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  1. Good replacement character for Tomb of Annihilation (kids campaign)
  2. How challaging will this encounter be for my group?
  3. Building a character for a political intrigue campaign
  4. Ideas creating a D&D train
  5. Telekinesis broken?
  6. Question about Barbarian Primal Path Options [Answered]
  7. Roleplaying Name Suggestions
  8. Buffing Wildshapes with Multiclass
  9. DM Help Help with a player made class
  10. Help Me Find a Thematic Patron/God
  11. The return of gitp regulars as spells!!!!!!!
  12. Weird Meta Rules?
  13. Does Spell Sniper stack with Eldritch Spear?
  14. Player Help looking for homebrew poison rules
  15. DM Help Picking interesting magic items for a group of inexperienced players.
  16. Need help with the pricing for magic items
  17. Why do Bards and Warlocks get True Strike?
  18. 2 things... custom spells as a quest reward? And help think of some thematic spells?
  19. DM Help Idea for a zombie appocalypse setting/campign/story-arc/oneshot/encounter for 5e
  20. Mage Armor vs Goodberry ?, MI and FF
  21. "Eldritch archer" build
  22. Greyhawk initiative.
  23. Wild Shape Form Scaling
  24. Kobold priest to kurtulmak!
  25. A gross fiery Hexblade Build (Pre-Xanathar)
  26. "Adventuring" is not synonymous with being a murder-hobo.
  27. Player Help Very niche question about basing 25/28/30mm figures
  28. Optimization Homebrew - New & Immersive Shields
  29. Ivor and Brazenbuns Curse of Strahd Farce
  30. DM Help Using two classes at the same time (using a "mech")
  31. Rules for player run businesses
  32. First Beholder Encounter!
  33. Ranger Build! (Revised)
  34. Orphanage for the magically gifted?
  35. Optimization Kobold Barbarian Help [5e]
  36. Help round out a low level bad guy please
  37. 5e returns the fear of dying?
  38. Alignments of Classic Rock
  39. Player Help Looking for feedback - goblin monk gumshoe
  40. how much poison in in 12 ounces?
  41. I want to go to al i need help choosing one of these 3
  42. Optimization Spell guide for multiclass casters?
  43. Question: Elemental spell damage type
  44. Help me “figure out” the Druid
  45. AC 22, or Heavy Armor Mastery?
  46. Monster recognition guide?
  47. Sentinel or GWM feat for a vengeance paladin with polearm master?
  48. DM Help D&D Wiki
  49. Optimization Low Level Optimizer
  50. Mystic Class - OP?
  51. Mithril/Adamantine Weapons
  52. Tweaking Concentration and melee spellcasting
  53. Some help optimizing my Moon Druid
  54. Whats the purpose of ability score minimums for multiclassing, and do you use them?
  55. Player Help turtle monk questions
  56. All kobold party ideas
  57. Optimization Let’s make a non-Moon Druid
  58. Odd Builds with Xanathar's
  59. Who gets misty step first?
  60. Roleplaying Need ideals,bonds and flaws
  61. Class thematics--what is your mental picture of the aura of each class?
  62. An EK - Tunnel Fighter Build
  63. Can we stat these?
  64. Advice on making a dagger specialist
  65. DM help Assassin's Creed PC
  66. Its so painful!
  67. Red Hand of Doom 5e Conversion Guide [Spoilers, WIP, PEACH]
  68. Forgebreaker: A Dip in Fire
  69. Mobile Paladin build advice
  70. Rules Q&A Cleric questiion
  71. 5e vampire player to vamp.
