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  1. The Hag merchant
  2. Tell me your Most successful use of performance ever.
  3. Rules Q&A Scrolls: Concentration or not?
  4. Player Help new to 5th ranger quetion
  5. Homebrew Healing Spell Discussion
  6. DM Help Statting a dedicated hunter troll
  7. Another "What if?" thread : Arcane magic
  8. Player Help Need help with a decision for a Sorcerer metamagic.
  9. Any Point in Moon Druid with the "Have Seen" Rule?
  10. first char sheet Help (monk lvl 3)
  11. DM Help What spells aren't rituals (But probably should be)?
  12. Azer as a PC race
  13. "What are you attacking with?" "Gravity"
  14. Rules Q&A Druid staffs. Staves?
  15. Roleplaying Blessed countenance and choice of race/alignment; awkward combinations
  16. Using spells in not "Quite" the way they were intended
  17. TWF with shillelagh club?
  18. Rules Q&A Duplicating proficiencies, dos and don'ts
  19. Rules Q&A Regarding the Mystic
  20. Is the raven queen warlock good
  21. Vampire Sorcerer Build
  22. What about a druid, who does not shapechange?
  23. Help with my character development and alignment changes
  24. Harpy Mountain (DM Help)
  25. Low Charisma Reasons
  26. What are the best supports for a large party?
  27. DM Help Is there any poison/disease/curse/etc that a 9th level cleric can't fix?
  28. Advice requested - playing a Champion
  29. Situations in which Flying is Powerful:
  30. DM Help Could an adult green dragon tear apart a castle? (Per RAW)
  31. Achieving Divine Rank 0 in the Forgotten Realms setting
  32. DM Help Githyanki Incursion campaign in full swing, just phishing for possible cool stuff
  33. Limb amputation/loss help?
  34. Optimization Warlordy build?
  35. OotA spoilers and issue
  36. I Think My DM Needs Help
  37. Anyone play with PC-employed mercenaries or other combatant followers/minions?
  38. Sneak attack progression and multiclassing
  39. Best caster for a 4-man group
  40. Dispel Magic
  41. Speculation Already done: Generic classes in 5e?
  42. Converting a Runepriest-Fighter to 5th
  43. DM Help Barber of Silverymoon - has anyone run it?
  44. Question regarding Hex
  45. Optimization ASI or feat for Bladesinger\Rogue
  46. Can a multiclass Wizard scribe ALL Wizard spells?
  47. Optimization Having FUN with Opportunity Attacks. Let's build a...Ranger?
  48. Spells by theme: Rune Magic
  49. How to deal with a problem PC
  50. When plans are spoiled by a PC actually playing their character...
  51. Speculation Unearthed Arcana Spells
  52. Transmute Rock, how does it work?
  53. DM Help Homebrewed spell: 2nd level, gives opponents Disadvantage if they fail Con save
  54. does standing from prone count as moving?
  55. Best Custom Build
  56. Speculation The simplest version of classes possible
  57. Starter Spells - UA 3rd April 2017
  58. DM Help Porting ADOM to 5e
  59. rules for deep dwarves?
