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  1. Unconventional but resourceful uses of spells
  2. Protection from evil and good
  3. 3rd Level AL Lore Bard spell choice... need help X)
  4. Best cantrip for high elf Arcane Archer build (and fluff question)
  5. Making an Anti-paladin
  6. Gameplay question.
  7. Rules Q&A How do thrown weapons interact with extra attack?
  8. Debating going for flavor and skill boost at fourth level - yes/no/maybe?
  9. What Should I Spend My Other Eight Levels On?
  10. Mechanics question
  11. What makes you want to stick with a character?
  12. Optimization Swashbuckler
  13. Optimization BomBARDment - support/sniper multiclass Bard/Fighter/Warlock build with Moon Bow
  14. Roleplaying Does this seem like a reasonable action?
  15. Thoughts on railroading?
  16. Is there a comprehensive list of this somewhere?
  17. Looking for help on a mobile melee combatant
  18. Warlocks–overlooked at level 18?
  19. Player Help Magic Item Selection Help?
  20. Trying to make a character that plays as different as possible from my other one.
  21. What alignment are you IRL?
  22. Warlock invocations warlock spells?
  23. DM Help Making a gully dwarf
  24. Why should anyone use a dagger?
  25. Natural 1s: Fumble and get inspiration
  26. DM Help ways of preventing a elvish/fey wedding
  27. Player Help Multiclassing My Warlock..../Bard/Sorcerer?
  28. Fright Nights, Movie Monster Help!
  29. What options from Unearthed Arcana are your favorite?
  30. Player Help Huge creatures on a grid map
  31. Druid grapples
  32. Thoughts on this MAD Bugbear Concept ?
  33. DM Help Cringy Romance
  34. Rules Q&A Balanced Spellbook Variant
  35. About multiclass wizard and adding spells to spellbook.
  36. Short Rest Squad
  37. What alignment for "greater good"?
  38. DM Help Evil god influencing good cleric - what should the influence look like?
  39. Why are conjuration spells & polymorph so unbalanced? Are they fair?
  40. Adventure League Wizard Spellbooks
  41. DM Help Magic Item Recipes
  42. best feats for wild shape (moon)
