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Frog Dragon
2008-12-26, 05:59 AM
I started creating this campaing setting though I haven't came up with a great name for it. Any help is much appreciated. I actually have half done maps and some info on the civilization. I also have some new races completed for it along with creating cizilized versions of some traditional monsters though the savage tribals still persis.

So here is the first era of The Land cosmos

The Creation: Time of Divine Failure

There was one god of almost infinite power, Kazuh he called himself. He was bored or maybe only experimental in mind.
He decided to create something and set to the creation of the entire cosmos, the planes and their sources of energy, but failed to understand the magnitude of such creation and ended up bonding some of his very being into his creation. The destruction of the cosmos would be very fatal to him. The very next moment he noted that his cosmos required constant maintenance to stay intact.
Something created with magic required it to stay and thus he had created a great handicap for his almost limitless power as he tried to keep his creation intact. This left him with a bare minimum of his power to use for other tasks as the constant maintenance used up most of his power.
The leftovers of what he channeled created the rest of the gods which had very little power compared to Kazuh, but it was not much less than the power that Kazuh could utilize. The other gods begun
perfecting what Kazuh had created, but they were much more cautious, learning from Kazuh's mistakes and determined not to repeat them they set to their work.
Thus ended The Creation

Second Era

Civilization: Wartime

The gods had finished their work and the Elves and the Spellbound had started to develop civilization, though the humans remained barbaric and tribal.
Yet not all of the gods creations were good natured and peaceful. The Chromatic Dragons were developing means to subjugate the Elves and the Spellbound after they had defeated their cousins, the Metallic Dragons.
The Chromatic Dragons experimented on life and races and created the goblinoid races along with the kobolds and their subspecies. With them they launched a massive attack on the two reigning races of The Land. Their might was superior and the Spellbound and the Elves were beaten and enslaved.
But then, the stout Dwarves and another subspecie of Humans came to being. Humans coming from the sea and the Dwarves coming from the mountains along with the gnomes. They roused the Elves and the Spellbound to meet their enslavers and the Dragons along with their armies were driven back.
The White Dragons left for north and the others tried to find a safe haven as the Metallic dragons rose again. The Chromatic Dragon's armies ran for the mountains, though not all did so. Some succeeded in integrating with the known society and thus Lingok was born.

Third Era

Civilization: Colonization Wars

The dragons had been driven back, but there rose a problem. The Elves and The Spellbound were looking to get their ancestral lands back which had spanned half the continent respectively. The other races did not like this and hostilities arose as everyone wanted land to rule.
Humans, with their superior numbers won the war and subjugated the rest of the races. Humans had effectively become rulers of The Land or at least the portion they knew of it. This continued for several centuries, but the humans had difficulty keeping the slaves in order and rebellions threatened their empire.

Fourth Era

Rebellion: Divided

The Human Empire was falling on internal strife and disagreements. Their weakness sensed, rebellions rose like flowers on springtime. The Human Empire was crumbling on internal strife and slave rebellions. Many parts of it broke of with their slaves and reformed to strike at the main empire in the hopes of recreating it.
The entire continent was engulfed in one massive conflict. The races crawled from the conflict as the Human Empire imploded upon itself.
The races took over the ruins of the Human Empire. Trust was a scarce commodity and almost all communication between the races was cut. The humans, now severely lesser in number started forming new civilizations like Tala and Soyala.

Fifth Era

Civilization: Relations

The races had each builded at least mostly stable governments and states with the halflings living where-ever. Trade routes started forming after centuries had passed and the races started communicating and trading with the other.
Within a century commerce and diplomatic relationships had been re-established. Centuries passed and Soyala started fracturing on the bad choices for high landlords who started pulling taxes and using them to get mercenaries which in turn were used to war against the other landlords.

Homebrew Races (Statted out)

The Spellbound

The Spellbound are a creation of pure magic. The spellbounds nature are quite varied though most tend toward neutral behavior. Sorcerous powers are apparent in all spellbound no matter the profession. Almost all Speelbound worship the god of magic, their sole creator.

The spellbound are orderly and motly of lawful behaviour.

