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  1. Player Help How would you build a "Runesmith"
  2. Optimization [AL]PDK in TOA
  3. Optimization Is a Feat really better than Darkvision?
  4. Barbarian wolf totem = stealth 24/7?
  5. how would we build the flash in d&D 5E
  6. hex duration
  7. Rules Q&A Question on Slow spell
  8. Rules Q&A Hex, duration, perception and Social encounters
  9. ASI 18 or 20 or Feats
  10. Optimization Building Black Panther
  11. Rules Q&A Artisan's Blessing + Minor Alchemy
  12. House Rules, grappling and spellcasting related
  13. Rules Q&A Attacking low flying enemies with melee
  14. Sethis Groon, Lizardfolk Gladiator
  15. DM Help DM Looking for bounty hunter and merc ideas!
  16. Beholder and blindness
  17. Player Help Evil paladins
  18. Anybody play Arcane Archer?
  19. DM Help Best Very Rare magic items for Rogue?
  20. Optimization Gotta cast 'em all!
  21. Help creating a Druid sub-class/circle
  22. Would you allow a player to do this?
  23. Would you allow for a character to detect effects he's immune to?
  24. DM Help MTG Magic in D&D
  25. Optimization Let's talk about the Circle of Spores Druid
  26. Aasimar appearance
  27. Rules Q&A Do racial cantrips scale with level?
  28. Freeform 5e - have you tried it?
  29. DM Help Help me brainstorm names for the NPC equivalents of PC archetypes
  30. How to "improve" darkvision in cultures where it exists?
  31. DM Help What Level Would This Spell Be?
  32. You're a mastermind. What spellcasting services do you buy to prepare for your heist
  33. Thought experiment: How would you get a huge adamantine door out of a dungeon?
  34. How to deal with a Read-Aheader? (Possible Out of the Abyss Spoilers)
  35. Optimization Halfling Wereweasel
  36. Player archlicdom
  37. mind flayer space marine paladin of asmodeus
  38. D&D 5E campaign ideas
  39. Life Transference and Life Cleric Blessed Healer domain feature
  40. Damage options for lore bard.
  41. Ranger Attacks
  42. Optimization Help with a kobold idea
  43. Is the Heavily Obscured condition from Shadow of Moil considered magical darkness?
  44. Basic perception
  45. Best option for a lv 20 wizard and having a planar binding pet?
  46. Ranger: hunter vs gloom stalker
  47. Yawning Portal Campaign Concept
  48. 5E/11 - Capping class features at 11th level
  49. Dark sun campaign help: Muls
  50. My group thinks Gloomstalker is broken and Iím allowing it in my campaign.
  51. Solarian from starfinder I'm 5E?
  52. Celestial Warlock for Tome of Annihilation?
  53. Advice needed on Evil Politician Build-- Hexblade / Swords Bard
  54. Barbarian or fighter?
  55. Slightly more charming than the average
  56. Running Curse of Strahd
  57. Need help creating a magical weapon
  58. Why is Ranger considered underpowered?
  59. Why does Persuasion/Deception seem so ridiculously powerful?
  60. Pick and Choose Which Racial Features you Want
  61. Speculation Buffing the Ranger
  62. New dm, help?
  63. Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  64. Frosty Melee Build
  65. Half-orc dragon worshiper
  66. Problem with a bard
  67. Fey vs. Undead: The Law vs Chaos Debate
  68. Player Help Which cleric would you pick for PoTA?
  69. Player Help Would this be legal/practical? Swashbuckler/Sorcerer Multiclass
  70. Player Help Build Idea: Ice-themed dual-wielder
  71. DM Help Death Ward and damage dealt question
  72. Should warlock have one more spell slot?
  73. WTF?!? Campaign weirdness...
  74. Rise of Tiamat
  75. Healing magic items?
  76. What would be a fun "steed" for a flaming skull?
  77. Player Help What do you do if your DM says "No", and hasn't read the rules?
  78. Strapping oil flask on war hammer.
