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2009-01-06, 02:39 PM
And now for number two. Once again, a reminder that this is balanced for the Pathfinder ruleset, but should be fine in D&D3.5 with a +1 LA.


“I may be born of the blood of fiends, but I shall rule myself with the regency they granted me.”

The fiendtouched are rare. They are not so much a race as a set of coincidences that share some similar qualities. They are descended from couplings of humans and fiends, similar to tieflings, but they get a different set of family traits than those planetouched. Whilst the tieflings tend towards thievery and thuggishness, fiendtouched are typically refined and often nobles by birth – whether this is what makes the difference between fiendtouched and tiefling. The other theory is that, given their talent with the Dread Crown Discipline, they are simply tieflings descended from Graz’zt or Levistus. This would explain the familial arrogance and domineering outlook iconic to so many fiendtouched.

Personality: Fiendtouched tend towards the personality inherent in the human culture in which they are raised, but also often display extremes of arrogance, pride and self-importance. They are often selfish and frequently raised as spoilt nobles.

Physical Description: Fiendtouched appear largely as humans, but frequently display a combination of the following fiendish hints – dark hair that is naturally spiky, red irises, a forked tongue, pale skin and severe facial features. Men tend to be able to grow brilliant goatees, but little else in the way of facial hair.

Alignment: Fiendtouched have similar alignment tendencies to humans, but given their natural urges and the upbringing they are likely to have received (i.e. that of fiend-worshipping noble parents), they have far stronger tendencies toward evil. Devil-born fiendtouched are more likely to be Lawful than humans, demon-born fiendtouched are more likely to Chaotic than humans. Yugoloth-born fiendtouched are the rarest of the rare, and tend to be the most purely spiteful of the race.

Relations: Given their rarity, fiendtouched are treated by other races much as they treat tieflings, though given their frequent noble birth they are less likely to suffer violence or threats out of fear. Fiendtouched in turn tend to view other races with a mixture of respect for their strengths and quiet contempt for their weaknesses.

Fiendtouched Lands: Fiendtouched live among their human relatives, or wander around in solitary exile.

Religion: Fiendtouched often pick up the faith of their parents – often fiend worship. Thus, many fiendtouched worship the fiend that sired their line, or at least pay them some respect. Those lucky few who were born to unlucky mothers most likely pick up the local faith.

Language: Fiendtouched know Common as a matter of course, and have an innate faculty with either Abyssal or Infernal, depending on heritage. Noble upbringing allows them to learn many other languages, too.

Names: Fiendtouched use human names, especially aristocratic ones.
- Sample Male Names: Arryn, Alexandros, Alessandro, Kalan.
- Sample Female Names: Alicietta, Kaelan, Maewyn, Resra.
- Sample Surnames: d’Vos, Mendez, Glifysgol, Tannra.

Adventurers: Aristocratic fiendtouched may adventure for the same reasons as any noble scion. Low-born members of the race often take up the adventurer’s mantle to escaped prejudice, plus the reasons the members of any race would – wealth, power and fame.

Racial Traits
• +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom: Fiendtouched are unnervingly graceful, and are innately silver-tongued, but have a tendencies for arrogance and a lack of conviction and self-control.
• Humanoid (human) type.
• Medium size.
• Base land speed is 30ft.
• Darkvision: Fiendtouched can see as well without light as they can with it, though this sight is black and white only.
• Skilled: Fiendtouched gain an additional skill rank at level 1 and one additional rank at each level thereafter.
• Dark Regency: All fiendtouched begin play with knowledge of one first level martial maneuver from the Dread Crown Discipline. If they are a member of a martial adept class, this maneuver is added to their maneuvers known and treated as any other maneuver. If they are not a martial adept, they may use this maneuver once per day.
• Darkened Soul: Fiendtouched have a -2 racial penalty on Will saves to resist fiendish possession, as their tainted souls are easy for fiends to enter.
• Automatic Languages: Common plus Abyssal or Infernal. Bonus Languages: Any, except for secret languages such as Druidic.
• Favoured Class: The favoured class of a fiendtouched is warblade or sorcerer. This choice must be made at first level and cannot be changed.