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  1. Help with non-human lycanthropes
  2. Speculation Deckard Cain as a PC
  3. Anydice attack simulator
  4. Optimization Need suggestions - Creating a fun & effective wild mage
  5. Help building a dark Druid.
  6. Optimization How to get "Elemental Adept" as a Half-Elf Wizard
  7. What would be a Hill giant unarmed damage?
  8. Upcoming book.
  9. baby zombies... would u go there?
  10. [OPTIMIZATION] [MATH] Minion mass-grappling shenanigans.
  11. What cantrip would you recommend (High Elf Samurai)
  12. Killing gods...how is this possible
  13. Optimization Hexblade optimization with sharpshooter
  14. Forge of Fury (Tales of yawning portal) gold awarded
  15. Optimising unarmed strike damage
  16. DM Help Wave, Whelm and Blackrazor - Yawning Portal
  17. War Caster or Resilient: Con for Rogue/Druid?
  18. Fun races for the Monk
  19. Making a one shot shadow monk
  20. Villains With Dream Spell
  21. Some AT/BS MC Help
  22. Optimization Help me be a critter? half-orc barbarian edition
  23. Crazy, interesting, and unique character ideas
  24. Optimization Mounted Assassin(8 Ranger/8 Fighter/4 Rogue)
  25. Optimization Forge Cleric builld
  26. Anybody have any experience with a mid-high level Beast Ranger?
  27. Oh that? That's just my spell book!
  28. DM Help Arena for lvl 20 characters?
  29. DM Help Entourage of an adult chromatic dragon?
  30. Explanations of Modules Without Spoilers
  31. Fun idea: cr 0 baboon raider with the objective of killing the king
  32. Underrated Monsters
  33. How much is too much? The optimizer's conundrum
  34. Magic Item Brainstorming (Kobolds of Bahamut players steer clear)
  35. A Turn to the Dark Side
  36. Speculation 2018 Adventure Modules: What will they be?
  37. Can you Plane Shift both yourself and an unwilling creature in one casting?
  38. Optimization Making a Sword Bard, want build feedback.
  39. Guidance for a recent 3.5 convert, please!
  40. Optimization Help w/Beast Conclave
  41. Question regards ToA Yuan-Ti Ritual in AL
  42. PSA: Get a decent ranged attack.
  43. Magical tableware
  44. No response needed.
  45. Is there such a build as a ranged cleric?
  46. Ring of Spell Storing and Paladins
  47. Druid Multiclassing Suggestions
  48. Balancing Lycanthropy: Treating Lycanthropy as a Magic Item
  49. What's your party?
  50. Interesting challenges for ranged characters?
  51. DM Help Different tactics in D&D 5
  52. Optimization Tempest Cleric Help Requested
  53. Cone of cold and fly speed
  54. Does this ruling actually make the Keen Mind feat a decent choice for wizards?!?
  55. Optimization Versatility VS Raw Power
  56. Can you start lvl 1 in a class if you don't have the multiclassing rule requirement?
  57. Building a Necromancer, wanting to upgrade one specific skeleton/undead
  58. How Do You Handle Minionmancy?
  59. Lizardfolk Bite Clarification
  60. Eldritch Blast *edit* Remove Sorcerer
  61. Brand new player joining my game. Help
  62. Climb onto a Bigger Creature - Anyone use this?
  63. Arcane Trickster Optimisation
  64. Archdevil Moloch (Mordenkainen's tome of foes preview)
  65. Refluffing 4e Avenger
  66. Optimization Rune Scribe and Fighting Styles, Maximizing Knockdown
  67. Outfitting your Skeletons/Zombies affordable upgrades to your undead minions!
  68. Githyanki Lich Queen Vlaaktih (Dragon+ preview)
  69. Question about dwarf druid with dwarven fortitude
  70. Would it be to OP if there was a spell to animate a skeleton as a first lv spell.
  71. some thoughts that kept me awake last night(class and a magic item)
