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  1. DM Help Do demons/devills dissipate, after they are killed in Material plane?
  2. Epic 10
  3. DM Help Domination, Manipulation, and Magical Control at the Game Table.
  4. D&D: Dualing and Dueling
  5. How do you stagger your characters?
  6. Thunderwave - Why a Cube and not a Cone?
  7. Advice needed
  8. Gift of the Everliving One and Vamperic Touch
  9. Monk Conundrum
  10. Player Help Cantrips are spells? Then does this apply?
  11. Resilient feat
  12. Optimization Kobold Champion
  13. DM Help Sci-fi magic, how to do
  14. Why doesn't Action Surge grant another Bonus Action?
  15. Someone posted a campaign?
  16. 5e Barbarian path choices. :O
  17. Random thoughts: Fluffing holy symbols and other foci and the mechanical implications
  18. DM Help Fixing the Loremaster
  19. Build idea: Meatgrinder surgeon, (barbarian rogue healer) does it work?
  20. How Would You Build A Muscle Wizard
  21. What standard races are you prone to fixate on?
  22. Standard Races you have no desire to play?
  23. Where do I go with this? (Monk)
  24. [Advice] Does This Unit Have a Soul?
  25. Mystic Arcanum, Borked
  26. Speculation Necromancer Dracolitch?
  27. Your DMing Structure and Favorite Things to Use
  28. Playing and Possibly Fixing the Eldritch Knight
  29. Player Help Need Ideas for a build for 5E
  30. DM Help Designing an adventure that takes the Forgotten Realms and turns it into Dark Sun.
  31. What value do you place on gold?
  32. Optimization Statistical proof against champion [no actual impact]
  33. Optimization Fighter Archer/Warlock help
  34. Any ideas on how to make a commoner more sturdy?
  35. How to fleece money from the party through dodgy accounting practices
  36. Player Help Where to go with my Arcane Archer Genasi
  37. Player Help Creative Druidcraft uses
  38. Action Surge Tactics
  39. custom races
  40. DM Help Creating recuring villains (like nale in OotS)
  41. The champion is not worthless
  42. Green flame blade and shillegh stack?
  43. Equations, formulae, maths oh my!
  44. Van Helsing's Class
  45. Blink granting advantage...
  46. Pact Blade Tools?
  47. Spellcasting Progression Analysis and Tweaks
  48. What Class or Archtype do you see yourself not playing and why?
  49. Level 20 Game
  50. Speculation Archmage in 5e
  51. Rules Q&A Magic Resistance for Ranged Spells attacks
  52. Questions for a campaign
  53. Wizard Spell kill combos
  54. New to Min/Max and need help.
  55. Player Help What to do with this character?
  56. Fighter/Rogue tank build with Shield Master, can't find it!
  57. Total Party Kills You Remember
  58. Useful things that aren't weapons?
  59. AOE Markers
  60. Player Help Reverse fudging?
  61. Player Help A question about Wild Shape
  62. An interesting Warlock build...
  63. Druid utility cantrips
  64. Optimization Spear Master
  65. Roleplaying campaign looking for players and DMs
  66. Player Help How to balance Barbarian?
  67. Bardic help
  68. Question: dead feeding
  69. What's with all the champion threads?
  70. How would this work?
  71. 20lvl wizard spells