  79. Paper&pen beyond or app
  80. prepping for underwater combat
  81. Long rest where you are or leave
  82. Player Help Are the Gnomish gods detailed in SCAG?
  83. Spreading caltrops and ball bearing in sight
  84. Paladin first ASI/feat
  85. Can high-level Arcane Tricksters double-up on sneak attack?
  86. Question about samurai
  87. Minions in 5E
  88. DM Help Suggestions for meeting point for Death House (no spoilers)
  89. Suggestions on a primary caster class for my group
  90. Best Archer Build
  91. Half-Orc Barbarian question (Relentless Rage vs. Relentless Endurance)
  92. how would we build batman in 5e
  93. Shadow Monk Multiclass?
  94. Optimization Homebrewed Eldritch Knight/Battlemaster Archer
  95. Optimization A non-combat PC build
  96. DM Help Need a army for a Beholder.
  97. Multi-classing into the UA Artificer class...
  98. Player Help Perpetual DM Struggling as a Player
  99. Rules Q&A THREE dread ambusher attacks?
  100. Dual wield Barbarian
  101. Brief ritual, words, or gestures to memorialize dead adventurers?
  102. Looking for help with detective build - Inquisitive Rogue / Warlock or GRanger?
  103. Detective Build Help - Inquisitive Rogue / Warlock
  104. How often have any of you all reused a campaign module?
  105. Player Help Dexterity ASI, Feat, or other?
  106. Building a Divine Soul
  107. Help! High Level AT/Bladesinger ASI selection.
  108. Out of the Abyss Bonds?
  109. Determining Racial Build Costs
  110. Need a good alias for my hitman!
  111. Ordering controlled undead and constructs
  112. Help needed with my campaign story
  113. DM Help Help with surviving a "bad/incapable" DM
  114. Jean Grey Telekinesis Spells?
  115. World Building: How Much Prior to Homebrew?
  116. Mighty dragon effectively defeated by one curse spell
  117. Help me make this character
  118. Arcane Lock rules query
  119. Astral Projection Question
  120. Moon Druid, change Wild Shape in one turn
  121. Roleplaying Disguise and Forgery Kit Shenanigans Ideas
  122. Mike Mearl's Happy Fun Hour: The Warlord
  123. Name My Firbolg
  124. My players are walking contradictions
  125. Player Help Feylock 2/lore bard X, divine soul 2/lore bard X, or bard 2/divine soul X
  126. Strahd's tactics for the final fight
  127. Multiclass Bard/Warlock
  128. Variable Creature Templates
  129. Bard: Glamour/Whispers convince me they are good
  130. Building a murderhobo
  131. what is your worst experience with w dm
  132. Character Build: Zee (monk/druid)
  133. EK Bard Sorcerer warlock gaining spells
  134. Settle a lame argument: dropping invisibility when you attack
  135. Wearing cursed armor...for too long?
  136. Fire Ze Missiles
  137. Party vs horde
  138. Would This Work, and if you were a DM, would it trigger you?
  139. Optimization Brick wall with a twist
  140. Best rider for Druid Mount combo
  141. Share your jaw-dropping in-game moments...
  142. Operation Skill Monkey
  143. Optimization Best Cleric Race? (5e)
  144. The Investiture Spells: Analyzing and Fixing Them?
  145. How to Kill a Wizard
  146. Organizations/Religions in DnD that might kill to keep order?
  147. Player Help Hexslinger - Multiclass Build Advice
  148. Eldritch Knight / Abjuration Wizard Level distribution
  149. Player Help Mage Slayer build? Please critique!
  150. Corellon Larethian - What happened with him?
  151. A green dragon surrenders
  152. Experience with Deadly++++ encounters
  153. Rules Q&A Featherfall and component pouch?
  154. Experience with Deadly++ encounters
  155. 8 attacks in one nova turn at level 10
  156. Rules Q&A How far do you fall in a round?
  157. 2nd level player got 2 goblin followers, Best way to run them?