  60. Bad DM or unreasonable request?
  61. What are good things to debuff using Hex?
  62. PC Lich
  63. Nova Archer Build
  64. My Paladin is Evil now!!!
  65. Looking For Thoughts On Hypothetical Racial Ability Score Tweaks
  66. DM Help Evading divination and finding creatures with divination
  67. Invisibility shenanigans! (Not a rule discussion)
  68. Unearthed Arcana: Drunken Master
  69. DM Help Starting a party with no gear??
  70. DM Help Princes of the Athasian Apocalypse.
  71. Monk / Fighter Class
  72. Adventure's League question
  73. Question: Mounts
  74. Mini campaign idea help
  75. Player Help Rolled Crazy Stats - Looking for Build Advice
  76. How can I be an illusionist, without breaking the game?
  77. Player Help Mystic: Order of the Nomad Breadth of Knowledge Question
  78. How would you homebrew a ranged damage cantrip for a bard?
  79. Investiture and Find Familiar
  80. Shamanic Soul - a druidic version of Favoured Soul
  81. Good 'elite array'?
  82. Roleplaying Last night's awesomeness in CoS
  83. Wizard AEO and Party members
  84. Rules Q&A How do undead react to healing spells?
  85. At-will fly <=lv8
  86. D&D in space - adventure ideas?
  87. Optimization Best multiclasses... if not for MAD
  88. JoJo's Bizarre Character
  89. Optimization Arcane Trickster Optimisation/Multiclassing.
  90. Undying light warlock, can't pick a race.
  91. Scaling Shapeshift Forms
  92. What is your favorite background feature?
  93. Volo's guide - error in saving throws?
  94. DM Help Tying a plot together?
  95. DM Help Transitioning to DMing 5E from 3.5, pointers appreciated.
  96. Optimization Help Picking Spells for Lore Bard Please
  97. Most Thematic Artificer Item?
  98. Charisma to perception and other head shaking
  99. UA: Hand of Radiance
  100. Fighter/Mystic advice(?)
  101. Homebrewed 5e Crafting Profession System
  102. Anyone know of any *Free* downloadable adventures infested with undead?
  103. Dual/merged personality. Fluff and mechanics suggestions?
  104. Player Help What multiclasses would be a good idea with my GOOlock with weird stats
  105. I hate rogues.
  106. Is I possible to ferment blights?
  107. What are the different "roles" that a sorcerer can be built into? (spell list focus)
  108. Draconic Sorcerer Cantrip Selection
  109. 2.0 to 3.5 DM getting back into the game. A few 5e observations by my group and I.
  110. Speculation Drunken master refluff.
  111. In Defense of Side Initiative
  112. My fellow players cheat. Should I say something?
  113. Locating Invisible Bob Who Isn't Hiding
  114. Running Tomb of Horrors
  115. Land Druid feat advice
  116. Player Help Cleric background help!
  117. DM Help Taking items to the ethereal plane?
  118. Bard/wizard MC
  119. DM Help possible rule for my own game
  120. One-shots with significant gaps in PC levels
  121. How are 5th incorporeal undead?
  122. Looking for Adventures for my group?
  123. Best average ratio for encounters:short rests:long rests?
  124. Free Magic Item, Which One to Choose?
  125. Pushing a character into a Wall magically
  126. DM Help How would you implement an Oni into this situation or into your game?
  127. Fun-Based Houserules?
  128. Adventurer's League on Roll20?
  129. Superior Inspiration Cheese
  130. UA Grave Domain change
  131. Does this group seem balanced?
  132. Optimization Bard-barian Builds
  133. Underdark adventures?
  134. Castle fight setup
  135. Lightning is my weapon, Thunder is my shield (Storm Sorcerer/Tempest Cleric)
  136. DM Help Changing AL foes
  137. Optimization Starting class for Fighter/Rogue Archer
  138. Player Help How does Pact Magic and Spellcasting work when MCing
  139. Builds for soloing (published) adventures
  140. DM Help Magical Manipulation
  141. Mystic Threads
  142. Pop-up from hide advantage confirmed
  143. Strong and fun builds to play?(UA included)
  144. Gate spell use and abuse
  145. Good Uncommon/Rare Magic Items for a Barbarian or Bard?
  146. DMPC: What are some pitfalls even if they're done well?
  147. castle fight builds
  148. DM Help Running "The Claws of Madness"
  149. Rules Q&A Spiritual Weapon - Am I reading that right?
  150. DM Help Make me some casters/rogues?
  151. Biblical David - the sling build
  152. Give Healing Spells an Ability Check
  153. Ideas for a magic user very focused on his physical shield?
  154. Rulings vs Rules and the Simplicity of 5e
  155. DM Help Limiting the impact of magic that brings back the dead; Reasons?
  156. Possession Fiend in 5e
  157. DM Help Experience for killing a class based-NPC in 1 vs 1
  158. Homebrewing a race
  159. DM Help Jungle encounter tables? Anyone?
  160. Are you satisfied with the state of Necromancy in this edition? Why or why not?
  161. Ideas for a artificer sudclass focusing on the mechanical servant.
  162. cloud of daggers magic damage ?
