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  1. Rules Q&A Animate Dead: What commands can skeletons follow?
  2. Would you Gestalt in a regular game?
  3. How would I go about harvesting, creating and applying poison?
  4. Ravnica Guildmasters Head to Head
  5. What rooms to put in a Castle?
  6. Why is intelligence such a dump stat?
  7. Awakened Flower?
  8. How to Build a Non-Magical Alchemist?
  9. Monster manual question
  10. Monk tank/ sub class ki usage balance
  11. Drunken war cleric
  12. Making a Bladesinger - Help
  13. Can my party take a remorhaz? (Apparently yes, they can)
  14. Homebrew bad guy sites?
  15. Rules Q&A How do area spells interact with corners and other obstacles/covers?
  16. What monster or type of enemy gives you or your party the most trouble?
  17. Help regarding Warlock and Legendary Resistance at higher level play
  18. What domain for a cleric of the law?
  19. Help with story for a 2 player group
  20. DM Help Mapping D&D with Minecraft
  21. Viable Alternative to Druid Summons?
  22. How do Rogues deal with this?
  23. Player Help Rod of Lordly Might question
  24. Spell Combo: Various Conjurations and Polymorph
  25. Animal companion overcoming DR?
  26. 1/2 elf? So whatís your other 1/2
  27. Help build Oberyn Martell
  28. Asking my DM for a custom magic item (uncommon)
  29. Optimization Monster saving throws
  30. Cleric build advice in CoS
  31. Suggestions for a Class with an advanced companion
  32. Can someone explain the logic of the inquisitive subclass for rogue?
  33. Nonstandard Arrays?
  34. Legendary Actions/Saves: the power of stories?
  35. Help me create Godzilla as a PC
  36. Critique my Forest Gnome Rogue/Arcane Trickster
  37. Player Help Leomund's tiny hut and a Mind Flayer 5e
  38. Phantasmal Force Rocked Tonight
  39. Causing an enemy to flee and Opportunity Attacks
  40. DM Help (Dragon) Turtle tracking
  41. Help me clean this up plz.
  42. Speculation Dnd 5e Druid Circle ideas balancing, cr movement restrictions, wildshape
  43. Which Barbarian Primal Path is the most optimal?
  44. Silly cursed item. Does this work?
  45. Doing some Homebrewing; Constitution as a Casting stat?
  46. Better DPR?
  47. How to best relocate a yuan-ti temple is 5e
  48. Flaming arrows
  49. Using the Ready Action to Take Two Bonus Actions per Round?
  50. What would u do with a shield guardian?
  51. Rules Q&A Are there Rules for Talking during Combat?
  52. Player Help How to do a Divine Soul Sorcerer well?
  53. Disengage, how much disengaging can I do at once?
  54. Phantasmal Force + Dissonant Whispers combo?
  55. Roleplaying Coming Back From the Dead, Time For a New Wizard Tradition
  56. Player Help Mr Spoooky
  57. Capstones and multiclassing
  58. Player Help Swashbuckler lvl 3->4 Feat or Stat bump? Magic Initiate?
  59. Thoros of Myr
  60. DM Help Planning a few leads for a game
  61. Player Help Resenting a DM for giving other players homebrew/UA powers (CoS)
  62. Chaotic Evil Sorcerer/Cleric
  63. Druid, the King of Burglars
  64. DM Help A portal scroll or something to get a party from one place to the next?
  65. Rancor stats
  66. Running an alignment-ambiguous campaign: please help me not to screw up
  67. Your thoughts on this.
  68. Player Help Advice for a New Fighter
  69. Fair fight?
  70. I may have screwed someone over with a fluff ruling and I want to fix it.
  71. DM Help 5e NPC Classes?
  72. Advice for Paladin Feats & Ability Scores
