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2008-12-23, 02:44 AM
I wanted to come up with a campaign setting that would have a different feel from most. I have always hated having Kingdoms who are seperated by race/alignment/PlanetOfHatesTrope. I also dislike the long-lived races likes Elves and Dwarves, they kill any sense of immediacy in the world.

Long ago the land was ruled by magic. The many "High" races lorded their mastery of the arcane arts over their less fortunate peers. They especially flaunted their longevity over the much shorter lived peers. Over the years their arrogance was their downfall.

The short lived races of the world spent generations honing their technology and raising their numbers. The arrogant high races were secure in their superiority and did not bother with new technology, they scorned advances and relied on their magics.

Centuries passed, the shortlived races continues their steady march of progress while the seemingly immortal masters stagnated. Until one day the overlords of the longlived races realized they were suddenly outnumbered 500 to 1. Their gleaming towers had fallen into disarray. The boundless hordes of the "inferior" races had come.

The Elves were first to fall. Their cities burned and their tiny populace driven out to die. The Dwarves were next to fall. They huddled in their stone halls and ignored the cries of the dying elves. Their mountains were ground down, their fortresses rooted out. One by one the strongholds of Dwarven kind were destroyed. Even the loathsome Drow were slaughtered by the endless waves of lower race enemies.

And so the shortlived races came to have dominion over the land. A new age of advancement and opportunity arose.

And it was good.

As said in the premise, this setting is dominated by shorter lived races. Anything that can't live to be more than 200 is eligible. Ideally the shorter the lifespan the more motivated that race will be. It would also be good to avoid more than LA+1.



There is a breakdown of kingdoms into three categories. The large landlocked kingdom, the smaller coastal kingdoms and the tiny island kingdom.

Humans are present in all three but not dominant in any of them.

Kingdoms (Need possible names)
-Landlocked: This would be one very loosely allied kingdom of small townships with very few cities. The people are almost entirely agrarian. Ther is only one religion which is very deeply entrenched in the populace. It is monotheistic, yet liberal. (Humans, Halflings, Gnolls)

-Coastal: This would be a series of smaller kingdoms along the coastline, most farming is centered around orchards and the like. (Think meditteranean). There is a moderate level of religion, mostly centered around a polytheistic form of worship with many different deities. Mostly concerned with trading and war. (Humans, Halfings, Goblins/Hobgoblins, Orcs)

-Island: A single very unified kingdom which is highly industrialized. There is very little religion, most people being Agnostic. The designs and methods of production are a fiercely guarded secret, the islands need the trade in technology to provide food for the dense populace. In place of one government the islands are run by various mega-corporations. There is also a strong Pirate presence along the outlying islands who prey on tradeships. (Humans, Orcs, Kobolds)



In this setting Arcane Spellcasting is mostly gone. Artificers are the most common magic element in the Island Kingdom. Clerics are very common in the Coastal and Landlocked kingdoms. Druids are present mostly in the Landlocked kingdom.

I need suggestions for the names of the world in total and the names of each kingdom (One Landlocked, One Island, Three Coastal) as well as any additional races and classes.