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  1. Why do people hate the forgotten realms?
  2. Tomb of Annihilation coming in Sept.
  3. Roleplaying Cleric roleplay?
  4. Player Help Aasimar Cleric build help
  5. What does it mean mystic and artificer release on DM's guild
  6. One player, four characters
  7. Speculation Xanathar's Guide to Everything
  8. Good 5e podcasts that include character creation?
  9. Hairstyles in a Fantasy setting.
  10. DM Help Phantasmal Force Ruling
  11. Most OP paladin multiclasses
  12. The Importance of Armor
  13. What skill would it be to hide something on your person?
  14. DM Help Creature help! Plzthxluvu
  15. DM Help Out of the Abyss - 15 NPCs in cities (minor spoilers)
  16. Scrolls/wands in Dark Sun
  17. Evil Cleric Build Challenge
  18. Fixing the blind....
  19. Battle strategy guide anyplace?
  20. Does True Polymorph create new souls?
  21. Feedback on a Boss (Rise of the Nine Spoilers)
  22. Does a monster rarity list exist?
  23. Optimization Ring of Spell Storing fun... and beyond.
  24. Index the complete, up-to-date 5e Subclass Directory
  25. Mystical Recovery change
  26. DM Help Nonhuman Races for a Dark Fantasy Setting
  27. Optimization help me with mystic build
  28. Immortal Mystic help
  29. Opinions on a fight?
  30. DM Help Players Arriving at the Peak of the Island - Blue Dragon Waiting
  31. DM Help Alignment and Looting
  32. Unearthed Arcana - 6/5 - Subclasses
  33. Where to go with this drow bard/warlock
  34. Ghost rider build
  35. Optimization Optimizing swashbuckler bladesinger
  36. DM Help Need Help Making Bazil Broketail-style Dragon PC Race
  37. A little help with the alignments?
  38. Advice; Bounty Hunter
  39. Go to Sleep
  40. So what solution actually exist to fix TWF
  41. Is there any reason to use a spear?
  42. [5e] Need Help Making a Casting Rogue
  43. Early Gunsmith's shoppe
  44. Themes of love in D&D?
  45. Rules Q&A Area of Effect
  46. Melf's minute meteors how to use
  47. Morality in D&D
  48. Is 5e *too* good?
  49. So what's up with the Circle of the Moon?
  50. Can't decide what character to play. Want something different from what I've played.
  51. Bugbear fighter build 5e
  52. Converting Poisons
  53. Player Help DM handed me an OP weapon, we both want it tuned down.
  54. Can you use points from the 27 stat point but to gain feats?
  55. Character Concepts You Love, Optimization Aside
  56. Rules Q&A 5e Flurry of Blows question
  57. How shall I roleplay a Gold digger?
  58. Blood Hunter Class
  59. Looking for a Mass Combat System
  60. Playing my first wizard! What spells are out there?
  61. Barbarian Warlock, how well can it work?
  62. Escape the Horde on a Ranger with the Mobile Feat
  63. Optimization Ultimate Dice Manipulator (character concept)
  64. Playing d&d 5th edition over interwebs with friends.
  65. Warlock Spells
  66. Optimization Force Damage Builds
  67. Roleplaying Low alcohol tolerance in D&D?
  68. DM Help Fake figurehead of a spell casting rebellion against anti-magic inquisition
  69. Can somebody critique my D&D plot hook?
  70. Rules Q&A Mithral in 5e
  71. DM Preparation - Battle Simulation and Monsters Strategies?
  72. Weird Bard build - Need backstory/rp advice. (Also, will it work?)
  73. Speculation Conquest paladins should be more warlord-like
  74. Is one more monk level worth it?
  75. Rules Q&A Bladelock Smiting and stuff
  76. Roleplaying The Demon Queen's Arena: Opinions about my setting welcome
  77. Speculation What's the deal between Tempest Domain and Insect Plague?
  78. Need Build Advice for character with really good stat roll
  79. Warlock Combo: The Meat Grinder
  80. How do you think this build would work? Twf bladelock
  81. Annoying Character or player perhaps
  82. Should I switch from Pathfinder to D&D 5.0?
  83. Player Help Cantrip Escalation
  84. Cover
  85. Werewolf languages
  86. Is this an "evil action"?
