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  1. DM Help Doubt on spells, resurrection and antimagic field
  2. Rules Q&A cleric trickery domain illusion ability question
  3. Overchannel and sickening radiance
  4. DM Guide to Awarding Basic Magic Items
  5. Using a player character as a mount
  6. DM Help Monsters with interesting abilities (CR 1-10)
  7. Leomund's Tiny Hut
  8. You can be too effective
  9. Check my houserules for issues?
  10. Multi-classing Monk for the Team?
  11. Booming Blade + Resounding Strike
  12. 5e Aasimar build help.
  13. Spelltrap - how to identify?
  14. This Hurts You More Than It Hurts Me: A Healer's Handbook
  15. Connotation: two scoops!
  16. Why does it seem like Druids are unpopular?
  17. Working on a campaign I'm thinking of running, want critique and advice!
  18. Player Help Is there anyway to get a gun RAW?
  19. Optimization Build me optimized tanks (Barb, Fighter, Rogue)!
  20. Out of the Abyss Character
  21. Help Deciding
  22. Eladrin Mortality
  23. Paladin Optimization
  24. DM Help Changing stats when leveling up on paper
  25. Best Feats for Monk
  26. Spell combos and questions
  27. Spells reflavored as nonmagical items: Let's make some!
  28. Player Help Best magic items for a Lv20 Sorcerer/Warlock
  29. Looking for advice for my next class
  30. I need hel for a monk pc
  31. Moon Druids have no way to become proficient in natural weapons?
  32. Need help designing my hexblade warlock
  33. 5e PC Religion and Mechanics
  34. Best class and subclass for a longbow-weilder?
  35. Functional difference between claw and dagger attack
  36. never mind
  37. Animate objects... broken??? what would u allow
  38. DM Help How to RP NPCs Smarter than Me?
  39. Player Help Bard and Rogue Team Advice
  40. I was thinking about porting 4e's combat system to 5e, what do you think?
  41. Optimization Working up a character for a one shot game
  42. Barbarian learning Druidic? (answered)
  43. Rules Q&A Does Savage Attacker allow you to double roll extra damage dice?
  44. Dragon PC Statistics?
  45. Shepherd Sorcerer
  46. DM Help Bloodborne D&D/ effective use of the hunters dream for tabletop?
  47. Speculation Low Fantasy and The Curse Of Strahd
  48. Dual wielding slings question
  49. Player Help How to not suck as a Sorcerer?
  50. 5E AL - ASI vs. feat for Dwarven life cleric
  51. DM Help How to calculate encounters with NPC guests?
  52. Mini/max - generic types - or new character concepts
  53. Gloves of Monkey Grip (homebrew item)
  54. Playstyle Poll
  55. Rules Q&A Barbarian Capstone Question
  56. Bounded Accuracy and such?
  57. Player Help Inspiring Leader
  58. Having known spells/prepared spells as a Wizard option
  59. Guards / Soldiers for different CR's - CR 2 needed now
  60. Ranged Builds 5th edition
  61. Rolled stats in order for a 1 shot. What class to play?
  62. Optimization How fast can you kill a Tarrasque?
  63. Thematic conflict between druid's wild shape and homebrew setting, looking for advice
  64. Blood Mage
  65. Giving players HD for background.
  66. Ethereal Shield?
  67. 3e poisons in 5e
  68. Why are Barbarians so awesome?
  69. DM Help Solo adventures
  70. Rules Q&A Major differences between D&D 5th vs. D&D 3.5?
  71. Rules Q&A I want to optimize my arcana cleric & how do I represent the astronomy skill in D&D?
  72. DM Help Hear Ye Hear Ye! Ye say you know the rules better than anyone! Monster Question!
  73. Are 5e monsters boring bags of HPs? PROVE IT!
  74. Fight club 5ed app question
  75. Optimization A numerical analysis of tanking survivability
  76. Dual Majors: A Not-Quite-Gestalt Variant Idea (PEACH)
  77. Optimization DND 5e. optimization, looking to make a 20th level character to embody Gith
  78. First Homebrewed Magic Items Please Review
  79. Difficult but Fair (or only slightly unfair) challenges for Level 5+ PCs
  80. build concept: Vuman Prodigy Grappler
  81. Best adventures to prepare new DMs?
  82. is this a good damage?
