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2009-01-06, 07:53 PM
or a serious comic? I've tried 3 times to read it, but I can't seem to get past the first comic. It always makes me think that it's a serious story as opposed to a funny one.

I read Order of the Stick constantly. Can someone help me out here with a comparison of the two? I'm bored enough to try something new, but I'm also the guy that could only read half of the first Wheel of Time novel because it was too boring to keep going.

Any input?

2009-01-06, 08:21 PM
From looking at OOTS and Erfworld, I would pretty much say Erfworld is more of a serious comic, but it doesn't lack humor. I can see how OOTS presents its jokes, because they appear in almost every comic. Erfworld however, doesn't run on a pun-a-comic basis, because it's more based on a story rather than laughs. But Erfworld has a few puns and jokes in it. (I've found a lot of references than puns, but those are always good).

2009-01-06, 08:40 PM
The humor in Erfworld is generally more subtle - each comic isn't a setup for a punchline, the way OOTS often is. There is definitely meant to be humor, but I think the focus of the comic is more serious. One thing that makes the comic interesting is the absurdity of such a serious plot in such a silly world. Many of the jokes are references to internet culture, too, so if you're not into memes, you might not find it as funny.

2009-01-06, 09:34 PM
Most of the jokes are found in the sound effects, honestly, and the absurdity of the situations presented sometimes.

2009-01-06, 10:50 PM
There's plenty of funny parts; the writing is ingenious and you get to enjoy the interplay between the characters. It's not as straighforwardly innocuous or, in its way, saccharine as OOTS:

"Everything's like a weird joke I only half get. There are all these things that seem familiar from the reality I know, but everything is cute. Like it's been made safe for children. The people even look like children.
"Except that then they die. What is that?"

Klog #8 (http://www.giantitp.com/comics/erf0085.html)

2009-01-06, 11:53 PM
Erfworld is funny and serious at the same time, as all great comedies should be. It's Shakespearean. Talk to the Foolamancer if you don't believe me.

No, really, this is how brilliant Shakespearean comedy always works. It begins on a light-hearted note, then gets progressively darker and darker until the plot seems to be conspiring towards the violent and painful deaths of all the major characters. Then a miraculous series of fortunate coincidences save everyone's boop at the last minute. (Much Ado About Nothing, Cymbeline, Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, Merchant of Venice, etc.)

It's the inverse of brilliant Shakespearean tragedy, where it seems like everything's going to work out perfectly until a miraculous series of unfortunate coincidences BOOP everyone's boop at the last minute. (Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, Titus Andronicus, etc.)

2009-01-07, 10:19 AM
Dang, now I'm craving a donut.

Well the comic is doing alright in my eyes. I can understand not every page will be a winner with me (I can probably name a few pages I didn't like), but take in the overall picture and it's pretty good. Also-- can't beat the price. :smallsmile: Just my own opinion of course.