  87. Is Alignment a balancing act or a trapdoor?
  88. Rules Q&A Rider with darkvision on a mount with no darkvision?
  89. Question: wild mages
  90. Help creating magic items
  91. Optimization Top pure rogue build for damage?
  92. Fun improvised weapons and situations.
  93. Optimization Maximum Cantrips!!!
  94. Single-Target Minor Illusion?
  95. Nuchaku Question
  96. How do science and magic relate?
  97. Question: Languages
  98. Musical Golem?
  99. Different stats for melee attacks as a feat
  100. Optimization Building a better Bard! 5e
  101. What is your favorite way of reflavoring abilities?
  102. Optimization Optimizing an Arcane archer 5e
  103. How big a deal is removing verbal component spells with silence
  104. Help with a Bard College and build.
  105. Phantasmal Force vs Shatter vs Heat Metal vs Hold Person vs Silence!
  106. "Queen of the Spiders" in 5e
  107. Optimization NPCs that can take a beating
  108. Player Help Previously run adventure run again, how to behave?
  109. I might be Insane; Help me iron out my build
  110. So random campaign idea -- Thoughts?
  111. Rules Q&A 9th level chain lightning against two targets
  112. Optimization When to MultiClass Into Paladin? Optimizers Welcome
  113. Melee attack on flying drop down monster
  114. Combat in Urban settings, what shall I do?
  115. Roleplaying Miner Background for Mountain (and Hill) Dwarf
  116. Help me make a wacky one-shot! It's a Party party!
  117. Hardest monster to kill?
  118. Curse of Strahd starting level question
  119. Can you really play a buffer
  120. Masterwork Weapons
  121. Is this a bit big?
  122. DM Help Swarms - can they drag other creatures?
  123. Suspicious Animal: what skill check?
  124. DM Help Plot help with a Volcanic Castle
  125. Stone Sorcerers, are the good?
  126. Any tips for an Archery focused Fighter?
  127. A Barbarian Rage & a Mystics Disaplines
  128. My guide for converting 3.5 monsters into 5th edition
  129. DM Help Designing Star-Fantasy Races
  130. Optimization Solo Cleric or Favored Soul
  131. Question: animate dead
  132. I have a fear of 'Murderhobo's'...
  133. Pistolero
  134. How's this for a concept?
  135. Player Help Lost Mines of Phandelver: What to play?
  136. Concept: cantrip fighter
  137. Optimization ASI or Resilient: WIS?
  138. What information do you tell your players when they start in your world?
  139. Do you give your weapons an Wuxia flavor?
  140. Need help with Tabaxi - Rogue/Warlock build
  141. Rules Q&A Quick question about the UA Ranger
  142. Custom item power ideas?
  143. Is Champion The Worst Subclass?
  144. Pact Blade Weapon Choice and Polymorph
  145. Rules Q&A Undead druid in wildshape attacking a target with Protection from E&G
  146. DM Help help with 1st Lvl murder mystery idea - Eberron - Sharn
  147. Optimization Eldritch Jerk: Eldritch Strike might be stronger than we think...
  148. Looking for tips, trick, and advice for rolling up a necromancer.
  149. Sorlock Healer, Perhaps?
  150. Dwarf arcane caster figures
  151. Thinking about creating a Goblin, what shall I keep in mind?
  152. Big brute is cool, but what do you do when there's nothing to smash?
  153. Absolute noob (as in, the Starter Set is confusing me) question
  154. Goblin Monks: What shall I do for them?
  155. Zonugal's House of Marvels
  156. Is an Aboleth too strong?
  157. Monster tactics: How do you DM's use your monsters?
  158. Challenge rating adjustment for guns
  159. DM Help Bringing Dark Souls to D&D, need help with some rules ideas
  160. Player Help The Masked Dwarf
  161. I would like to end an adventuring career by...
  162. Flame Strike
  163. Custom Magic Items
  164. Modifying Magic Initiate feat to get another cantrip instead of a 1st level spell?
  165. Hows the balance in 5e?
  166. Optimization Absurd Multiclassing - Rogue/Ranger/Fighter for Ultimate Archer
  167. DM Help Hunger of Hadar
  168. Optimization Sorlock- Benefits of breaking Warlock off at 2, 3, and 4.
