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Dragon ranger
2009-01-06, 04:07 PM
my guilds of magic users, gist for the fun of things. For my players and if you wont to give me feedback you may do so (not that you needed my say so):smallsmile:.

the red emeralds: rich powerful and like to make cistels this guild hate the guild of green hat and is there are few in numbers because it cost a lot to git into this guild

the green hawk: they love trees and things most members have hawk families. there are Meany of them in the wild few live in citys.

the yellow tails: they love inpoveing them self's. There leader once grow a yellow tail that is why they call this group the yellow tails they are know for glomes and growing weird things. there Friends with the green hats.

the blue ravens: they are know for the fly spells and water spells there most praised spell is animal elementels spells.

the green hats: tricksters and thief's of a wizard they all ware jontey hat with a feather in the seem. they love to make you hand over your lifes saveing like you do it to evey one that asks.

the book and sword: a guild know for the study in war and they believe that spell are as important as the sword and they came up with the spells of the like of blade barer.

purple stars: under the site of men they are the masters of high magic and spell unknown to others. They are the shadows in the night and they are the ones that go bump in the night and bump back.

the thundering fire bolts: the are master of magical combat, the made spells like ,fire ball and fire bolts the spells were once a flameing lighting bolt and a shocking fire balls.

I like to start to talk about my new classes I made over the years elementel mages is one, others like the dreamwever (yes I did spell that right) black wing (not the bird in Monster Manual V) and meany others. for those who don't know I paly D&D 3.0 and 3.5.

for my first class is a fire mage.
Now mages use spell not per day but with cooling peroids of 1d4 per spell level - the caster level.
base class

FIRE elementel mage
you must have these mods to become one +2str. +2cha and no score lower then 10.


all spells are str. based.
they git spells per level like a sorcerer

class feats: jump

will save:bad
fort. save:good
ref. save:good

BAB:are like the rangers

At first level they have mastery over all fire. Makeing it so they can move fire at will were ever they wont.

Heres a fuw spells.

1st fire missile- 1d4 per caster level (max.10d4) = to magic missle ex it fire damage.max 10d4

2st ture fire in to force damage

3th fire strike- 1d4 per caster level + 1d4 force damage per every 2 caster levels. max 12d4

4Th ziging fire- 1d8 fire damage per caster level up to 50ft a zigzagging fire that burst the victim into flames doing 1d4 damage + caster level.max8d8

5Th web fire- 150ft cone fire 1d6 per caster level (max.15d6) and 1d6+caster level every round fire damage for 2d4 rounds.

6Th flaming swords- summons 1d4+caster level sword of fire each doing 1d8 fire damage and 1d4 slashing damage all have dancing and lasts 2d4 rounds + caster level.

7Th fire storm- 2d6+1d8 per caster level (max.10d8)1d6+ caster level damage a round for 2d6 rounds 25ft raids +5ft per caster level ,ref (20) for half damage.max15d6

8Th flaming tornado- 1d8 fire per caster level (max.10d8)2d6 force damage a round for 2d6 rounds a 9 by 9 damage area you can move it 40ft a round. ref (20) for half damage.

9Th combustion- 1d6 fire damage +1d8 per caster level of force damage (max14d8) 1d6 rounds of magical fire. Doing 1d4 fire damage a round. Ref(30) for half damage.

2009-01-07, 03:02 PM
The idea is probably good, but your post is frankly unreadable. I can mostly understand what you intend with it (I think), but some words I cannot make heads nor tails of.

Dragon ranger
2009-01-07, 05:49 PM
right, i'll do my best to make it more undersandable. forgot not ever one was reading my mind.:smallsmile:

The Neoclassic
2009-01-07, 09:46 PM
OK, a few things to get started... Still hard to read. Use blank lines between different sections of your post, bold for when you are talking like this: "The Cupcake Initiative: This segment of the guild...", and try to fix up any of the grammar and spelling you can. I'm not trying to be rude at all if English is not your first language (I know for many people it isn't), but some of it is rather still unreadable.

Secondly, why are you posting this? Do you just want to show people, or do you want any kind of feedback? Help elaborating on anything? Do you run games, homebrew for fun, or are you trying to convince your DM to weave this into his game?

Is this fire mage a base class or prestige class? Why is the HD 2d4 rather than 1d4 or 2d8? They frankly look overpowered; have you considered their balance at all?

Anyway, that shall be it for now since I am still not entirely sure if you are looking for this to get PEACH'd. Clearing up some of the above questions should encourage more posts, no matter what your intent though. :smallsmile:

Dragon ranger
2009-01-08, 04:35 PM
Well they have done good so far, not grate but good. so over powered not really they die and live like most players do and its hard to role one you right about the 2d4. If you were to see this class in the book i write in it would be over powered.bu there are so rules to casting spell, for EX. you add a 1d4 dice every spell level up to the cool time and evey use give another 1d4. they dont git feats or a skill other than jump. o ,and I do this for others to see what my world is like (D&D world that is).