  163. Twilight Circle Druid and WTF I am Supposed to Do With It
  164. Stats for a Golem pet
  165. So do you think the DM's Guild has succeded? Why or why not?
  166. Spell Commentary, does it exist?
  167. DM Help Creating a "Final" Dungeon help
  168. Optimization MM Saves Table?
  169. Tome of Beasts
  170. DM Help NPC stat creation help
  171. To Sleep or Cause Fear?
  172. Monster Pairings
  173. Optimization Help me plan my ValorBard/Paladin!
  174. Warlock Patron Help...
  175. Optimization Rogue/Sorcerer?
  176. Running Sunless Citadel, need advice
  177. Giving a god some stats.
  178. Roleplaying RetConning a Character's backstory
  179. Player Help Help for building a Valor Bard
  180. Kenku Harpy Song DM question.
  181. Can the hand of Vecna be forced on a player?
  182. Ua 4/10/17 Downtime
  183. Spell Lists for Eldritch Knight and Arcane Trickster (PHB)
  184. Individual Miniatures for UK
  185. Tomb of horrors?
  186. Story suggestions (villain)
  187. Speak with Familiars?
  188. OotA Pally vs elemental adept
  189. Arcane Archer character (not the fighter archetype)
  190. Am I the only one who doesn't care about UA anymore?
  191. Melee Oriented Storm Sorcerer/Tempest Cleric
  192. DM Help DM Rotating Help?
  193. DM Help One-shot for Reduced Party??
  194. Player Help Tabaxi class build help
  195. DM Help Rod of the Seven Parts
  196. DM Help (spoiler ahead) Barber of Silverymoon
  197. Proficiency in every skill
  198. how 'low magic is OotA?
  199. Lava damage?
  200. How do the druid and the cleric compare?
  201. DM Help The Wells of Darkness
  202. Does anyone have a damage table for each class by level up to level 20
  203. What monsters can i put in mechanus?!
  204. Darkness Spell Ruling (rogues, perception and sneak attacks don't add up)
  205. OotA for 2 fifth level PCs?
  206. Can a wildshaped Dire Wolf carry a weapon in it's mouth?
  207. DM Help Would you say this homebrewed magic item fits the shoes of the uncommon rarity?
  208. What rarity would you give to a set of wildshaping armor?
  209. A Shadow Monk Vs a Pact of Tome Warlock
  210. DM Help Held/Worn Objects Immune to Magic
  211. Combat centric one-shot
  212. DM Help Advice needed regarding a Stout Druid becoming a werewolf. (Also, help with CR?)
  213. DM Help Ships VS Spellcasting
  214. Player Help Magic item list?
  215. Unearthed Arcana spell review
  216. Best spells against Dispel Magic
  217. Roleplaying Multilingual Character vs Only-Speaks-Bad-English Me
  218. Magic Items for a Lore Bard
  219. Optimization Magical Gunslinger?
  220. Removing the divine/arcane separation from spellcasting.
  221. Roleplaying The Reckless Audacity of a Sky-Pirate King!
  222. looking to start a new group in UK. maybe
  223. Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Episode 4 - Which wagons are the cultists?
  224. New v. Old Ranger
  225. UPDATE: Stripping players of their starting gear
  226. MOST DESERVED CHARACTER DEATH (in our group so far).
  227. Optimization Convince me to play the hunter subclass
  228. Optimization Getting the most out of a Druid/Cleric multiclass
  229. DM Help How should I punish the group for a Grey Area to Nigh Evil Area Act
  230. Optimization Curse of Stradh, half-drow cleric of Eilistraee
  231. Player Help Spell help - Cleric / Sorcerer / Wizard multiclass.
  232. DM Help What should this item's rarity be?
  233. Horde tactics for paladin
  234. The most unusual party you have played and survived
  235. DM Help Potentially deadly encounters
  236. Character Build Help/Ideas
  237. Data bank of pre made characters?
  238. Optimization Rogue ASI Choices: Crossbow Expert vs Sharpshooter vs Maxing DEX
  239. Optimization Fighter help - possible multiclass
  240. My deathbuild character.
  241. Need help with my halfling paladin mount
  242. Plant growth and trees/seeds
  243. Weapon Damage
  244. switching spell lists
  245. Why do ..... a thread to ask questions about why things are the way they are.
  246. Looking for city Design Help!!!! DM HELP
  247. Low magic setting - simple tweaks?
  248. DM Help Grimallein amd Spellweavers
  249. Vengeance Paladin Advice
  250. DM Help Question on warlock Patrons