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  1. Player Help Multi-Class my Ranger??
  2. Making a 5e character to match Overwatch Hero Roadhog.
  3. How your current party look like?
  4. Help Me With My Druid Spells!
  5. New Book Reveal: where and when?
  6. (True) Polymorph and Legendary Actions
  7. Let's make an awesome final battle - Angels of Death
  8. Build Agent Smith
  9. How do you do advantage/disadvantage?
  10. DM Help Married Couple Playing Married PCs?
  11. WotC releases a guide to Eberron and making your own Eberron content
  12. Coffeelock viable by RAI now?
  13. Rules Q&A Sylvan language & Conjure Animals
  14. Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica
  15. Revised Artificer Release Date
  16. Unearthed Arcana came out today
  17. Speculation Ability Combos
  18. Wizard's Apprentice Roleplay & Mechanics Ideas
  19. Warforged Coffeelock
  20. Kalashtar Totem Barbarian
  21. Oops, we made a strategic mistake, what are some of yours?
  22. Durtz-PC ASI help for a tank.
  23. Best classes for a 2PC campaign
  24. Optimization Best strategy for a Tier 2 Moon Druid?!
  25. Jeremy Crawford on travel between worlds, planes, and the D&D multiverse
  26. DM Help Advice on how to challenge a big, low level party, quickly
  27. Optimization Shillelagh vs Primal Savagery analysis [Druid]
  28. Rhox Player Characters.
  29. DM Help UA Artificer?
  30. DM Help Warforged who came from Eberron via mysterious means (a plot hook)
  31. Craziest thing you've ever pulled off with an Acrobatics check?
  32. Off label skill use
  33. Zealot is Broken?
  34. Kostchtchie in Storm Kings Thunder?
  35. Rules Q&A [Answered] Multiclass paladin/warlock
  36. Optimization Ultimate meat tank!
  37. Thoughts/Input on my Whispers Bard?
  38. Vengence Paladin: Fated to be highly deductive?
  39. How do things that effect inanimate objects effect warforged?
  40. Aarakocra questions
  41. Player Help New-ish to D&D, need some tips, 5e Bard Build
  42. Is there any way to get Shillelagh as an INT-based cantrip?
  43. DM Help Ideas for a Campaign
  44. Rules Q&A Is there a rule for poisoning a healing potion?
  45. DM Help Mask of Many Misty Face Visions
  46. Fun things for a tavern brawler barbarian to do in combat?
  47. Rules Q&A How much movement does a druid have available after they wildshape?
  48. Predictions for Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica
  49. Optimization How would you build a dual spear wielder in 5e?
  50. Alignment in general can work, but D&D Alignment can't be fixed
  51. How Good is the Polearm Mastery+Warcaster Combo On a Gish?
  52. Player Help High-level Eldritch Knight damage potential
  53. Mark of making
  54. DM Help Guns and Crossbow Expert?
  55. Converting Aberrant Evil to DnD alignments
  56. Making Richard Rahl from sword of truth in 5e?
  57. Optimization Vengeance Paladin/Hexblade Warlock. Help a guy out!
  58. Warforged of the Forge clarification
  59. Best Rogue for BearBarb5/Rogue15
  60. Most functional warlock gish, did I screw my build?
  61. Optimization Optimizing a Combat Character
  62. Optimization What to bring to a dragon fight as a STR-based combatant?
  63. Optimization The Agent Smith Challenge
  64. Roleplaying paladin's wrath
  65. What Should My Subrace be
  66. Player Help Can't decide where to take my warlock (build wise)....
  67. Rules Q&A Does a player need to know if a shield spell will work?
  68. Help with creating my first paladin (LVL 4 Conquest)
  69. Tiefling Appearance - Would you Allow These?
  70. I sing the praises of the Champion!
  71. Multiclass help
  72. What happens if a revenant has its memory wiped?
  73. What obvious thing took the longest to click for you?
  74. Optimization Highest Nova subclasses
  75. Optimization Devotion Paladin
  76. Optimization Swashbuckler/Paladin ideas
  77. Rules Q&A Can a Dancing Sword be destroyed by 20 damage?
  78. Player Help Swapping out Warlock spells and invocations: how does it work exactly?
  79. The Warlock / Patron relationship
  80. Player Help best beasts,elementals,fey for conjuring/wild shape
  81. Player Help best creatures for shapechange
  82. Optimization So... What would you play in Eberron?
  83. Rules Q&A Stacking shape change powers
  84. Optimization Other forms of optimizing
  85. Speed factor initiative
  86. DM Help Advice for designing epic tier encounters?
  87. Curse of Strahd Help, PC backstory entanglement
  88. Ridiculous or neat ways you all have killed something? (in game!)
  89. Why take Pact of the Blade?
  90. Abjuror build
  91. DM Help Adventures for Newbie DM and Newbie Player(s)?
  92. Rules Q&A What ways are there to control undead in 5e?
  93. Pre-adventure encounters in LMoP (spoiler potential)
  94. Double bladed scimitar
  95. DM Help My players did a stupid and I'm lacking ideas for next session!
  96. DM Help New to DMing - Side Quests?
  97. How to kill a 20th level cleric. (npc)
  98. DM Help Faerun Pantheon use in Waterdeep campaign
  99. Divided Ravenloft: First time campaign journal
  100. DM Help Ancient Blue Dragon vs 4 10th level Players (SKT spoilers)
  101. Questions for a Non-Human Game
  102. Shield Master and Polearm Master Feats
  103. DND AL Season 8 rules are apparently really bad.
  104. Making a Mastermind
  105. DM Help New DM trying to interweave Lost Mine and Storm King's Thunder
  106. Does anyone know a well-made, balanced, home-brew summoner class or subclass for 5e?
  107. DragonSlayer (char build)
  108. War cleric + gloom stalker mc
  109. Optimization Optimizing Sneak Attack damage with multiple attacks
  110. DM Help Disadvantages for Wielding a Large Weapon?
  111. Nunchuck weapon
  112. [Homebrew] Masters of the Nine Swords, a Tome of Battle inspired 5e compendium
