?
  146. Wind Wall: Even better than I thought
  147. Optimized Character For OotA
  148. Creating an arch-priest stat block
  149. How to take advantage as a Warforged Fighter (Samurai)
  150. Mixing WDH and LLK
  151. Anyone else think the 5e skill system looks a lot like the Numenera skill system?
  152. Advice on New Enchanter/Trickery Cleric Build
  153. Playing PDK with multiclassing/ Playing a theatrical PDK
  154. AL magic items
  155. The RAI of Illusions and Physical Interactions
  156. DM Help So, my players are going to war against a Yuan Ti city. Boss Fight help.
  157. Mini Painting: JUST DO IT!
  158. Player Help Question on battlemage [race, class, subclass]
  159. What caused your Paladin to make a warlock pact?
  160. Player Help Looking for a background
  161. Build to Balance an All Damage Party
  162. House-ruling 5e: Alternatives to Ability Increases and Healing
  163. DM Help Pitting player characters against each other
  164. Help with an EK (lvl 8)
  165. Booming Blade Mage armor Druid Cleric? Bard...?
  166. Make Me the Worst Character Without More Than 2 MCs
  167. Some home brew damage mechanic questions
  168. Player Help Evil wizard subclass idea?
  169. A theater of the Mind movement and distance system?
  170. DM Help Oneshot for a weekend.
  171. triton barbarian help
  172. Player Help Trickery domain cleric/Rogue questions
  173. Eldritch knight/sorcerer build help
  174. Fighting Style: Protection, is it worth?
  175. What party of 4 would most showcase what 5e is?
  176. One with Shadows is Amazing in Combat
  177. Heating your Home
  178. Swallowed whole.
  179. Optimization Feat Selection
  180. Optimization The Drow only party....walking in the dark
  181. Is Fly with no Featherfall worth on a Hexblade Warlock?
  182. Optimization Paladin 6/Hexblade 1/Sorcerer 13 viable?
  183. Tiefling idea, is it viable/possible?
  184. Campaign Idea
  185. DM Help Do you use House / Variant Rules?
  186. Sorcerous background
  187. Which oath do I take to protect my allies?
  188. How to best protect allies as a Redemption Paladin?
  189. What is the best character you can make with *all* the core classes?
  190. PC idea... Grappler monk with Hold Person...
  191. Requesting Combat tips: playing an ekimmara
  192. DM Help Is there a list somewhere of all classes/races found in all 5e sourcebooks?
  193. Speculation Optional Rule Idea for PC creation of Spell Scrolls in 5e
  194. Would a Tiefling Abj Wiz/Celes Lock be viable?
  195. Finer points of Conjure Minor Elemental
  196. Being nerfed by Feeblemind is a way to avoid Synaptic Static? Any other great ideas?
  197. Phb+1 Volos need help
  198. Optimization Booming Blade vs TWF for Rogue Swashbuckler
  199. Hexblade clarification
  200. Artifact, need feedback
  201. Next book a Nautical Tales of the Yawning Portal?
  202. DM Help Player Race check
  203. Roleplaying I need a God. (Very slight possible Curse of Strahd spoilers?)
  204. Surviving Cold Weather
  205. Main energy flow through the planes
  206. With All The Force of a Great Typhoon - A 5e Guide to the Monk
  207. Charm Clarification
  208. Roleplaying Tri-class just for fun build
  209. Does this combo work like I think it does.
  210. Ancient Dungeons & Dragons - D&D style fantasy inspired by Antiquity
  211. Tempest Cleric help
  212. Ideas for a monster of the week campaign?
  213. When is a Night Walker not a party wipe?
  214. Optimization Need Ideas for my Eldritch Knight
  215. Player Help Warlock's Eldritch Smite: Is it viable with only 2 spell slots?
  216. Combining concentration spells, non con spells, and wild shape
  217. Shield Guardian: Why is WotC obsessed with it?
  218. Advice For Block Party In Waterdeep (Possible Extremely Minor Spoilers)
  219. Looking for Combat/RP tips for a Warforged Skirmisher Rogue Inquisitive
  220. [Answered](ty all) MirrorImage+Enlarge (and other "altering" spells): how to rule it?
  221. Team-Up: Sentinel & Protection
  222. Roleplaying How Do I Get Excited About Ravnica?
  223. Question for DMs regarding monsters tracking players
  224. Opportunity attack rules
  225. The DM said it would be easy! A Phandelver campaign log
  226. Hexblade/Paladin story justification and progression
  227. Kender Paladin Dex Build
  228. 5E Gods
  229. Extra damage dice for cantrips?
  230. Rules Q&A Blessing of the Forge
  231. Player Help Level 4 "Exorcist"
  232. Creating a Wounded condition
  233. Questions about the Artificer
  234. Feat or ASI for a dual-wielding Barabarian
  235. Feat pick for beast master ranger.
  236. An Urban monk -- ideas thread
  237. Logistics of longer rests (8 hours/7 days)
  238. Gnome Monk idea
  239. Anyone remember my OP hammer? Well I think I need to tone it down.
  240. Is default number of encounters per day in 5E it's biggest flaw?
  241. Language translators for RP
  242. What is a "Target"?
  243. Is this a balanced party
  244. Hexblaster
  245. Is Variant Human too good?
  246. 5E encumbrance seems really restrictive
  247. DM Help Ideas for a 'Room of Silence'
  248. An Assassin Rogue Guide: Making the odds be in your favor
  249. lucky charm / vodoo character (all the dice!)
  250. DM Help Mechanics of lycanthropy and damage immunity?