  72. Australian Goblin Character
  73. Optimization Tarrasque-proofing Yourself (Min Max)
  74. Question: spell mastery and signature spell
  75. A place to despise all fighter archetypes
  76. What is the general feeling of this site's reputation and take on ability scores?
  77. Warlock Lich
  78. What your character's ability scores say about them per d20pfsrd
  79. Largest AOE markers you think you'll need
  80. Background Music for D&D
  81. DM Help Players' creative way of fixing a devoured intellect
  82. Players want to play vampire
  83. Had kind of a neat Idea. Paladin + Mystic MC. Hear me out.
  84. What spells do you end up using as a ritual caster?
  85. Alternative Archery fighting style implementations?
  86. Optimization Best 4 PCs core group
  87. Rules Q&A Analysis of Paladin Top-Tier Sacred Oath Features, please PEACH
  88. Tear-ask or Terror-Squee
  89. Spelless Artificer
  90. Is the Enchantment school of spells a 'Charm' effect?
  91. Monasteries and Halfling Bards
  92. Druid/Monk Character Help
  93. I made you all a class: The Slayer!
  94. daisy chaining the warding bond spell
  95. Speculation So i found a class but what race?
  96. Player Help Anyone else unhappy with the Sun Soul Monk? How do we make it better?
  97. Playing Monster characters in published modules
  98. DM Help Invoke Duplicity + Mirror Image?
  99. Roleplaying The Command Spell and Fantasy Languages
  100. Converted Pathfinder spells for Cryomancers
  101. Mystic Darkness typo?
  102. How much magic items can you use
  103. Umm... item combination possible?
  104. D&D Beyond is now up and running
  105. How many people find themselves playing only humans and half-elves all the time?
  106. Hexblade advice since June's UA came out
  107. Breaking a Timelessness Curse (DM help)
  108. Tips for making a roll in order character?
  109. Malleable Illusions & Illusory Reality shenanigans
  110. Enforcing the adventuring day
  111. Another unfair DM thread...or is it?
  112. DM Help Want to give my party some low-level loot. A bit stuck.
  113. Best life cleric spell combos?
  114. Is there a table of curses for use?
  115. How do you play intellligence?
  116. Is bugbear secretly the best race for shadow monk?
  117. Rolled a warlock! need help fleshing him out! spells, pact boon, ect.
  118. Optimization Eagle Totem Grappler
  119. Rules Q&A How do you create regular darkness?
  120. DM Help Castlevania Dungeon Advice
  121. The Alchemist's Keep - A FREE download
  122. Find Familiar, Find Steed... Find Companion?
  123. Horde Breaking with a Pike
  124. Player Help Paladin/Sorcerer - Storm King's Thunder
  125. How would you stat 5e Quarut the Inevitable?
  126. DM Help Using minotaurs in a maze (tactics)
  127. Having the entire party be able to Stealth
  128. What is your favorite monster as a DM?
  129. So how do we improve the artificer class
  130. Any warlock subclasses that allow me to play a 'magical girl'?
  131. Lore mastery ultimate mage question
  132. Anyone else wonder why no robes are included in 5e's equipment sets?
  133. The Village of Aweholm
  134. good one shot adventures?