  72. Player Help Looking at class builds for a 'Flashy Gladiator' type character.
  73. Would this be a decent assassin concept?
  74. DM Help New DM with a PvP issue
  75. AOE Blasting, is it worth it?
  76. Optimization How can I optimize my unoptimized warlock?
  77. DM Help Trying to get a D&D group going and need help.
  78. Is this feat to powerfull? (Iaijutsu Master)(Homebrew)
  79. DM Help Village militia in 5e?
  80. A DMs dilemma - to let the party loiter or not?
  81. Can you Crit Fish with Archery?
  82. The Battousai (Class option)(Homebrew) opinions
  83. Why Doesn’t Medium Armor Master Come Up?
  84. Rules Q&A Cubic Gate
  85. AL Expeditions for tier 1 Necromancer?
  86. Dragonborn Conquest Paladin
  87. "Trap" ideas to use as a grappler
  88. DM Help Rules for Large Businesses and Worldwide Commerce
  89. Seeking advice: Warlock goodies
  90. Let's make link from ocarina of time
  91. Can you downgrade an ability?
  92. Breaking Time BBG
  93. DM Help Animal Companion Aging Question & Input
  94. Skulkers
  95. Help me make a Pitbull
  96. Mid-level Swashbuckler/Battlemaster
  97. DM Help New campaign idea about four elemental gems
  98. DM Help [5E] If no hover & not moving & trapdoor opens do they fall?
  99. Player Help Kobold Raziel (from Soul Reaver) - What Class and Background?
  100. Leveling up my fighter
  101. Player Help Non Spell caster healer/Support 5E
  102. DM Help Vicious Mockery vs. Menacing (UA Feats for Skills) (plus AnyDice Help)
  103. Best party!!!
  104. DM Help Tucker's goblins: AKA making minions fight smarter?
  105. DM Help How do you do a classic non-lethal tavern brawl
  106. I have the hardbound book, so is it worth it for me to get AL modules?
  107. Building Skull Kid in 5e
  108. Caster levels 21-30 and spell levels above 9th
  109. Ancestral Guardian ranged "trick"
  110. Optimization One shot Bladesinger. I'd like your advice
  111. Rules Q&A The Horizon Walker's ability end at the end of "the current turn"
  112. Kensei questions
  113. Roleplaying Though have to repent!- but how?
  114. DM Help Using Skills to Inflict Conditions in Combat?
  115. How do you prefer to generate new character stats?
  116. Speculation Categorizing the Classes by Power Source
  117. DM Help how do I decide which creatures are summoned? (conjure x spell)
  118. Optimization what to do with ASI of Trickery cleric
  119. Warlock pact and patrons
  120. spells for my celestial pact tomelock?
  121. Short Rests
  122. Dual-wielding Barbarian
  123. DM Help How can I convince a party with two rangers that it's safer to stay inside?
  124. Going forward with a sub-optimal conquest paladin
  125. [Homebrew] Necromancer body guard spell: Dread Knight
  126. Player Help Lizardfolk and Fear
  127. Counterspell Question
  128. Help my friend build a savage
  129. DM Help Help me knit a story out of random locations
  130. Saved GP to buy Splint Armor
  131. Lore bard build help
  132. The Adventurer's Spellbook
  133. What would be my cover.
  134. Multiclassing Pact of Chain Hexblade/ Swashbuckler/ Fighter? Any tips?
  135. Group Skill Checks
  136. Characters and Clothes: your take?
  137. Optimization Shadow Sorcerer
  138. Advice on multiclassing from ranger
  139. Control Weather.
  140. Help trading in one of my lore Bard spells
  141. Curse of Strand Druid Multiclass?
  142. DM Help Sanity check on some magic items
  143. Animated weapons and armor
  144. Dark Inheritor
  145. what would happen if? u cast animate objects on a rock and someone else polymorph