  158. Optimization Ranged Fighter: Mobile Feat, Booming Blade, Expeditious Retreat
  159. New DM. Need help creating a puzzle.
  160. Morenkainen's Tome of Foes Spoilers
  161. Player Help Efficient Dips 1 and 2
  162. If you're stopping at level 11 but want to MC
  163. Magical Goodies: How Prevalent Should They Be?
  164. Holy Water -- is it a magic item?
  165. Does a tentacle rod "see"?
  166. Minor Illusion question.
  167. Simple EL11 System
  168. Does advantage disadvantage still work with the 3d6 bell curve?
  169. Weird MC - Int or Cha?
  170. AL Character: BB or Elven Accuracy for my dex EK?
  171. Roleplaying Ideas For Robbing My Own Event
  172. First time making a magic item for D&d 5e
  173. FIendish vigor
  174. The Warlock and the short rest, how does it affect your game?
  175. Dervish Build
  176. Thief Rogue: What can it use its Bonus action for?
  177. What's your favorite Cleric Domain?
  178. What Would You Change: Druid
  179. DM Help Morphing Magical Sword Cost
  180. is it possible to be able to have ability scores beyond 20?
  181. Rules Q&A Celestial Fey Fiend - What is the difference
  182. Melee rogue issues.
  183. Yes another Hexblade question
  184. Drow weapon 5ed
  185. Optimization Undying Patron Bladelock
  186. What kind of 3PP would you read/buy?
  187. being lawful good yet animating the dead
  188. Playing a Dwarf Cleric and deciding between Resilient: Con and Dwarven Fortitude...
  189. First time D&D player. Human Barbarian
  190. Anyone have a Bard spell list to target every weakness?
  191. DM Help D&D Deity with lots of hands?
  192. Language and Crafting Tool Proficiencies
  193. Player Help Phantom Thief concept build help
  194. Improving Revised Ranger
  195. Player Help I need help with my ranger! (PVP related)
  196. Share your best dystopia
  197. Favorite Epic Boons?
  198. What experience do I reward for a treant?
  199. Need a creator of an anti-magic field generating device
  200. Haste question
  201. Non-spell Ways to add extra dice to attack damage
  202. Bard or Rogue review at lvl 20 help me please
  203. Theurgy Wizard Question
  204. Forge Clerics and Adamantite
  205. Draconic shapechange: what qualifies as "class features?"
  206. How would one create a good lich?
  207. AL Warlock, want to take advantage of found spellbook
  208. Maximum number of things adding to damage at once
  209. Player Help Good Spells Know for a Dragonborn Valor Bard Pirate?
  210. Better Spell List: Cleric or Druid?
  211. Would you rather have a LE or CN in your party?
  212. Conversion Question for Age of Worms
  213. How well does college of swords play?
  214. Ways to boost stealth.
  215. Anyone Else Think The Wizard's 18th And 20th Level Features Should Swap?
  216. Pure Hexblade build
  217. How to Play a LE Goblin Wizard
  218. Elven Accuracy/Shield Master fighter-rogue-would it work?
  219. What to do with this Hexblade character
  220. Heavy Armor Master
  221. Polymorph and wall of force
  222. DM Help In Storm King's Thunder, how are the players meant to survive chapter 11?
  223. GISH Build
  224. [BRAINSTORMING] Getting best damage as an evocation wizard.
  225. Best rare magic item for a wizard?
  226. Best weapon for a Bladesinger... Whip?
  227. Anti-Dragon Tactics for Wizard
  228. Tomb of Levistus is terrible?
  229. Player Help Building the Mountain Dwarf Wizard
  230. DM Help An Inquisition or Crusade in Faerun, but with a twist
  231. Paladin(ancient)/druid(land grass) wood elves build
  232. Rules Q&A Follow That Familiar, Slay All You Meet
  233. Recommendation For Starters
  234. Who wants to take a shot at statting out Aragorn for 5e?
  235. Multiple Fighting Styles
  236. Help deciding the BBEG for a oneshot
  237. The Rush Of Something New (To Me)
  238. Speculation Highest stealth possible? (Pure theory)
  239. 5E AL - Spellguard and Shield Master feat
  240. Pixies and Errata
  241. Fighting with Two Weapons but not Dual-Wielding
  242. DM Help Would letting the wizard copy spells for free be gamebreaking?
  243. Roleplaying Baldur's Gate game and ToA - any crossover?
  244. Can I run CoS AL adventures as a DM, without spoiling the CoS Module?
  245. Player Help Can you Dual class an arcane trickster with Cleric?
  246. Optimization Sorcerer that doesn't want to be so squishy
  247. Optimization ST Ranger how to dplit between DE and WI
  248. What archetype and feat for dps greatsword fighter?
  249. Modifying Heavy Armor Master
  250. Themed NPC "party" suggestions