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2009-01-03, 07:39 PM
First off let me apologize up front for the table included. I have no clue how to post a real table like the ones I have seen in other threads.

This class was made because of the paladin class. The paladin class is supposed to be the epitome of the holy warrior. However there are plenty of holy warriors who are not lawful good, some who are even evil (although they would be unholy warriors). Who or what is to say that the gods of these worshippers care for them any less (by not granting them divine powers in their names). This class was designed to be kind of a crossover between the paladin and cleric classes.

Before anyone else states it, I know that there are variant paladins (Freedom, Slaughter, and Tyranny) WOTC put out. However this class is actually an updated class from my AD&D days.

Please let me know what you think.

The Devoted:

There are some that do not fit into the mold of the paladin. They are not clerics either. They are Holy or Unholy warriors who wield the might and powers of their patron Deities. It is they who lead the forces of their patrons against the opposition of the cause. They are warriors and priests, they are the Devoted.

The devoted are called by their gods to lead their armies against enemies of the Priesthood. They are also called to perform quests and other activities as instructed by their patron Deities and high priests. They do this with devotion and religious fervor that is unmatched by most.

They are bound by the same restrictions as the Priests of their patron Deity, but they do not consider themselves bound. Instead they consider themselves blessed to be called to perform these services. They border on being religious zealots.

Alignment: Any that matches patron deity

Hit Die: D8

Class Skills: As Cleric

Skill Points: 2+ int bonus (x4 at 1st level)

Weapon and Armor: As Paladin

Spell Progression: As Bard. However the spells are chosen from the Cleric spell list. These must be prepared, and cannot be dropped to spontaneously cast cure/inflict spells. The class uses the Wisdom ability to determine DC’s and bonus spells.

1---------+0-------------+2--+0---+2---- Alignment Aura, Domain (1), Hand of the Divine+1d4
2---------+1-------------+2--+0---+2---- Deific Weapon
3---------+2-------------+3--+1---+3---- Blessing of the Gods (Bless 1/day)
4---------+3-------------+3--+1---+3---- Aid of the Gods (Aid 1/day)
5---------+3-------------+4--+1---+4---- Domain(2), Deities Blessing, Hand of the Divine+2d4
6---------+4-------------+4--+2---+4---- Turn/Rebuke Undead
7---------+5-------------+5--+2---+5---- Message of the Gods (Divination 1/day)
8---------+6/+1---------+5--+2---+5---- Favored of the Gods (Dr1/-)
9---------+6/+1---------+6--+3---+6---- Vigor of the Devoted
10--------+7/+2---------+6--+3---+6---- Touch of the Gods, Hand of the Divine+3d4
11--------+8/+3---------+7--+3---+7---- Favored of the Gods (DR2/-)
12--------+9/+4---------+7--+4---+7---- Divine Mobility (Freedom of Movement 1/day)
13--------+9/+4---------+8--+4---+8---- Judgment of the Holy (Flame Strike 1/day)
14--------+10/+5--------+8--+4---+8---- Favored of the Gods (DR3/-)
15--------+11/+6/+1----+9--+5---+9---- Domain (3), Hand of the Divine+4d4
16--------+12/+7/+2----+9--+5---+9---- Defiance of the Unjust (Spell Resistance 1/day)
17--------+12/+7/+2---+10-+5---+10—Favored of the Gods (DR4/-)
18--------+12/+8/+3---+10-+6---+10--- Godly Destiny (Fast Healing)
19--------+14/+9/+4---+11-+6---+11—Divine Sight (True Seeing at will)
20--------+15/+10/+5--+12-+6---+12— Favored of the Gods (DR5/-), Champion of the Gods, Hand of the divine+5d4

SPECIAL: The character must choose his patron deity at the beginning of the game. His alignment must match his patrons EXACTLY. If the Devoted's alignment ever changes from that of his patron he immediately loses all special and spell casting abilities until an atonement can be made. The Devoted can never cross class into ANY other class. Doing so will cause them to lose all special and spell casting abilities.

Aura of Alignment: This is similar in all ways to the aura of the cleric and paladin. The Devoted radiates the aura of his or her patron Deity.

Domain: At first level the Devoted gains access to one domain of his patron Deity. This enables him or her to use the special abilities corresponding with that domain. However they do not gain the ability to cast domain spells until they are able to cast 1st level spells or higher. At 5th level they gain access to a second of their Patron Deities domains, and at 15th they gain access to a third.

Hand of the Divine: The devoted receives guidance and wisdom from his patron deity regarding his attacks. This allows the devoted to cause more damage to his enemies. This ability follows all the rules and regulations governing a rogue sneak attack except that the additional damage dealt is in d4 progression as shown above.

Deific Weapon: At 2nd level the Devoted can use his patron Deities weapon of choice with increased skill. This gives the Devoted the same benefits as the “weapon focus” feat.

Blessing of the Gods: The Devoted can cast a bless spell as a free action 1/day. This ability uses the devoted class level to determine duration.

Aid of the Gods: At 4th level the Devoted can grant himself and his allies the aid of his patron deity. This is in the form of an Aid spell. Using this ability is a free action. This ability uses the devoted class level to determine duration.

Deities Blessing: This ability is exactly the same as the paladin ability Divine Grace. The Devoted gains a bonus to his or her saving throws equal to their Charisma bonus.

Turn/Rebuke Undead: When the character reaches 6th level, the Devoted gains the ability to turn or rebuke undead. They can use this ability a number of times equal to their Charisma modifier +3. They do this as a cleric 5 levels lower than themselves.

Message of the Gods: At 7th level, once per day the Devoted can implore his patron deity for advice about an upcoming event. This ability functions in all ways as a "divination" spell. This ability uses the devoted class level to determine duration.

Favored of the Gods: The devoted gains a measure of protection from those who stop him from doing his divine patrons works. This equates to a damage reduction as shown in the table above.

Vigor of the Devoted: At 9th level the devoted gains immunity to all mundane and magical diseases.

Touch of the Gods: At 10th level the devoted is granted a special ability by their patron Deity. They can channel their touch spells through their Deific weapon. This ability can be used as many times per day as the Devoted Cha modifier +1. The spell channeled through must be at least one level lower than the highest spell the Devoted can cast.

Divine Mobility: The devoted can call upon their patron deity to help them when trying to transverse dangerous or hazardous conditions impeding their movement. This ability functions as a freedom of movement spell and is useable 1/day as a free action. This ability uses the devoted class level to determine duration.

Judgment of the Holy: The devoted can use this ability to call forth fire from the heavens or pit of the abyss to consume their enemies in a purifying or infernal flame. This functions as a flame strike spell and is useable 1/day. However half of the damage is holy/unholy depending on the Devoted’s alignment. This ability uses the devoted class level to determine damage.

Defiance of the Unjust: This ability functions as a Spell Resistance spell and is useable 1/day. This ability uses the devoted class level to determine duration.

Godly Destiny: At 18th level the devoted gains fast healing equal to their Cha bonus. This effect only functions if the devoted is at or below half their normal hit points.

Divine Sight: The devoted is granted the power by their patron to see things as they really are. This functions as a True Seeing spell and is always active.

Champion of the Gods: The patron of the devoted will automatically return the devoted to life if they somehow perish as if they had received a true resurrection spell. This ability functions only once.