  146. Light Domain clerics don't have any spells which create actual sunlight?
  147. Rules Q&A Can a barbarian make a bite attack for 0 damage?
  148. Making Spyro in Dnd
  149. Weapon names for YOUR characters
  150. Catching things in combat
  151. Feat tossup for Bearbarian Druid/Barbarian
  152. Optimize my Swashbuckler/Sorcerer spells known
  153. Speculation About the Grick
  154. Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes: Sibriex Preview
  155. Optimization The robed priest - a popular fan favorite.
  156. Ivor's infinity stones.
  157. Cutting words... seeing the rolled attack number or knowing it and the modifier?
  158. DM Help I need a task for my player's Tomelock
  159. Faith and the Blade
  160. Letting your party enjoy their wealth & buying magic items
  161. Player Help Creating The Portable Hole (inn)
  162. Ways to Necromancer besides just making an army?
  163. Horror Campaign Ideas
  164. I love and hate the Flanking variant
  165. Player Help DnD Gift set for a Beginner - advise me!
  166. So my group is disbanding... :(
  167. What do you see yourself as?
  168. Coming Up With a Cool Boon for My Player
  169. If I wanted to get rid of short resting
  170. Volcano stats?
  171. Reworking the sorcerer for our table
  172. First time 5e questions
  173. DM Help Running an evil campaign
  174. Lizardfolk Monk
  175. DM Help Mundane Magic
  176. 1st round of combat
  177. Lizardfolk + Armor, A Sneaky Perk
  178. Help with some home brew magic items
  179. Building Fair Encounters
  180. Is Healing Spirit broken, or am I off base?
  181. Custom Magic items for a Paladin
  182. Using tidal wave to boost damage?
  183. The story of the kill you still feel bad about
  184. What are the best 1st-5th level spells to have prepared for trap filled dungeons?
  185. Optimization Building a Hexblade - First Level Sorcerer?
  186. DM Help Same time combat?
  187. Help making a functional Eldritch Knight
  188. Protecting a squishy
  189. Optimization Homebrew Class Feedback
  190. CoS: why radiant damage?
  191. Character with amnesia
  192. Unnatural Hair Colors
  193. Fighter 11 Rogue 9 Grapple Build Help/Optimization
  194. Optimizing this Firbolg Warlock
  195. Can you copy wizard spells from non-wizard classes if you multiclass?
  196. Rules Q&A Ranged weapons, DEX or STR
  197. DM Help Duergar Adventure Help
  198. You have 20 levels in every class - Now kill yourself
  199. Optimization Help to create a first 5e character
  200. magical secret for lore bard
  201. how could we have saved the god we had to kill
  202. Optimization Cantrips for Tempest Cleric
  203. Need to make a super quick political intrigue character before 4:00
  204. First Time DM, CR Question
  205. Sanctuary after moonbeam or flaming sphere
  206. Optimization Optimizing the homebrew MFoV Exemplar Rogue
  207. Does burrow speed leaves a tunnel?
  208. Tidy DM Questions...
  209. do natural attacks seem weak.
  210. Simulacrum of a Dragon
  211. DM Help Applying the 5e system to a deeply political game
  212. Any good 5e sci fi supplements ?
  213. What would a thieves guild want from a small town?
  214. Colored lights may hypnotize: a sorcerer question
  215. Tempest Cleric without Booming Blade still good?
  216. Playing an eladrin before tome of foes, what should I do?
  217. Video: D&D, Myths, and the "Why" rather than the "How"
  218. MToF Ch1 listing
  219. Blood War Table of Contents preview. From M's tome of Foes
  220. What is "magical" about 5E Dragons?
  221. Roleplaying Does anyone imagine their items are special in any way?
  222. Is Simulacrum considered part of the standard wizard arsenal, or nah?
  223. Scrolls and readying an action
  224. List of Outsiders in 5e?
  225. Rules Q&A Elemental Wild Shape
  226. Player Help Spells: point of diminishing return?
  227. Suggestions to play a Wizard for first time
  228. We made a mistake.
  229. Best rogue subclass for a zealot barb dual wield mc?
  230. Double sided glaive
  231. Yet Another Arcane Archer Request for Build Help Thread
  232. Pokémon Skill Challenges!
  233. Optimization The Age of Barbarians: A Guide for post-Mordenkainen's Barbarians
  234. Help setting up an encounter
  235. Curse of Strahd with a 2 person party, is it possible?
  236. What Would You Change: Fighter
  237. Rules Q&A Rules Questions regarding Elementals
  238. Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes preview: Giff and Gray Render art
  239. DM Help Things my kids do better then players...
  240. Fun homebrew idea for making a character
  241. Giving your players the monster manual
  242. DM Help setting up a "no chance" of victory encounter
  243. Fire Genasi Build?
  244. Mike Mearls: Exploring the "Why" of D&D Mythology in 'Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
  245. DM Help Untouchable PC's
  246. rogue / mystic
  247. Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes: what races do you think we will get
  248. Swashbuckler/Hunter w/ Booming Blade, War Caster, and Sentinel Build critique/advice
  249. Dragon Sorcerer Element advice.
  250. Crossbow build help