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2008-12-21, 04:36 PM
This is a custom race/class combo for my custom capagin world Lunusia.
Special thanks to Project Icarus for helping with the Win'tairi race's traits and for doing ALL the work for the Windchaser class (Seriously, I had the concept and the song lyrics. It's all him)

Windfolk (Winítairi):
The Windfolk are a mostly nomadic people. They tend to have fairer skin and hair, brighter eyes, and sharper features than humans. Their skin is less dense than a humanís because centuries ago the earliest Winítairi mated with wind elementals in an effort to connect with their element.
Personality: The Winítairi tend to be more pensive and contemplative than other races. They are fiercely loyal to their clans, and when they reach adulthood they receive ritual facial tattoos that differ between family groups. The individual clans act almost as separate nations. Some are allies, and others are sworn enemies.
Physical Description: Windfolk stand from 5 to 7 feet on average. Their thinned flesh puts the average adult weight at 65 to 120 pounds. The men are slightly taller and heavier than the women. They cannot grow facial hair. Light clothes are preferred by the Windfolk because their thinner skin makes wearing heavier armors almost impossible.
Relations: The Winítairi have neutral relations with most established kingdoms and races. Different clans harbor different relations with each other. Listed below are the five largest, although there are numerous others.
Balmoran- Live in the deserts east of Kanar, Tribal tattoos usually include a sun or ray like design in brown or yellow ink.
Akanai- Wander The Crossways, west of Vyrnwood, Tattoos usually contain straight lines and sharp angles of black ink.
Winterwind- Hail from the Frozen Isles north of Lunusia, Tattoos are formed of circles and made in light blue or white ink.
Starbreeze- Wander the world as see fit, which angers the Telentai tribe who are fiercely territorial. Tribal tattoos are inscribed with dark blue ink, and feature the individualís birth sign. This is the default PC faction.
Telentai- This sect of the Winítairi dislike all who are not their clan, which includes other races. They have a hatred bordering on xenophobic. Their tattoos are inscribed in red ink.
Alignment: Windfolk tend to be as subtle and shifting as the winds, and do not like being held down by codes, so the race as a whole cannot be lawful. Telentai are always neutral evil.
Lands: Being nomadic, the Windfolk do not technically possess lands. Rather, the clans control any number of gigantic, floating airships. The leaders of a clan will stay in the largest of these, called the flagship. Surrounding this ship are many other ships that serve as living quarters, animal holds, military headquarters or garrisons, crafting guilds, and many others.
Religion: Religion, for the most part, does not play a large role in Windfolk society. Most that choose to follow a deity follow Tryll, the god of good cheer and subtlety.
Language: The Winítairiís primary language is Windwhisper, but they can learn most other languages.
Names: Windfolk names are usually short and light. Their last names are those of their clan, and their middle names are individual family name. Common names among the Windfolk are Tili, Fay, Ilari, Silv, and Tan.
Adventurers: Winítairi adventurers set out to bring glory fame and riches to their clan. Some may be traders, diplomats, or even exiles. Still more wish to study other races, who are rarely permitted aboard the floating cities of the Windfolk.
As Enemies: Most Winítairi fought will be members of clan Telentai, who are fierce in combat. They will either attempt to quickly close distance and engage in melee combat, relying on their agility to dodge attacks, or remain at a distance and use their greater speed to keep one step ahead of their foes, all the while attacking with a crossbow (their favored weapon) or another ranged weapon.
Windfolk Racial Traits:
ē Medium Size
ē Base spread is 40 feet, Winítairi are faster than most other races
ē +2 Dex, -2 Con. Their thin flesh makes Winítairi agile, but weak.
ē Half damage from falls.
ē +2 on Balance, Climb, and Jump checks. A Windpersonís thinner skin allows them to perform almost gravity-defying acrobatics.
ē Use of Heavy Armor causes subdual damage at a rate of 2d6 damage/round.
ē Bonus Feat- Tribal Tattooing
Each Windfolk gets one form of tribal tattooing. Other races may receive this as a bonus feat if they do something sufficient as to gain an invitation aboard one of the Windfolkís floating cities.
Tribal Tattoo: Arrowhead: Gain a +4 bonus to listen, sense motive and spot for 1d6 hours once every 3 days
Tribal Tattoo: Bear: Gain a +2 bonus to constitution for three hours once a week
Tribal Tattoo: Blade: Improve your weapon to deal +2 damage for 1d6 hours once every 2 days
Tribal Tattoo: Butterfly: Automatically stabilize when dying once per week.
Tribal Tattoo: Circle: Gain an insight bonus to an attack once every 2 days
Tribal Tattoo: Demon: Increase the damage on one attack by 1d6 every 2 days
Tribal Tattoo: Lightning: Increase your base spread by 3 feet
Tribal Tattoo: Mask: Gain a +4 bonus to one ability score for 1d3 rounds once a day
Tribal Tattoo: Snake: Gain a +2 bonus to wisdom for 2 hours once a week
Tribal Tattoo: Spider: Gain +4 bonuses to hide, move silently and bluff for 1d6 hours once every 3 days
Tribal Tattoo: Sun: Gain fast healing once every 3 days
Tribal Tattoo: Toad: Gain a +4 resistance bonus to saves for 2d3 rounds once every 3 days