  83. Player Help How do I build a flavorful Stone Sorcerer?
  84. Modified memory and mislead
  85. Revised Ranger and Beastmaster questions
  86. Lvl 20 Sorcerer question
  87. Is Xanthar's balanced?
  88. Is there a quick table for monster ablties and what they do?
  89. Tome of Magic in 5e: What has been ported, and what needs to?
  90. D&D Vocabulary: Words you love or hate to use/hear?
  91. The Bonus Guide (A Mini-Guide to Bonus Actions)
  92. What's you favorite sublcass so far?
  93. Adventurers' League online
  94. Rules Q&A Can Reincarnate circumvent multiclass stat requirements?
  95. DM Help Going to a con to run a bunch of games soon. Need help deciding al adventures.
  96. Rules Q&A Soul Cage Spell
  97. question about dropping an item in combat.
  98. Tomb of Annihilation: Which guide(s) did the the players choose?
  99. New Years or calendar based plot ideas?
  100. What class should I play if I hate 5e?
  101. Best uses for a Bag of Devouring? Or ideas I should not try lol
  102. ring of spell storing - find familiar
  103. champion fighter is the best class
  104. Great Old One patron isn't very Great Old One-y
  105. Create Bondire vs Flaming Sphere
  106. Fallen aasimar conquest paladin with a pinch of Hexblade.
  107. Holy Grail War servant ideas
  108. is a barbarian/ranger multi class optimized at all?
  109. Is INT useless?
  110. DM Help How to upgrade encounters in 5E without chancing TPK.
  111. Infinite +1 gear
  112. Favorite spells from Xanathar's?
  113. Best Caster?
  114. good race for fighter archer?
