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2005-02-28, 12:52 PM
Thank you for choosing Magic, Inc., your number one choise for affordable, quality magic items for your and your party. *Please allow me to tell you about our current special, the Big Box O' Magic.

The Big Box O' Magic comes fully loaded with a little something for everyone and every class:

For the fighters, we offer a +2 long sword, providing that little extra help in slaying the enemy. *Whether a pack of kobalds or a nasty wight, they won't stand a chance against this little number.

For the wizard of the group, a Ring of Spell Storing. *Never again will your favorite mage need to worry about not memorizing the right spells or needing extra uses of one. *With this ring, they can increase their casting ability significantly.

What rogue would be complete without his or her own Cloak of Elvenkind? *When the practitioners of stealth absolutely, positively cannot afford to be seen, nothing could be better.

Does your cleric need an extra hand in fixing boo-boos? *They will be thrilled with this new Wand of Cure Serious Wounds. *Each wand comes fully loaded with the maximum amount of charges and can be refilled at any of our fine locations for a small recharge fee.

And finally, for our friend the bard. *Why carry around a pack full of costumes and disguises when it can all be contained right here in this handy Hat of Disguise. *Be whomever you want to be and none will be the wiser when you don this handy headpiece.

Whether you are outfitting your party, stocking your dungeon or procuring supplies for a small kingdom, nobody can beat Magic, Inc., for availability and affordability. *Ask for our special catalog listing dozens of other items available at prices discounted from the Suggested Retail Price or stop by our showroom and retail outlet for hands-on purchasing!

Long sword – Acts and appears as a standard longsword. *If item fails failure check, it will act as a non-magical long sword for one round. *On a percentage roll of 10 or lower, the weapon breaks. *On a percentage roll of 1, the sword explodes in the user’s hand causing 4d6 damage (FORT save for half, DC 15) and likely loss of the hand. *CL 5th Create Magic Arms and Armor, Price 5,000 gp

Ring of Spell Storing, Minor – Acts and appears as a normal ring of spell storing. *If item fails failure check, the desired spell does not cast and is lost. *On a percentage roll of 10 or lower, all spells stored in the ring are lost. *On a percentage roll of 1, the ring explodes causing 2d6 damage (FORT save for half, DC 15) and likely loss of the hand. *CL 5th Forge Ring, imbue with spell ability, Price 12,000 gp

Cloak of Elvenkind – Acts and appears as a normal Cloak of Elvenkind. *If item fails failure check, the wearer becomes visible for one round. *On a percentage roll of 10 or lower, the cloak looses all magical abilities permanently. *On a percentage roll of 1, the cloak catches fire, causing 3d6 damage (FORT save for half, DC 15). *CL 3rd Craft Wonderous Item, invisibility, creator must be an elf, Price 1,500 gp.

Wand of Cure Serious Wounds – Acts and appears as a normal Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds. *On a percentage roll of 10 or lower, the wand causes 1d8 damage to the person being healed. *On a percentage roll of 1, the wand explodes, causing 2d6 damage to the person holding the wand and the person being healed (FORT save for half, DC 15) *CL 5th Craft Wand, cure serious wounds, Price 6,000

Hat of Disguise – Acts and appears as a normal Hat of Disguise. *On a percentage roll of 10 or lower, the PC remains the same with no change in appearance. *On a percentage roll of 1, the hat catches fire, causing 3d6 damage (FORT save for half, DC 15). *CL 1st Craft Wonderous Item, disguise self, Price 1,000 gp.

All items included in the Big Box O’ Magic are defective, or at least have the chance to be. *This can be played out in one of two ways: *1) For campaigns: *Each time the item is used, there is a 1% cumulative chance (beginning at 10%) that it will not work properly and/or break (see item descriptions for failures) *2) For shorter adventuring sessions: each item carries a flat 25% chance of failure each time it is used. *For more information on possible inclusions into your game, see below.

The items were all created by the wizard Luxod using the gnomish secret of Mass Production. *In an effort to cut his own costs and introduce the items to the market at affordable and attractive prices, sub-standard components and construction practices were used. *Magical spells used in the making of these items were performed by low level casters who were at the minimum level for making the item as part of an apprenticeship to Luxod.

The end result of all this, of course, was the poor quality products produced. *In most cases, only those PCs with appropriate Craft skills will be able to notice the inferiority of the items upon inspection (DC 20). *However, all Magic, Inc., items are branded with a small symbol of the manufacturer’s logo.


1) *The chancellor of a minor kingdom contracted Magic, Inc., to manufacture weapons, armor and other magical items for his army to use in an impending battle with a neighboring or rival kingdom. *The army using the Magic, Inc., items was decimated, the kingdom overrun and the king deposed. *The king has hired the party to investigate why the weapons failed (The chancellor having killed himself out of guilt), discover who is responsible for the inferior items, put an end to it all and return the responsible person’s head to him.

2) Through normal game play, the party discovers or is given these items for their own use. *As the items begin to fail, they may investigate why on their own and track down the problem to it’s source. *Option: *Substitute items the party already has in their possession for the Big Box O’ Magic items (great for bringing an over-powered party back down to earth).