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  1. Awaken Spell
  2. Players that have caused TPK's
  3. Trying to get my head around a Dungeon Crawl
  4. DM Help Creating an Atlantis Story Line
  5. RAI is Impossible
  6. Old School D&D Dungeons make no sense
  7. D&D 5e Character Creation - A Disillusion/Rant/Perspective
  8. Rolling Hexblade features into Pact of the Blade
  9. Support Fighter Build?
  10. Speculation [5e] Grapple Fun
  11. Vampirism... as a background?
  12. Warding Wind/Cloudkill?
  13. Question: breaking things (solved)
  14. "Useless" character concepts
  15. Homebrew, Modules, and AL
  16. DM Help Balancing the Favored Soul
  17. Sorcerer build help
  18. Thought Experiment: Synergy between high stat scores granting "Free" half Feats?
  19. Player Help Tripleclassing
  20. Forgotten Realms: How old are demons/devils/PHB races?
  21. Player Help Paladin Barbarian Multiclass
  22. Different cleric playstyles besides healing and melee?
  23. Fabrication, how much can you make?
  24. Wizard spells, what do you guys think is best.
  25. Optimization What are the current meta's in the game with XGtE out now?
  26. Advice on characters death and rerolling....
  27. Player Help Burned out, no characters seem appealing?
  28. race for a conquest paladin?
  29. Chaos Bolt: Powerful?
  30. Interrogation, Torture, and You
  31. Blades or Valor for archer bard?
  32. Optimization Cleric Race, feats and Subclass
  33. Inspired by a song, how would you build this character?
  34. OMG - what to be?? (and what I've decided to be)
  35. Optimization Is Hand Crossbow + Crossbow Mastery good enough?
  36. Advice on creating a warlock "magical girl"
  37. Eldritch Knight "Any School of Magic" are at what levels?
  38. Frog God Games and Kobold Press pdf's on Humble Bundle!
  39. Optimization highest attacks per turn
  40. What drives your initial character development
  41. DM Help A Rakshasa goes out for a night on the town
  42. Player Help Best Sorcerer spells for running away/being hard to catch
  43. How do you roll 1d2?
  44. What's your favorite / most consistent way to gain Advantage?
  45. vHuman Glaivelock Hexblade vs Half-Elf Glaivelock Hexblade
  46. DM Help Something is causing undead to rise... but what?
  47. Good or Best Gish?
  48. Lawful vs Chaos OR Passion vs Logic
  49. In-combat use of suggestion spell againt the PCs.
  50. Highest damage using only cantrips...
  51. DM Help Calculating CR for a Full Caster Dracolich
  52. Optimization Complete Spell Lists
  53. Aspect of the Moon and Long Rests
  54. Are there any good cheap or free Adventures I can run starting at 5th level?
  55. To build a caster killer...
  56. DM Help Underwater adventure ideas needed
  57. See Invisibility
  58. Which build would you pick? (Bard)
  59. defensive duelist feat - pros & cons?