  135. DM Help Grimweird (monster manual 3 pag 75)
  136. Do stuff like Hairbands exist in DND worlds?
  137. Side DMing, or the art of helping the newbie
  138. Dark Souls Bleed mechanic
  139. Player rewards!?
  140. What is contained within the 'Sword Coast adventurer's guide'?
  141. In-game Rationale for Leveling?
  142. Speculation Say we got an "Ansalon/Greyhawk Adventurer's Guide": What'd be in it?
  143. Ideas For An One-Class Party
  144. Your Favorite Silly Item from Weak Magic Item generator
  145. Favorite custom monster you've seen/used
  146. What is your thoughts on Dragonborn for 5th edition?
  147. Optimization Theorycrafting Cartographer Bard/Rogue
  148. Last session: recap and brainstorm
  149. Thoughts on Dark Paladin/Warlock Multiclass
  150. Trying to figure out character appearance. 5 str, 17 dex, 20 cha , Not goat tiefling?
  151. UA Today?
  152. Force cage spell
  153. Help designing a short adventure for testing variant rules
  154. How do you feel about optimization?
  155. DM Help Politics of War: please help!
  156. DM Help Rings of Power: Endless Cantrips and Eldritch Invocations Included
  157. DM Help I need a little help making a quick antagonist
  158. Mystic/Psionic Disciplines and Wild Shapes
  159. On The Care And Healing of Mechanical Servants
  160. Which PC actions are unstated?
  161. DM Help World building
  162. a cartwheeling shove
  163. Stealth Rules?
  164. Cleric Subclass
  165. What class fits the character concept?
  166. Ideas needed for a Ranged weapon Mystic multiclass
  167. Imps are better than you thought
  168. Player Help Good stout halfling builds
  169. Thought about making a Bard. Anything to keep in mind?
  170. Contingency combos
  171. Silent image at will - abuse?
  172. How can anybody stop any Adult Dragon (That actually plays smart)?
  173. Can zombies/skellies animated through Animate Dead use weapons & armor?
  174. Spellcasting overhaul (sort of)
  175. Another hiding scenario
  176. Unarmed Combat Fighting Style
  177. DM Help So I need a riddle...
  178. Player Help Integrating in a new group
  179. Looking for dance outfits to put into starting equipment, need some advice...
  180. Made my bard! Need some advice on tweaking or mistakes.
  181. Optimization Opportunity Attack Abuse
  182. How would you use an army of Unseen Servants?
  183. DM Help Out of the Abyss - Final Battle (Minor Spoilers)
  184. The 'Heat Metal' spell seems so frightening.
  185. A weird (game mechanic) idea
  186. Rules Q&A How would you rule this? (Falling + Flying = Impact?)
  187. Player Help Hexblade/Barbarian?! Janky Character Idea
  188. Sell me on making a Rogue for 5e.
  189. Asmodeus in 5e: Overview and Discussion
  190. DM Help Eberron Adventurer's Guild Quests
  191. Have you had fun with the warlock? What was fun about it?
  192. DM Help 3 Evil characters with 1 good character
  193. Ritual Magic
  194. Eldritch blast vs my long bow, please check & fix my math
  195. Plane Shift: Amonkhet
  196. DM Help What are the iconic disciplines/abilities for each of the Mystic Orders? (For NPCs)
  197. How much do you DMs prepare?
  198. Player Help Newb looking for tips on dealing with CN player
  199. How to ditch a player
  200. Strength definitions
  201. Targeting Creatures vs Objects
  202. How great is a Tabaxi Rogue?
  203. The four horsemen
  204. Lets give a meaning to intelligence scores now
  205. unpickable door. (updated)
  206. Made my Rogue! Could use some help on usage.
  207. Curse of Strahd campaign wrap up.
  208. Player Help Oops, my Storm Sorcerer sucks! How do I fix him?
  209. Giving disadvantage on saves consistently?
  210. PotA, Elemental Evil or similar experiences?
  211. DM Help The use of a Dice/Coin
  212. Do you use stats to guide pc behavior?
  213. Uh oh, should I have picked Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good
  214. Player Help Looking to roll a character, no idea what to play.
  215. Plansewalkers as characters.
  216. Curse of Strahd DM problem
  217. Rarity of a homebrew item
  218. Best map maker for a semi-digital play group?
  219. Gnome Illusionist
  220. What are your thoughts on the celestial patron
  221. Is there any way to get around sunlight sensitivity?
  222. Can you create a ( can't touch this ) character.
  223. Worst capstones in your opinion
  224. New fighting style: Fencing
  225. Player Help Cleric (Life) 4th level feat choice
  226. Volo's Kobolds
  227. When's that subclass book supposed to come out again?
  228. Optimization Rate my Valor Bard?
  229. DM Help New Style of play for Large Groups
  230. Replacing Ability Score Improvements?
  231. What warlock pact should I use?
  232. Playing a level 20...2 shot, help wanted
  233. Out of the abyss new patrol.
  234. Do you think Demons are less interesting antagonists than Devils?
  235. Warlock Multiclassing (Bladelock)
  236. DM Help Monster making question
  237. Concise GM Guidelines
  238. DM Help Waterdeep in 5th edition.
  239. Dragonwings of the Cult
  240. Optimization Paladin 2/ warlock X vs paladin 2/ sorcerer X?
  241. How many characters in a campaign
  242. Clerics have a severe lack of attack cantrips what do you think of this.
  243. Battlefield control
  244. Player Help Building A Solid Favored Soul
  245. Urban druid
  246. Player Help "Gritty" rules character build help
  247. Made an archery focused fighter, might need help on minor optimization...
  248. Multi class or not?
  249. Disabler/Battlefield Controller Help
  250. Does anyone else want to play a caster in gritty realism?