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2008-12-28, 12:47 AM
This came up on IRC, over how it sucks how players can lose out on an encounter because of how the dice act, but at the same time, how players can feel cheated when their status effect lasts only a round. This method also tends to tone down the brokenness of an Orb Wizard.

The Save Ends mechanic is changed such that the modifier of the classes highest 'secondary stat' (That is the attribute the class requires, but does not use for attack, such as Int/Cha for Warlords. Do not include 1/2 level in this.) sets the maximum duration a Save Ends ability can have. After that amount of rounds, the enemy is freed from the condition at the beginning of their next turn. For example:

Wally the Wizard is a Level 1 Wand Wizard with a Dex of 16, and an Intelligence of 18. The Maximum amount of rounds his save ends abilities can last is therefore 3, and any enemy that doesn't make its third save will be fine again to fight at the start of its fourth turn.

Note on the last save: Some may argue that this makes the last save irrelevant, but it actually might allow you act during the round, if you were dazed or something you could take OAs.

For monster purposes, their second highest stat will determine the duration.

Now the problem is the duration will rarely come in play, and we haven't addressed the other side of the problem. The DC of a Saving throw for a save ends power becomes 10+turns left. This increases the chance of lasting more then one round, while making it easier to escape as time goes on. For Example:

Wally the Wizard hits Koaly the Kobold with a save ends power. Koaly's first save is against DC 12 (Since he has ended his turn at this point, Only two turns are left to actually be effected by). He rolls an 8. Next round, he has to save against DC 11.

This is made with the assumption a secondary stat can NEVER exceed 30. If due to homebrew or codex creep it becomes possible to do so, realize this variant will become broken.

Comments, suggestions?

2008-12-28, 12:52 AM
Any effort to replace the current saving throw mechanic in 4e is a noble one, as far as I am concerned.

2008-12-28, 01:07 PM
Very interesting. I like that. Makes me think of one of my paladin characters who ended up dazed for like 6 rounds, at least. Horrible dice luck.