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Nefarion Xid
2008-12-29, 05:17 PM
Not long after I got my hands on Martial Power we switch campaigns and it's time for Mr. DM (that's me 80% of the time) to enjoy the role of PC once again. I could have gone for yet another ranger, but I decided a Swordmage would be a fun change of pace. I'd have multi-classed to Ranger as well, but someone in my group really wanted to give Ranger a shot and we've got a small group, so I decided not to step on her toes. So, I picked Wizard for maximum synergy and a lot of mileage out of my Intelligence score (and taking the Battle Mage paragon path just seems like a really good idea), and Human for the big bang effect of Action Surge...though frankly Humans seem like a sub optimal choice when compared to Genasi or even Tieflings and Eladrin.

The Point: Since Martial Power has so many goodies for Martial classes...and that's what everyone else is playing...I'm looking for a few homebrewed swordmage/wizard feats so I don't get left behind compared to Battlerager Fighters and Shoot-Everything-In-Sight Rangers.

Some ideas so far...


Arcane Intuition [Swordmage]
Prerequisite: Swordmage
Benefit: You may use your Intelligence modifier instead of Dexterity modifier when making an initiative check.

Elemental Specialization [Swordmage]
Prerequisite: Swordmage with Aegis of Assault
Benefit: Select Cold, Fire or Lightning. Whenever you deal damage of that type from an arcane power, deal an extra 1d4 damage of that type.

Brash Swordplay [Swordmage]
Prerequisite: Human Swordmage with Aegis of Assault
Benefit: ...want to trade out Warding's AC bonus for attack/damage bonus. Not sure how to word this or what amount is a fair tradeoff.

Something that boosts the effectiveness of Leather armor would be a nice alternative to investing in Hide armor and Hide Armor Specialization. "Hide" armor really seems counter-concept anyway.

Anyone got any ideas? I'll even take general build advice for adding a little added punch... if anyone happens to know of any gems that I've overlooked (I have every 4E book released so far and Dragon Magazines 364-368).

2008-12-29, 05:26 PM
Arcane Intuition is horribly amazing for Wizards, and Elemental Specialization is a Paragon Path feature already.

(Psst, don't touch Battle Mage)

Nefarion Xid
2008-12-29, 06:17 PM
Arcane Intuition seems balanced to me since A) Init is the only feature of the Dex/Init diad that isn't covered interchangeably already. B) It's a swordmage only feat and C) A swordmage with +9 Init (stack this with Improved Init) isn't any more dangerous than a Ranger with +9 Init.

Possibly throw in a Wis 13 requirement as well.

Elemental Spec. is a toned down, more specific version of the Janissary's level 16 feature (Manual of the Planes). It probably needs to be reworded since that effect would stack with the burst damage deal from Greenflame Blade.

And what's wrong with the Battle Mage? That +4 attack bonus on extra action attacks looks pretty appealing. Closing Spell looks like a trap though, since I'd have to get rid of ALL my daily's to use it...including the level 12 Utility Power that requires you to bite the dust once. It's situational at best...but the idea of stacking Action Surge with the battle mage feature and delivering Closing Spell at a +7 bonus sounds ...fun.

2008-12-29, 07:22 PM
Arcane Intuition seems balanced to me since A) Init is the only feature of the Dex/Init diad that isn't covered interchangeably already.
That is what makes it more imbalancing.

Dex has that one feature -- that it boosts initiative (and is required for some feats, I'll admit).

With one feat, you render the remnant of Dex useless.

The Swordmage does this to Str with a feat, but at least that is justified by the problem of "a defender who cannot OA is half a defender".

2008-12-29, 07:24 PM
Well, I'd recommend against allowing Arcane Initiative too. You need to be careful about allowing too many "use one attribute for another" feats -- it makes it too easy for a character to ignore the other attributes. You want a *certain* amount of MAD (multiple attribute dependency) without going to the extreme that 3.0 psions were forced to go to.

Adding to this, I think you need to be careful about this type of feat within a defense pair -- like Int and Dex (either of which can be used for Reflex). Not that the precedent feat allows substituting Int for Str (Fortitude), and the other piece of precedence (the "background" ability for Thay if I remember right) allows Int for Con (also Fortitude).

When looking at feats that give attack bonuses, be careful -- attack bonuses are a lot harder to come by in 4e. At the very least, I'd make it a "feat bonus" (so it doesn't stack with similar feats). But I can't find a "Battle Mage" feat, am I missing something obvious?