  113. DM Help Houseruling GWM/Sharpshooter slightly
  114. DM Help Strange magic
  115. (Ab)using the Charmed condition
  116. Gary Gygax Day
  117. So CoS is pretty deadly...I'd like to survive a bit longer this time.
  118. Xonthals maze. Help
  119. Retrained character idea, advice appreciated
  120. DM advice- vengeful taxidermy
  121. Cool things a Thief can do with their bonus action
  122. DM Help Creating a proper deadly challenge
  123. Creating a Kandra
  124. DM Help LMoP quest hooks and continuation/Zhentarim as main villains?
  125. Sharman build help
  126. Bard Race Choices
  127. Hexing
  128. Strength to HP Houserule
  129. Making the most out of the new double scimitar weapon.
  130. Multiclassed Bard Magical Secrets
  131. DM Help 'Teaching a Lesson' - going too far?
  132. Radiant as sunlight.
  133. DM Help Help me help my DM make combat more challenging without it being unfair
  134. Out of the abyss fissures
  135. Level 20 End Fight! DM HELP PLEASE!!
  136. Clarification Needed on Gift of the Everliving Ones
  137. Optimization Mountain Dwarf Fighter going Champion
  138. Starting up in AL
  139. DM Help Lost Mines of Phandelver Faction Mission Ideas
  140. DM Help Bat Themed Monsters?
  141. Distributing treasure / magic items
  142. Optimization How do I build my character?
  143. Player Help Stuck on Stats, Need Help/Opinions Please
  144. Cleric/Wizard vs Cleric/X
  145. Player Help Mama Babblebrook, Reformed Tortle Crime Boss
  146. Need Ideas for campain
  147. Why DMG 6 additional optional rules isn't AL legal?
  148. How prominent is the use of visual aids in combat?
  149. Looking for opinions on where to put my dump stat
  150. Oath of Conquest-- Can and how do you fluff a Good Character taking this Oath.
  151. Goolock build?
  152. Can this work for the spell suggest
  153. Sorcerers w/ Wizard Spell List?
  154. Something missing with physical combat
  155. Archmage Lineage (Homebrew Sorcerer Bloodline)
  156. Avatar Crisis - Fre2 Tantras/ Fre3 Waterdeep conversion
  157. Optimization Optimizing Hexblade for fighting in other PC’s Darkness spell
  158. Help me flavor my Knowledge Cleric devoted to Deneir
  159. Twin Revivify
  160. Dwelf?
  161. My alcoholic
  162. A disruptive adhd noble only child, need help.
  163. DM Help House Rules for Weapons and Physical Combat
  164. Optimization Rerolling up a new character and want to play a Paladin, which subclass works best?
  165. DM Help Help Designing Epic Levels
  166. Strawpoll: Adventure League Season 8 Treasure and Loot Rules
  167. DM Help Creativity as a problem
  168. How to play Swordbard? 1/2 Hexblade dip?
  169. Question about how Warlock familiar works.
  170. Angels in the Blood War
  171. Spells for Rogue dipping into Warlock and possibly AT
  172. Optimization With the introduction of the Double Bladed Scimitar, is an elf rogue now best rogue?
  173. One Shot Ideas
  174. Most fun Snake concept
  175. Druid Ram Charge ability + Charger Feat
  176. Optimization Double Bladed Scimitar Swashbuckler
  177. Encumbrance
  178. Languages outside of the Player’s Handbook (Updated)
  179. How do you handle big combats?
  180. Polearm Mastery and Dual Wielding
  181. Help another and Invisibility
