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2008-12-26, 09:40 AM
Zui Quan (literally Drunken Fist, also known as Drunken Boxing or Drunkard's Boxing) is a traditional Chinese martial art concept as well as a classification of Wushu form. It is a category of techniques, forms and fighting philosophy that appear to imitate a drunkard's movements.

Though DnD already has the drunken master prestige class, it seems to me that drunken boxing in the Dnd 3.5 world should get an upgrade in the wake of the Tome of Battle.

So, some questions I'm considering as I attempt to create this discipline:

1. Should the style require actual drunkenness or does it simply simulate drunkennes?
So far, I think the discipline itself should be about simulated drunkenness, though the prestige class may introduce the use of alcohol; or maybe not.

2. What is the 'gimmick' of the discipline in the same was the Tiger Claw's in Two-Weapon Fighting and Setting Sun's is Tripping?
Having made the decision that the discipline will be about simulating drunkenness to confuse opponents, I think the focus of the discipline should be Feinting.

3. What is the key skill of the discipline?
Bluff; if you're going to be feinting, you need a good bluff check.

4. What classes should have access to this discipline?
I'm thinking Swordsage and Crusader. Swordsage because the original Drunken Master prestige class required monk levels and, most likely, a stereotypical drunken boxer would be wearing little or no armor, all of which makes swordsage a good choice. Crusader, on the face of it, seems like an odd choice, since it's a replacement paladin, but with a bit of reflavoring, it works very well. The unpredictable nature of what maneuvers are granted when works with both simulated drunkenness and maneuvers drunkenly remembered in true intoxication and steely resolve could represent the ability to ignore pain when drunk. Having charisma as a key stat also works well with the discipline's feinting focus.

4.1 What changes need to be made to these classes/their discipline lists to incorporate Drunken Fist?
I'm thinking that any Swordsage or Crusader who adds Drunken Fist to his discipline list removes Stone Dragon from that list. Probably also lose Balance from the class skill list and add Bluff. The choice of Stone Dragon is motivated both by the fact that it's the only discipline they both have as well as the fact that the stationary nature of most of stone dragon's stances would be in contradiction of the probable stumbling of someone using Drunken Fist.

5. What should the prestige class be?
I see two options here. One is to simply update the Drunken Master prestige class, possibly bringing back some elements from the Sword and Fist version. The other would be to create a new one, which I would probably call the Drunken Immortal. Might do both.

Having established that, I need to think about what sort of maneuvers this discipline would have. This will eventually become the full list, but for now, it's more conceptual.


Full round strikes that involve a feint check and a full attack. Apply the feint to multiple attacks, probably with increasing penalties. Maximum number of attacks affected would increase for higher level versions of these maneuvers
Standard action strikes that give sneak attack dice.


Bluff as a swift action
Stand up from prone as a swift action


Replace AC with a bluff check
After being hit, tumble away from attacker some small distance (probably tumble check-based), possibly ending prone unless making either another good Tumble check or a balance check.


You can move, probably up to half your base speed, as part of a feint
You gain a small amount of DR based on bluff check/ranks

Not a big list, I know, but I hope it conveys what I'm thinking.

Barebones list of maneuvers and stances; numbers at maneuver levels based on Stone Dragon

boost - feint as a swift action
strike -
stance - resistance to bludgeoning attacks
Bluff Ranks
4-8 DR 1/slashing or piercing
9-13 DR 3/slashing or piercing
14-18 DR 5/slashing or piercing
19+ DR 7/slashing or piercing

strike - bluffing full attack
counter - use bluff check instead of AC

strike - bluffing full attack
strike -
stance - whenever you feint, you mave move up to half your base speed
you provoke AoOs as normal, but may tumble to avoid them
stance -

strike -
boost -
strike -

strike - bluffing full attack
strike -
stance -

strike - bluffing full attack
strike -
strike -

strike -
strike -

strike - bluffing full attack
strike -
stance -

strike - bluffing full attack

Does anyone see any gaping flaws, have suggestions for other things I should be considering, or have an idea how to better execute the premise of this discipline?

I will update as things occur to me.

2008-12-26, 09:42 AM
Reserved for when I start on the prestige class(es)