  43. Swapping Favored Enemy for Expertise
  44. How do you all plan leveling up?
  45. Dark Sun 5e house rules
  46. Petrification: what happens to the soul?
  47. Better (?) Witch Bolt
  48. Wild Shape + Rage. What Form should you take
  49. Wacky one shot ideas
  50. What is the Most OP Class at 20th
  51. Club Wars
  52. Secrecy of Dice Rolls
  53. Optimization Order of Lycan Blood Hunter
  54. CR Of PCs
  55. How many have tables that ignore Sage's Advice on DM deciding on conjured critters?
  56. Hiding vs Perception nonsense
  57. Halfcaster homebrews?
  58. Build a Bear
  59. Best 5e Gestalt?
  60. Speculation What are the "Class-Defining" features in your opinion?
  61. Player Help Melee Tempest Cleric: STR or DEX?
  62. New magic items?
  63. How have your DM's handled your Warlock Patron?
  64. Lost mines of phandelver question, spoilers
  65. Spells known vs spell slots
  66. Fun Finds - what are yours
  67. Common rule misunderstandings
  68. Moon Druids (and DMs of) How do you handle Wildshape in a low beast campaign
  69. Half-Orcs and Blood Rites
  70. Green-flame Blade and Spell Sniper feat.
  71. Good spells for an archer to quicken?
  72. Highest possible initiative?
  73. So... how would you respond to a change like this imposed by a DM?
  74. Expanding Wild Shape beyond Beasts?
  75. Adventure League with new races
  76. What would you change?
  77. Roleplaying Thematic Dwarf Draconic Sorceror Build for Tier one
  78. Optimization The surprising versatility of the Celestial Tomelock.
  79. Great Old One Bladelock? Help!
  80. How good is mountain dwarf STR based fighter rogue MC?
  81. Ninja turtles
  82. DM Help Calculating the CR of a creature that heals ALOT
  83. How to balance out this boss fight?
  84. DM Help Looking for help with Problematic players
  85. Primeval Guardian's Ancient Fortitude: 1/rest or not?
  86. Grapple based character 5E
  87. Hex, it can't be this good, what are its limitations?
  88. Sorcerer Dragon Bloodline....anyone use it to cool role play effect
  89. pal2 / sorc x sorcadin questions
  90. Optimization PVP battle royale dream team
  91. Cool constructs?
  92. Funny character concepts and builds
  93. Durable, Periapt of Wound Closure, Dwarf Resilience
  94. Is the revised good ranger in xanthars guide to everything?
  95. DM Help Best season for ToA?
  96. Frequency of Stealth Checks Out of Combat
  97. DM Help Changing your players / Giving them features with a cost
  98. Opinions on these changes ( Fighter Archetype: Champion )
  99. Disintegrate vs Finger of death
  100. Victory probability by simulating a D&D E5 encounter a few thousand times...
  101. Wild shape - what can be brought over.
  102. Optimization Tabaxi rogue/monk for ToA - more monk or more rogue?
  103. AL rule question.
  104. A Child's Playhouse Dungeon Idea
  105. DM Help tips for new world to be written
  106. Spell scrolls and "spells known" classes; esp sorcerer
  107. New AdventureGoal: Decrease the deadliness of combat, and make Resting slower
  108. Who is the party leader in your game?
  109. DM Help Switching Horror Genres
  110. Heroic array
  111. Optimization Magic Items/Feats for Life Domain Cleric
  112. Type "Templates"
  113. DM Help Making a good set of encounters chasing a possessor-type creature
  114. Optimization Help with Blood Hunter STR build
  115. Keep Campaign
  116. Steve Irwin 5e build help
  117. Would you let a bladesinger player switch extra attack for EK war magic?
  118. Revamping Great Weapon Fighting
  119. Half-elf Noble Barbarian?
  120. How do I run all the adventure paths with one character?
  121. DM Help Volo's Guide: How should NPCs treat monster races?
  122. Mask of the Wild and Entangle
  123. Exalted in 5e
  124. Looking for Advice on a Bard Dip , pls and thank you
  125. Question: W4EM
  126. DM help: Group stealth
  127. PC stat block for a dwarf native to Chult
  128. DM Help Re-skinning Arcane Trickster mage hand
  129. Player Help Fun Level 10 Builds (Meatgrinder Edition)
  130. combos for hex
  131. Is this a fight we are ready for?
  132. High Level Spells
  133. What is your personal player pet peeve?
  134. Demiplane of Mass Destruction
  135. Player Help MAD classes and ASIs
  136. Optimization College of Swords Bard Dipping Hexblade
  137. Best adventure in Yawning Portal?
  138. Xanathar's Guide - Official Videos describing Confirmed Subclasses
  139. Another custom magic item
  140. Simple character, PHB only.
  141. This Old Rule: The Diplomacy Skill
  142. Speculation Thought Experiment: Redesigning Spell Lists as Themes
  143. How do certain monster races interact with adventurers of their race?
  144. A word about readying
  145. Optimization Theory crafting a dodging tank - what's your take?
  146. Player Help Where Should The Line Be Drawn For NPC Focus Fire By DM?