  182. Darts - An overlooked weapon?
  183. Looking for Advice on a Rogue/Cleric
  184. New Warforged AC with Cavalier
  185. DM Help Interesting Hiding Spots for the Rod pieces
  186. DM Help Adventurers League DM Rewards
  187. casting spells from items
  188. DM Help How to calculate adjusted encounter XP with an allied force.
  189. More companions? Same book? A thought on proficiency variant beasts
  190. Hands-free weapon options
  191. Monsters with class levels?
  192. Rules Q&A Invoke Duplicity (Trickery Domain) - Can enemies know the clone is an illusion?
  193. Advice on Moon Bow Archfey Warlock
  194. DM Help Making a puzzle using these symbols
  195. DM Help Group for people who write campaigns?
  196. How should I build a coffeelock healer?
  197. Maximus Cheesius: A guide to a less cheesy Coffeelock
  198. Desert Encounters
  199. DM Help Figuring out monetary and non-monetary rewards for players
  200. Integrated Protection & Unarmored Defense
  201. Hunters mark outside of DnD?
  202. Advice on an Undying Chain Warlock
  203. Spell save DC vs proficiency bonus : scaling
  204. Does a centaur count as "mounted" for the purposes of wielding a lance?
  205. DM Help Treasure Award/Magic Item Set Design
  206. Invoke Duplicity and Twin Spell
  207. Githzerai Enlightened CR Confusion
  208. Control/Buff Build to teach Players
  209. Magic Item Guides ?
  210. Created new Spell: Trap Card V2.0
  211. Planeshift: Dominaria is up
  212. Help me name my new Goblin character
  213. PotA as a cat. Advice sought!
  214. Optimization Advantage on damage rolls?
  215. Optimization How does double-bladed scimitar affect paladin and EK optimization?
  216. DM Help Help with encounters for an adventure
  217. DM Help Need help to make an upcoming plot arc really come to life
  218. Best druid wildshape stories
  219. Music for your characters
  220. Ultimate I don't no loot pc
  221. Sharing My DM Notes/Content
  222. 3 Questions to ask a high-end escort for a Castle Infiltration
  223. Best polymorph shape to disable and enemy?
  224. DM Help How to help 5th wheel PC shine?
  225. Goblin Warlock: Hexblade or Fiend Tome?
  226. Dash as a bonus action?
  227. Low level PCs with a LOT of cash...
  228. shaman build
  229. Some fun ideas for necromancy school ability
  230. How to play as an undead PC?
  231. Hexblade / Swordbard level splits
  232. Module for 10th Level.
  233. Goblin Barbarian: Advice needed on building to be a tank.
  234. Adventure League: Eberron
  235. Falling Damage and Resistances
  236. Centaur Vultron
  237. Strawpoll: Have you seen rolled stats worse than point buy?
  238. DM Help Elder Evil Halfling
  239. Creating Link(Legend of Zelda)
  240. Wild Magic MC Sorcerers
  241. Optimization Warlock optimization and suggestions
  242. Fiendish one shot - ideas, please!
  243. Optimization Would a 10 Fighter / 10 Wizard be viable?
  244. Eldritch Knight/Gloom Stalker with DBS
  245. Do Familiars and Steeds generate body heat?
  246. Changeling: Does "Polymorph" mean Fly Speed/Swim Speed?
  247. DM Help Best Villain Ideas you have ever had...
  248. DM Help Darkvision?
  249. D&D 5e 10th Level Module Needed.
  250. Level 10 character build help