  115. Low level Shepherd seeking advice and a question about storm Herald barbs
  116. Colosol dwarf!
  117. nonlethal weapon
  118. What should first time players read?
  119. Best mobile longbow user build?
  120. Ray of Enfeeblement, debuffs Weapon attacks only?
  121. Need Help Balancing a Homebrew Class
  122. Infestation, an anti-pattern
  123. Doing a One Shot tomorrow night - Excited DM
  124. Roleplaying The Player Background
  125. potentially explosive character development
  126. DM Help I'm about to run Curse of Strahd
  127. The Whip Master build. An effectively Meh but cool playstyle
  128. Optimizing a Nature Cleric
  129. Can we talk about the Redemption Paladin?
  130. Alignments of Heavy Metal
  131. Wild Sorcerer?
  132. Optimization Looking for help on Warlock Hexblade Eldritch Blaster?
  133. How abundant (or rare) do you make spell availability?
  134. Buffing or debuffing which is better
  135. So sell me on Phantasmal Force a.k.a. how can it possibly be useful?
  136. One shot help
  137. Traveling Zoo! (Help me flesh it out.)
  138. Help DM modifying XGtE's Hexblade
  139. Working Sorcerer Builds
  140. Do you ever have impatient players? Tell me tales.
  141. Player Help Sell me Horizon Walker
  142. Player Help Eldritch archer help
  143. Robe of eyes V medusa
  144. Optimization Choose one magic item from every rarity to form a set
  145. DM Help Abberration themed puzzle
  146. Thoughts on an idea for a new campaign/BBEG?
  147. Optimization Half-Orc Rogue (Assassin)
  148. Do TPKs happen at your table?
  149. Pam + tunnel fighter + scout = profit?
  150. DM Help Creation of Elemental Paladins
  151. DM Help Underwater Dungeon
  152. a tortles shell and uparmoured defence
  153. Best possible dual wielder?
  154. Rules Q&A Vampiric Touch and Steeds
  155. DM Help A Room Full of Mimics
  156. How to chose the best spells
  157. How Balanced Is This Binder Port/Homebrew?
  158. Wall of Stone Expert Ideas
  159. Questionable Tanking strats
  160. using pact weapons as a scam
  161. Sub class or try and build a class, DM advice.
  162. Is +prof to damage too much as a fighting style/feat?
  163. DM Help Modrons
  164. Does an illusion of the Moon affect a Lycanthrope?
  165. Wood Elf Kensai Monk
  166. MC Ranger/Warlock?
  167. Crafting in 5e
  168. Rules Q&A Can/Does the caster scan themselves with Detect Magic?
  169. DM Help Player building a house-ruled sorc; which of these would you allow?
  170. Should I make the switch from Pathfinder?
  171. Modifying Orcish Fury or Elven Adv. Racial Feat from Xanathar's
  172. Portent, Luck, and crit fails
  173. Using Polymorph on yourself in battle?
  174. Mc kensei/revised beastmaster level split
  175. Curse of Strahd-Themed Subclasses?
  176. Utility belt
  177. What is dragon meat good for?
  178. Dragon's Breath effect on following turns + quickened leveled spell?
  179. I want to add a buckler (light shield) To my game. Looking for feedback.
  180. How Fluff Restrictions Hurt the Game
  181. Has anyone tried Angry GM's Paragon monster?
  182. What archetype is the most versatile for a Druid char?
  183. Scaling weapon/armor enchantments with Proficiency?
  184. Monsters are ingredients, encounters are dishes
  185. Holy Weapon - what stacks with it?
  186. Advice on best 6-person party for Dungeon Crawling (no feats or multi-classing)
  187. An action is not a duration
  188. Small change to sorcerer--is this unbalanced? Opinions welcome
  189. Best level 1 AL paladin build?
  190. Rogue/Warlock or Battlemaster/Warlock? Or maybe Wizard/Battlemaster?
  191. What character would you make for an evil campaign?
  192. how to feed a T rex
  193. Healing Spells
  194. Eldritch Knight / dragon sorcerer mc?
  195. Character leveling rate
  196. Weirdest multiclass you ever played
  197. Yet another multiclass build.
  198. New to wizards
  199. DM Help Yeenoghu Fight - How to Run the Beast
  200. DM Help Companions For Kids
  201. Melee Hexblade spell choice
  202. DM Help I need help! Players are stuck in the well in Mbala(Tomb of Annihilation)...
  203. Suggestions for a gish character concept.
  204. Rogue/ ranger. Hunter assasin
  205. Bar-BEAR-ian Tank Build
  206. Legendary Actions + Forcage
  207. Homebrew action economy to prior to 5e
  208. D&D economics. Good pay for a defensive militia man?
  209. Speculation Sorcery, Exalted Deeds, Deep Gnomes, Bovine Manure
  210. Is this homebrewed feat overpowered?
  211. The Sorcerer & Warlock frustrate me.
  212. Multi school E Knight spell choices?
  213. Guybrush Treepwood build (Vicious Mockery + War Magic)
  214. editing to delete a repeated thread
  215. The Definitive Wild Shape thread
  216. Optimization paladin strength build how to do it? or should I just go with dex?
  217. Always Sunny Fans Out There (Alignment)
  218. Player Help Most enjoyable way to play a kiddie campaign
  219. DM Help Looking for creative low-CR mook ideas.
  220. Unseen Servant Movement
  221. DM going to let us start with a Rare magic item at level 5. What should I take!
  222. Orcs as villains
  223. Reimagining and Redesigning Spell Casting and Spell Casting Classes
  224. Roleplaying Insult Swordfighter [Homebrewed Feat]
  225. How does time work?
  226. Optimization help
  227. Player Help Paladin holy symbol on greatsword?
  228. Dueling for beastmaster ranger any good . thanks
  229. fun time: what does this magic item do?
  230. DM Help What CR do monsters need to be to make magic items?
  231. Best use for Horizon walker?
  232. Speculation What if sneak attacking wasn't easy?
  233. DM Help Wall of Stone
  234. What are the weirdest ways to roll up stats?
  235. Fiend summoning for beginners
  236. the point of light and heavy crossbow?
  237. Creating AL legal magic items
  238. Rules Q&A Somatic Components of a Spell
  239. Help with chaotic evil
  240. Replacing Unarmored Defense
  241. OotA in Eberron
  242. Goristro vs Hillsfar
  243. You have 20 levels in every class - What subclasses do you take?
  244. Need idea for crazy magical item of Counterspell
  245. Player Help How to get the most out of avarage stats?
  246. Player Help what does "reduces hit point maximum to zero" really mean?
  247. Eldritch Blast - Nerf / House Rule
  248. Is Oathbreaker/Hexblade combo broken?
  249. Rolling stats: 3d6 in fixed order. Granting a boon as a prize?
  250. Thinking about starting Curse of Strahd for my group of 5th level characters.