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Evil DM Mark3
2009-01-04, 11:48 AM
I hope to run an Iron Heroes game soon and want Giants to be the main foe, the idea being that the PCs come from lands that are ruled by a Magocracy that overthrew the Feudal Giant lords that rule the rest of the human lands. The generations that fought the war are now all but dead and burried and as such the new rulers on both sides have decided to use their recent stability as an excuse for war.

I want to use the following from the SRD but want to ensure that the magic is not going to be too much of a hassle. I want your help identifying what abilities are likely to cause problems in a game where there is not reliable, safe source of magic for the PCs (there IS magic, but it tends to backfire):

Half giants
Hill giants
Stone giants
Fire giants
Frost giants
Storm giants
Cloud giants
Titans (outsider hd replaced with giant ones)

I don't want to throw out ALL the magic, just the really unfair stuff. Titans are only going to be really B BBEGs so oddly enough they are less likely to be an issue if massively powerful.

Also any insights on how a giant ruled society might work and what problems it might have are welcome. Giants are more or less as their DnD alignments might suggest only toned more towards neutral if good and with a hereditary centric culture with a might makes right ethos.

Human Paragon 3
2009-01-04, 03:50 PM
I'm not really familiar with Iron Heroes, so I can't be of much help; but if I were you I would re-post or ask the mods to move this to the main d20 board. I think you'll get more help there.

Baron Corm
2009-01-04, 04:20 PM
A giant's strategy is typically "throw rock, then hit with club". Your biggest problem that I can see are cloud giants. With levitate, they will be out of range of all melee. Plus, with their fog abilities, nobody will have any idea what's going on as they are beat down in single combat.

A cloud giant will probably only have one rock to take with it after it levitates though... so that one's not a huge problem.

That's all I can think of. Other than titans of course, who have chain lightning, hold monster, levitate, and invisibility at will. Melee = useless, any ranged = dead or paralyzed.