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2008-12-21, 02:13 PM
What would be good feats for an ubercharger to have? No-magic, no-mount please. (I can have around 14 feats, yes, plenty, even for level 20)
The build is basically gestalt Fighter 10/Frenzied Berserker 10//Barbarian 20, so anything that improved Rage or Frenzy bonuses may help.

2008-12-21, 02:25 PM
First, be sure to use the Complete divine/champion (can remember wich one was it!) lion totem barbarian variation, it allows you to do a full attack while charging. And IIRC, shock trooper was the feat that was in all uber charger builds, that one is from Complete Warrior

2008-12-21, 02:26 PM
"Ubercharger" is one specific build that was an unplayable exercise in numbers. Anything else is just a charger build.

For this character, I'd suggest you go Dwarf Barbarian 20// Hexblade 3/ Fighter 2/ Occult Slayer 4/ Exotic Weapon Master 1/ Frenzied Berserker 10. Use a Dwarven Waraxe two-handed with Uncanny Blow from EWM. Take Power Attack, Leap Attack, and Shock Trooper, get the Valorous property on your weapon, and maybe even mix in a level of Archivist to cast Rhino's Rush before you rage/frenzy/charge. You also may want to include a Warblade level for the Iron Heart Surge maneuver if you can get away with using it to end an undesired Frenzy. Use the Wolf Spiritual Totem variant for Barbarian from Complete Champion to full-attack on a charge.

2008-12-21, 02:27 PM
Download the crystal keep list of classes then, it includes sources and describes the class abilities quite well.

2008-12-21, 02:47 PM
Biff, that's actually the Lion Spirit Totem.:smallwink: