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2008-12-29, 05:11 AM
I'm trying putting together a tabletop game to playtest my anime/video game-based system, and since another forum I mod at is doing an "everyone plays FFVI for the next two months" event, I wanted to do the game centered around the War of the Magi in FFVI. Now, my question is, is there any canon information out there about it? I've not seen too much myself, so I'm not so sure what's out there but was wondering if anybody else had any information around.

2008-12-29, 10:04 AM
I think that there are three sides to the conflict due to the three gods who are the source of magic in the world. Warring Triad turned every human they touched into an esper.
One consideration is the type of esper that each player becomes.


2008-12-29, 03:42 PM
I don't know if the three goddess statues really mean there were three sides to the war. The goddesses could just as easily represent a unified trinity, who work together or act as a single being. Kind of like, you know, 98% of all the divine trinities in all the myths of the world. But the nice thing about FFVI is it doesn't give much background as to how the goddesses figured into the war, so you could certainly use Assassin 89's idea if you want.

My suggestion, if you want people to play espers in the War of the Magi, is to choose certain actual espers from FFVI and stat them out using your rules system. Give them base stats and starting abilities and, of course, a way to improve their abilities with XP. This is essentially creating a class system, but that fits nicely with the job system of most FF games. It also allows you to ensure a basic level of power balance among players who might otherwise go a little overboard - after all, they're basically playing the gods of magic and (understandably) will expect their characters to be uber uber.

Of course not all espers had the same power level in FFVI, so you might only allow a certain type of esper to players (e.g. those aligned with a single element or status condition) while using the tougher ones as NPCs/enemies.

Although one thing I notice about the super-powerful espers in FFVI... they're all dead! Somehow, Ifrit and Shiva with their miniscule powers survived a couple of wars and nearly survived the Magitek factory... while Phoenix and Odin are long since dead. And little ol' half-esper Terra outdoes them all! WTF? A cool way to represent this in your game, and to allow a wider variety of espers, would be to have espers' "death resistance" be weaker if their magic attacks are stronger. By "death resistance" I mean, you've reached zero hits - are you really dead and turn into magicite, or do you recover and rise to fight another day? Espers with simple Fire1/Fire2/Fire3 type spells might have a very high Death Resistance while espers with Meteo or Pearl might have a painfully low one. Essentially it's Fort Save vs. crystalisation, and as might be expected, the greatest blaster wizards are fragile glass cannons.

You could also tie death to magic use. I remember that Atma weapon in FFVI used his MP as HP - that might be a good way to go for Espers, too. It certainly explains why they die when their magic is drained out. It would also put a high cost on high-MP spells and explain the durability of weak-spelled espers. Since they couldn't use the normal FF ways of healing (potions, Cure spells, etc.) it would also make more sense why they can be wiped out by mere mortals. Instead of healing they have to wait to regain MP by sleeping or something... or heal a little at a time with Osmose spells.

In order to keep it interesting you might allow all Espers limited telepathy with mortals, and some sort of compulsion/charm/lure ability - even after being turned to magicite. Thus, a player whose esper is killed and crystallises has a chance to lure in one or more mortal characters to claim the magicite and wield its powers. It gives players a second chance after they're killed, and lets them trade in their single almighty esper for 4 mortals who can eventually wield some of its power. What sort of characters respond (and what their true agenda is) might depend very much on the location and circumstances of the esper's death...

A final idea. Instread of playing an esper, you might have the PC's be mortal heroes from the various factions of the War of the Magi, each one wielding the power of 1-3 magicites. Picking a single strong magicite (Odin) might be better or worse than picking two moderate (Phoenix + Maduin) or 3 weak (Ifrit + Shiva + Stray) magicites. This would definitely mesh more with the flashbacks we are actually shown of the War of the Magi, such as the scene in the underground castle (the one Figaro runs into) where mortals summon Odin to try to save their lives. It would also fit more with a typical RPG feel, if that's what you'e after.

Anyway I think it sounds like a fun game... are you doing it PbP style? If so be sure to make a recruiting post here. I'd love to play it!


2008-12-29, 05:44 PM
Since the system relies so much on abstraction and is a point/level hybrid, Espers will use the exact same rules as human players, they'll just be built differently. I'm going to publish "kits" for various jobs and Esper types for players to choose from, so while they'll eventually be able to gain the higher power levels. There are mechanics for death and Espers who die would turn into Magicite, but death is also pretty uncommon just based on the system's feel, so I'd cross the magicite mechanic bridge when I got to it.

I decided to go with the three goddess factions, it seems like a good direction to take the plot.

I'm going to be using Open RPG for this game, if you want to check it out you can go here: http://forums.eyesonff.com/role-playing-threads/122238-eyeson-plays-ffvi-war-magi.html#post2615512

I'm not sure how much interest it'll get, but I hope I can get at least one solid group together. The system will hopefully be linked soon.

2008-12-30, 10:03 AM
Good calls. I do hope the espers at least start off with more points or higher levels than a human player would.

Also, my only suggestion for the magicite thing then is to remember that espers seem to retain their consciousness after "going magicite". Magicite reacts to people who touch it, and sometimes communicates telepathically or gives visions of the esper. Plus the esper appears (in spirit form?) when summoned through magicite. So I'd strongly recommend allowing players to keep playing their esper after being slain, as long as they can attract a new character using those limited powers. Might be cool.

Anyway I'll check out the link but I usually play by post, not through Open. Still, hope it goes well.