Physical Description
The spellbound are actually pitch black in colour and always have black hair. They usually have their inner light on which menas they usually show as bright yellow radiating light. They usually have green or blue eyes. They are tall (between 5,1/2 and 6,3/4 feet and they have next to noexistent muscle mass They weigh between 110 to 190 pounds. A Spellbound is considred mature at the age of 45 ań they live up to 400 years. Spellbound maintain their prime for a long time showing sings of getting old at their 300:th year of age. Spellbound who dies disappear by the 60:th day of being dead uniting into magic.

The spellbound have a good relationship with the elves and they frequantly trade with the Talans and the Lingok.


Spellbound Lands
The spellbound inhabit areas in the west side of the mainland.

The spellbound speak Spellspeak. They have their own alphabet

Spellbound racial traits
The spell bound are charismatic as they always seem to radiate some inner light. That of magic no doubt. Their evolution has focused on their innnate magical talents leaving little room for muscle +2 charisma -2 strength.

Innate magic
Detect magic reveals a spellbound
Starting at level one spelbound get spells form the sorcerer spell list. These can be cast witout regard to spell failure by armor or shields.
Lvl 1 The Spellbound can cast two cantrips from his list of spellbound spells know once per day. They can be cast without preparation from the sorcerer spell list.
Lvl 5 The spellbound gets one more cantrip and one lvl 1.spell
Lvl 10 The spelbound ges two more cantrips and one more lvl 1 spell
Lvl 15 The spellbound gets one lvl 2 spell
Lvl 20 The spellbound gets one cantrip, one lvl 1 spell and one lvl 2 spell

The spellbounds caster level for these spells is 1/2 his character level with aminimum of 1. Upon character creation you must choose an amount of spells known equal to the amount you can cast. Everytime you get more racial spells, update your spells known to match.

The spellbound can cast detect magic at will at 1/2 his character level.-

Magical glow.
The Spellbound are under the effecs of a permanent light spell all the time. They can extinguish and re-light it at will.

Automatic Languages: Spellspeak, Common
Bonus Languages: Talan, Dwarven, Elven , Lingok, Kharok and Draconic

Favored class
The favored class for a Spellbound is a Sorcerer.

Spellbound History

The spellbound found themselves being after being created by Kazuh somewhere in the first Era. They started creating settlements, but then the dragons came and enslaved them. They fought with undying fervour, but they could not match the dragon's armies and they were beaten. Still when the dwarves, gnomes and humans emerged war broke again and the spellbound were subjugated once more. After the chains of the humans were broken they started building up the civilization they now live in. They are ruled by the high priests of Kazuh and powerful sorcerers, but it has not failed yet.

Spell Elf

pell Elves are the result of the frequent union between an Elf and a Spellbound. They mostly live around Spellbound settlements and are widely accepted by both the Elves and the Spellbound. They mostly follow religions of the areas they live in. Lyagen for Spell Elves raised to elf customs and Kazuh for Spellbound raised Spell Elves

Spell Elf Racial Traits

The Spell Elves share traits from both of their parents

-2 Constitution, +2 Charisma

Magical glow.
Spell Elves are under the effecs of a permanent light spell all the time. They can extinguish and re-light it at will.

Low-Light Vision
A Spell Elf can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and other low illumination conditions.

+1 Racial Bonus to Spot, Search and Listen Checks

Spell Elves are immune to magical sleep effects.

Spell Elves get a +2 to saves against enchantment

A Spell Elf can cast detect magic four times day at 1/2 their character level

Favored Class: Sorcerer


An offshoot of the orcs. The Kharok chose to try and trade with the Tala-humans instead of attacking them. Together with the Tala they repelled their brutish kinsmen to the Northwest part of Shoyok. The Kharok race has since evolved into more civilised-like beings though they are still a little slow on the thinking side.

Kharok tend to be simple people who are happy for the small things in life. However the Kharok somehow seem like home doing anything which might well be an effect of living alongside the Tala for a long time. The Tala's adaptability seems to have been absorbed by the Kharok.

Physical Description
Kharok are about 6 feet tall on average and 7 feet tall Kharok are not unheard of. Kharok usually weigh between 175-250 pounds. Kharok look a lot like orcs, but they are not quite as muscular. They are still bigger and of heavier build than most humans.
A Kharok is considered mature at the age of fourteen and few live to see over ninety years of age.
Kharok have pointy ears that show strongly backwards. They usuially have yellowish eye color. They have a pig-like nose and their face is usually rather round. Their facial features are quite soft (except for the ears) which takes away from the brutish image of their ancestors.
Kharok have Greenish or sometimes yellowish skin. Some rare specimen even show traces of purple.

The Kharok have good relationships with the Tala and the Lingogs, but are fairly indifferent about other races.

The Kharok tend to be of no specific alingment

Kharok Lands
The Kharok have lands mostly in the eastern of Shoyok. They also inhabit most of The Shoyok
They also inhabit most of the Islands of Shoyok. Their kingdom also claims ownership over a small slice of land in the Mainland.

Worship of Lon is in great favor by the Kharok. They also worship the more benvolent parts of the orcish pantheon.

The Kharok have a languange based on the Talan alphabet

The Kharok are a fighting people with traditions seated deep. However they are highly organized and do not uphold the berserker warrior tradiotions as the orcs. They tend to be fighters.

Kharok Traits: Kharok possess the following traits
+2 strenght -2 intelligience.
A Kharok's base land speed is 30 ft
Lowlight vision: A kharok can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar conditions of poor illumination. She retains the ability to distinguish color in these circumstances.
Weapon Familiarity: A Kharok treats any weapon with the word orc on it as a martial weapon.
Automatic Languances: Kharok, Common
Bonus Languanges: Elven, Dwarven, Talan, Orcish and Lingin
Favored Class: Fighter

Kharok History

The Kharok appeared in the fourth era along with the orcs to trouble the burgeoning Talan kingdom on the Shoyok Island. Kharok used to be an orc tribe that disagreed with the other orc's violent lifestyle. When they entered Shoyok they found the Talans and the Kharok negotiated with them. Still the orcs attacked and the Kharok turned on their brothers, driving them into the jungles. They chose the plains in eastern Shoyok along with the islands to live in. The Talans gladly agreed for without the Kharok tribe they would have surely been destroyed. The Kharok started developing a more advanced civilization using Talan technology and architechture as a baseline. Their civilization worked with a stern and just rule that gave Kharok the stability they had yearned for.

Stout Gnomes

Stout Gnomes are a cross of a dwarf and a gnome. As such they share traits from both races

Personality: Stout gnomes are cranky, but inquisitive and inventive. Traits shared from gnomes and dwarves

Physical Description
Stout Gnomes are a funny looking race. They'r lenght is somewhere between dwarves and gnomes. They stand about 31/2 to 4 feet tall and weigh around 75 to 100 pounds as they are broad from their dwarven heritage.

Relations: Dwarves and Gnomes welcome them as normal and they have no particular troubles with other races

Alingment: Any, but mostly lawful

Stout Gnome Lands: They live mostly in the dwarven oligarchy and have no formal lands

Languange: Stout Gnomes speak dwarven

Stout Gnomes Possess the following racial traits
+2 Con, -2 Dex Stout Gnomes are hardy, but their ankaward form restricts their movements
A Stout Gnomes Base Land speed is 20 feet
Stout Gnomes get Stonecunning as dwarves
Stability: As dwarves
Stout Gnomes Have Darkvision up to 30 feet
Languages: Dwarven, Common
Bonus Languages: Spellspeak, Soyalan, Lingok, Knaal and Kharok

Lingok history

The Lingok are goblinoids who chose to try and live peacefully on a strip of unclaimed land after the Dragon Wars when the goblinoid armies were driven back by united forces of all the civilised races except for the Kharok who had not emerged at the time. The Lingok had trouble getting the trust of other races after fighting on the side of the dragons, but those days are long past and few remember what the Lingok used to be. They have a mostly hobgoblin governments and many kobolds in research jobs.


Lingok Goblins tend to be tricky people, but no more evil than a member of any other race. Few goblins are particurarly honorable and many are drawn to a rogueish lifestyle.