  73. Innistrad
  74. Monk considering an MC dip
  75. Does Ritual Caster meet the prerequisite for Spell Sniper?
  76. Agents of Mayhem: Second fight of Mordenkainen's Mayhem: Githzerai vs Githyanki
  77. Cleric Domains: Why you love/hate them?
  78. Critical Role. Good/Bad/Other?
  79. Rules Q&A Warlock invocations and multiclassing
  80. Is Evocation Wizard getting ripped off when getting to level 6?
  81. I made a monster
  82. I need help with a monster
  83. Phantasmal Force Use - DM's please rule
  84. Travel between cities and towns - via permanent teleportation circles?
  85. Has there been a Princess in anyone's games?
  86. What spell is your "Go To" spell and which "Never" works for you?
  87. Battle tactics you always forget or mean to use?
  88. How many dice sets do you own? (Die, Dice?)
  89. Open Fist Monk, Halfling or V. Human?
  90. My first character in 5e: Tomelock, celestial patron, warforged
  91. Statting out Black Dynamite?
  92. Half-elf Rogue for a one shot
  93. Player Help Hexblade/Bard leveling help needed
  94. Hallow
  95. Knowledge Cleric, Oghma and Candlekeep
  96. Batman Wizard 5e
  97. Optimization (brainstorming) rogue ranger multiclass
  98. Mystic Telepathy with Mastery of Light and Darkness
  99. Optimization Lore Bard Character Creation
  100. Is this Possible?
  101. Are there any classes that lack narrative power?
  102. Trying to decide on last two feat/ASIs
  103. Roleplaying A roleplaying competition for a DnD club
  104. Player Help Rogue/Hexblade Multiclass
  105. Tool Proficiency: Gaming Set?
  106. DM Help Risks of letting the party take their time?
  107. Optimization Suggest a SAD Class for this Charismatic party?
  108. Making a lv 10 Drunken master monk, thinking of dipping into rogue or revised ranger.
  109. DM Help Writers block, relics
  110. what KIND of magic item's do you like to get as a player?
  111. The 5e weapon table needs a few fixes.
  112. Counterspell vs. a spell without VSM
  113. DM Help Need ideas for a Warehouse 13/Sanctum Sanctorum style campaign
  114. Help with UA Mystic rules interpretation
  115. Strange request:Pony&Class
  116. giant potions
  117. Stone shape spell to make breastplate armor
  118. Spell Dominate Person doubt
  119. Optimization Highest Reliable Damage Per Round
  120. Picture Request: Firbolg vs human height.
  121. Optimization Character Building/Guide for high damage optimization
  122. Druid Circle Breeds Rust Monster Horde=Campaign Plot Device
  123. Player Help Fighter with a brain build?
  124. Monster Crossbreeds
  125. What does a 20th level rogue with 6 dex look like?
  126. What are some optional mounts for find steed that aren't overpowered?
  127. DM Help Character wealth total at higher levels
  128. Hello! Newb here!
  129. Optimization Hexblade/Fighter - The Pacifist Assassin
  130. Dino racing odds
  131. The Dragon That Was A Dog (Campaign Idea)
  132. Ooooooooozes
  133. How Would You Stat... (Those In Chase, STAY OUT!)
  134. Roleplaying First Time Eberron DM - Session Journal - Happy for any hooks/ideas
  135. Strangest, oddest thing to throw at a Level 3 Party?
  136. How do Doomguides deal with their dead foes?
  137. Player Help Expanding the radius of a spell
  138. What would you get from the parent race if you were a Half-elf of Shadar-kai origins?
  139. Musings on RotWM and weapon foci
  140. had an idea for making a "low magic" 5e campaign. Wants your thoughts on it!
