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  1. Taking the Same Feat Twice
  2. Barbarian Homebrew Workshop: Path of the Arms-Bearer
  3. Casting a somatic spell with a shield
  4. New Player With a Crazy Character Concept
  5. Player Help Controlling a Djinni
  6. Im not sure how to build my bard. Any advice?
  7. Paladin/Warlock from Level 1
  8. Minor Conjuration vs. Illusory Reality
  9. Building a Wizard
  10. Item Resets! DM question.
  11. Shield Master Barbarian/Gladiator
  12. What are Psions And How Do You Use Them?
  13. D&D 5th Edition Character sheet help thread I: The First!
  14. Giant Badger burrow speed & You
  15. Cheesy Stunts
  16. July UA?
  17. Spellcaster Rogue?
  18. Wilderness Adventuring Day
  19. Using a Rapier & Whip (but not two weapon fighting)
  20. Is "gnome cunning" the most powerful PHB racial ability?
  21. How would people handle split personalities in D&D?
  22. Ptolus in 5th Edition?
  23. Crossbow person (build advice needed)
  24. Looking for ideas on necromantic and death theam boon's.
  25. DM Help Any Tips For Running Mass Combat in a Confined Space (Hall of the Fire Giant King)?
  26. UA skill feats... too good for half?
  27. Possible fiend patron
  28. Any experience playing the Plane Shift: X articles?
  29. Are these new spells too powerful?
  30. Just one dart?
  31. will my warlock be able to keep up as the party support?