Physical Description
Lingok Goblins look much like ordinary goblins but they are not quite as serious looking nor do they move in a hunched manner that the goblins tend to favor. Lingok goblins are considered mature at the age of 13 and few live to see over 75 years of age.

Lingoks have a good relationship with the Kharok and frequently trade with the Spellbound

Any, but few Lingok Goblins are of a lawful alingment.

Lingok Goblin Lands
Lingok Goblins inhabit a stripe of land along the Shoyok sea on the west coast of the mainland.

The Lingok Goblins have a languange that is based on the Spellspeak alphabet

Lingok Goblins possess the following racial traits
-2 strength +2 dexterity
Small Size: +1 bonus to armor class, +1 bonus to attack rolls, +4 bonus to hide checks, -4 penalty to grapple checks, Lifting and carrying limits 3/4 those of medium creatures.
A Lingok goblin's base land speed is 30 feet
A Lingok Goblin can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and other low illumination conditions.
Automatic Languanges: Lingok, Common.
Bonus Languanges: Kharok, Talan, Draconic, Elven and Spellspeak
Favored Class: Rogue


Lingok Kobolds are analytic and thorough. They are very interested in the Dragons methods of creating them and tend to be orderly. They are also a hard working people

Physical Description
Lingok kobolds look like ordinary kobold but are better muscled as a result of not using slaves for everything. A Lingok Kobold is considered mature at the age of 12 and few live to see over 80 years of age.

Lingoks have a good relationship with the Kharok and frequently trade with the Spellbound. Lingok Kobolds also have a good relationship with the Dwarves as they are both a hard working race.

Any but Lingok Kobolds have mostly lawful alingments

Lingok Kobold Lands
Lingok Kobolds inhabit a stripe of land along the Shoyok sea on the west coast of the mainland.

The Lingok Kobolds have a languange that is based on the Spellspeak alphabet

Lingok Kobolds possess the following racial traits
-2 strenght, +2 dexterity,-2 constitution
Small Size: +1 bonus to armor class, +1 bonus to attack rolls, +4 bonus to hide checks, -4 penalty to grapple check, lifting and carrying limits 3/4 those of Medium Characters.
A kobolds base land speed is 30 ft
Darkvision up to 30 feet
Racial skills: Lingok Kobolds have a +2 racial bonus on knowledge arcan and spellcraft checks.
+1 natural armor bonus
Automatic Languanges: Common Lingok
Bonus Languanges: Spellspeak, Kharok, Draconic, Talan, Elven and Dwarven
Favored Class: Wizard


Hobgoblins tend be somewhat vain and do not like hard work. They are usually found in leading positions.

Physical Description
Lingok Hobgoblins are not quite as muscular as ordinary hobgoblins because they don't have the fighting culture hobgoblins have. Lingok Hobgoblins are considered mature at the age of 16 and few live to see over 100 years of age.

Lingoks have a good relationship with the Kharok and frequently trade with the Spellbound.

Lingok Hobgoblins are mostly Neutral

Lingok Hogoblin Lands
Lingok Hobgoblins inhabit a stripe of land along the Shoyok sea on the west coast of the mainland.

The Lingok Hobgoblins have a languange that is based on the Spellspeak alphabet.

Lingok Hobgoblins have the following racial traits
+2 to Charisma. Lingok Hobgoblins have strong personalities and they are often determines to get what they want
A Lingok hobgoblins base land speed is 30 feet
Darkvision 60 feet
Automatic Languages: Common and Lingok
Bonus Languages: Draconic, Talan, Kharok, Elven and Spellspeak
Favored Class: Rogue

Magic in The Land

In the land no god ever intended magic to fall in the hands of mortals though the creation of the Spellbound could be interpreted as playing with fire for that matter.
Magic is the result of Kazuh not being able to calculate the energies needed to maintain the cosmos. Some of the energy di not find a place to cover and wandered the planes to be then used by wizards and sorcerers.
Magic isn't mediated so it isn't completely safe to use even for skilled arcanists or divine caster. Mental powers are subject to the same instability and the power may also blow on your face.

