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2009-01-04, 03:03 PM
I'll go directly into the mechanics, without much fluff... This idea is given to me by Warmage (and I kinda ripped off the name :smallbiggrin:)


BAB; Poor (1/2 per level)
Poor Fort, Poor Reflex, Good Will
d6 HD
4+Int skill points/level

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
As Wizard

A supportmage casts spells drawn from the supportmage spell list, by singing songs. To cast a spell, a supportmage must have ranks in a Perform skill equal to 3+ spell level. She must also have a Charisma score of 10 + the spell's level. She receives bonus spells per day for having a high Charisma score. A supportmage has to be singing to be able to cast any spell.
A supportmage casts spells spontaneously, without preparing first.

Healer's Virtue
Whenever a supportmage sings a song that uses magic, she heals anyone effected by that spell by her Wisdom modifier. Mass spells heal everyone by that amount.

Advanced Learning
Every 3 levels, starting with 3rd level, a supportmage can add a new spell to her spell list, as long as it doesn't deal direct damage or summon anything that can fight.

Extend Spell
A supportmage gains Extend Spell as a bonus feat at 4th level

Improved Extend Spell
Starting with 8th level, a supportmage can use Extend Spell on any spell she's casting as a free action, not increasing the casting time. This ability doesn't extend to other Metamagic feats. Extend Spell still uses a spell-slot one level higher than it's actual level.

A supportmage of level 10 or higher can expend a spell slot to cast spells equal to that level as a standard action. (ex. A supportmage can expend a level 8 slot to cast Bear's Endurance, Owl's Insight, Cat's Grace, Bull's Strength in a single round)

Upon reaching 14th level, once per round, a supportmage can cast any spell with a duration other than instantaneous as a free action, but the spell only lasts one round (till the start of the supportmage's next turn).

Tamed Animal Companion
A supportmage has an Animal Companion. Her effective Druid level for the Animal Companion is her class level -3. The Tamed Animal Companion won't attack anyone or anything, unless it obviously is harming the supportmage or the companion itself. This ability is otherwise the same as the Druidic Animal Companion.

Spell/Song list
0-Level Supportmage Songs
Cure Minor Wounds

1-Level Supportmage Songs
Calm Animals
Charm Animal
Cure Light Wounds
Endure Elements
Feather Fall
Mage Armor
Magic Fang
Magic Stone
Remove Fear
Speak with Animals

2-Level Supportmage Songs
Bear's Endurance
Bull's Strength
Cat's Grace
Cure Moderate Wounds
Dark Vision
Delay Poison
Eagle's Splendor
Fox's Cunning
Owl's Wisdom
Protection from Arrows
Resist Energy
Restoration, Lesser
Spider Climb

3-Level Supportmage Songs
Cure Serious Wounds
Good Hope
Magic Fang, Greater
Neutralize Poison
Protection from Energy
Remove Disease
See Invisibility
Speak with Plants
Water Breathing

4-Level Supportmage Songs
Air Walk
Cure Critical Wounds
Death Ward
Fire Shield
Freedom of Movement
Spell Immunity

5-Level Supportmage Songs
Break Enchantment
Cure Light Wounds, Mass
Disrupting Weapon
Spell Resistance
Telepathic Bond

6-Level Supportmage Songs
Antimagic Field
Bear's Endurance, Mass
Bull's Strength, Mass
Cat's Grace, Mass
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass
Eagle's Splendor, Mass
Fox's Cunning, Mass
Globe of Invulnerability
Owl's Wisdom, Mass
Wind Walk

7-Level Supportmage Songs
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass
Invisibility, Mass
Limited Wish
Teleport, Greater

8-Level Supportmage Songs
Cloak of Chaos OR Shield of Law
Cure Critical Wounds, Mass
Mind Blank
Spell Immunity, Greater

9-Level Supportmage Songs
Astral Projection
Heal, Mass
Teleportation Circle
True Resurrection

I obviously need some help with cleaning up. Anyone to suggest/criticize please?

2009-01-04, 04:12 PM
I thought magical songs was the Bard's schtick?

Baron Corm
2009-01-04, 04:37 PM
I would change Advanced Learning to include any harmful spells at all. Otherwise this class + Manyspell = best class ever.

I would also change Manyspell to only affect spells on the supportmage spell list, otherwise you have supportmage 10/ur-priest 10 or some nonsense becoming the best class ever.

2009-01-06, 06:38 AM
The idea is good, but I'm a poor judge of crunch. Also, two things:

A table is always good.

"Supportmage" is an awkward name.