  72. Roll20 game?
  73. Optimization Paladin of the Ancients isn't a bad idea?!?
  74. Tiefling innate casting questions
  75. DM Help Cleric did something awful
  76. DM Help LMoP side quest (Harpers/Red Wizards), maybe some spoilers
  77. Rules Q&A Shooting an arrow over a wall
  78. DM Help Fun ways to endanger or kill players in 5E
  79. Have I made my Halloween themed session too deadly for my players?
  80. Prestige Classes in 5e
  81. Making Baynuk (Assassins Creed Origins)
  82. Is it evil to ambush some orcs?
  83. DMs; Rules at your table and how you enforce them?
  84. How does the point buy bladesinger play?
  85. What's the best low-mid level gish?
  86. Booming blade vs green flame blade
  87. Xanathar's and Multiclassing
  88. The Nature of the Shield Spell
  89. Player Wealth? Feeling Poor
  90. Optimization Fighter 1 / Wizard X
  91. Non-intuitive rules. What do you do?
  92. fighting style feat
  93. tempest/ evoker or tempest/dragon sorcerer or storm sorcerer
  94. Xanathar's Spells Speculation
  95. Help a 5e noob
  96. Replacing Gold in Spellcasting
  97. Negative hit points, I liked them.
  98. Making a personal 5e book project
  99. What Alternative and house rules do y'all use.
  100. Unarmored defense and Unarmored defense?
  101. DM Help Newbie DM: Long Rests and Verisimilitude
  102. Warlock Hex-blade 1/ Bard Whispers X help with magic secrets.
  103. Game breaking character?
  104. What skills for ‘merchanting’?
  105. Optimization I remember seeing a DPR king thread a while back.
  106. HELP Warpriest making
  107. Gritty Realism rest variant and class balance
  108. Fighter 1/Lvl 8 OoA paly - what do I take??
  109. 5e instrument of the bards/ crafting one?
  110. Monster with the most hit points which does the least damage?
  111. Long Death and Sun Soul Monks
  112. DM Help More Long Term Injuries
  113. Sorc w/ warlock dip spellcasting help
  114. Moon Druid Magic Item
  115. Need some lore help for Blood Hunters
  116. Optimization Help me optimize a level 10 Sorlock Bladelock!
  117. Conjuration Wizard Magic Items
  118. Help refine the magic items for an upcoming campaign
  119. Optimization Immortal Champion Tactics
  120. Optimization Need help with multiclass timing for one character and general building for another
  121. Speculation Hexblade/PotB - Will Swinging Your Sword Finally Be Better Than Eldritch Blast?
  122. Character Hooks and Story Inspiration for Two Hand weapon Fighter
  123. Raging Hexblade
  124. DM Help Writing a horror campaign, too many horrific challenges?
  125. Please help me with multiclass spell slots
  126. Help with monk feats
  127. Preferred method of ranged attack for Str-based martial
  128. Alt Capstones
  129. DM Help A new way to track Boss hit points?
  130. Heist flashback mechanics for D&D (from Blades in the Dark)
  131. Arcane Trickster Build
  132. Evil Tyranny of Dragons Campaign
  133. Alt Features
  134. Anyone got any Creativity kills stories?
  135. List of spells which hold enemies in place
  136. DM Help How can a wizard live in perpetuity in the D&D universe?
  137. Moon druid builds might be getting old...
  138. Picking Spells on a Wizard.
  139. Cleric built using Warlock spellcasting
  140. Advantage on saves vs. magical effects?
  141. Speculation A mindflayer PC? Hmmmmm
  142. Using Animate Objects to make flying mounts
  143. Optimization Multi-Subclassing
  144. DM Help Leaving the shadowfell?
  145. Player Help Any suggestions for creating a Melee Ranger?
  146. Advice to make my life cleric1/lore bard X support character be even better.
  147. Hexblade Concerns
  148. BM Fighter(Tunnel) + Rogue...Does this work or just theory?
  149. Please help me design a legionary.
  150. Build Assistance Recommendation Fighter: Bone Knight
  151. Vampire charm defense
  152. Tempest Loremaster
  153. [GUIDE] Inquisitor Lim's Bladesinger and Wizard Guide: Xanathar's Edition
  154. Crawford says monk stuff ain't magic
  155. Speculation Elemental [Outsider] Patron Warlock
  156. Bard with a shield -- is there any point?
  157. Thought Experiment: Removing the stipulations from Extend Spell Meta magic
  158. Paladin / Warlock build help?
  159. WotC Login
  160. DM Help simple subclass question
  161. DM Help I'm having a little trouble with a druid
  162. Reverse damage and healing item
  163. Optimization Whip and spell sniper
  164. Rules Q&A (DnD 5e) Prestige Classes
  165. Oath of Treachery help.
  166. Player Help Can you Dump WIS as a Ranger?
  167. Optimization Best Wizard Spells To Support Your Fighter
  168. Player Help New Wizard Assistance Required: Spells / Items
  169. Lizard Folk Dual Weld with bite?
  170. Lizard Folk Dual Weld with bite?
  171. Rules Q&A What can a familiar aid with?
  172. Player Help Thor as a new Paladin Subclass
  173. DM Help (Kinda) Giant Mech Battle Help
  174. Homebrew Races By Amdy_vill
  175. Help with thief (not Rogue) Druid backstory
  176. How can we use a familiar to it up most Potential
  177. Roleplaying Favorite Support?
  178. 5e SRD - Can I legally copy, paste and sell?
