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Random NPC
2008-12-25, 11:44 PM
The gist is this: I need an aspiring criminal lord of Sharn in Eberron to be the new boss of my new PCs. This guy worked in the past as an assassin but now wants to have a piece of the cake. But, I want to tie any loose ends that might give any leading back to him. I don't want anything to come back to him.

Mechanically he's a middle aged Changeling Bard 10//Rogue 2/Swashbuckler 3/Assassin 5. His stats are REALLY in the stratosphere (Str 14, Dex 18, Con 13, Int 18, Wis 15, Cha 20)

If you are not familiar with the setting, don't worry. Sharn is a big city, like New York but with magic. Towers upon towers magically held together by planar magic connected to the plane of Air. Here you can have crime. Big city, lots of money, corrupt guards... you get the idea.

Visual aid

Wall of text.

The backstory is that he was born in a rich house and by any circumstance he found himself dipping his pen deeper and deeper into the crime world. He was born from a Changeling mother and a Human father, he's a Changeling.

When he was younger he used to create facades in order to find his way into the poor and dangerous parts of Sharn, always assuming a new face in order to remain unnoticed.

First he started as a simple thief. Soon starting to do jobs for the Changeling/Doppleganger mafia as a spy. After a while he learned more and disappeared for a couple of years and came back to work for the Halfling mafia, but now more seriously.

By this time he should be around 24 (and level 5), living a double life as an aristocrat and as a thief and later, assassin.

After a 10 years working as the chief assassin of the Boromar Clan (halfling mafia) he just bowed out (forcefully) due to middle age. He never asked for favors of any kind. He was only paid in gold which he then transfered to several safe accounts. Thanks to this, he amassed quite a fortune (without taking into consideration his own family fortune), and the clan didn't like at all seeing his main killer retired, but he did anyway, after all, he was the chief assassin and it was quite difficult for anyone to find him anyways.

He has spent the past 4 years living as his "real" persona, and seeing how his former employers are going on a decline due to a power struggles with a rival gang, he decided once again to dip his pen in the crime pool again.

Now he assumed a new personality to live by and has enough pp's to buy some places and start as a new crimelord. He'll start slowly.

This new cat appeared out of nowhere. He bought a decent bar, small enough to go unnoticed by the big guys, in a decent location of the city. And he'll try to expand it from there. He's also looking into creating a decent group of assassins trained by him.

Here's where you guys come in. Dissect this guy. I want to find any flaws that might destroy his cover. Magic is only Core and 5th level magic is only known by the greatest mages around.

2008-12-26, 12:18 AM
Unless people exist that can connect his personalities together, you're pretty much in the clear. And as the DM, it's up to you whether they exist or not. Magic can't see into the past or travel back in time, so you're safe short of a Mind Rape on the guy. Just the same, it'll be helpful to have some manner of immunity from mind-affecting spells in particular or Enchantment in general.

The only problem here is that you might be tempted to have him call in old favours, and since he's a different person now, that's the last thing you need. In fact, have him eliminate everyone who he worked directly under, just to be safe. It's not personal, it's business.

Lert, A.
2008-12-26, 01:38 AM
I assume that you are the DM?

It may be possible to put a few pieces together with Bardic Knowledge - stretching it - or if the PCs are capable of using Hypercognition on him. Even in these cases the DM would be setting ungodly high DCs for any checks.

2008-12-26, 01:48 AM
if there is a changeling mafia in the city, then they will no doubt employ people who use a similar cover method (overly paranoid multiple facade usage to conceal identities), so its safe to assume he wasn't the only one doing it

As long as he was never traced back to his core/'real' identity, and the money he gathered has been properly laundered to destroy the paper trail (it may be worth killing the money launderer too) he should be in the clear

it may also be worth false implicating someone else as the real identity of his previous personas. Preferably someone already dead (someone who died shortly after which ever relavent fake personas winked out of existance).