  60. Why do I feel this way?
  61. Making an Alternate Artificer
  62. Optimization Making the shadiest character?
  63. Zealot Barbarian: Physically IMPOSSIBLE to die?
  64. Your opinion on which build to take?
  65. Multiclass and Spells - how does it work?
  66. Parasitic Skin-Changer ( Magic Jar ponderings )
  67. Trade spells gained from Gloom Stalker, etc.?
  68. Protecting your party
  69. Tenets of D&D?
  70. Player Help Opinions on a half orc champion warlock
  71. Player can't remember his abilities
  72. DM Help Ambient music for upcoming Curse of Strahd campaign
  73. Damned Artificer thread....has anyone found a good one?
  74. Questions about rule lawyering
  75. Secure contain protect
  76. How would you go about building a hexblade
  77. Looking for a 3D capable digital map tool
  78. So apparently JC says you can lose HP on level up now...
  79. Speculation Theater of Mind: Does it actually work?
  80. Making an Adventure Path out of classic modules.
  81. Does any DM use the average instead of rolling for damage?
  82. Optimization Super Defense Squad!
  83. The "haste my enemies" bug?
  84. A feat to gain extra attack: what are the problems with it?
  85. Rules Q&A Powerful Build Trait, Enlarge, and Grappling
  86. Casters as defenders
  87. Speculation Caping HD at Level 10?
  88. background for hexblade
  89. So since I can't get an answer anywhere else, Dragon's Breath spell question
  90. Optimization "Sea Witch" character build?
  91. Rules Q&A Can a spell caster limit the effect of a spell? Can I purposely fail a saving throw?
  92. Revised Bard Class (Musician instead of Spellcaster)
  93. Dark mage build?
  94. Masquerading as a PC
  95. How would you build a flying, grappling Triton Storm Sorcerer ?
  96. Looking for critique of homebrew class, Sophomore (utility caster)
  97. Rogue’s Sneak Attack vs. Warlock’s Eldritch Blast vs. UA Gunsmith Artificer?
  98. Animal Companions (BM Ranger vs. Revised BM Ranger)
  99. Is this a good campaign setting?
  100. Balancing one Int/Wis stat vs Cha
  101. Query: Stabilization and Death Saves.
  102. The Sword of Wounding: Perma-killer yet ignored?
  103. Looking for inspiration on Hermit Background (LMOP Spoilers)
  104. How do i prep for a young red dragon fight in chult
  105. So how much AC should a caster have?
  106. Rules Q&A Umbral Sight & Advantage on Attack Rolls
  107. Dream Druid magic item selection?
  108. Lore or glamour?
  109. Magical secrets now that XGtE is out?
  110. Is it possible to have a fun game for both power-gamers and casuals?
  111. Mind spike + Sacred flame
  112. Creating Cantrips
  113. Glamour Bard question
  114. What should we play next?
  115. Grim Reaper or Chosen of Death Deity
  116. Immortal Builds
  117. Rules Q&A Readying an Action and Using a Reaction
  118. Magical items from Wizards still in tech school
  119. Warlock question
  120. looking for build advice warlock/paladin/rogue
  121. Speculation How would you go about balancing classes?
  122. So an idea for torture?
  123. Player Help Complete Newb: First Character Advice
  124. Question on find greater steed
  125. Player-friendly sheet for managing money, food, encumbrance, exhaustion, etc...
  126. any ideas for defending a sky castle???