  179. Optimization Silly builds -- the Whip Kensei
  180. Grim reaper build?!?!
  181. Glyph of Warding Help
  182. Rules Q&A Invoke Duplicity and Counterspell
  183. Horror One shot for newbies
  184. Player Help Building a Sorcere/Warlock
  185. Xanathar's Guide Giveaway on FG
  186. Price of Silvered Weapons without the work?
  187. ToA yuanti ritual question regarding AL(spoilers)
  188. DM vs. Players
  189. DM Help Completing a Campaign (PotA) - what should the reward look like?
  190. New DM scares and confuses his players
  191. How important is Charisma to a Favored Soul Bladelock?
  192. Flurry of Blows
  193. Magical Items for a Heist One Shot
  194. Which kensai will we get?
  195. Creature size confusion?
  196. New to D&D and 5e, questions on both a One Punch Man build and rules
  197. Barbarian help
  198. Cleric Pondering
  199. Curse of Strahd Party item ideas
  200. Shield Utilizing Fighter
  201. Community Bonding: Let's Build a One Shot!
  202. Xanathars Q & A
  203. Rules Q&A Session recap and rules questions
  204. Your Illithid Adventure Stories Here!
  205. Build-a-bard: Curse of Strahd
  206. Larry Spotter
  207. Looking for ideas for encounters with fey in the feywilds
  208. Races for a Shield Master Fighter
  209. How many AL players bring morethan one character to a game?
  210. Optimization Wizard question: secondary attributes for each spell specialization?
  211. Question: bag of tricks
  212. Player Help Ranger or Monk; Which Fits Better for a Lizardfolk?
  213. Fighter Build help
  214. What can a Bard do vs Undead
  215. Firefly Skill System Adapted to DnD 5e
  216. Is devil's sight useful without the darkness combo?
  217. Nemesis System for 5e?
  218. Player Help Barbarian/Rogue Build. Anyone try it yet?
  219. How to handle surprise attacks?
  220. Who to blame (thought experiment)
  221. 5E - AL - Glyph of Warding - spell glyph limitations
  222. Warlock Pact of the Blade Question
  223. 5e fighter build
  224. Houseruling Blade Ward?
  225. DM Help One of my player ("necromancer" wizard) would like a humanoid undead minion/familiar
  226. DM Help Hey! So I'm running my first game! And...
  227. Thoughts on Magic Weapon Immunities in an Anti Magic Field.
  228. Does being on fire give you resistance/immunity to cold damage?
  229. DM Help So a player of mine is planning on playing a Hex Blade
  230. 5E Homebrew Contest
  231. Optimization Will Hexblade require multiclassing to be effective in melee?
  232. DM Help Fey as antagonists
  233. Necromantic Experimentation
  234. Am I really thinking entangle is best for a Magical Secrets choice?
  235. So Called Standard Character Stat Build Stats Are Foolish: Lidda Did Not Have 8 Chr!
  236. Web vs Entangle?
  237. A boomerang...?
  238. How to improve odds of using Amulet of the Planes?
  239. Here is what I'm rolling with in SKT
  240. Player Help What happens when this spell and magic item collide?
  241. Anyone know yet how the Divine Soul sorc works?
  242. Help with Illusion Magic
  243. Rules Q&A Green Flame Blade and Booming Blade
  244. DM Help ToA: Help figuring out what locations people know about
  245. Spotlight for a Rogue
  246. Thought on turning feats into magic items.
  247. An improvised weapon is not technically a "weapon"
  248. 5E Race Survey: RESULTS ARE IN
  249. Hexblade changes for XGtE?
  250. Finger of Death should be "Finger of Uncsonsciousness"