View Full Version : Making a Campaign World: Pirates!

2008-12-29, 05:03 PM
Well, after watching the last Pirates of the Caribbean, I decided that I wanted to DM a pirate gestalt game. But first, I needed a campaign world! So, after much debate, I decided to create my own world, AND show you guys how I do it!

So, without further blabbering, I present to you:

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

So, first things first: A theme. Well, the theme is Pirates! But, to make a good campaign, I will need to be more specific. So, what technology level seems like a nice starting spot. I think I'll keep it middle-ages, with cannons for most nations. But... What if one nation, far away, invented muskets? You probably saw the muskets in the PHB; I think I'll use them. So one far away nation will have handguns, while the rest of the world is limited to cannons on ships. But cannons kinda ruin the effect of a powerful nation far away. What if most of the world still uses ballistas, catapults, and greek fire on ships, while one nation has pistols, rifles, and cannons? But, you might say, if they are so technologically advanced, wouldn't they take over the world? Not if they are a very peaceful nation! So, we already have a technologically advanced nation with guns, but it's unintrested in conquering more land. Great!

But what about races? I want to have only humans, if possible. So, what if each nation had two or three unique classes, plus it's own bonusses? So, a man from this island might get +2 to strength and -2 to dexterity because the culture in that area emphasizes brute strength, while a man from the mainland might have +4 int -2 str, since his culture is all about education. And the unique class for each nation works well with those stats. OK, but I'm drifting away from the Pirate theme. What if the world has a very high sea level, with one or two continents about the size of Europe, with archipelagos all over? That would also explain why different nations have such different stats; cultural isolation!

What do you think? I'll continue soon!