So whenever you cast a spell roll a caster level check against a DC of spell level x2,5 round down. Cantrips cannot be failed and a 1 autofails. If you fail the first check try again, this time with double DC. If it fails you lose materials costs and the spell slot and you are dealt 1d4 damage per spell level. If you succeed the spell is brought under control and you lose no materials or costs nor it deals damage. Your action is still wasted, but the slot is not lost

{table=head]Spell Level | DC | Second DC
1. | 4 | 8
2. | 7 | 14
3. | 9 | 18
4. | 12 | 24
5. | 14 | 28
6. | 17 | 34
7. | 19 | 38
8. | 22 | 44
9. | 24 | 48[/table]

I wanted to have a certain irony to this setting and I was thinking that the humans of the civilized nations were actually barbarians that had been on the continent forever. Some of the barbarians made ships and left to search for a new continent. They searched the new continent for centuries and the old land became just a legend. They had circled the world and returned to their old continent from the another side of it as what they thought "A new land."

Here is the map for the area that encompasses most campaings. it's not the entire area, but it's the most important one

http://img126.imageshack.us/img126/5047/thelandosittaincp9.th.jpg (http://img126.imageshack.us/my.php?image=thelandosittaincp9.jpg)

The town names are illegible at those sizes

Mercenary Pen
2008-12-26, 08:35 AM
Possible name for your campaign setting:

World of the bound God or something of that ilk. It definitely wants to be something that'll get your players asking for the backstory, and I think the name I suggested will fit the bill.

Frog Dragon
2008-12-26, 08:49 AM
Hmm. I'm finnish and my group is finnish so it'll have to fit that too. Sidotun jumalan maailma would be my quick translation. I don't know how good that sounds. In english that's great though so I might well use it as I'm planning to use it if I start running games on the forums. I still have to think whether it fits in finnish.

Mercenary Pen
2008-12-26, 09:30 AM
Or maybe just call the setting

Kazuh's Mistake

Again, I don't know Finnish, so if that won't translate well into something catchy, then feel free to ignore it.

Frog Dragon
2008-12-27, 06:26 AM
Update in the first post. The second era is now written.

Frog Dragon
2008-12-28, 12:48 PM
Third Era Written. It's in the first post

Frog Dragon
2008-12-31, 09:39 AM
I have finished the history for now though I might extend them. I put some stats for my homebrew races here though I'm a bit stuck on the Half-Kharoks and Dwarf-gnomes that would most undoubdetly populate this setting in addition to normal Phb races. Half orcs are extremely rare and I was doing the Half-Kharok to fill the half-orcs niche. I personally don't like the idea of a half orc. They shouldn't be encountered in large number because the events surrounding their birth are almost always violent. The Kharok are there as a more peaceful alternative of the orcs. Traditional orcs still exist though.

More detailed racial history is next in line. Then gods. I also have a map of the centermost area though the other maps are incomplete.

Magic's function and role in the land has been done.

Zeta Kai
2008-12-31, 02:36 PM
My only question is this: Do you need a map?

Frog Dragon
2008-12-31, 02:38 PM
I have already made some. They just need finishing, Will post them here when they're done

Disclaimer: Even though there are favored classes in the race stat block does not imply that I use them. They are there because if someone who actually uses that rule wants to play this setting he'll have the favoured classes predefined.

Frog Dragon
2009-01-02, 02:05 PM
I've done some racial histories. Btw what do you think about my races mechanically and fluffcally?

Zeta Kai
2009-01-02, 02:34 PM
The link to the map is broken for me, for the record.

Frog Dragon
2009-01-02, 02:37 PM
For me it works even when logged out of imageshack so the problem is most likely with your computer.

Zeta Kai
2009-01-02, 02:43 PM
For me it works even when logged out of imageshack so the problem is most likely with your computer.

I'll try it again from home tonight.

Frog Dragon
2009-01-02, 04:02 PM
Warning. The picture is ****ing heavy

Frog Dragon
2009-01-04, 09:49 AM
No one have anything to say? At all?

I just did the Stout Gnomes. Do you think the races are balanced, Oh and the Gnomish Language doesn't exist. Gnomes speak dwarven.
Btw do you think Stout Gnomes Should be Medium or Small?