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2008-12-29, 03:25 AM
So for the first time I am DMing a 3.5 game with a few of my friends. In this Campaign setting I intend to have one of the Principle NPC's be a special Class I've been toying with in the back of my head. I thought some of you guys might have some interesting idea's so I'll tell you guys the Flavor text of that part of my world, the Character, and the Class and if anyone has any idea's for abilities and such please post.

Tarnishk is the Leader of the Sheal a loose confederation of "monster" species such as Gobliniods, Orcs(and even some Humans) and Ogres and alike which he created(Sheal I mean). He is a Half-Orc who shows little of the Orc side accept for size. His mother was a common Prostitute Human and his father a Half-Orc as well. He was human raise until age 15 or so when his skin developed and slightly greenish skin. Tarnishk was unashamed of his heritage.

The monster races were often abused and used by both good and evil to provide protection for their dungeons and treasure and for exp because the "High races" believed them unintelligent and incapable. Because Tarnishk never faced that stereotype he grew up with all the help, encouragement and advantage that any High race might get and he flourished. He reasoned that this meant that any Orc or Goblin might gain as much if given the chance and left to try to better his kinds treatment.

Traveling in the Orc lands he was forced to Slay many Human's and many Orc's depending on the situation. Most villages treated him hostility so he could help very little. He eventually came across the Village that his empire would be named after, Sheal(the Orcish word for positive energy). He met a Shamen(Druid) who would become his teacher. Karma was his name. He was the founder of the village and the last of the last great Orc Shamen who had escaped the attack on Tarmak(the last Orcish City). Taking in the peaceful and the Orphaned he would protect Sheal from any attack just with his reputation.

Tarnishk confided a plan to Karma to gather the remainder of powerful tribes in the area and form an alliance. To push back the Phynien Empire and form a proper government for their kind. To establish the things other races took for granted, Schools and Trade routes and council's to settle disputes.

Karma trusts in the Purity of his pupil and offers to make him a Ruined Slayer.

The Ruined Slayer is a Martial Class enhanced by different magic sygils tatooed or cut into the skin or weapon of the RS. These Ruins can only be produced by a Druid or advanced Slayer. Sygils when activated increase or enhance characteristics or create a predetermined spell-like ability. They would be something like a Warlock with Druid abilities.

2008-12-29, 11:56 PM
Ok, the mention of Exp as an In Character motivation is pretty jaring. Very much breaks the 4th wall. If you want something like that you MIGHT say that they consider killing them to be little more than fighting an animal to hone the skill in battle, in a rather one-sided version of sparring.

2008-12-30, 12:04 AM
A couple points.

First of all, Runes. I believe you are talking about Runes, not Ruins. A Ruin is a decrepit building from an asslong time ago. A Rune is a mystic sigil. Which I think would make this a Runed Slayer.

Second, Xp as a motivation is a definate no-no. If anything put down his motivation as gaining skill. Or power, or training, or whatever. Just don't use Xp directly.

In fact I have a better name for your class, how do you feel about Runelord