  127. Optimization "Evil" Oath of Vengence Paladin/hexblade
  128. UA Ranger Primeval Awareness or PHB?
  129. New Underdark(ish) Campaign
  130. Optimization Useful Charts for Hit Probability and Expected Monster AC
  131. What does Halfling Luck work with?
  132. Use for Prestidigitation?
  133. Improved Pact Weapon and magic weapons...
  134. Speculation First draft of "Martial Archetype:Dervish"
  135. How to theurge? (Arcane/Divine multiclass help)
  136. Optimization Help on optimizing Horizon Walker
  137. Please help me choose what to play
  138. Ideas for quest involving modern day technology. Also gnoll quest
  139. AL How do I have Faction Secret Missions when running a hardcover?
  140. Race adaptions for Japanese Campaign
  141. the new guides
  142. JC talks about antimagic in detail: AMfield, dispel magic, counterspell, etc.
  143. Slinging and Magic Stones
  144. Quick and Easy Goblin Language
  145. Destroy Artifact: Lava + Anti Magic Field?
  146. Unearthed Arcana 12/11/2017
  147. Hexblade Eldritch blast user.
  148. low level spell scrolls with permanent effects
  149. Is this contradictory?
  150. DM Help Making Variant Monsters
  151. Rakshasa vs Magic Stone
  152. Swords bard, a better swashbuckler.
  153. Optimization Dark Souls Boss as a PC
  154. How to let my DM understand that when he is making creatures stronger he goes to far
  155. Most Utility at Level 12?
  156. Is Hexblade's Curse OP?
  157. Converting my 3.5 character, Mystic Build
  158. Circle of Dreams - Hearth of Moonlight and Shadow
  159. Crits on Spell Damage?
  160. Holiday One Shot ideas?
  161. Xanathar's Hexblade + Pact of the blade (Curse archer)
  162. Would this Paladin build work? (At least vaguely)
  163. DM Help Changing Races for Custom Settings
  164. Xanathar's Lost Notes to Everything
  165. Pugilist barbarian thoughts?
  166. With Robert Adduci stepping down from AL, he talks about the next 5e Campaign Setting
  167. Build help teleporting and lighting
  168. A Cleric's Delimma Part 2
  169. DM Help Awesome One-Shot Villans.
  170. Leased optimized character
  171. Optimization Help with Hexblade build
  172. Help me create Homebrew classes
  173. Hide armor and creatures' Restitances/Immunities
  174. Calculating expected damage with conditions
  175. Rules Q&A Voluntary Falling
  176. Please help me choose one of these to play
  177. Speculation Planeshift Ixalan - coming soon?
  178. Alternative spellbooks, re: XGtE wizards
  179. Rebalancing Ability Scores for more interesting, less cookie cutter builds
  180. Optimization Thinking of building a hexblade/paladin
  181. Mike Mearls on Mind Flayers and Cosmology: the different worlds of the Material Plane
  182. Optimization Gug-Gug Barbarian 6/Fighter 6/Rogue 8 Character Build
  183. Statting Out Dragonlance Characters
  184. Assassin vs Alert Feat
  185. DM vetoed a powerful ability, but is his new suggestion stronger?
  186. Zealot barb, gloam stalker ranger mc.
  187. Warlock AC opinions 5e
  188. online character sheet
  189. 5e casting attributes
  190. DM Help Newbie Casters and how to deal with their Spells
  191. True Polymorph and Spell Slots
  192. Zealot’s Contingency
  193. Pirate Captain Advice: What ARRRRRRRR your thoughts?
  194. Rules Q&A Is rebuke the violent potentially overpowered?
  195. Converting my Pathfinder character (Mystic Build)
  196. too min-maxy for a TAD character?
  197. How does the Redemption Paladin get out of its own way?
  198. Rogue/Ranger what level next?
  199. How do you fluff the Hexblade?
  200. Speculation Moving away from the Arcane/Divine dichotomy
  201. Best subclass for max-HP build
  202. Optimization Best way to play Mystic Soul Knife for damage
  203. Player Help Making a Hexblade Bardcher.
  204. Strange Rules Questions
  205. So a lich polymorphs into a dragon, which shapechanges into a human...
  206. Player Help What would be a good fit for this party?
  207. Battle bard?
  208. killing someone in their sleep
  209. Why does the Blowgun suck so much?
  210. When "should" Hexblade stop using Hex?
  211. Optimization Barbarian/Paladin Multiclass Advice
  212. Let's create our favorite super heroes
  213. Stats for Iconic Villains
  214. So how much HP should a melee character have?
  215. Player Help Magic Item creation (artefact)
  216. I think I'm a problem player, help? (Power gamer)
  217. Can you Twin Dragon's Breath?
  218. Wizard changes
  219. Mirror Image, lots to say
  220. Custom Barding for Steed ideas
  221. Question: Maddening Hex
  222. Player Help Charlatan-turned-Knight: Class Suggestion!
  223. Player Help Frost mage or frost knight build?
  224. What happens first and the end of your turn?
  225. Fix the Storm Herald
  226. Santa Claus the D&D Character
  227. Dark Sun 5e conversion - questions
  228. Player Help Best Class to Complete Party?
  229. Racial wars.
  230. The pyromaniac pixie w/ battlebots
  231. DM Help Minor Champion Tweaks
  232. Player Help Lightfoot Halfling's Naturally Stealthy
  233. (annoying question again) Is +3 to the main attacking stat good enough to start with?
  234. Brainstorm: non-spellcasting Rangers as Fighter archetypes (that don't suck)
  235. Unique Idea for all those people asking what class they should be to fill out a party
  236. Thoughts on the War Mage?
  237. Query: Stumbling in the dark...
  238. RAW and RAI for grapplers
  239. DM Help Tiamat arrived to Well of dragons
  240. Falling, grappling and turns
  241. Help allocating stat rolls - Hexblade
  242. Optimization Barb decisions
  243. Heroes vs. Dragons pt. II - encounter building help
  244. Shadow of moil vs Darkness
  245. Ivor's Christmas Cookies
  246. Help me understand pact magic/spellcasting multiclass
  247. Evil Santa as a player character
  248. Best knowledge class?
  249. Rules Q&A Does Hunter's Mark need a target?
  250. Duo Concept: The Lovers