  141. Viable Skeleton Necromancer builds?
  142. Player Help Putting it all together - Character Background Help
  143. Updated* Summarof a subversive summon or Dm notes of the party of criminal geniuses.
  144. Player Help Building a better gunslinger
  145. Looking for a loophole, anyone able to help?
  146. Movie spell casters: What Class
  147. Player Help Rounding Out the Party
  148. Item Durability
  149. Monkless Monk
  150. CR for a Battle Master Vampire?
  151. Moving and Attacking during a ready action possible?
  152. Fell Handed question
  153. What classes or subclasses would you like to see pop up in 5ed?
  154. What's better: Fun Evil, or So 'Good' its Almost Evil?
  155. Most unusual race/classs combo
  156. DM Help SYNAPTIC STATIC; How to handle the 'muddled' portion of the Spell?
  157. Help with a magic item
  158. Dragonlance
  159. What levels of spells would you need to make monsters?
  160. Monk tank
  161. The D&D equivalent of Burn Notice
  162. DMG Skill Variants - Has anyone tried those?
  163. "Beefed Up" Magic Initiate
  164. Roleplaying Help My Party Name Our New Base!
  165. Childhood Backgrounds
  166. Cleric's spell list for combat is mediocre without Spirit Guardians [Analysis]
  167. Blinded vs heavily obscured vs invisible
  168. Converting a Magic Item Heavy 3.5 Setting to 5e, Need Advice
  169. Why do I need factions?
  170. Fun encounters in a burnt forest
  171. Can a Druid use Wildshape to avoid an AoO when moving away?
  172. Welcome to the jungle
  173. DM Help Ideas for very short one-shots with new players?
  174. Is armor over-rated?
  175. Need help with blood hunter
  176. Speculation Warlord class for 5e without being OP?
  177. Optimise a no feat Battle master Fighter
  178. Optimization Another fun(ny) war wizard build
  179. Unarmed Strike as a Weapon implication
  180. DM Help Using Gestalts to create boss enemies
  181. Do you let players buy magic items?
  182. Min/Max College of Swords Build
  183. darkness and foresight
  184. Does telepathy allow you to bypass rules where it specifies the target must hear you?
  185. Homebrew class opinion
  186. Different paladin build
  187. DM Help Mechanical Mayhem, Help with campaign monsters and general sanity check?
  188. Roleplaying Firbolg sorcerer
  189. Optimization Making a Damage Focused Bard at 12th Level
  190. Who wins in a fight?
  191. Stepping Away from being a DM
  192. Quick question Hound Ill Omen and Accursed Specter
  193. When a character dies and is not resurrected...
  194. Optimization Shove/Trip vs. Extra Attack
  195. Tombs of Annihilation Characters!
  196. DM Help Higher CR "generic" enemies?
  197. Adventure league magic items
  198. How would you bring this concept to life?
  199. Favorite Monk Archetype and Why?
  200. An odd thing about dipping fighter ia:
  201. DM Help Help me be an evil DM
  202. Player Help 5e Fight Club
  203. Build a character based off of these magic item guidelines
  204. Demon armor, pt2
  205. Highest Damage Wizard for level 12+
  206. Min/Max Warlock for Damage/Utility
  207. Pykrete Armor as a non-metal Druidic defense option?
  208. ToA Acererak tips
  209. DM Help Can 4-5 low-op level 10s defeat a Adult Red Dracolich?
  210. Hazirawn
  211. Warlock Ideas
  212. Feat or ASI?
  213. Roleplaying Building Help: Guerrilla Journalist
  214. Wall of Ice questions about grid placement
  215. To All You DMís Out There
  216. Roleplaying What if King of the Hill was D&D?
  217. Describing Archery / The Archer in Combat
  218. Talking Spells, Thunderwave, best uses, likes, hates, misunderstandings?
  219. 5.0 Mage Build
  220. Would you consider using this tactic? (Not an "Ivor and Brazenburn's Screw-up thread)
  221. Any magic items you don't agree with the rarity of?
  222. Player Help 3rd level Fighter going into 4th - Multiclass options
  223. Three-Quarters Casting Progression.
  224. How Would You Stat... The Grumps?
  225. Is a War Cleric a good fighter
  226. Speculation D&D 6e: Will it come, and what would you want?
  227. Arrival at Ravnica (Ivor and Brazenburn)
  228. Healing Word the Bonus Action Level 1 Spell just might be my favorite. Your thoughts?
  229. When do you get your reaction back?
  230. Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour --- Marauder Barbarian
  231. Player Help Goblin Mounted Beastmaster
  232. The dilemma of thrown weapons
  233. DM Help I Just Got Xanathar's And Volo's
  234. Sword of Omens AL Build?
  235. Octopus Familiar
  236. Help making a Yuan Ti sorcerer
  237. Coolest spellcasting focus for a Bard?
  238. DM Help Reskin a dire wolf?
  239. Player Help Help me Pick a two 4th Lvl Spells for 7th Lvl Wizard
  240. Speculation Best Wizard and Cleric Subclasses (Level 1 to 10)
  241. Getting Players To Do More With Their Free Time In Game . . . . Tips?
  242. Min/Max for Sorcerer
  243. Rules Q&A Oil Flask: How long does the bonus damage last?
  244. Player Help Help Me Build An Argonian Shadowscale
  245. Fun Tier 3 AL modules?
  246. Assumptions Based on Anime, WoW, or Other Non-D&D Fantasy
  247. Optimization [AL] High Elf Arcane Archer
  248. In your opinion, what are the worst/most boring races in 5e?
  249. Class/Subclass Population Survey [All official subclasses]
  250. Optimization Help with Paladin/Hexblade levels