Winítairi Windchaser

ďWe'll all find our sacrifice tomorrow,
Our journey on towards a brighter day,
Silent tears we left behind, still so far away,
Across the endless sands,
Through the fields of our despair,
Dream for all eternity, we stand, yeah,
Rise above the universe tonight,
-Dragonforce, Heroes of Our Time

ďBut the summer sun is melting now,
With the leaves I'll soon be gone.
Will ya have the strength when the emptiness shadows fall?
Or will your aching heart be ripped apart
By the beating of the storm?
Or will howling gales from the yesterdays be goneÖ
Yeah be goneÖ
Be goneÖĒ
Flogging Molly, May the Living Be Dead in Our Wake

Long ago, the plains of Hearth were a beautiful place. The Halflings and Windfolk lived together in harmony. The armies of Darinia held back, content with the land they had already claimed, and the Goblins of Chizzle had begun to trade with the outside world again.
But then the time came for the Windfolk to move on again. The Wanderlust began to fill them for the first time in centuries. They boarded their air ships and left Hearth behind. After they were gone, the storms began. Old King Kahmusol, lord of the storm, unleashed all his fury over the land. When the Windfolk returned, they found only death in the stormsí wake. In retaliation, they founded the Order of the Windchasers to fight the storms and keep the land safe. Under their vigil, the storms were held at bay. Eventually, one brave Windchaser and his allies managed to imprison Old Kahmusol himself, and the storms quieted forever. Now, the Windchasers patrol the skies of the world, often seeking honor or fame. They are usually quick to action, but not rash or foolish. They fight defensively and work best in a support role.

Alignment: Any Chaotic
Race: Winítairi only
Hit Dice: 1d6
Primal Power Dice: 1d6 (Charisma modified)

Primal Power:
A Windchaser relies on the elements for strength. They have a set amount of Primal Power Points which increases by 10 + 1d6 per level.

Level BAB Will Fort Ref Special Abilities
1 0 2 0 2 Control Winds 1, Primal Bolt
2 1 3 0 3
3 1 3 1 3 Control Winds 2, Summon Rain
4 2 4 1 4 Windriding 1
5 2 4 1 4 Fog Cloud 1/day
6 3 5 2 5 Control Winds 3
7 3 5 2 5 Windriding 2
8 4 6 2 6 Airwarp
9 4 6 3 6 Control Winds 4
10 5 7 3 7 Windriding 3
11 5 7 3 7 Fog Cloud 3/day
12 6 / 1 8 4 8 Control Winds 5 (hurricane 1/day)
13 6 / 1 8 4 8 Windriding 4
14 7 / 2 9 4 9 Group Airwarp
15 7 / 2 9 5 9 Control Winds 6 (hurricane 3/day, tornado 1/day)
16 8 / 3 10 5 10 Windriding 5
17 8 / 3 10 5 10
18 9 / 4 11 6 11 Maelstrom, Airwarp without error
19 9 / 4 11 6 11
20 10 / 5 12 6 12 Unlimited Windriding, Avatar of the Storm
(I can't get this table to work, help please :smallredface: )