  32. Tyranny of Dragons Campaign Recap
  33. Player Help 5e SorLock, enter: Kadenzi Entacie
  34. Do you consider a score of 10 to be a dump stat?
  35. 5e SorLock, enter: Kadenzi Entacie
  36. Optimization Please critique my Totem Barbarian 4, Battle Master Fighter build.
  37. So i'm making a kobold artificer (go figure...)
  38. DM Help Solo Game for a monk ideas
  39. Unbeatable Castle
  40. High Elf Rogue requests guidance
  41. Medium Armor vs. Mage Armor
  42. Converting from 3.5, need Archivist advice!
  43. The Tankiest NPC
  44. Unearthed Arcana 7-10-17 ... Is anyone really excited for alternative Initiative?
  45. My new player likes to things and ..."date"
  46. Grappling weapons
  47. DM Help Magic Item Shop Inventory
  48. What Alignment would this be?
  49. Working on Homebrew Spell- Rage Storm
  50. Any half feat you found particularly interesting?
  51. Feats for Cleric
  52. How would you build this character
  53. Concentration spells from items
  54. So intresting or stupid.
  55. Weaponizing the DMG
  56. Assemble your Party
  57. Net shenanigans and build advice
  58. Knight or Cavalier for Mounted Combat?
  59. Catching a free falling creature
  60. What Charisma scores mean to me
  61. Greyhawk Initiative and Speed Factor
  62. 0 Damage Sorcerer Build Help
  63. Ranger/Monk/Sorceror build help
  64. Memorable GitP Threads/Posts
  65. 3d printer for minis
  66. All or Nothing, DM advice needed badly.
  67. Quick Campaign Ideas
  68. Rolling initiative each turn
  69. I made a polearm using class! I could use some help though...
  70. Paranoid Adventurers Thread
  71. Optimization Sword & Shield Hexblade Warloc/Stone Sorcerer - Best spells to pick?
  72. DM Help Players Refusing to Play
  73. I made an area of effect template!
  74. Am I the only one who thinks...?
  75. Kinda funny character concept, please help
  76. 3.5 to 5e conversion
  77. Homebrew cursed item
  78. Speculation War Domain (Variant)
  79. Frontline melee Rogue build
  80. What's your 100% non-optional character
  81. Player Help Oh no, not another character help thread !!
  82. How does Greyhawk Initiative interact with certain abilities?
  83. New Initiative: Some Changes
  84. DM Help DDAL05-16 Parnast Under Siege
  85. The God in the Mirror - Turning your Wizard into a Pseudo-Deity
  86. Need help with Mountain Dwarf with Greataxe build
  87. Spoilers! Question about published adventures.
  88. Insane Wizard Tricks
  89. Optimization Let's Break Something: Swapping Bonus Spell Lists
  90. Optimization White Wind's guide to the universe
  91. How to Deal With Dex-Heavy Party
  92. Features with multiple damage types
  93. Simic wizard school? can it be done
  94. Help Creating a Great Axe Fighting Style
  95. Martial Adept, Battle Master and Superiority Dice
  96. EK/Wizard- is it worth it?
  97. Playing an Awakened Wolf?
  98. Lets make some "dirty" potions.
  99. Need help deciding class to play?
  100. Optimization 5e Healer Build
  101. Another silent image trick
  102. Google doc, character tracking sheet help
  103. How to make a game deadlier
  104. Age, More Feats, and also Level 0
  105. DM Help Creating a Monster Campaign Discussion
  106. Optimization How do +X weapons/armor affect monster CR?
  107. Will Xan's Guide to Everything have the Revised Ranger?
  108. Lizardman and the Unexpected Gish
  109. Do you give multi class chars another name instead of just fighter/rogue for example?
  110. Ending campaign via the PCs potentially sacrificing themselves to improve the world?
  111. Max Damage with a Single Attack
  112. What tools are useful?
  113. Druid / Ranger Combos
  114. Mass healing spells and life cleric self-healing
  115. Player Help Second hand PH apparently early edition?
  116. Wish spell
  117. Most powerful and underrated item
  118. Roleplaying Most Hilarious 5E D&D Campaign Ever
  119. Barbarians with magic.
  120. Looking for help with making Roleplay "click" for my group
  121. Designing the Tinkerer Class
  122. Ronin Swordsman Build advice!
  123. Tweaking the Grave domain
  124. 9th level slot Multiclass Wizard
  125. Player Help Crit Build
  126. What character should I build with these stats?
  127. Is Mage Armor worth it?
  128. DM Help Mini questions
  129. The Robe of Useful items and quest threads
  130. Custom Class: The Evoker
  131. OotA Character advancement, Insight wanted (minor spoilers)
  132. Making use of Flame Blade
  133. Maximum Tool
  134. Odd question.
  135. What is the lowest level of character that you can solo an adventure?
  136. Mystic will NOT be made official this year
  137. The God Emperor Shao’Garr[NPC]
  138. Optimization Feasibility of duplicitous NE/LE Tempest Cleric with Egyptian Pantheon
  139. Ideas needed
  140. Dealing with Fiends
  141. Illusion Spells
  142. Player Help Rolled Stats for Triton Paladin - How should I arrange STR/CON/CHA?
  143. Optimization High Elf Dex EK ASI progression help
  144. DM Help Xp and non lethal/'riskless' fights
  145. DM Help Designing a world with 5-6 Playable races - Suggestions Needed
  146. Bane vs. Bless
  147. Conflict of Characters
  148. Best way to optimize a dueling fighting style Fighter?
  149. Healing in 5e
  150. Optimization Elder Scrolls Dark Brotherhood Assassin: GoO Lock/Assassin?
  151. Shillelagh - why it's generally a good optimization choice, as long as you know why
  152. How useful is the Sentinel Feat, in actuality?
  153. Player Help Mulling over character possibilities
  154. Optimization Warlock/Sorcerer Multiclass
  155. HP vs. AC
  156. DM Help The MMA King of the Cage contest of Character Optimisation.
  157. Player Help Cube spell attack
  158. Comparison of two simple mechanics
  159. Inheritor Item
  160. Brewing up a Better Artificer
  161. D&D Beyond seems to be a bit lacking so far in some information...
  162. Necromancer Build?
  163. How to level from here?
  164. Earthbound party
  165. Making Joseph Joestar
  166. Skype LFP. DM or player available for interested party.
  167. Tips on running CoS (Potential spoilers)
  168. How would you play this character?
  169. 20th lvl sorcerer what 15 spells would you take
  170. What feats do you hope to see in Xanathar's?
  171. Player Help TWF and Dual Wielder Feat
  172. Anyone have tips or equipment suggestions for playing remotely?
  173. What would be a preferred weapon for a 5e Paladin?
  174. Your favorite homebrew magic item that made you think how to use it?
  175. Help with multiclassing.
  176. Barbarian mystic
  177. Hello, I'm Bard. Totally not a Warlock.
  178. Player Help Whip Ranger build?
  179. What are good ways to create cover?
  180. Travel speed and roads?
  181. Ghostwise Assassin: Miniature Riddick
  182. DM Help Dragon Egg woes
  183. Has the Hexblade patron been updated?
  184. Thinking about making a female Drow... might need some guidance...
  185. Idea for a wizard backstory
  186. Evoker and Wands of Magic Missiles
  187. Your favorite class, archetype, and why?
  188. Speculation Theorycrafting a 20/20
  189. How would you guys rate the various classes? (Power-wise)
  190. What's your opinion on the Spear Mastery feat?
  191. DM Help Is this a balanced dungeon?
  192. Tales From the Yawning Portal: which one is your favorite?
  193. Monks and Variant Human Feats
  194. Optimization What's the best way to build a Yuan-Ti Paladin?
  195. Optimization Build Concept: Warding Bond via Familiar
  196. Best use for Contingency
  197. Player Help Bard Jack of all Trades and spell casting ability modifier
  198. Optimization Vorpal Scimitar Build
  199. Finders Keepers, a new DnD 5e adventure for 20th level PCs
  200. A Critical Success or Failure
  201. DM Help Amulet of Tymora (Loosli, nid läse)
  202. DM Help Rant time With Regius: Picky Players
  203. Acrobatics Skill Usefulness for Spellcasters
  204. Do you reckon 5e will ever do any other settings?
  205. Feats War caster or resilience or both
  206. Rules of Fly Spell
  207. About Grapple ... and shove
  208. Ideal party composotion for Tomb of Horrors (Please no spoilers)
  209. Tales from the Yawning Portal : Worth a buy??
  210. Access to a wish spell Idea for breaking Druid further.
  211. So I noticed something odd about the Elf included in the Starter set character sheets
  212. Which one is better mage initiate or spell sniper
  213. Got around to making an Arcana Cleric, could use some critique.
  214. Magic Missile vs. Other Spells
  215. What is technically considered an attack?
  216. Player Help Polymorph houserules?
  217. Barb in my group asked my opinion on what feat he should take, What do you think?
  218. What Unearthed Arcana to you allow at your table?
  219. Player Help Gnome cavalry! Epic! Unyelding! Belly rubs!
  220. Making a Farron Legionnaire
  221. Rules Q&A A vampire in mist form is reduced to 0 hitpoints. What happens?
  222. Optimization HotDQ: what levels?
  223. So I had my first PC death tonight... Here's what happened (Long post)
  224. Player Help Making a shaman like character
  225. Optimization Without any major spoilers, I want some advice on what to play in HotDQ
  226. Optimization Help with Gestalt Build! Fighter and Cleric
  227. DM Help Help me build this good aligned antagonist!
  228. Seeking recommendations for starting a bladesinger multiclass
  229. If you were a D&D character, what would your stats be?
  230. My solution to Mazes/Labyrinths and huge dungeons
  231. Trevor Belmont Build Level 3
  232. Strange party composition, how to make it click?
  233. DM Help Fleshing out an adult green dragon
  234. Why all the hate on dual wielding?
  235. Question on attacking unconscious creatures
  236. Music so good even the gods could cry
  237. Optimization Sneak Attack + Divine Smite + Green-Flame Blade/ Booming Blade = Greatest nova dmg?
  238. Water Walk + Maelstrom
  239. Arcane Recovery Not Limited to Wizard Slots?
  240. Player Help What's the best Gish for my character concept
  241. The greatest feat one of your characters has ever accomplished
  242. Do you allow agility as stat for MC paladin and STR for MC Ranger if a player asks?
  243. Question: way of the 4 element
  244. DM Help Glyphs on the ground as trap triggers?
  245. Rules Q&A Smiting With a Level 5 Spell Slot
  246. Why is there a rule on Book usage for Adventurer's league?
  247. Player Help Darkblade: Optimizing a Devil's Sight Hexblade
  248. Hexblade help
  249. DM Help New DM - Intro adventure for kids advice
  250. Spells Missing from the World