View Full Version : [3.5] Balancing a feat chain for casters.

2009-01-07, 07:49 AM
I'm making a new feat chain for MAD casters, using a few 3.0 feats that seem to have never been updated, and a custom feat to round it off. The chain is meant to be powerful, since most casters won't be able to access the updated/new feats.

The 3.0 feats are Insightful Caster and Compelling Caster. (Add Wis/Cha mod to caster level checks to counter effects, dispel, or beat SR.)

The custom feat is Brilliant Caster (Increases Caster Level by one for the purposes of spell effects, DC's, etc. (But not for the purpose of gaining bonus spell slots.))

The chain is as follows;

Spell Penetration > Greater Spell Penetration > Insightful Caster & Compelling Caster > Brilliant Caster

So, do you think that the chain of feats is balanced? Overpowered?
What about the individual feats?