Primal Bolt:
Does 1d6 damage/primal point used. Can use a number of primal points in a single attack equal to double the Windchaser level. Requires a ranged touch attack.

Control Winds:
- Lasts 1d6 rounds.
- Maximum ability is equal to the level of control winds.
- Able to decrease winds at will to the maximum ability.
- Able to increase winds at will to the maximum ability or Windstorm level, whichever is lower.

Summon Rain:
If there are clouds covering the sky, then this becomes real rain that lasts for as long as rain in that area normally would. However, if this is used when there are few or no clouds in the sky, the rain lasts for 1d20 minutes. This ability can be used once per day, and the Windchaser has no control over it.

Fog Cloud:
Summons a fog cloud with a radius equal to 5 ft times the Windchaserís level. This cloud lasts for 1d6 rounds + a number of rounds equal to half the Windchaserís level, rounded down. This cloud can be centered at an area chosen by the Windchaser, but no further away than 10 ft/ Windchaser level. The Winchaser has control over this cloud, and can move it up to 20 ft/ round as a free action, simply by willing it to move.

At fourth level, the Windchaser gets the ability to fly at her base speed at average maneuverability. At each new level of Windriding, the Windchaser can increase their speed by their base speed, or increase their maneuverability by one level. At twentieth level she can use this ability at will.

Able to create an actual hurricane or tornado 1/week. NO CONTROL, by can be negated by Control Winds.

This ability and its improvements are usable 1/day. Works in the same way as teleport. With Group Airwarp, the Windchaser can warp a number of people equal to her level.

Avatar of the Storm:
Allows the Windchaser to become an Avatar of Kahmusol himself, becoming a powerful controlled tornado for 1d10 +1 minutes. The tornado differentiates between friend and foe, and will not harm allies. It will, however, harm alliesí structures. If used over water, the tornado becomes a small Hurricane, adding rain, snow, sleet, or hail to the wind. While the wind will not harm allies, any objects picked up in the tornado will.

I need some help figuring out how the ďAvatar of the StormĒ power works and how much Primal Power certain abilities should cost, but other than that, I think itís a pretty good concept for a class.

As always, feel free to use it, adapt it to your own campagin world, mercilessly rip on me and curse it as a terrible idea, y'know, whatever floats your particular boat.

Project Icarus
2008-12-22, 12:36 AM
I realized as I was rereading this that I forgot to include to primal power cost for... well... most abilities, I guess. Some off the top of my head:

Windriding: 1 PP/ round/ level of windriding

Control Winds: 1 PP/ degree of change in wind speed

Summon Rain and Fog Cloud: 5 PP

Maelstrom: 25 PP

Also, the Windchaser gains PP/ level equal to 1d6 + her Charisma modifier - the automatic 10 points was only for 1st level.

And there are my ideas for some kind of structure. Not a structure in itself, of course. But that's why you posted it on here anyway - to get conclusive feedback, unlike what I give you.

Also, I refuse to touch the Avatar of the Storm ability, as I believe the class is overpowered already - albeit hella fun to play.

2008-12-24, 03:42 PM
Tribal Tattoo: Circle: Gain an insight bonus to an attack once every 2 days

Needs a numeric value for the amount of the insight bonus. I am thinking at least +10 here to balance with the other abilities.

Haven't read the PrC yet, but giving randomized Primal Power points at each level sounds... problematic.