  169. The spell guardian of faith question.
  170. Roleplaying My Crazy Quest (player, not PC) stage 0
  171. Do casters rule and martials drool?
  172. Roleplaying My Crazy Quest stage 6 though first played
  173. Roleplaying My Crazy Quest stage 1
  174. Rules Q&A Monk stuff
  175. DM Help I'm Looking for a FREE 5e 1st level adventure that won't need a lot of tweaking
  176. Anything a Fighter can do, a Paladin or Ranger can do better (and more)
  177. DM Help Stake, Shake, and Wake; A Proposed Protocol to Repatriate Vampire Spawn...
  178. Give me dungeon suggestions (for a mega dungeon campaign)
  179. Thoughts on power word kill?
  180. Weapon choices for bladelock multiclass
  181. Can the awaken spell cure the effects of feeblemind?
  182. How do you describe THP?
  183. I am making a character with a lack of empathy... got any advice?
  184. Are warlocks crippled without eldritch blast?
  185. Refluff, can it go too far?
  186. Optimization PC necromancer help?
  187. Index of Minmax/ Brilliant Gameologist Threads
  188. Bag of.devouring. and hold person OP?
  189. Lycanthropes
  190. DM Help Eberron: Tales of the Yawning Portal (Player backstory ideas?)
  191. Speculation Mixed ability score determination: point-buy AND roll.
  192. Eldricht Knight build
  193. Illusion numbers issue
  194. Where do I go with this Ranger?
  195. creatures living inside creatures
  196. Optimization To Heavy armour or not to Heavy armour?
  197. Optimization Optimizing a crit fish blastlock?
  198. Fun curse ideas!
  199. Rules Q&A Another UA Ranger Question
  200. Critique on my murderous character, please?
  201. Hexblade Plot Hooks?
  202. Sorcerer Multiclassing into Cleric vs Magic Initiate
  203. D&D 5e: Sorcerer Multiclassing into Cleric vs Magic Initiate
  204. Homebrew Battlerager Mod for Heavy Armor
  205. Before I engage the enemy... What actions should I probably take?
  206. Does anybody steal spyglasses?
  207. What are the ways that a fighter can be built to fight? what is each best at?
  208. Fixing the human race
  209. Building an army
  210. Dm 5e advice
  211. 5e "Spell Sword" / The Real Arcane Trickster
  212. Is Lucky OP
  213. DM Help Idea for dungeon puzzle, please
  214. Looking for once a day auto/+ hit magic item or class feature
  215. Optimizing religion and history skills in a campaign
  216. Help: spell compendiums? Can't find non-conc
  217. Best character you can make with max 3 levels in any class?
  218. Mystic & Artificer to be AL Legal via DMs Guild
  219. Have you ever DMed for kids
  220. Roleplaying Second adventure
  221. Rules Q&A Fell handed barbarian, and Giants
  222. Where is the 5e Mage?
  223. How Important is Party Composition Really?
  224. Didn't we just lose around a half-day of posting some moments ago?
  225. Resilient and jack of all trades
  226. Taking Away Inspiration
  227. Input: Level 6 Magical Secrets (Lore Bard)
  228. Minor Illusion vs. Thaumaturgy
  229. DM Help Problems with 5e Treasure Hoards
  230. Should I really worry about darkness without darkvision?
  231. DM Help How do you handle stealth & light sources?
  232. No Magic Marts (or their equivalent)
  233. So how do I play characters with a childish mentality?
  234. Is combat at higher levels truly scary?
  235. Monastery Quests?
  236. Name an adventuring party. Suggestions?
  237. Motivations for Adventurers
  238. Sneaky Wu Jen mystic Diminution vs Nomadic Chameleon
  239. What Setting(s) do you want to see make a come-back?
  240. Odin the Seer character
  241. Shock Cavalry
  242. Player Help Barbarian/Rogue Shield/Grappler
  243. Roleplaying Thoughts on Cloak of Elvenkind.
  244. Restricted Spellcasting Classes
  245. Open-ended class rebuilds
  246. Optimization Being Bit in the Ass by Dump Stat decisions
  247. Speculation Upcasting Contingency
  248. I am real scared of intellect devourers!
  249. Speedster barbarian
  250. Player Help Tips on playing a Life Cleric.