  147. The tooth fairy squad
  148. Rogue/Warlock or Rogue/Bard?
  149. need some help rebuilding an old character in feel/theme
  150. Hiding in combat mechancs question
  151. Is it useful to go "Rogue One"?
  152. Which happens 1st with Mirror Image?
  153. DM Help Easing players into Legendary/Lair Actions
  154. DM Help The Monster Mash(er)
  155. DM Help Dealing with a Party Split? (LMoP Spoilers)
  156. Monty Hall is dead
  157. Iconic spells for rangers, warlocks, and bards?
  158. Character Advice for Tomb of Annihilation
  159. Mobile crit fisher
  160. Rules Q&A Why isn't Animate Objects based on total HP?
  161. My Take on a Lore Master.
  162. Relaxing game
  163. Lorewise, what are the Raven Queen Warlocks?
  164. DM Help Help with Yawning Portal Experience
  165. Optimization What works best in this party?
  166. DM Help 6 second rounds too short.
  167. Hand holding needed calculating passive wisdom (perception) for a Bard
  168. What's your Tomb of Annihilation Build
  169. The Gamestore Rogue Mindset
  170. In need of some DM advice?
  171. Rules Q&A Blooming Blade - Triggering two times in one turn
  172. Your tables long running jokes
  173. Revised Ranger / Druid
  174. Speculation Unearthed Arcana 10/9/17
  175. Something I think they should do with revised ranger.
  176. Feat options choice
  177. Rules Q&A Thrown Weapon and Extra Attack
  178. My Druid Player found a polymorph cheat code?
  179. Rules Q&A Fun With Wall of Stone
  180. Is there a Forgotten Realms deity that represents harvest or alcohol?
  181. Player stupidity or DM not making the situation clear?
  182. Curse of Strahd DM Questions (Spoilers)
  183. Player Help Choosing a VHuman feat for a DEX barb
  184. Flying Monkey Magic
  185. Looking for a Unique magic item for a long death monk.
  186. Fun Idea for Adventuring Party
  187. Best beast companion for the revised beast master
  188. Warlock patron pact.
  189. Attack action Vs. attacking? RAW/RAI interpretation
  190. AL help;
  191. DM Help Alternate Treasure Ideas
  192. So I'm making a thief rogue...
  193. Already possessed walking into a Magic Circle?
  194. DM Help Gritty Realism and High Magic; Magic Items
  195. Arcane Trickster Mage Hand Ledgermain.
  196. Heavy Gunner - Character Design
  197. Homebrew Wizard tradition with a warlock theme [PEACH]
  198. Anyone that have actually played one of these?
  199. Samurai confirmed for XGtE
  200. Saddened by my magic attunement choices
  201. Best classes or concepts for Tomb of Annihilation?
  202. Feedback on cursed item?
  203. The Duckborn
  204. Speculation Should appearance be its own score.
  205. Cool character concepts
  206. Land Druid twist
  207. Rules Q&A Mounted Combatant Feat and Swashbuckler-HELP NEEDED
  208. Environmental Warfare and Utility
  209. Monster's Multiattack
  210. Level 6 choices for Ranger in SKT
  211. Help me make a Rogue
  212. Optimization Help me optimize my character
  213. Help with Lost Mines of Phandelver
  214. What has been your favorite reskin?
  215. Which cleric subclass is best for a 5 ranger hunter?
  216. Oath of Conquest Paladin
  217. Speculation Where did this image for a 5e atropal come from?
  218. How to create basic Magic Scrolls (Not Spell Scrolls)
  219. Building a Fate-Weaver
  220. Unique ways of having to remove a cursed item
  221. Warlock Invocations as Reward Boons?
  222. So weapon/unarmed attacks vs. spell attavks and level scaling questions...
  223. Help me build a character with 4 Constitution
  224. How to Implement Gambling
  225. Player Help Creative uses for non magical items
  226. What do you mean full casters got low health?!
  227. Eldritch Knight Archer Build
  228. Specific Spellsword build help
  229. Small stuff I hope is in Xanathers
  230. Optimization Character Input - Rage Monk
  231. Advice on playing a LE character?
  232. Optimization Optimizing 'Cleave'
  233. Ideas needed for Woodland Penalties
  234. Warlock that specialize in things other than Eldritch Blast?
  235. Player Help Would you play this race?
  236. So how about balancing Paladin Multiclass?
  237. Bonus action spells for a Bladesinger.
  238. Help me with my Lore College Bard please!
  239. Optimization celestial warlock build help
  240. DM Help Synthetic Playtest Do's and Don'ts? (not at an actual table)
  241. Ideas for a PvP Arena
  242. Cool idea or just a DM throwing anything onto a character for no reason?
  243. 5e paper minis
  244. Which class can skip ASI´s to ability scores "reliably"?
  245. Great Modron March and Dead Gods 5e Conversion
  246. Triple Multiclass Ideas
  247. Player Help Tempest cleric question
  248. DM Help Alternative system for carry weight and encumbrance
  249. Brutally Belligerent Bugbear Barbarian Build
  250. Would a Goodberry satisfy a Giant?